Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes will be a key man for England against West Indies.IANS

That is all from me ladies and gentlemen! Good night all and have a great week ahead. 

11:00: Chris Gayle made things look rather easy for West Indies against England. 180 was a par score here at the Wankhede Stadium. One batsman had to score big and no other could have been better than Gayle. He is the only cricketer to have scored 2 centuries ICC World T20. 

England bowlers were thrashed execessively. However Chris Jordan was the pick of the bowlers. 

England will next face South Africa at the same venue on Friday. They will have to pull their socks. 

It is all over. West Indies have thumped England by 6 wickets with almost two overs to spare. Chris Gayle remains unbeaten on 100* from just 48 balls. 

3 more needed off 14 balls. 

Russell defends a free hit. It is all happening at the Wankhede. 

Russell smashes one for four. No ball as well. Free hit coming up.

And there it is -  Century for Gayle. 

Gayle is on 99*

West Indies need another 11 runs from the last 18 balls. 172/4. 

Gayls moves on to 99* what an innings this has been! 

Dot ball! The crowd is on their feet, they just love the big Jamaican!

Russ takes a single and brings Gayle back on strike. 

Gayles moves to 98!

10:44: Willey was brought back into the attack. But Gayle is looking at that century here. He has been relentless right from the start and that has made things much easier for the Calypso Kings. This will be his second century in T20 cricket. West Indies 169/4 in 16 overs. 14 more needed. 

Gayle storm! Nothing else. 

10:38: Gayle has moved into the 80's now. He has been absolutely phenomenal right from the start of the run chase. He has made things look so easy. Gayle has Russell as his partner on the other end and he too can smoke the ball out of the park. It is all easy for West Indies now. 150 comes up for West Indies. West Indies 151/4 in 15 overs.  32 more needed. 

10:33: Moeen Ali has been the pick of the bowlers for England. He has been the most economical among the other bowlers but when you are bowling to Gayle, that economy rate is always going to be on the higher side. Gayle is in a hurry here, three humongous sixes in a row. 22 runs came in that over. West Indies 146/4 in 14 overs. 37 more needed. 

10:30: If England manages to pick up a couple more wicket here, West Indies will be under pressure. In fact, the whole pressure will shift to Gayle alone. They have to bowl really well here in order to restrict this West Indian batting lineup. West Indies 124/4 in 13 overs. 59 needed. 

Gayle follows the wicket up with a four. Carnage. 

Bravo is GONE! good bowling from Topley. West Indies lose another. 

10:21: A productive over for England after long. The wicket of Ramdin was bagged by Moeen Ali but that did not stop Gayle from hittin those colossal sixes. West Indies are cruising here against England. West Indies 113/3 in 12 overs. 70 more needed. 

50 for Chris Gayle! What an innings. Achieves the feat in just 27 balls. 

Dwayne Bravo is out in the middle. 

OUT! Ramdin is gone. 

10:16: Stokes was brought back into the attack. West Indies now require less than 100 runs in the last nine overs. That is very much doable if Gayle is there in the middle. They still have more firepower after this, who can smoke the ball out of the park. 18 runs came from that over. Gayle is dealing in sixes here. West Indies 103/2 in 11 overs. 80 more needed. 

10:10: Gayle is on a roll here! I said even before the start of this run chase that we probably are in for a Gayle show here. England are trying hard here but nothing seem to be working for them when Gayle is batting. He has been superb during this run chase which is definitely steep. West Indies 85/2 in 10 overs. 98 more needed off the last 10 overs. 

10:07: Beacuse of the dew, the super-sopper will come out after the 10 overs. The game will be held up for a while. The required run rate really does not matter as long as Christopher henry Gayle is present in the middle. Gayle has just hit Rashid for two massive sixes. 16 runs came from that over. West Indies 83/2 in 9 overs. 100 more needed. 

10:03: Moeen Ali was introduced into the attack. Gayle is not going to keep quiet as he is going to play his natural game. But the dew factor is hurting England. Denesh Ramdin has come out to bat with Gayle. West Indies need to keep up with that required run rate. West Indies 67/2 in 8 overs. 116 more needed. 

