Grant Elliott Daniel Vettori New Zealand ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Grant Elliott and Daniel Vettori celebrate the winReuters

3.49 pm: What a semifinal! This is what makes the World Cup knockouts so great. Du Plessis, De Villiers and Miller gave the South Africa bowlers something to defend, but the rain came at the wrong time for South Africa, who looked on course for a score well in excess of 350 has it been 50 overs. But, 298 was still a good score to defend and the Brendon McCullum onslaught at the top threw every plan the bowlers might have had out of the window.

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That assault from the New Zealand skipper allowed the rest of the batsmen to take it a lot more easy and not worry too much about the required run rate. The crucial partnership was between Anderson and Elliott, worth 103, ironically the same runs that De Villiers and Du Plessis put on, but South Africa fought back following Anderson's wicket.

Had they held onto that Elliott catch or taken a couple of run out chances it might have been different, but Elliott held his nerve in the final ball and that six for the win will be on repeat for a while to come.

Phew, I need a beer, I'll catch you guys on Thursday for the second semifinal between India and Australia at the SCG, until then it is bye, bye and have a great rest of the day.

3.46 pm: "South Africa gave as good as we gave today, and it a fine achievement and I'm just really proud," says New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum. "De Villiers and Du Plessis were setting it up really nicely, we were doing everything we possibly good, we just had to hang in there till the end and what a great innings from Grant Elliott, wow.

"The partnership that he and Corey had, such calmness about it. It's all bits and pieces really when it boils down to the significance of the innings to the one Grant played.

"Credit to South Africa, the way they played, and obviously they have given us one hell of a run today.

"It's been a, well, it's the greatest time of our lives. The brand of cricket we try to play has been phenomenal, we are dreaming and it is a great occasion, geez it would be nice to win it."

3.43 pm: "Amazing game of cricket," says De Villiers. "It is probably the most electric crowd I have seen. We have no regrets, but our boys put in everything. The better team probably won. It is hurting right now.

"Hopefully the passion we showed here did make a difference to our country and hopefully they will be proud.

"I felt we had a wonderful thing going as a team in this tournament. I don't want to single out any individuals, we as a unit came short today."

3.36 pm: Clive Lloyd presents the man of the match award to Grant Elliott. "It's great, I don't think this win is for myself or the team, it for the supporters, who have been amazing. Anderson and I just wanted to take it as deep as we could, Corey batted really well and I think we timed the chase to perfection.

"When you've got 40,000 fans screaming at you every ball, it's been an absolute pleasure playing at Eden Park and playing in front of the home crowd. We've had a good run and it is the first final we've been in. we are a pretty level team, I think we will take it calmly.

"I don't even know where the ball went (for that final six)."

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3.30 pm: Elliot, the man born in Johannesburg, knocks South Africa out of another semifinal and finally, finally takes New Zealand into the final at the seventh time of asking. Just unbelievable stuff and a World Cup semifinal you will never forget.

Morne Morkel is on his knees, with tears pouring out, De Villiers cannot believe it, the South African players are gutted.

3.26 pm: Full and wide and Vettori gets his bat to it and it flies down the third man boundary for a four. They need 6 from 3 here. A bye to the wicketkeeper and it is 5 from two balls, a four and New Zealand will go to the final. New Zealand are in the final!

Unbelievable stuff from Elliott. Doesn't give a hoot that it is Steyn bowling, moves his front foot out of the way and smashes, and I mean smashes, the ball into the crowd over long-on for a victory with a ball and four wickets to spare. New Zealand are in their first ever World Cup final and the Eden Park crowd is going absolutely nuts.

3.23 pm: First ball, Vettori swings and misses and the batsmen run a bye. Elliott then can't find the gap with a low full toss from Steyn, and only a single is taken, leaving New Zealand needing 10 from 4, essential 9 as a tie will take the Kiwis into the final.

3.17 pm: Some unbelievable ground fielding from South Africa keeping them in the game and piling the pressure on New Zealand. Amla prevents Vettori from getting a four first ball with an outstanding stop at extra cover. Lucky escape for Elliott. Goes for the shot over mid-on, but doesn't get it in the middle and the ball drops in between Du Plessis and Amla. Morkel bowling outstandingly well, just four runs from the first three balls, and then Steyn stops a boundary at fine leg with a diving stop. Elliott finally gets that boundary with a slap over the covers and then a big, big drop. Elliott goes for the big onside shot again and he doesn't time it, it goes high, Behardien gets under it and pouches it at square-leg, but Duminy running back clashes into him and the ball pops out. New Zealand 286/6 in 42 overs, 12 in 6.

3.13 pm: Big run out chance. Another one wasted by South Africa. Elliott goes for the double to the onside, comes back and is struggling, always struggling, but Rossouw's low throw is not gathered by De Kock and Elliott survives. A wicket there and the game could have been South Africa's to win. New Zealand 275/6 in 41 overs, 23 in 12.

