The suspense-and-action-filled drama that unfolds in the small, inconspicuous town of Wayward Pines has been thrilling to watch since the beginning. If the first few episodes had everyone wondering how Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) would escape, the last few episodes grappled with an alien threat to the local residents. As the season finale will depict the future of this small community, expect to find a twist in the plot because M Night Shyamalan's narratives are rarely easy to guess.

The last episode titled, "A Reckoning" surprised the town's residents with the truth about the time, space and age. While this was the main plot, the sub-plots in the episode offered a glimpse of how difficult and ruthless teenagers could be, in this case, the first generation.

The kids shoot those who try to escape from the town, but Kate (Carla Gugino) is saved by the timely arrival of Burke. Later on, they also watch horrific videos of survivors who try to escape from isolated villages like Wayward Pines, but find themselves in an apocalyptic land where everything is destroyed.

Subsequently, Burke calls for Kate's reckoning and instead reveals that the world outside no longer exists. At this precise moment, David Pilcher (Toby Jones) switches off the electricity supply to the town. The show cuts to the fence and the Abbies take it as an invitation to enter the town, now that it is bereft of power.

What's certain is that the finale will feature an Abby invasion. And one that could kill most of its residents. However, we could see Ethan Burke and Kate taking on the role as protectors of the town, after all, they were cops in their previous life.

Pam (Melissa Leo) will most probably play an important role in the show since she's transformed from feeding her brother's ego to becoming a responsible, conscientious citizen of Wayward Pines. However, when choices have to be made, which side would she choose?

If the show would feature people from Group C that could potentially steer the narrative towards a different kind of future for the town, but a future nonetheless. And that is worth waiting for. 

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