9:58: When the other bowlers were getting smoked by Samuels and Gayle, Rashid came out and bowled a brillaint and successful over. Samuels, who was looking dangerous has been dimsissed. Just four runs came from that over and the wicket of Samuels. West Indies 59/2 in 7 overs. 124 more needed. 

Samuels is OUT! 

It's time for spin. Adil Rashid. 

9:51: West Indies have 50 on the board. Gayle has faced ghadful of deliveries in these powerplay overs. Samuels has done most of the scoring at the other end. Meanwhile, Jordan has dealt with Gayle through his yorkers which were very hard to score off. Still 10 runs came from that over. West Indies 54/1 in 6 overs. 129 more needed. 

Now Gayle is on strike, the crowd roars!

Four to start with! Samuels is on fire. 

9:45: This is a very good start to their run chase. Samuels has faced most of the deliveries here. Gayle has been watching from the other end of the wicket. This is good strategy from the Caribbeans. Three boundaries came from that over. Stokes bowled a no ball and Samuels was caught. Free hit followed and Samuels scored a single off it. West Indies 44/1 in 5 overs. 139 more needed. 

Four more! Three in a row. Misfield from Jordan. Poor fielding.

Four more down the ground. Samuels is batting well here. Full toss dispatched. 

Four! Edged and it ran down fine. Stokes is gutted. 

9:41: Chris Jordan was introduced into the attack. He bowled the first three balls well but the fourth one was smashed to the cover point boundary for a four. England will have to be wary about their line and length. Decent over from Jordan. 5 runs came from that. West Indies 30/1 in 4 overs. 153 more needed. 

9:36: Willey is bowling extremely well here. He is mixing it up nicely and that is making Samuels to flirt with danger. Willey has to be consistent with his line and length though. He can drift on to the pads as the moment he does that the ball goes for a boundary. Samuels has hit him for two back to back boundaries. West Indies are off to a good start. 9 runs came from that Willey over. West Indies 25/1 in 3 overs. 

9:32: Chris Gayle is showing no mercy here to Topley. I have a feeling he is going to do the same with the other bowlers as well. 10 runs came from that Topley over. England need the big wicket of Chris Gayle. West Indies 16/1 in 2 overs. 166 more needed. 

SIX! Gayle at his very best. 

Four! Gayle has lashed on to one from Topley. 

9:27: What an eventful over from Willey that was! The ball is moving in the air and these are encouraging signs for Willey an other fast bowlers. West Indies need a big partnership here. West Indies 6/1 in 1 over. 177 more needed. 

FOUR! Samuels guides one down to the square leg boundary. 

Another appeal for LBW, same result. Willey is causing a lot of problems here. 

Huge appeal but the umpires denies. Willey cannot believe it. 

GONE! Charles is gone. Willey gets it right. early wicket for England. West Indies 2/1. 

Another wide. A wayward start for Willey. The ball is swinging though. 

Here is Willey and he starts off with a wide ball. 

David Willey will open the bowling for England. 

The players are walking out in the middle. Are we in for a Chris Gayle show here?

Don't go away anywhere. The run chase will begin soon! 

West Indies need 183 to win.

9:07: West Indies started off really well with the ball in the first two overs. They hardly gave anything away to the England openers. Then Jason Roy and Hales opened things up to give England a momentum. 

Root, Morgan, Buttler, Stokes have all contributed with the bat to take England over the 180-run-mark. England scored 60 runs in the last 5 overs. 

One will still feel that it is a par score as it is a very good wicket to bat on. West Indies have a lot of power hitters in their rank. Dew factor will also come into play. 

England bowlers need to bowl really well to restrict this West Indian batting lineup. 

England finishes off with 182/5 in 20 overs. 

OUT! Moeen Ali has been run out in order to complete the second run. Just one run will get added to the score. 

Moeen Ali hits a six. They have 180 on the board now. Holder drops Ali on the line. 

OUT! LBW. very clever from Bravo. Stokes is gone for 15 from just 7 balls. England have now scored 11 runs from the first four balls. 

Tonked! Smoked! I am running out of words for that shot from Stokes. Four. 

good ball, just a single from that.

Here's Bravo and Morgan has smashed him over the long on boundary for a six. 