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3.07 pm: Wicket, Ronchi gone! A straight ball from Steyn and Ronchi flicks it straight down to square-leg with Rossouw taking a simple catch. Poor shot from Ronchi, the pressure told. South Africa right back in it, New Zealand 269/6 in 30.1 overs.

3.06 pm: Make or break over from Tahir here. Single taken by Luke Ronchi first ball, and then a dot as Elliott fails to beat the fielder at midwicket. Another dot ball follows as a full delivery is hit back at Tahir, showing just how good a bowler he is. Elliott then goes for the slog-sweep, doesn't get it and it is only a single. Ronchi then produces a stunning shot. A straight ball, and a flick over midwicket and the ball runs away for a boundary. A single to long-off finishes the over off, seven from it. New Zealand 269/5 in 40 overs, 29 from 18.

3.02 pm: De Villiers, keeping it nice and straight for the first three balls, gives away just two runs and then a short ball is hit to the crowd by Elliott. A couple more singles follow. New Zealand 262/5 in 39 overs, 36 from 24 balls.

2.59 pm: Don't forget, because New Zealand finished ahead of India in the group stages, a tie will take them to the final. So 297 is essentially the target.

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2.55 pm: Morkel with the ball and De Villiers puts a slip in wanting a wicket to open up the game again. Outstanding five balls from Morkel gives away only one run with Anderson looking a little troubled as well, by the pace and the bounce. New Zealand 252/5 in 38 overs, 46 in 30. Wicket, Anderson gone! Four dot balls and the pressure told on Anderson, who goes for the big pull shot over midwicket. It just comes on too quickly for the left-hander and a top-edge goes high up into the sky with Faf Du Plessis taking a really good catch under pressure.

2.51 pm: De Villiers back on, and New Zealand not wanting to give a wicket away to the part-time bowlers, play a little conservative, which as I say goes out of the window with Elliott going for the slog to the onside and missing. Gets a little inside edge which saves him. Good over from De Villiers, until the final ball, which Anderson helps past two fielders behind square or four. New Zealand 251/4 in 37 overs, 47 in 36.

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2.46 pm: Tahir returns after De Villiers has an animated conversation with the umpires over the change of a ball. Not sure if the ball is a little out of shape or gotten a touch too wet to lose the stitching a little. The umpires say no, and Tahir starts with a wide. Bowls it short and wide after that and Anderson finds the gap through the offside for a four. Takes a single to long-off to get to his half-century off just 47 balls. Elliott says to Anderson, what you can do, I can do better and hits an inside-out boundary over covers to get to his own half-century in 53 balls. Twelve runs from the over, New Zealand 243/4 in 36 overs, 55 in 42.

2.40 pm: Elliott gets that early big shot in, so crucial, with a slog to the onside. Knowing there are no fielders in the deep at midwicket, he goes for the shot and the ball carries just over the rope for six. A single off the next ball and then Morkel hits Anderson in the place that hurts. A couple more dot balls and Anderson uses the long handle to loft the ball over covers. Does not hit it as well as he would have liked and De Villiers cannot stop the ball hitting the ropes. Twelve runs from the over, New Zealand 231/4 in 35 overs, 67 in 48.

2.33 pm: Steyn bowls another really tight over again, just gives away six runs, New Zealand 219/4 in 34 overs, 79 from 54.

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2.28 pm: Anderson starts the Powerplay with a pummel straight back for four as a big chant of Corey rings around Eden Park. The crowd is into it, they know this four-over block could be make or break. Morkel returns with four good balls, which Anderson can't find a single run from, and a single off the final ball makes it a good over for South Africa. New Zealand 213/4 in 33 overs, 85 from 60.

2.24 pm: Batting Powerplay time, four crucial overs coming up. Morkel to bowl.

2.23 pm: Steyn needs to pick up a wicket here. Anderson and Elliott just waiting, knowing the Batting Powerplay is still to come. Big chance spurned. Should have been an easy run out as an awful mix-up leaves Anderson miles away from his crease. The ball is thrown to the non-striker's end from the covers but AB De Villiers backing up from mid-on falls into the stumps and then he cannot pluck the stumps with the ball in his hand either. Anderson had given up, amazing. Outstanding over from Steyn is ruined by the last ball as Elliott guides the ball past Morkel at third man for four, New Zealand 208/4 in 32 overs, 90 from 66.

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2.17 pm: De Villiers brings himself on with Duminy going for runs. New Zealand get to 200 with a single to fine leg from Elliott. Good over, though, from De Villiers, just four runs, New Zealand 203/4 in 31 overs. The target is now 95 runs from 72 balls.

2.13 pm: Steyn is back and boy is this a crucial spell from the speedster. Three good balls from Steyn and then Elliott gets a drive through the covers which gives him three and a fifty partnership for the fifth wicket. Three runs off the over, New Zealand 199/4 in 30 overs. The target is now 99 in 78 balls.

