Hello peeps, this is primarily the third weekend of our lockdown and all of us are waiting for the long-anticipated quarantine days to end! We are busy chilling by watching web shows, our work from home schedule has taken a toll on us already.

Although all of us are trying to be productive during this period, let's accept the fact it may get a little boring from time to time. It's admirable that the government is bringing in all forces and trying their best to curb the challenges that lay ahead and the entire medical fraternity is out there keeping us safe.

Doctor's web series to binge watch this weekend

The clatter of utensils and clapping of hands amongst all Indians left an unforgettable day which history will remember.

The move was a simple way to show solitude and gratitude for all our warriors fighting COVID-19, especially the doctors, paramedics, associations with essential services. So, while your homebound, take a moment to feel blessed and grateful for all the brave hearts who are fighting fearless through this pandemic only to let no harm get to us!

International Business Times brings to you some of the best medical web shows and movies that give a glimpse of the lengths and breadths a doctor goes to save lives. Here are some of the best doctor series you should not miss during your home quarantine.

House MD season 1 on Amazon Prime Videos

House MD is a medical series on Dr Gregory House (played by Hugh Laurie), who has his own way of diagnosing patients and his ideologies often clash with his colleagues over his unique insights. Actor Hugh Laurie has performed very well and the show has been an award-winning hit too! So, here's one medical series that will show you how to solve those difficult cases, with a little bit of innovation!

Operation MBBS on Dice Media

Have you ever looked back and tried to review your life and career goals? Are you still in sync with the decisions you made? Well, if you haven't the Operation MBBS by Dice media is a perfect show as it takes you back to the challenges you faced to be where you are in your career. The web-show is about the lives of three first-year MBBS students and the journey they embark on to become a doctor! The show makes you step into the feet of these MBBS students, saluting them for the job they do and pledge to do their entire lives. A little bit of fun, a little bit of friendship, love, emotions, gratitude, appreciation is all that's there and will definitely take you to a joyride as each episode unfolds.

The Resident on Hotstar

The Resident is a medical web-series about an idealistic young doctor, working under the supervision of a senior resident, enthusiastic to save lives. As each episode unfolds, the doctor realizes that his dreams are slowly turning in to horror, with ethics being compromised. The series is produced by Fox Broadcasting Company, with some good performances by the cast.

Grey's Anatomy on Netflix India

One of my personal favorites, you cannot miss Patrick Demsey (McDreamy) in Grey's Anatomy. It's unarguably a phenomenal performance in the history of television! The longest-running medical drama series, it showcases the lives of surgical intern residents their challenges and achievements and how they cope with them in their professional as well as personal life. Season 16 is out recently, so you know you gotta keep up to this one if you haven't already!

Munna Bhai MBBS 

Every one of us must have watched the show, you simply can't skip this comedy of errors. starring Sanjay Dutt and, Arshad Warsi as Circuit. The dialogues of the film have now turned into memes and who can forget their own quirky ways teaches important life lessons. The slice of life family entertainer film is a definite entertainer. It teaches you one of the most important techniques if you infuse it with a little bit of empathy, you achieve a lot more!

Contagion on Amazon Prime Videos

I feel this film has got its recognition in the current scenario, director and cinematographer Steven Soderbergh. The film keeps you at the edge of your seat with the drama and thrill intact. This film was released in 2011. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow (Beth Emhoff) along with her son comes to discover a deadly virus, which unfortunately cannot be contained by the Disease Control Teams of the US Centres and they both succumb. What follows is a pandemic in the US, exactly like the one we are facing globally today and as the movie unfolds, you will discover surprises that are a reality today! You don't want to miss this one!

There is a famous saying, an apple, a day keeps the doctor away, and if the doctors are so charming we cant help miss binging these shows. So, if you have missed watching any of these shows or movies, get going with some pop-corn and start!! It's time to beat the boredom this weekend! Get binging Peeps!