Dot ball to the end the over with. England have six more balls to take the score past 175 run mark. With Stokes and Morgan out there in the middle it is very much possible. England 164/4 in 19 overs. 

Single taken by Morgan but it could have been out. Long on fielder lost the ball in the lights. 

Single. Stokes has gone on to 11 from just 4 balls. 

SIX! Stokes has launched an onslaught here. 

Dot ball! Gold dust man gold dust

Russell has been dispatched for a boundary off his first ball by Stokes!

Good over from Bravo comes to an end with a dot ball. Ben Stokes has come out to bat alongside his captain. England 152/4 in 18 overs. 

OUT! Buttler is GONE. Bravo picks him up. Massive wicket for West Indies. Buttler goes for 30 from just 20 balls. 

Johnson Charles saved a certain boundary. Buttler is looking dangerous here.

SIX! Second tier again, Buttler on fire here. England's 150 comes up. 

Here is Dwayne Bravo again and Buttler picks up a single from the first ball of the 18th over.

8:47: England will have to make a move on for sure now. There is very little time left. Benn's over cost West Indies 14 runs. This was a gamble from Sammy and did not work for sure. England 142/3 in 17 overs. 

SIX! Buttler sends the ball into the second tier from the second ball of the Benn over. 

8:43: Buttler is trying fancy shots here -- typical T20 shots. Brathwaite was brought back in spite of he being expensive in his first over. Sammy cannot help as he does not have much choice at this moment. He will want to keep those Bravo overs at the end. Morgan and Buttler can go hammer and tongs in the last 24 balls. West Indies need another wicket here. England 128/3 in 16 overs. 

Last five overs! Let's see how much England scores in these death overs. 

8:38: This over has pulled things back to a certain extent for the Caribbeans. The England captain Eoin Morgan has come out to bat now. Russell picked up his second wicket and both of his victims Roy and Root have got out to slower balls. Nine runs came from that over of Dre Russ. England 123/3 in 15 overs. 

Completely foxed Root with a slower one. Root mistimed it and the mid-off fielder was present for that mistimed shot. Taylor makes no mistake. 

Root GONE for 48! Russell is the man. 

8:32: Buttler has joined the party now. He hit one straight back over the bowler's head for a huge six. I have a feeling that England have started to throttle here. West Indies need wickets and nothing else. 11 runs came from that over. England 114/2 in 14 overs. 

Joe Root would have been a goner if that was a direct hit from Badree. 

8:28: Root is approaching his half-century in no time. He has read the wicket perfectly, picked up those slower balls and dispatched the bad ones to the boundaries. England are looking at a score of 180 + may be. But these two needs to be there in the middle. If West Indies can manage to take another wicket, the pressure will shift back on England. England 103/2 in 13 overs. 

Four! Root is a brilliant innings here. 

Bravo has been brought back into the attack. This is good captaincy from Sammy. 

8:24: Benn is bowling really well here. He has been the pick of the bowlers so far. The left-arm orthodox spinner has mixed it up nicely and that has made things harder for England. Yet another productive over for Benn. England 96/2 in 12 overs. 

Jos Buttler is out in the middle now.

Hales was struggling clearly ever since Roy got out. Benn bowled a quicker one and Hales completely misread it. Just the wicket West Indies were looking for. 

Hales is GONE! Benn knocks him over. 

8:19: Bringing back Jerome Taylor was not a good idea at all. Sammy has got to think it over. Root is cruising here. He has quickly moved on to 38. The Caribbeans will have to break this partnership. Meanwhile, Russell has been extra-ordinary on the field. He saved a certain boundary in that over. England 92/1 in 11 overs. 

Root slams the next one for a six over the mid-wicket. Brings up the 50 run partnership as well. 

Jerome Taylor is back into the attack and starts off with a wide. 

8:14: This is good batting from Root and Hales. If they are not being able to hit boundaries, they are turning those ones into twos. That is creating a lot of pressure on the West Indies fielders. West Indies need wickets here. England 81/1 in 10 overs. 

Samuel Badree is back into the attack for West Indies. 