2.08 pm: Duminy needs to bowl a few more and so is brought back. Four singles, a wide and a two from the over, and then Duminy bowls a full toss and Anderson deposits that into the crowd. New Zealand 196/4 in 29 overs. The target is now 102 in 84 balls.

2.03 pm: Tahir just keeps producing those tight overs and increasing the pressure. Four runs only conceded, New Zealand 183/4 in 28 overs. The target is now 115 from 15 overs.

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2 pm: Philander continues and after being hit for boundaries in his last two overs, Elliott does it again with a cover drive, but only that four and a single from the over. New Zealand 179/4 in 27 overs.

1.54 pm: Tahir returns as De Villiers looks for another wicket. Tight lines and good variations of pace, with Anderson unable to read the googly. New Zealand 174/4 in 26 overs. The target is now 124 runs in 17 overs. It is drinks.

1.51 pm: Good over again from Philander for four balls and then Anderson strikes with a pull shot for two before unleashing another pull, over square-leg for a huge six. New Zealand 173/4 in 25 overs.

1.47 pm: A couple of sweeps, one each from Anderson and Elliott, and New Zealand get a good over in, worth 10 runs. New Zealand 165/4 in 24 overs.

1.42 pm: Philander is given the ball, and he gets a good over in, beating Anderson's bat both inside and outside. Philander getting a bit of swing and nip off the pitch, looking dangerous. The pressure is taken off, though, as a ball pitched up is driven past the bowler's right for a boundary. New Zealand 155/4 in 23 overs.

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1.38 pm: All on Elliott and Corey Anderson now, New Zealand 151/4 in 22 overs, need another 147 runs.

1.35 pm: Duminy is brought back, and he keeps Taylor tied up at one end, and then takes a wicket, Taylor gone! Duminy's golden arm does the trick and it is a lucky wicket. A ball going down the legside, Taylor looks to flick it fine but only gets a glove to De Kock, who takes a brilliant catch. South Africa are pumped up by that wicket, and New Zealand are in trouble, 149/4 in 21.4 overs.

1.31 pm: Good shot from Elliott to start the over as he walks across the stumps and flick the ball off the wicket from Morkel for a four to fine-leg. Keeps it off the second ball and gets a leading edge and then drops it short which is well played by Elliott. Gets one to nip in fifth ball, which cuts Elliott in half, five runs off the over, New Zealand 148/3 in 21 overs. Need another 150 runs from 22 overs.

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1.28 pm: Attacking field for Tahir bowling to Elliott with a silly point and a leg-slip. Pretty good over from the leg-spinner again, three off it, New Zealand 143/3 in 20 overs. Need another 155 runs in 23 overs.

1.23 pm: Sensing a way to break through and take a firm grip of the game, De Villiers brings on Steyn. Steady over for five balls from the great man, and then Taylor on-drives him for a nice four. New Zealand 140/3 in 19 overs. Need another 158 runs in 24 overs.

1.19 pm: The South African-born Grant Elliott starts off with a paddle sweep for four, but Guptill's wicket is being felt around the ground, who are pretty quiet now. New Zealand 133/3 in 18 overs.

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1.14 pm: Wicket, Guptill gone! Run out. Huge wicket for South Africa and the double centurion from the last game is back in the hut. Taylor dabs the ball to backward point and takes off for a single, there is hesitation and Guptill is not sure about the run. He goes for it after much hesitation and is well short of the crease as Amla throws the ball back to De Kock, who whips off the bails with glee. New Zealand 128/3 in 17.1 overs.

1.13 pm: Good over for New Zealand, 12 runs off it. Guptill starts it off with a hit through the line straight back for a four, before Taylor gets going courtesy a pull to midwicket. Miller gets to the ball in time on the boundary, but pats it back onto his right hand with the ball trickling onto the rope. New Zealand 128/2 in 17 overs.

1.09 pm: Singles taken comfortably enough off the Tahir over, three of them, New Zealand 116/2 in 16 overs.

1.06 pm: Philander getting into his rhythm, bowls a peach that just nips away and beats Guptill's bat outside off and keeps at it. Just a single off the over, New Zealand 113/2 in 15 overs.

1.02 pm: Tahir comes back after that brilliant maiden, which set up the wicket of McCullum. Another good over from the leg-spinner, five off it, New Zealand 112/2 in 14 overs.

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12.59 pm: Philander bowls after drinks, three singles off it, New Zealand 107/2 in 13 overs.

12.52 pm: Duminy continues as De Villiers looks to get away with the fifth bowler for as many overs as possible. Guptill does not allow that, however, as he slog-sweeps to midwicket for a big six. Expensive over, ten off it, New Zealand 104/2 in 12 overs. And it is drinks.

12.48 pm: Don't bowl short and wide to Taylor, he will punish you and he does as Morkel commits the error. Morkel comes back with a nice ball outside off which gets the outside edge down to third man for a single. Six runs off the over, New Zealand 94/2 in 11 overs.

