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Sindhu needs to be in top form to beat Sun Yu in her second match of the competition.IANS

PV Sindhu, after an amazing start to her BWF Super Series Finals on the opening day, was not at her amazing best against China's Sun Yu on Thursday. The Chinese shuttler looked in superior form as she defeated her Indian opponent in straight games, 21-15, 21-17. 

Sindhu will next face Carolina Marin on Friday. 

8:20: Sun Yu leads 18-17 now. Sindhu has to deliver, and the game is going away from her as she hits it wide. Good judgement from Sun Yu to leave that alone. Sindhu again hits it long, and it is match point for Sun Yu, who drills a powerful smash to clinch the match. Sun Yu beat Sindhu 21-15, 21-17. 

8:17: Loud cheer. So no prizes for guessing. Sindhu wins a point as Sun hits it wide. Sindhu wins the next point, makes it 17-17. 

8:15: Sun Yu has tied it at 15-15 as she fails to lift Sun Yu's shot. The Chinese is looking better now as she has taken a 17-15 lead. 

8:14: Despite a solid defence from Sindhu, Sun Yu picks up an important point with a beautiful smash to kill the rally. Sun Yu reduces the gap to one point only. This game is too close to call now as Sindhu takes 15-13 lead.

8:11: Sun Yu is still in the game, though Sindhu might have been better. Just two points separate the two stars. Sindhu leads 13-11, and makes that 14-11 with a killer smash. 

8:08: Solid defence from Sun Yu earns herself a good point. Sindhu was not anticipating that return, but guess what, the Indian plays a drop shot from the serve. MY GOD, shot of the match? Sindhu leading 13-9

8:06: Sindhu goes into the interval with 11-8 lead. She needs to attack Sun Yu more.

8:05: Placement. What a placement from Sun Yu in that smash. Sindhu was helpless, and again the Chinese shows her class with a tight smash. Sindhu leads 9-8, and increases that to 10-8 as Sun Yu hits it wide. 

8:03: It is getting close as rallies are becoming longer too. Suddenly, both the players are looking to place the shuttle. Another half smash to win a good point, Sindhu leads 8-6

8:01: Three straight points for Sun, who has come back into the game strongly with some strong play at the net and also the baseline. 5-5.

7:59: Sindhu is playing much better in the second game, and wins two important points. Sindhu is looking solid at the net too. Positive signs from Sindhu, who drills a smash to win third straight point. Sindhu with 5-2 lead

7:56: Sun strikes back with a brilliant play at the net, and collects another point to make it 2-2

7:54: Sindhu earns the first point of the second game via some solid defence, which makes Sun Yu hit the shuttle wide, and the Indian doubles the lead with a cross court shot.


7:52: Wait! Sindhu has won some solid points, but the shuttle hits the tape at the net, and it does not topple over to Sun Yu's side. SUN YU CLINCHES THE FIRST GAME, 21-15.

7:49: Sindhu has won three straight points, but Sun Yu is just a point away from the first game. Sindhu still trail 12-20.

7:46: Sun Yu has this game in her bag as it seems with Sindhu making a number of unfored errors, and has strengthened her position with 18-9 lead. 

7:45: Sindhu wins a point at the net, but makes an error in judgement to let the shuttle drop when it was clearly in. Sindhu trail 9-16

7:43: Both the players have some good strategy for this match. Body shots, and Sindhu is not able to connect her smashes as she would have liked. Sun Yu has increased her lead to 14-8. Sindhu has some catching up to do. 

7:41: Good judgement from Sindhu, who lets the shuttle drop. Good call. But, Sun Yuwins the next points to take 11-8 lead at the first break. 

7:39: Two points on a row for Sindhu, who is getting back in her groove with her smashes. Sun Yu still leads 9-7

7:37: Stunning drop shot from Sun, and she is looking in great shape during the initial stages, increasing her lead to 7-3. Sindhu replies back with a short smash in the middle of the court, goes for another smash, but the net comes in between, and the shdrops uttle on her side. Sindhu makes it 5-8 with a delicious net play, but still three points down.

7:34: Sindhu opens her account as Sun yu hits it long. Both the players are not too aggressive at present. As I say that Sindhu wants to prove me wrong and hits a powerful smash down the line to make it 3-4. Sun Yu attacks Sindhu next to increase her lead to 5-3

7: 32: Sun Yu earns the first two points of the game, and Sindhu hits it long to allow Sun Yu to take 3-0 lead.


7:28: Both the players are out there in the middle, and there is loud cheer for Sindhu as her name is announced. No surprise as Indians are everywhere. The BWF Super Series Finals is held in Dubai. 

7:24: Oh! The wait is over as Joachim Fischer Ni, Christinna Pedersen have won the mixed contest as Indonesian pair have retired from the match due to some injury concerns. Now, we are just a few minutes away from Sindhu's match.

7:20: Sindhu has been in amazing form this year. It is almost like a dream season for Sindhu, winning the silver medal in Rio Olympics. She has followed that with a China Open win, which was her first Super Series title, and a runners-up finish in Hong Kong Open. Just for winning the silver medal, she is my sportsperson of the year. What about yours? Come on, it is Sindhu, if not, please tweet me here with  your sportseperson of the year. 

7:09: Talking about quick points, the first game is over in 14 minutes. It (14 minutes) is not a typo error. The Danish pair have clinched it 21-8. 

7:05: I know you are patiently waiting for Sindhu's match, but this mixed doubles contest, I tell you, is worth the wait. The beauty of the mixed contest being quick points and rallies, which finishes in a blink of an eye, and personally I love quick hands at the net from these star players.  

7 pm IST: Currently, the mixed doubles contest is taking shape, and Sindhu's match will only begin after this fixture between Tontowi Ahmad, Liliyana Natsir (Indonesia) vs Joachim Fischer Ni, Christinna Pedersen (Denmark) gets over. 

Hello everyone. Welcome to International Business Times, India's live blog coverage of the BWF Super Series Finals. I will bring you all the interesting happening from the women's singles featuring PV Sindhu and Sun Yu. 

The contest is expected to be close with both the players having started their run in the competition with an amazing win in their respective singles match. Sindhu defeated Akane Yamaguchi while Sun Yu outclassed Carolina Marin on Wednesday. 

With both the players in confident mood, the match has all the ingredients of a classic. Sindhu might just have an edge -- just a slender one -- over Sun Yu as the Indian defeated the Chinese in her last match in the China Open to win the title last month. 

But Sun Yu, for sure, will have her eyes on taking revenge for that loss in the final. I bet, she will come all guns blazing. 

The match is just an hour away, and stay tuned for the interesting build up to the live action.