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The India bowlers did their jobs perfectly again, bowling out West Indies for a low totalReuters

7.30 pm: That's it from me and IBTimes India for this match. India huffed and puffed but eventually got home comfortable enough with four wickets and nearly 11 overs to spare. West Indies let themselves down with the bat up front, but at least put up a good fight with the ball, even if they were helped by some iffy shots from the India batsmen.

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A great win for India, one in which they have been challenged, with Dhoni, crucially, spending some time in the middle and showing just why he is arguably the best finisher in the sport of all-time. India also qualified for the quarterfinals with this win, the first team to do so from Pool B.

He made it look ridiculously easy, and that will be the biggest thing that India will take from this match – Dhoni's form.

Hope you had a great time, catch you soon!

"We thought it was a good wicket, but out batsmen did not hand on. We lost the momentum early in the innings and that was the problem," says West Indies skipper Jason Holder. "We need to assess conditions better and change accordingly."

"I'm quite pleased with my batting form, but we need a better team effort."

Dhoni now: "I think it was a difficult wicket, even when we were bowling there was some variable bounce. I think it settled down later, but there was some swing for the West Indian bowlers later.

"The ball misbehaved more up front, and our bowlers did very well to take advantage. Overall I was very happy with the performance."

"The target was always difficult, as you always don't know if you can go and play your big shots. I thought our lower middle order needed a challenge, Ashwin played really well, but Jadeja needs to step up, because his batting is crucial for us."

7.21 pm: Mohammad Shami is the man of the match for his three wickets. Strangely there is no interview with the award winner, probably because Shami would have struggled to speak in English? Can't think of what else it could have been.

7.19 pm: Another win for India, their fourth straight at this World Cup. They remain perfect in this tournament, and top spot in Pool B is now theirs for the taking, with their next two matches against Ireland and Zimbabwe – both in New Zealand.

Dhoni was the finisher extraordinaire again, showing just why he is called the Captain Cool, staying ice-cold in the middle as everyone else heated up.

7.13 pm: India win by four wickets! Fittingly Dhoni finishes the match off, albeit a little luckily as an outside edge goes past slip and to the third man boundary. India finish on 185/6 in 39.1 overs for a "should have been easier, but they will take it" win over the West Indies. Dhoni finishes unbeaten on 45 (56b, 3x4, 1x6) with Ashwin (16, 32b) doing splendidly as well. The two put on 51 runs in under ten overs for the seventh wicket to take India home.

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7.12 pm: Holder and West Indies seem to have thrown in the towel as part-timers Smith and Samuels continue. Seven runs from the Smith over, as Dhoni hits one through the offside for a four. India 181/6 in 39 overs, two needed.

7.09 pm: Dhoni and Ashwin doing it well here, just taking the singles with no signs of panic. Full face of the bat to most deliveries and the risks are being cut out. India 173/6 in 38 overs, 10 more to go.

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7.06 pm: No sign of Taylor still, as Smith is brought in. Starts with a wide and singles aplenty after that. India 171/6 in 37 overs, 12 more needed.

7.02 pm: Just a couple off the Samuels over, India 166/6 in 36 overs.

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6.59 pm: Shortballs remain the order of the day for the fast bowlers, as Roach sends in a few. Dhoni and Ashwin pick those off for singles, and then Dhoni cuts one through point for three, which takes India to 164/6 in 35 overs, 19 more runs needed.

6.54 pm: Samuels is brought in by Holder. No worries for India, two runs off it, India 155/6 in 34 overs, 28 runs more needed.

6.51 pm: A single down fine-leg from Dhoni and a two through midwicket for Ashwin takes India past 150, giving them that feeling of "Ok that target is closer now" and the anticipation is clearly building amongst the majority India-supporting crowd as well. India 153/6 in 33 overs.

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6.46 pm: Dhoni gets a free hit as Russell oversteps by a long, long way and the India captain smacks it straight to mid-off. Misses out on a chance to get some free runs and the grimace on Dhoni's face says it all. Never mind, though, as Dhoni lofts a wide delivery over third man for a big six! Good over for India, 148/6 in 32 overs, 35 more needed.

6.41 pm: Ashwin'sgood technique should help him on this wicket (as long as he doesn't go for a pull off a short ball!) and Dhoni needs him to stay there at the crease to take India home. West Indies will know, one more and they are probably favourites to win. Three runs off the over, India 138/6 in 31 overs.

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6.36 pm: Irresponsible batting again dismisses another batsman. With Jadeja gone, all on Dhoni now, with Ashwin needing to stay at the other end. India 135/6 in 30 overs, 48 more to go.