12.44 pm: Ross Taylor comes in and now it will be up to these two batsmen to build a partnership and quell the South Africa momentum, much like they did against the West Indies in the quarterfinals. Taylor picks up a single to get his innings going and then paddles his next ball nice and fine for a four. JP Duminy goes for seven runs in his first over. New Zealand 88/2 in 10 overs.

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12.41 pm: Morkel has come to the fore for South Africa under pressure, and New Zealand are under real pressure now. New Zealand 81/2 in 9 overs. Powerplay done.

12.38 pm: Williamson bides his time the first three balls from Morkel, who then drops it short and gets punished for a four through midwicket.

Wicket, Williamson (6, 11b, 1x4) gone! Big wicket for South Africa and it is Morkel again. A ball after being hit for a boundary, Morkel bowls short, Williamson goes for another pull but drags it down onto his stumps. Williamson's underwhelming World Cup continues. New Zealand 81/2 in 8.5 overs.

12.35 pm: Philander returns and he bowls another tidy over, the run bleed has certainly been stopped, but New Zealand still in a good position. Right after I write that, Guptill just helps a ball on the stumps to the square-leg boundary for four. New Zealand 77/1 in 8 overs.

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12.31 pm: There should be some sanity now following the dismissal of McCullum. Williamson plays out four dot balls and takes a single off the last ball. New Zealand 72/0 in 7 overs.

12.30 pm: Change of ends for Morkel and he gets a wicket, McCullum gone! First ball of the over, Morkel strikes. A length ball, McCullum looks to take the ball over mid-on, can't find the timing and it finds an ecstatic Steyn.

12.25 pm: De Villiers brings on South Africa's best bowler at this World Cup – Imran Tahir – to try and stop the runs and he immediately makes an impact. Guptill is caught in front by Tahir, and there is a big appeal. Umpire gives it not out, and South Africa go for a review, Tahir is convinced it is out. Ball tracker shows the ball is in line, but is going over the stumps. Guptill survives. Terrific over from Tahir, though, a maiden but South Africa lose their review. New Zealand 71/0 in 6 overs.

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12.20 pm: McCullum gets New Zealand to their 50 with a massive, and I mean massive, off Steyn six straight back. That is followed by a wide down the legside and then a McCullum club past the right mid-off for a four. That boundary takes him to 3000 runs in New Zealand in ODIs. Field is changed and it is going to be a short ball, and it is a short ball and McCullum brings up his half-century in 22 balls with a huge six over fine-leg. Steyn is under pressure and he strays down the legside again, and McCullum helps it down to fine leg for an easy four. Bowls it full and straight next, and McCullum makes room and drives it through the offside for another four, unbelievable batting this from McCullum. Just plain ridiculous. New Zealand 71/0 in 5 overs.

12.14 pm: Just the one over for Philander and Morne Morkel is brought in. First ball is expectedly short and McCullum just waits for it before pulling it over mid-on for a four. Morkel keeps bowling it short, and McCullum takes another four, this time to midwicket. Does not time it that well, but gets enough for it to carry to the boundary. A single and a wide and then Guptill picks up four with a flick through square-leg. New Zealand 46/0 in 4 overs.

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12.09 pm: Run out chance. Guptill takes off for a single, but is sent back. He is way out of crease, but Duminy cannot hit the stumps. The ball goes down to fine-leg and they eventually scamper for a single. That single brings McCullum back to the crease, after a couple of dot balls, he gets one up and over the offside for a four. New Zealand 32/0 in 3 overs.

12.04 pm: Philander starts with four byes as he bowls it short with McCullum on the charge. The ball flies past the batsman and wicketkeeper De Kock for a boundary. Stays in his crease next ball and it is short of a length from Philander, McCullum just pulls it away to backward-square for another six. Another short ball, another boundary, this time a four as the ball just drops short of the ropes. Goes down the track next ball, but can only inside-edge it to his pads, before a shot straight finds De Villiers at mid-off. The over is finished offwith a help to the fine-leg boundary. New Zealand 26/0 in 2 overs.

11.58 am: Steyn bowls short of a length to McCullum first up, the skipper defends it and loses his shoe in the process. Shot and wide ball follows, which McCullum misses out on. Another one outside off from Steyn and this time McCullum lays into it to smash a six over the extra cover boundary. dabs it down for a single next before Guptill blocks the final ball. New Zealand 8/0 in 1 over.

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11.54 am: Dale Steyn to bowl to Guptill first up and it is an outside edge which just flies past point.

11.52 am: Guptill and McCullum are in the middle, second innings to start.

11.50 am: A really good batting innings from South Africa. Du Plessis and Rossouw calmed early nerves after Amla and De Kock fell, and then the former and De Villiers allied for a brilliant 103 runs in just over 12 overs to completely change the momentum. De Villiers did not have much to do after resumption following a near two-hour rain delay, but Miller went berserk with an 18-ball 49 to take South Africa to a big total.

