Warne on strike and its all over! A huge six from the Warriors captain to finish the proceedings! Warriors have done it and beaten Blasters by four wickets! 

The third and final T20 of the Cricket All Stars series showcased a nail-biting finish. One could not expect more entertainment from a game of cricket. 443 runs were scored in that exciting third T20 match at the Dodger Stadium.

Kallis, Ponting and Sangakkara's heroics powered Warriors to their third straight victory in the series. Sachin's Blasters were really poor on the field. Too many catches were dropped and too many runs were leaked through mis-fielding as well. 

Ponting and Kallis added 84 runs from 40 balls and that changed the complexion of the game.

Graeme Swann was the pick of the bowlers. No other bowlers could bowl as well as Swann did.

That is Rajarshi Majumdar signing off for the day. Hope to see you guys soon. Have a good Sunday ahead.  

ponting mistimes and takes a single 2 from 2

Sehwag has picked up the wicket of Kallis. Oh Lord! What a match this has been.

Plays and misses again!three from three now.

Second ball, Kallis smashes it for a boundary.

First ball from Sehwag, kallis plays and misses.

Last six balls! It seems that Warriors are the favourite at this moment.

11:09: This game has turned out to be a cliff-hanger. Kallis is hitting everything out of the park. McGrath bowling full tosses is something rare. This partnership is now worth 83 from 38 balls. Can Kallis and Ponting pull off this thrilling win?  Warriors 212/5 Overs 19 (Ponting 42*, Kallis 43*). Warriors need 8 runs to win from 6 balls.

11:02: Ambrose is facing the heat here. Kallis has decided to go for each and every ball now. Too many lose deliveries from the big West Indian. Cannot afford to bowl so many at this stage. 26 runs came from that Ambrose over. They need to break this pair immediately in order to win this game. Ponting will not keep quiet either. What a game of cricket this has been! Warriors 189/5 Overs 18 (Ponting 27*, Kallis 36*). Warriors need 31 runs to win from 12 balls.

10:56: Swann has been the pick of the bowlers in the Blasters bowling lineup. He has bowled a tight line and length in his first spell but he cannot afford to bowl length balls to these two batsmen. They can easily go for the full monty. The Warriors are fighting hard. Jayawardene has dropped Ponting in Swann's last over. Way too many misfieldings. Warriors 163/5 Overs 17 (Ponting 27*, Kallis 14*). Warriors need 57 runs to win from 18 balls.

10:51: The spinners have really turned the screws here at the Dodger Stadium. Hooper, Murali and  Swann have bowled well in tandem. Ricky Ponting and Jaques Kallis are trying really hard to chase that huge score down. This is turning out be an interesting contest. Warriors 154/5 Overs 16 (Ponting 25*, Kallis 7*). Warriors need 66 runs to win from 24 balls.

10:47: Murali bowled yet another tight over. The runs are coming but at a snail's pace. The boundaries have dried up as well. Murali did have a loud lbw appeal against Kallis but umpire Simon Taufel turned it down. Five more overs to go and the Warriors will have to score a lot of runs to win this game.  Warriors 137/5 Overs 15 (Ponting 14*, Kallis 2*). Warriors need 83 runs to win from 30 balls.

10:43: Jaques Kallis has come out to bat at no.7 for the Warriors now. Pretty unusual position for him to bat. However he has a huge task ahead. Warriors 131/5 Overs 14 (Ponting 10*, Kallis 1*). Warriors need 89 runs to win from 36 balls.

Gone! Rhodes has been dismissed by Hooper. He was struggling out there in the middle. Warriors are five wickets down now. 

10:38: The run flow has suddenly taken aback. But the Blasters could have picked up yet another wicket if Virender Sehwag had not missed a sitter. Rhodes was the man they could have got. Warriors 123/4 Overs 12 (Rhodes 16* Ponting 4*). Warriors need 97 runs to win from 48 balls.

10:34: It has all come down to Ricky Ponting and Jonty Rhodes. The spin will look to run through Warriors lineup now. But it will not be that wasy until these two are still at the crease.  Warriors 113/4 Overs 11 (Rhodes 10* Ponting 2*). Warriors need 107 runs to win from 54 balls.

10:30: Gone! The big wicket of Sangakkara has been picked up by Swann. Warriors 110/4.

10:25: Halfway through the innings, and the Warriors still need 114 runs from the last 10 overs. If Sangakkara stays there for some more time, the tides can turn in Warriors' favour. He has scored the runs quickly keeping in mind the required run rate. Warriors 106/3 Overs 10 (Sangakkara 38* Rhodes 9*). Warriors need 113 runs to win from 60 balls.  

10:17: Sangakkara is going hammer and tongs here. He is spotting the ball like a football here at the Dodger Stadium. He is targetting Muralitharan especially. Saurav Ganguly bowled the last over and he was taken for a plenty of runs. No respect whatsoever! He is executing every bowler with sheer force. 17 runs came off that Ganguly over. Warriors 99/3 Overs 9 (Sangakkara 37* Rhodes 4*). Warriors need 121 runs to win from 66 balls.  