6.33 pm: A short ball to rival all short balls, which flies a few metres over Dhoni begins the post-drinks session, and then Dhoni glides down to third man for a single. Jadeja, soon after, goes off a short ball.

Pathetic from Jadeja. Where do their heads go in such situations? Another short ball from Russell and Jadeja goes for the hook and only manages to hit it straight to Samuels at deep square-leg. Samuels juggles the ball like it is a wet bar of soap, but hangs on at the third attempt to give the West Indies their sixth wicket. India 134/6 in 29.3 overs.

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6.26 pm: Right on cue, Taylor is brought back and a jaffer nearly gets Jadeja with the outside edge only just swaying away from the ball in time. Jadeja and Dhoni pick up a few singles in the over and negotiate Taylor well enough after that. India 132/5 in 29 overs, 51 more needed.

6.22 pm: Russell comes back, but surely it is time to give Taylor a go again. Jadeja manages a four in the over, a pull which just about clears mid-on. India 128/5 in 28 overs.

6.18 pm: Smith keeps dangling the carrots, and this time the ball is really wide and Jadeja makes enough contact to smack it for four. Smith, though, hits back with a few really good deliveries, keeping the left-hander and his CSK teammate quiet for the rest of the over. India 122/5 in 27 overs.

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6.15 pm: Enough singles and twos to keep India happy in the Holder over, four off it, India 118/5 in 26 overs.

6.11 pm: Smith confident now after the Raina wicket, throws a couple of carrots to Jadeja outside off, and he nearly takes the bait as well, but that outside edge just eluded the West Indies in that over. Really good bowling from Smith, who is making up for his poor batting performance. India 114/5 in 25 overs.

6.06 pm: Can Jadeja finally stand up with the willow? He needs to, or India are staring at a first defeat at this ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. There has been some good bowling from the West Indies here, but also some poor batting. With quick runs far from the order of the day, the batsmen needed to take more time, which they haven't. Dhoni gets a little lucky as his hook shot off a short delivery from Holder gets a top edge and flies over Ramdin. India 113/5 in 24 overs, 70 more needed.

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6 pm: The fifth bowler comes in, and it is Dwayne Smith. Singles taken easily enough, while another wide ball helps as well, but then Raina gets an outside edge, Raina gone! India 107/5 in 22.5 overs.

Poor from Raina, as he hangs his bat out and gets a healthy outside edge through to Ramdin. West Indies sensing a win perhaps here, especially with Jadeja to come now. India 107/5 in 23 overs.

5.55 pm: Skipper brings himself back on, and Dhoni takes a single off Holder's first ball, which opens up the short ball barrage against Raina. The left-hander needs to curb that pull shot instincts here, as he nearly mistimes one to Roach at midwicket. It cannot and should not be so easy to get him out. A single, a wide and a boundary off the over. The boundary comes via Raina's gloves, as he paddles a short one past the wicketkeeper to the fine-leg boundary. India 103/4 in 22 overs, need another 80 for a win.

5.50 pm: India over the halfway mark of the chase now, but with plenty of work still left to do. Much depends on Raina, who has looked quite good, and Dhoni, who has not quite been at his best on this Australia tour. The pressure will keep coming from West Indies, but India might look to take advantage of the fifth bowling option, be that Sammy, Samuels or Gayle. Four runs off the Russell over, India 97/4 in 21 overs.

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5.46 pm: Raina releases the pressure with a gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, straight drive off Roach for four, and India take a happy 9 runs from the over. India 93/4 in 20 overs.

5.42 pm: Theshort ball barrage continues inearnest as Raina pulls one to square-leg for a single, and then Russell bowls another at Dhoni which takes off and hits orbit before coming down. Five welcome wides for the batting team! Dhoni happy to leave the balls outside off, with the required run rate nothing to worry about at around three. India 84/4 in 19 overs.

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5.38 pm: It was a good delivery from Roach, which Rahane tried to run down to third man. The ball might have taken a tickle, but impossible to tell for sure. All down to the CSK boys now as Dhoni walks in, with Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin to follow. Dhoni and Raina is he partnership that India need, however. India 78/4 in 18 overs.

5.31 pm: Rahane fails to make use of a second free hit, after Roach oversteps again. Raina, though, does get a three off the delivery before that with a good-looking drive through covers. Rahane then pumps a wide delivery outside off over the infield for a boundary to extra cover and then Rahane is given out! Rahanegoes for the review and the snicko shows barely anything, but it is apparently enough for the decision to stand. Rahane is out, India in big trouble now at 78/4 in 17.4 overs.