New Zealand were below par in the field and it cost them a few runs. They will need to bat out of their skins to get to the total, especially with South Africa's potent bowling attack.

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11.47 am: New Zealand need 298 runs to win in 43 overs for a place in the final.

AB De Villiers Faf Du Plessis South Africa ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
AB De Villiers and Faf Du Plessis put on a brilliant partnership for South AfricaReuters

11.46 am: "Credit to the South African batsman, it is a good total, but we feel like we have the power in the hut," says Trent Boult. "A shame that a couple of chances did not go to hand, but it is what it is. We're familiar with this ground, and it is up to us now, so we'll see what we can do."

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11.43 am: New Zealand haven't been good in the field today and substitute fielder Nathan McCullum drops a catch at extra cover and lets it go for a boundary to allow Duminy off the mark as well. De Villiers just not getting the strike, but Miller certainly did the damage.

South Africa end their innings on 281/5 in 43 overs.

11.39 am: Miller gets to 49 in 17 balls with a six over long-on, and then he is gone, wicket, Miller. Cannot equal McCullum's half-century record of 18 balls as he edges a wide delivery from Anderson to wicketkeeper Ronchi. South Africa 271/5 in 42.2 overs.

11.36 am: Miller only dealing in boundaries. A slower one from Southee first up, sees Miller power the ball straight back for a four past mid-off. Miller takes a single next ball as McCullum drops the fielder back to long-off, and he is closing in on the record for the fastest 50 in World Cups, currently on 43 from 16 balls. De Villiers unable to take too much off his balls faced. South Africa 265/4 in 42 overs.

11.32 am: Miller gets lucky first ball from Anderson. Goes for the heave over the onside, but gets a leading edge which flies over Ross Taylor at shirt third man for a boundary. Fourth ball, Miller shows his ridiculous power as he muscles a short ball straight back for a six, and then follows it up with a big six over wide long-on. Massive innings this from Miller and he is taking the game away from New Zealand. South Africa 259/4 in 41 overs.

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11.27 am: Tim Southee at the other end. He needs to pick up De Villiers, otherwise, it could be a huge total to chase. Southee starts with a nice little half-volley and Miller clubs it straight back for a four. A wide full delivery next up and Miller edges it for four to the third man boundary. Eight in two balls, and then Southee comes back with a nice short delivery which Miller can do nothing about. Goes full again, though, and it is a full toss and Miller does not miss out as he hits it over mid-off for four. Can't bowl length to Miller, he will smash that. Bowls length again, and Miller hits a four again as McCullum fails to stop the ball. South Africa 239/4 in 40 overs.

11.22 am: Miller starts with a two to the onside as McCullum looks for the wicket with a slip in place in the final five overs! South Africa 222/4 in 39 overs.

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11.18 am: De Villiers spanks the first ball on resumption, bowled by Anderson, straight back and Matt Henry pulls out a stunning one-handed stop. Anderson then bowls down the legside, and goes for a big appeal. Given not out, and New Zealand go for a review. Brilliant review from New Zealand.

Wicket, Du Plessis gone! A ball down the legside, Du Plessis tries to help it along. It take a glove on its way to Luke Ronchi.

11.14 am: De Villiers and Du Plessis are walking onto the field. Take off time, with nothing to lose for South Africa. New Zealand will try and get as many wickets as possible to reduce that increase via the D/L.

11.12 am: South Africa will try and get as much as they can in these five overs before the D/L comes into play and the score is adjusted. South Africa restart on 216/3 in 38 overs.

11.12 am: South Africa will try and get as much as they can in these five overs before the DL comes into play and the score is adjusted. South Africa restart on 216/3 in 38 overs.

11.06 am: Those two Batting Powerplay overs have vanished, not that it matters too much with De Villiers at the crease. It's going to be fun this five-over block, expect plenty of carnage.

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10.59 am: Match to start at 11.15 am IST, 43 overs a side. So De Villiers and Du Plessis can go absolutely mad in the next five overs.

10.48 am: Another 10-15 minutes or so before we will see play. Calculations will be going on on the reduction of overs.

10.43 am: Rain has stopped, and hopefully for good today.

10.35 am: Still raining, a persistent drizzle. Hopefully, it stops soon as there is some sunshine on the horizon.

10.17 am: And as I write that, the rain returns and so do the covers. The delay will go beyond one hour now, so we should see a reduction in overs.

10.14 am: Finally some good news as the covers are coming off. Play should start soon.

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10.07 am: Rain has come down considerably. Should clear up completely soon, hopefully.

10 am: The rain is still on, I'm afraid. South Africa will be starting to sweat here. Hopefully we don't lose too many overs, if any at all. The overs will start coming down once the one-hour mark of the rain delay is reached. De Villiers and Du Plessis were looking so good, they will be itching to get back onto the field.

9.52 am: Still waiting for a resumption. Nothing much to worry about as the rain does look like it will relent soon. A bit of drizzle around at the moment. There is a reserve day for this semifinal, of course, and the match can be continued tomorrow. About an hour's play has to be lost for this one to go under 50 overs a match.