8:10: A lot of slower balls are being bowled here by the Caribbean bowlers. But Root is batting beautifully here. He is getting on top of those lose deliveries bowled by the bowlers and dispatching them to the boundaries. England will look to post a big total here. Alex Hales has been quiet for a while now. He needs to get going as well. They have a lot of wicket in their bag. 11 runs were scored from that Brathwaite over. England 74/1 in 9 overs. 

8:06: Benn bowled an economical over here. Just 5 singles came from that. England are looking to knock the ball around and keep the scoreboard ticking. They are trying to build a platform from where they can launch their onslaught. England 63/1 in 8 overs. 

Suleiman Benn is into the attack!

8:02: 50 came up for England in the 7th over. West Indies bowlers are bowling a lot of slower deliveries here. That was how Jason Roy was foxed by Russell. Root and Hales will look to continue with the momentum that England have gained in the last 4-5 overs. This is looking like a very good pitch to bat on. 9 runs came from that Dre Russ over. England 58/1 in 7 overs. 

7:58: England have got off to a good start here and will look to build on this. The ball is coming nicely on to the bat. West Indies bowlers are trying to take the pace off the ball so that it becomes difficult for Englsh batsmen to score runs freely. Dwayne Bravo has bowled a decent over here. The powerplay overs are done.  England 49/1 in 6 overs. 

7:52: This has been a productive over for West Indies. The wicket of Jason Roy was crucial under the circumstances where Roy and Hales had just turned the heat on. They were 5/0 in 2 overs at a stage. Joe Root is out in the middle now. He started off with a boundary. England 42/1 in 5 overs. 

Jason Roy is Gone! Andre Russell strikes for West Indies. 

7:48: Badree is bowling well. As I say that, he bowls a full toss, and Hales sweeps him for a boundary. He hits another boundary with a powerful sweep. Badree is under pressure. England is getting a good move on. Wow, three boundaries on a trot for Hales, who square cuts the ball in the off side. Back-to-back good over for EnglandEngland: 35/0, 4 overs (Roy 15, Hales 13)

7:45: Roy hits the first boundary for England. They need to make use of the field restrictions. Poor bowling by Taylor, who bowls a wide, really a wide one in the leg side, which goes for five byes. Roy hits another boundary in the leg side. Good over for England. 18 runs from the over  England: 23/0, 3 overs (Roy 15, Hales 1)

7:40: Samuel Badree gets the second over for West Indies. Not much comes for England this time too. They are taking it a bit slow at the moment. England: 5/0, 2 overs

7:35: Only one from the over for England. The West Indies fielding needs to be strengthened a bit going ahead in the match. That's what it looks like for now. A good over from Jerome Taylor. England: 1/0, 1 over

7:30 pm IST: Here we go. The players are out on the pitch. Alex Hales and Jason Roy are the opening batsmen for England.

Jerome Taylor to start the bowling for West Indies.

7:15 pm IST: 15 minutes to go for the start of the match. Here are the line-ups:

West Indies: J Charles, C Gayle, M Samuels, DJ Bravo, D Ramdin, A Russell, D Sammy, C Brathwaite, S Badree, J Taylor, S Benn

England: A Hales, J Roy, J Root, E Morgan, B Stokes, J Buttler (wk), M Ali, C Jordan, A Rashid, D Willey, R Topley

7:05 pm IST: So, West Indies have won the toss and have elected to field first.

West Indies vs England will begin in an hour. Do not go anywhere ladies and gentlemen! 

Meanwhile, Pakistan is playing against Bangladesh at the Eden Gardens. West Indies vs England will start at 7:30 sharp. So there is no chance for the fans of the international game to get bored. 

Group 1 is reltaively easier than that of Group 2 but the matches ain't go be easy. All the teams are eyeing just one thing -- The ICC World T20 2016 trophy!

This is Rajarshi Majumdar and I will be bringing you the live updates of the action of West Indies vs England. 

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Hello and welcome to the live blog coverage of Match 3 of the ICC World T20 2016 between West Indies and England, which is being held at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. 

1st over: Only one from the over for England. The West Indies fielding needs to be strengthened a bit going ahead in the match. That's what it looks like for now. A good over from Jerome Taylor.

England: 1/0