10:09: That run out of Matthew Hayden can hurt the Warriors. They wanted him to stay there for some more time. Moin Khan was quick behind the stumps. The powerplay overs have been bowled.  Warriors 65/3 Overs 7 (Sangakkara 4* Rhodes 3*)

Matthew Hayden is run out! Warriors are in a bit of trouble here. 

10:04: Swann has picked up a huge wicket here. Symonds, who was looking extremely dangerous has been dismissed. He skied the ball towards the mid-wicket area and Jayawardene made no mistake. What an over this was from the former England off-spinner. Just what the doctor ordered. Jonty Rhodes is out in the middle now. Warriors 52/2 Overs 5 (Hayden 12* Rhodes 1*)

9:58: Glenn McGrath bowled a brilliant under such circumstances. Only eight runs came from that over. Hayden and Symonds can take the match away from the Blasters and Sachin needs to do something about it. Warriors 48/1 Overs 4 (Hayden 11* Symonds 31*).

Oh Boy! Laxman has dropped a sitter. That too the wicket of Andrew Symonds. How costly will that be! 

9:55: Ambrose is trying to bowl those slower ones. This was a good over from the big West Indian until he bowled those last two deliveries which went for 10 runs. Symonds is in a mood of punishing the bowlers it seems.  Warriors 42/1 Overs 3 (Hayden 7* Symonds 29*).

9:50: Warriors are off to a flier as well. 17 runs came from that McGrath over. Symonds scored all of those runs. Looks like the Warriors are in a hurry to complete the run chase. Warriors 30/1 Overs 2 (Hayden 7* Symonds 19*).

9:45: 13 runs came from the first over. In spite of the wicket of the first ball, Hayden kept his calm and smashed a couple of boundaries. This is good counter-attacking cricket from Warriors. Warriors 13/1 Over 1 (Hayden 7* Symonds 0*)

what a way to start the proceedings! Michael Vaughan has been bowled by Ambrose first ball! Warriors 0/1.

Warne's Warriors need 220 runs to win!

What a first innings that was for Sachin's Blasters! For the first time in the three match series they looked really solid with the willow. Contributions came from all the veterans. 

The stage was set for the middle order to finish the innings on a high. Tendulkar and Sehwag went off to a flier. The little master scored a brisk half-century but got out eventually. Jayawardene and Hooper too batted really well in the middle overs. Ganguly played a well constructed innings and the former India skipper to got a half century. 

Vettori was the pick of the bowlers as he bagged three wickets. Kallis bowled economically as well. But rest of the bowlers went for a lot of runs. 

The run chase will begin in sometime. Stay tuned for further updates!

Laxman guides the ball down the square leg for a single!

2 in 2 for Vettori, Moin Khan goes for the big one and is caught on the boundary! This is a good comeback from Vettori! 

Oh Vettori has bowled the former Indian captain. That was indeed a good innings!

Ganguly reaches his fifty in third ball.

Second ball, Ganguly smashes over Vettori's head for a boundary!

First ball produced just a couple of runs!

The last over ladies and gentlemen! Let us see how many boundaries these two can hit!

9:19: Warriors skipper Shane Warne decided to bowl the penultimate over of the innings. Could not keep the runs down but it was a decent over under such circumstances. Hooper has certainly shifted gears now.  Sachin's Blasters 210/3 Overs 19 (Ganguly 41*, Hooper 33*).

9:15 Out of nowhere Carl Hooper has pulled off a huge over. He hit two-back-to-back sixes in that over. This is good batting from the veterans. 16 runs came from the Symonds over. Two more overs to be bowled after this. Sachin's Blasters 191/3 Overs 18 (Ganguly 35*, Hooper 22*)

9:12: Ganguly has decided to take on attack all by himself. Hooper is struggling to rotate the strike also. Walsh was brought back into the attack and the runs came thick and fast in that over. Three more overs to go. Let us see how much can the Blasters score. Sachin's Blasters 175/3 Overs 17 (Ganguly 33*, Hooper 8*).

9:07: Vettori too has bowled an economical over. The run flow has really slowed down. The spinners have done a good job so far. Only four runs came from that Vettori over. Four more over to be bowled.  Sachin's Blasters 163/3 Overs 16 (Ganguly 24*, Hooper 7*)

9:05: It was that old rivalry renewed - Warne vs Ganguly! Although Warne bowled a brilliant over and gave away just four runs. The runs were coming thick and fast and the Aussie successfully curbed that. Sachin's Blasters 159/3 Overs 15 (Ganguly 21*, Hooper 5*)

9:02: Are we going to some more of those sixes from Ganguly? He has already smashed two off Andrew Symonds. Six overs to go after this over and these two shall not hold themselves back ideally. Sachin's Blasters 155/3 Overs 14 (Ganguly 19*, Hooper 3*).

Ganguly has turned on the heat here! Smashes another six over the long off! 