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9.22 am: Rain coming down and the players walk off the field. Probably comes at a good time for New Zealand, who were really being pumped for boundaries by De Villiers and Du Plessis. If the Black Caps don't get a couple of wickets, they could be batted out of the game by De Villiers. South Africa 216/3 in 38 overs.

9.20 am: Boult is back, and South Africa, knowing New Zealand still have to bowl 5 overs of their part-timers, happily take the singles first three balls and then De Villiers does what he does best, find the boundaries and a delightful one at that as he just glides one past short third man. Du Plessis goes one better with a four down the ground. South Africa 216/3 in 38 overs.

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9.15 am: The 200 comes up first ball of the 37th over as Southee returns. New Zealand need a wicket here, or it could be a big, big score to chase. De Villiers gets lucky as he goes for a slap through the onside, mistimes it and the ball drops between three fielders. It's his day it looks like. Really good over from Southee, South Africa 204/3 in 37 overs.

9.11 am: Dropped. Williamson drops De Villiers. Goes for the big flay through the offside and only finds Williamson, who cannot hang onto the catch. It was hit hard, and to his side but should have been taken. Just to show you don't drop De Villiers, he pumps the next ball to the long-on boundary for a big six and then smashes the next through the covers for a four. New Zealand could really end up ruing the drop. Fourteen runs off the first Powerplay over, as De Villiers gets to his half-century off just 32 balls with a hit straight back, South Africa 199/3 in 36 overs.

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9.06 am: New Zealand feeling the pressure here as Elliott misfields in the deep. And then a big chance missed. A quick single and De Villiers looks like he won't make it, Williamson misses and replays show he just might have made it courtesy a big dive. Touch and go, but the third umpire does not have to make a decision as Williamson missed his target. The dive comes at a price, however, as De Villiers takes a breather with something going into his eye. Doesn't stop him from getting a boundary with a glide to the third man boundary, nine runs off the over, South Africa 184/3 in 35 overs. Batting Powerplay time.

9.01 am: Anderson comes in as McCullum looks to break this dangerous partnership. Bowls short, gets away with it a couple of balls and then Du Plessis guides one past midwicket for a boundary with De Villiers doing the same off the final ball. New Zealand really need a wicket here, or the Proteas could run away with this. South Africa 175/3 in 34 overs.

8.53 am: De Villiers is looking good here, ominous signs for New Zealand. A perfect straight drive past mid-on gives him another boundary. Runs flowing now as De Villiers thumps another past mid-on for four. South Africa 162/3 in 33 overs. And it is drinks.

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8.49 am: Vettori continues. Du Plessis just looking to motor here and gets an edgy four to the third man boundary. De Villiers then carts Vettori straight back for a boundary. South Africa upping the ante here, 151/3 in 32 overs.

 8.45 am: Just the one over for Boult, with Henry, whose first spell read 5-2-9-0, given a go now. Can he take his first World Cup wicket? Du Plessis tries to take Henry on, gets the toe of the bat while going for a pull and then gets to his half-century in 85 balls with a shovel past midwicket for a couple. Cuts loose after that does Du Plessis with a dance down the track to a bowler at over 140kms for a big six straight back. South Africa 140/3 in 31 overs.

8.41 am: De Villiers and Rossouw happy to take the singles off Vettori, who has now finished eight overs. South Africa 129/3 in 30 overs.

8.37 am: Anderson got the wicket, but strike bowlers Boult is back on. No wicket for the wicket-taker, but just three runs off it. South Africa 125/3 in 29 overs.

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8.33 am: Vettori to De Villiers. A good contest this will be. The South Africa captain gets a double through the offside first ball, and then takes a single. Du Plessis beaten with a ball that gets quite a bit of turn. A single to the onside follows, and there is a bit of discussion between Vettori and McCullum on the field setting for De Villiers. Dances down the track does the great man and takes a single to long-off and Du Plessis does the same to finish off the over. South Africa 122/3 in 28 overs.

Hashim Amla South Africa ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Hashim Amla is bowled by Trent Boult in the fourth over of the semifinalReuters

8.29 am: Plenty of short balls for De Villiers, who nearly plays one on first ball with the ball looping off his thigh pad and just dropping behind the wicket instead of on it. De Villiers off the mark with a single to midwicket. South Africa 116/3 in 27 overs.

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8.24 am: Just the one over for Elliott as well, as Corey Anderson is given a go.

Wicket, Rossouw (39, 63b, 2x4, 1x6) gone! Unbelievable catch! Rossouw thinks he has a boundary here as he flies a ball through backward point. But Martin Guptill flies through the air and takes a stunning one-handed catch to his right. Brilliant fielding, and New Zealand break the partnership worth 83 runs. South Africa 114/3 in 26.1 overs. AB De Villiers is in.

