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Movie Name: Rakshadhikari Baiju (Oppu)
Cast and Crew: Biju Menon, Aju Varghese, Hannah Reji, Anjali Upasana, Deepak Parambol, Nebish Benson, Hareesh Perumanna, Janardhanan, Indrans, Alencier Ley, Vijayaraghavan and Indrans.
Direction: Ranjan Pramod
Producers: Alexander Mathew, Satheesh Kolam
Music Director: Bijibal
Release Date: April 21
Genre: Family/Comedy
Duration: 2 hours 42 minutes

Biju Menon's latest Malayalam movie Rakshadhikari Baiju (Oppu) hit the theatres across India on Friday, April 21. Looking at the social media response, it is evident that the Ranjan Pramod directorial has opened to positive response from audience and critics alike.

What is the movie about?

Biju Menon is seen as Baiju, who works with the irrigation department. He is always spotted playing cricket, football or some other game with his friends and neighbours that irk his parents. However, several relevant social issues narrated through humour are said to be the highlight of the Biju-starrer.

Rakshadhikari Baiju (Oppu) has an ensemble cast, including Aju Varghese, Deepak Parambol, Hareesh Perumanna, Janardhanan, Indrans, Alencier Ley, Anjali Upasana, Vijayaraghavan and Dileesh Pothan in pivotal roles.

The movie is the production venture of Alexander Mathew and Satheesh Kolam under the banner of 100th Monkey Movies. The story has been penned by TS Arjun, while Bijibal has composed music.

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Laljose Mechery

Totally loved Rakshadikari Baiju :D Loud Claps for dearest Ranjan Pramod, Alexander Mathew and Satheesh Kolam...and Biju Menon, with this film you are officially registered as a Super Star! An actor is called so when he carries the film on his shoulder till the last frame and it has happened here! Hats off to you for your genuine performance :)


Roopesh Peethambaran

Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu, kidillol kidillaam!!!
Biju Menon chetta, Marvellous as always!!
Aju kuttaa adorable daa
Hareesh Kanaran, chiripichu vayaandu aakiyallo pahayaa
Deepak Parambol & Hakkim Shah, I am soo happy for you both, ithu nigalude acting career yile ettavum veliya turning point aavatte
Congratulations rest of the team + Harris Desom + Nishanth Sattu, a well deserved success

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Basil Joseph

Rakshadhikaari Baiju is one of the sweetest and innocent movies I have seen in recent times. Please don't miss it in theatres.Let's hope they will withstand and survive the monstrous Bahubali coming next week.

Vinay Govind

I wish Baiju ettan and his kumbalam brothers got their ground back with some cinematic cliche happening at the end. Pothettan coming back with loads of money saving their ground, because i owned that ground for myself while watching the entire film and didn't want to let go of it. Pinne ee niraasha illaatha pratheeksha aanallo sportsman spirit . Loved the performances.. Hareesh Kanaaran, Deepak, Nebish, Aju, Janardhanan sir and the entire bunch of fresh actors. A technically 'SOUND' film which is running to packed houses even after the Baahubali invasion at the box office. Hats off to the crew for pulling off such a sweet film..!! Hareesh Kanaaran is a gem to watch out for with strong performances in back to back films...!!

The Times of India

Biju Menon puts on a delightful performance as a forever young-hearted Baiju. Hannah is convincing as the simpleton homemaker too. There are many subtle, natural moments of comedy but the overall patience-trying narrative could get you bored easily. If the first half is any indication, you need oodles of patience to watch the film. On the whole, the film does have good moments, but they are few and far in between. If you don't mind mega-serial style story-telling in a film, probably you can give it a try.

Chandra Mohan Gopinath

A simple and realistic movie sans much depth in the story is beautifully presented by Ranjan Pramod in his third directorial venture in Rakshaadhikaari Baiju Oppu. Having said simple, it should also be noted that the movie presents and discuss a variety of topics through a lighthearted and humorous approach that makes this film watchable without any pressure or tension.

