Local residents living in Slavic village in Cleveland have reported seeing unexplained light flashes and experiencing sonic booms at all hours in the evening over the past few days. Interestingly, some of the unexplained light explosions were recorded in CCTV cameras, and many of those clips have now gone viral on social media platforms.

Edward McDonald, a community activist in the area revealed that the unexplained sonic booms and light flashes are shaking both homes and minds of the people living in the area of Flat Avenue.

"What I've heard is like a loud bang, like a boom. It shakes houses, it rattles windows. It hasn't caused any destruction yet, or it hasn't caused any property damage, but it's definitely noticeable," said McDonald, News5Cleveland reports.

Even though these light flashes and booms have not caused any damage to structures in the area, local residents believe that continuous booms in the future may result in unexpected dreaded consequences.

In the meantime, popular conspiracy theorist Tyler Glockner who runs the YouTube channel 'Secureteam10' has claimed that these unexplained booms have something to do with extraterrestrial aliens. In a recent video uploaded to YouTube, Glockner revealed that these mystery booms are literally pulling residents to a state of panic.

After watching the video, viewers of 'Secureteam10' speculated that the elites are apparently building underground cities to protect themselves during the time of an apocalypse.

"Those Sonic booms are from the underground and they are the construction of underground metropolis for the very elite. Believe or not.," commented Mandara445, a YouTube user.

Another YouTuber revealed that these booms and flashes are signs of alien activities. These people even allege that the government is intentionally covering up truths about extraterrestrials fearing public panic.

"UFO researches have been saying that for a long time along with government witnesses. Our Government knows the truth but is hiding it from us," commented masskilla469.