8.21 am: Vettori into his sixth over. Rossouw just looking to go up a gear here, brings out the reverse-sweep without too much effect. Can sense he wants to go big. Just five runs off the over, though. South Africa 113/2 in 26 overs.

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8.18 am: More taking the pace off bowling from New Zealand as Grant Elliott is brought in. probably trying to force South Africa's hand here by asking to take on the part-timers. Rossouw does that with a gorgeous flat six straight past the bowler. Nine runs off the over, South Africa 108/2 in 25 overs.

8.14 am: New Zealand's fielding has been outstanding in this game. Anderson saves a boundary flowing off the blade of Rossouw with a diving effort at mid-off. Martin Guptill then nearly pulls off a blinder, as the ball is driven low and hard at him at short cover. Probably got a finger to it. Five runs off the over, South Africa 99/2 in 24 overs.

8.12 am: Kane Williamson is given the ball. Bowled last in the first game against Sri Lanka, way back on 14 February, so it has been a while. Will Rossouw and Du Plessis attack the part-timer? Nope, at least for the first over, is the answer. Williamson could have had a wicket had New Zealand gone for the review after Du Plessis was rapped on the pads, but they don't. Just singles taken, five off it, South Africa 93/2 in 22 overs.

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8.07 am: Three singles off the Vettori over, South Africa 88/2 in 21 overs.

8.04 am: Du Plessis breaks the shackles a little bit with a nice chip over mid-off for a four, which also brings up the 50 partnership between the two batsmen. Du Plessis hits another four off the last ball after McCullum took off mid-off for a slip, South Africa 85/2 in 21 overs.

7.59 am: Vettori just gets a touch of spin to start, and then bowls a tight over, with just one run off it. South Africa 77/2 in 20 overs.

7.57 am: Tim Southee comes back and three slips for the fast bowler. Can't find the outside edge, however, with very little swing. But an inside-edge does come Southee's way as Rossouw gets lucky with the ball missing the legstump and flying to the fine-leg boundary. South Africa 76/2 in 19 overs.

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7.53 am: Bonus runs for South Africa to start off the Vettori over as the usually controlled left-armer bowls five wides down the legside. Rossouw and Du Plessis then pick him off for a couple singles, South Africa 71/2 in 18 overs.

7.50 am: Henry doing his job really well, even if McCullum would like a wicket here. Keeping the pressure on, though, just three runs off it, South Africa 64/2 in 17 overs.

7.42 am: Daniel Vettori comes in as McCullum uses spin for the first time. Vettori beats Du Plessis' bat first up. Not much spin, but then Vettori has never been much of a big turner. Three singles off the over, South Africa 61/2 in 16 overs. And it is drinks.

7.39 am: After those two maidens, Henry concedes three runs in the over via three singles. Rossouw is looking pretty good, hitting the ball in the middle. South Africa 58/2 in 15 overs.

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7.34 am: Big over for South Africa. Boult drops it short the first couple of balls, and Rossouw and Du Plessis work it away through the legside for threes. Rossouw then gets a beautiful boundary via the straight drive past the right of mid-on. South Africa 55/2 in 14 overs.

7.30 am: The Powerplay has been done for a while, but McCullum keeps attacking. Du Plessis had dropped anchor and he is determined to stay for as long as possible. Henry bowls another testing over with that shape away from the right-hander. A second straight maiden for Henry, South Africa 43/2 in 13 overs.

7.26 am: Five Slips for Boult. Rossouw will be wondering if this is a CWC semifinal or the first morning of a Test match. Beautiful to watch, this is what aggressive captaincy and going for the jugular is all about. The ball is not swinging for Boult as much, though, and Rossouw survives. Also gets a three straight back, digging out a perfect in-swinging yorker. South Africa 43/2 in 12 overs.

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7.22 am: Henry really impressive, in that channel outside off and Du Pessis does well not to get a nick on a couple of occasions. New Zealand have been brilliant in the field as well to keep the pressure on, a maiden from Henry. South Africa 39/2 in 11 overs.

7.19 am: Another decent over from Boult, even if he concedes a boundary to Du Plessis, who gets a streakish boundary to third man. South Africa 39/2 in 10 overs at the end of the Powerplay.

7.14 am: Matt Henry gets his chance. Three singles to start with and Rossouw also gets off the mark in the process with a dab to the covers and a quick run. Du Plessis might have found himself walking back as well had Grant Elliott hit the stumps off a quick single. Henry on the mark right off, getting a little bit of shape into the left-hander. South Africa 34/2 in 9 overs.

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7.11 am: An unbelievable field greets Rilee Rossouw as Mc Cullum puts five slips in. Boult beats the bat, but can't find the edge. South Africa 31/2 in 8 overs.

7.07 am: Wicket, De Kock (14, 17b, 2x4) gone! Another testing over from Boult, and De Kock says "enough of this getting beaten stuff" and jumps down the track to go for the loft over covers. Does not get it as he wants it, though, and can only edge it to Southee at third man who takes a simple catch without having to move. De Kock is beyond disappointed, almost distraught, but go back to the dressing room he must, South Africa 31/2 in 7.5 overs.