8:58: Things have definitelt slowed down for the Blasters but 200 is still on the cards. They can get their rather easily. Sachin's Blasters 145/3 Overs 13 (Ganguly 11*, Hooper 3*).

8:54: Ganguly smashed one over the long off boundary for a huge six off Andrew Symonds. It was almost like his signature shimmy down the pitch and sending the ball into the orbit. Carl Hooper is at the crease. Sachin's Blasters 141/3 Overs 12 (Ganguly 10*, Hooper 0*). 

Jayawardene dismissed by Kallis! 

8:51: Kallis was brought back into the attack and he did manage to trouble Ganguly with his off-cutters. The run flow has suddenly taken a pause with the new batsman in there at the crease. Only three runs came from that Kallis over. Sachin's Blasters 132/2 Overs 11 (Jayawardene 42*, Ganguly 2*)

Tendulkar is gone! Stumped Sangakkara bowl Vettori. What an innings this was from the master blaster. The fans can afford to smile now as they got to see their favourite batsman raise his bat yet again! Sachin's Blasters 129/2 Overs 10 (Jayawardene 39*, Ganguly 1*).

8:41: This is not good cricket from the Warriors. Tendulkar has reached his half century in just 25 balls. On the other hand, Jayawardene too is going at a brisk rate. If this pair continues to bat for few more overs, things might just go out of hands for the Warriors. Sachin's Blasters 122/1 Overs 9 (Jayawardene 39*, Tendulkar 50*).

8:33: This is incredible batting from both these batsmen. They have now crossed the 100 run-mark in just the seventh over of their innings. The run feast continues. None of the bowlers from Warriors are helping to find a breakthrough in fact they are making it easier for Tendulkar and co. Sachin's Blasters 105/1 Overs 7 (Jayawardene 26*, Tendulkar 46*).

8:29: Tendulkar has been dropped twice in this match now and that can prove to be very costly. The dismissal of Sehwag did not seem to stop the run flow as both Jayawardene and Tendulkar are going for the kill. The powerplay overs are done now. Sachin's Blasters 89/1 Overs 6 (Jayawardene 11*, Tendulkar 45*).

And its all happening here at the Dodger Stadium! Kallis drops Tendulkar. 

8:25: Tendulkar has quickly moved on to 34 from just 13 balls. Whatever he is touching today is coming out right from the middle of that willow. Jayawardene has joined the party now. Blasters are cruising at a run rate of over 15 runs an over and that is incredible! Sachin's Blasters 77/1 Overs 5 (Jayawardene 10*, Tendulkar 34*) 

Oh boy! Tendulkar is in some touch today!

GONE! VIRENDER SEHWAG! He tried to hit one over the mid wicket boundary but top edges the ball off Walsh and Kallis took a comfortable catch at the end. A breezy innings came to an end. Warriors will be breathing a sigh of relief as Sehwag has departed for 22. Sachin's Blasters 59/1 Overs 4 (Jayawardene 4*, Tendulkar 21*)

8:15: Both these batsmen have decided it seems that they want to go for the full monty today. No matter what happens Tendulkar & co. wants to win this game at any cost. Sachin's Blasters 48/0 Overs 3 (Sehwag 22*, Tendulkar 21*).

Oh Dear! Walsh who is probably the tallest man in Warne's Warriors side has dropped Sachin on the fine leg boundary!

8:10: Blasters have made the perfect start to their innings. Both Sehwag and Tendulkar are looking very dangerous at the moment as they are despatching the ball to the boundaries at free will. Sachin's Blasters 29/0 Overs 2 (Sehwag 14*, Tendulkar 13*).

Tendulkar has become the punisher here as he blasted Walsh for a couple of huge sixes!

8:07: An ideal opening pair in the world of cricket - Sehwag and Tendulkar. The ball was in the able hands of Donald. The former South African great fast bowler did manage to keep Sehwag quiet for some time but as we all know, Sehwag can't be kept quiet for long. He smashed one four and a six off Donald in the first over. Sachin's Blasters 11/0 Over 1 (Sehwag 10*, Tendulkar 0*).

Here's the first ball and Sehwag smashes it over the long on boundary for a four! What a way to start the game.

Alan Donald has got the white ball in his hands!

Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag are about to open the batting for the Blasters. 

We are just few moments away from the live actions guys, are you ready for one last time?

The players from both the sides are out in the middle as the game is about to begin!

Sourav Ganguly and Allan Donald brought us the pitch report from the Dodger Stadium and both agreed that it was a good wicket to bat on and the ball will come nicely on to the bat.

There's a lot of expectations amongst the fans today that they will be treated with yet another entertaining encounter by these veterans today. Although all the fans across the world will have a heavy heart but we all want to cherish each and every moment of this thrid and final T20 game of the Cricket All Stars series. 

Meanwhile, Sachin's Blasters have won the toss and they will be batting first today!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. This is Rajarshi Majumdar from IBTimes India edition and I will be bringing you the live updates from the third and final T20 match of the Cricket All Star series which is being played at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.