Supermoon 2018
The supermoon is seen rising in Xiamen, Fujian province, China January 1, 2018. Picture taken on January 1, 2018.Reuters

The world will witness a rare celestial phenomenon on Wednesday, January 31. The first lunar eclipse of 2018 is also called blood moon for its reddish colour, supermoon for its closeness to the earth and blue moon as it marks the second full moon in one month. People from several countries will be able to watch the event with their naked eyes, provided the weather is good.

If you are from Australia, California, Alaska, Hawaii, western Canada and eastern Asia, you can watch the full lunar eclipse. The celestial event will also be visible in India, which means Indians can watch it if weather permits.

For those of you, who are not from the regions that can witness full lunar eclipse or disturbed by bad weather, can watch the celestial phenomenon online as several websites are going to live stream it.

National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) will start live streaming the lunar eclipse at 5:30 a.m. EST (1030 GMT / 4pm IST). will also live stream it if you find NASA site running slow.

The full lunar eclipse will also be live streamed by Slooh, which will kick off at 5:45 a.m. EST (1045 GMT / 4:15 pm IST). You can also watch the event live online on Griffith Observatory TV and Virtual Telescope.

It may be mentioned that a lunar eclipse happens when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon, thus blocking the sunlight from falling on the moon.