7.04 am: De Kock looking a lot more settled now. Another single down to square-leg for him, a wide and a single to Du Plessis means three runs off the over, South Africa 30/1 in 7 overs.

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6.58 am: De Kock making a habit of taking singles to the legside second ball, and he does that again after getting into a bit of trouble to Boult first ball. Du Plessis remains circumspect, South Africa 27/1 in 6 overs.

6.54 am: De Kock faces Southee for the first time in this match. Looks much better against him and gets a single to fine-leg for a single off the second ball. De Plessis is not getting tempted by the full deliveries outside off, happy to let them go and looking solid in defence as well. South Africa 26/1 in 5 overs.

6.50 am: Boult and New Zealand have been outstanding and they deserve that wicket. Faf Du Plessis comes in and lets the ball go first ball, and then flicks a yorker really well for a boundary to get off the mark. South Africa 25/1 in 4 overs.

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6.46 am: Boult is switched on from ball one here, as he gets that ball just swinging away against the angle to De Kock, who has not enjoyed facing the New Zealand opening bowler. De Kock takes a single to square-leg second ball which brings Amla on strike for the first time against Boult and...

Wicket, Amla (10, 14b, 2x4) gone! Brilliant bowling from Boult, bowls short first up, which Amla ducks under and then pitches it right up outside off. Amla goes for the big drive, but the feet are nowhere and the ball takes the inside edge and hits the timber. South Africa 21/1 in 3.4 overs.

6.44 am: Luck is definitely favouring South Africa here as Amla gets away with one as his pull shot off Southee takes a top edge, with the ball just falling inches away from Boult at fine-leg. Outstanding bowling from New Zealand, but they haven't been rewarded with a wicket, as Amla gets another nick, which does not carry to the slips this time. Amla then makes New Zealand pay for that missed chance with a couple of fours down the legside, one a flick fine, the other through square-leg. South Africa 20/0 in 3 overs.

6.40 am: Boult bang on target as well, beats De Kock's bat to begin with and then gets the edge, which flies past Martin Guptill at third slip for a boundary. That four puts South Africa on the board, but not in the manner they would have wanted. And then, the fifth ball of the match, Ronchi drops De Kock.  A beautiful ball, gets the outside edge as De Kock plays around the ball, but Ronchi can't get a good left glove to the ball. South Africa 8/0 in 2 overs.

6.34 am: Brilliant first over from Southee, not erring in line one bit, a maiden. South Africa 0/0 in 1 over.

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6.31 am: First ball of the semifinal from Southee is right on the money. Just outside off at the back of a good length, Amla defends to the offside.

6.30 am: De Kock and Amla walk into the middle, Tim Southee is ready with the ball. Amla to take strike. Three slips in place.

6.28 am: The National Anthems have been sung, play in a couple of minutes.

6.24 am: National Anthems now as the players walk out with the kids.

6.20 am: South Africa's nerves would have been easy after winning the toss. Batting first is always an advantage in a knockout game, and if Hashim Amla and Quinton De Kock can get off to a big start, those nerves will be quelled even more.

6.18 am: Flat wicket, with pace and bounce and should play nicely for the whole game, says Shaun Pollock about the Eden Park pitch. No grass cover at all.

6.05 am: Here are the lineups: New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum (capt), Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Grant Elliott, Corey Anderson, Luke Ronchi (wk), Daniel Vettori, Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Matt Henry.

South Africa: Hashim Amla, Quinton De Kock (wk), Faf Du Plessis, Rilee Rosoouw, AB De Villiers (capt), David Miller, JP Duminy, Vernon Philander, Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir.

6.03 am: One change for South Africa, Vernon Philander comes in for Kyle Abbott. Matt Henry replaces Adam Milne in the New Zealand side.

6.02 am: South Africa have won the toss and will bat first.

6 am: Time for the toss. Bat first again should be the preferred choice.

5.56 am: The first semifinal is upon us and it promises to produce a first-ever World Cup finalist with New Zealand and South Africa looking to create a slice of their own history in Auckland.

Hello and welcome to IBTimes India's live coverage of the first semifinal of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

The Black Caps have been outstanding at this World Cup, while South Africa seemed to have peaked at the right time, with a tremendous bowling performance in the quarterfinals giving them an emphatic win over knockout kings Sri Lanka.

New Zealand were not too bad either in their quarterfinal – against West Indies – bashing the ball to all parts of the ground for a score of near 400, before easing to victory.

This semifinal promises to be an extremely close one, with both teams littered with special talents with both bat and ball.

So, will it be AB De Villiers, Hashim Amla or Dale Steyn for South Africa and an Brendon McCullum, Martin Guptill or Trent Boult produce another unforgettable performance to take their team to the final of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 for the first time? Stick around here to find out.

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