Its a bit difficult to provide a brief outline of the plot since the movie runs on a threadbare storyline. But that's the highlight of this movie which is centered around a group of innocent people, their Rakshaadhikaari Baiju, their club named Kumbalam Brothers and their families. Little incidents connected with Baiju and people close to him is what that form the crux of the story.

If you dig too much into the storyline, there is nothing as such except that serious and relevant matter which is conveyed at the end. But there is some sort of homely and nostalgic feel in each and every situation the movie passes by. Same nostalgic feel is there aplenty in each of the characters that we see in the movie. These positives can be mainly attributed to a smart screenplay borrowing incidents and characters which are too familiar to each of us bringing in that nostalgic factor that transport the audience to their childhood or younger days.

The biggest plus with the movie is that it doesn't get preachy nor does it goes into a shell trying too hard to tell what it wanted to convey. The screenplay takes care of these things with utmost care in taking the film to a safe zone. Ranjan Pramod as a screenplay writer has some outstanding films to his credit but as a director he hasn't been able to make a big presence in the industry. Both Photographer and Rose Guitarinal went unnoticed and sank without a trace.

But this movie will change the fortunes for him and he can proudly say that he is the man who directed this film. With the Baahubali storm sweeping theatres next week, there are also chances that this little movie getting sidelined and pushed out of cinemas for no fault. If that happens, that would be a sad chapter in Mollywood. Regardless of the box office fate and what happens to Rakshaadhikaari Baiju in the coming days, one can straight away take tickets for this movie with family without any inhibitions.

There is no complexity in the story or the overflow of any dramatic moments to pull the movie backwards. Little things and incidents which we have seen in our younger days and those which are very much familiar are the backbone of the script and the director has succeeded in presenting those moments of gem with a realistic tone. Negative character of Chandran played by Padmaraj Ratheesh was an unwanted character in otherwise positive characters all around. At two hours and forty two minutes of running time Rakshaadhikaari Baiju is a tad too long but there are very few dull moments to make the audience unsettled.

On the acting side, everyone entrusted with doing their job have delivered. Biju Menon is in fine form and present Baiju in blazing style while Deepak Parambol gets an extended role which he does with sincerity to make it memorable. Aju Varghese and Hareesh Kanaaran handled the humor side effectively. Hannah Reji looked natural as the innocent and homely wife of Baiju.

Vijayaraghavan, Janardhanan, Alencier Lay, Dileesh Pothen, Indrans and a host of supporting actors made it count as far their roles are concerned. Synchronized sound has come out very well giving that feel required for a realistic movie. Background score is used very minimally while songs and their visualization have been done matching the total mood and situations.

On the whole, the movie is a realistic entertainer with humour in it as well as some good thoughts and messages to pass on. Its not a loud masala entertainer but will give a pleasant feel after watching it making you satisfied in the end. Thumbs up to the team behind this small film that came without any tall claims.

Rating - 3.5 / 5


With realistic and humorous conversations happening on screen, Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu has a positive vibe to its credit. Baiju Oppu shows us all these things and with a less preachy approach it manages to show us the significance of a public play area. Along with these subplots that are relevant to its idea, there were a few that sort of stood out. But those subplots were also quite enjoyable because of the humor and organic feel they had. Because of its length and elaborate storytelling, Rakshadhikari Baiju Oppu may not impress you immediately. But if you take some time and analyze each subplot, you will definitely find something in each story that sort of substantiate Baiju's request at the end of the film.


Biju Menon is in full form, be it comic timing, be it heart touching emotional dialogues. He is well supported by Deepak, Aju Varghese, Dileesh Pothan, Hannah Reji Koshy, Alencier, Janardhanan, Hareesh Perumana and Vijayaraghavan. The cinematography by Prasanth Raveendran, the swift cuts by Samjith MHD and the smooth music by Bijibal merge well will each other and unify in making a beautiful film that entertains the viewer.


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