5.31 pm: Rahane fails to make use of a second free hit, after Roach oversteps again. Raina, though, does get a three off the delivery before that with a good-looking drive through covers. Rahane then pumps a wide delivery outside off over the infield for a boundary to extra cover and then Rahane is given out!

5.27 pm: Russell fired up after that Kohli wicket, bowls plenty of short ones, no harm done, though. India 70/3 in 17 overs.

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5.23 pm: The pressure is really on India now, as Suresh Raina walks in. The game's first free hit goes to Rahane as Roach oversteps, but the India batsman cannot get it away, as Roach bowls it full and outside off, which hits the toe of Rahane's bat and breaks it as well. Time for a Raina special here. West Indies will probably try to hook him out, on this bouncy pitch, and Raina gets off the mark with a pull to fine-leg, off a short delivery. India 68/3 in 16 overs.

5.14 pm: Kohli gone! Throws his wicket away. A short ball from Russell, Kohli goes for the pull, and hits it straight to Samuels at deep square-leg. India 63/3 in 15 overs. And it is drinks.

Rahane breaks his cannot-get-too-many-runs streak with a glorious pull over square-leg for four, which just drops inside the boundary line. Russell is disgusted with the delivery and shows his anger by kicking at the pitch, and then follows it up with a couple of short deliveries – one too short that it is called a wide, and the other which hits Rahane on the arm.

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5.09 pm: Roach continues at the other end, and the ball continues to move outside off. Rahane looks a little jumpy in the over, and is unable to get off strike, a maiden from Roach, India 56/2 in 14 overs.

5.06 pm: Taylor is finally off the attack after six overs, and Andre Russell comes in. Three singles taken off the first three balls, and a couple more after that, India 56/2 in 13 overs.

5.01 pm: The ball is swinging a long way under the lights, and West Indies have to keep that ball outside off stump. Roach does just that, but Rahane has more patience and lets the ball go, India 50/2 in 12 overs.

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4.58 pm: All Taylor here, as he gets one to sneak through and hit Kohli's pads. A big appeal, but Kumar Dharmasena shakes his head, rightly too as the ball would have gone over the stumps. Difficult to get lbws in Perth. Taylor tries one again, but Kohli does not miss out this time, and he clips it like only Kohli can through midwicket for another boundary, brilliant shot, and then what does he do? He follows it up with another sumptuous flick, of course, with the ball racing to the ropes on this quick outfield. India 49/2 in 11 overs.

4.52 pm: Roach is in for his first bit of the cherry. A bit leg-sidish to begin with, and then hangs a wide one outside off, which Kohli flays at and misses. Roach follows that up with a brilliant delivery outside off, which hits the pitch, takes off and moves away, with Kohli able to do little, before a full delivery has Kohli playing and missing again. Or did he? Jason Holder goes for the review, knowing the importance of Kohli's wicket, and there is a bit of tension here, which is released completely as the snicko shows no edge. Unnecessary review from West Indies, especially when most behind the wicket weren't convinced. Remember, you only get the one unsuccessful review.

After three corkers outside off, Roach bowls one onto Kohli's legs, and Kohli easily clips it to the midwicket boundary for a four. You have to bowl it outside off to Kohli! India 41/2 in 10 overs. First Powerplay is done and dusted, and it is the West Indies'.

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4.45 pm: All eyes on Taylor here. He has bowled tremendously well so far, one more wicket from him and West Indies will be in business, especially with India's far from convincing lower middle order. Swinging the ball away from the right-hander and Kohli gets himself into a bit of trouble with a few no-need-to-play-those shots outside off. Kohli then shows his ridiculous talent with a stunning on-drive past the left of mid-on for a boundary as the crowd chants "Kohli, Kohli Kohli...". India 32/2 in 9 overs.

4.40 pm: Kohli gets his first boundary of the innings, courtesy a drive through the covers. Ajinkya Rahane is in earlier than he would have liked, and he plays solidly, even if the pressure keeps building. India 25/2 in 8 overs.

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4.35 pm: Thefielders need to back their bowlers up in this small defence. First, Andre Russell misses a simple ball and gives Kohli a single, and immediately after, off the next ball, Samuels misfields to allow Rohit to take a single. The last thing the West Indies need, this. Another testing over from Taylor, and Rohit goes! A typical Rohit dismissal this is as well, as Taylor pitches the ball up, lets the ball move a little and Rohit goes for the big booming drive but only finds the outside edge through to wicketkeeper Denesh Ramdin. Poor batting from the two India openers, brilliant bowling from Taylor. India 20/2 in 7 overs.

4.31 pm: Really good pressure-good-lines-and-lengths bowling from the West Indies, giving India very few loose deliveries. Kohli and Rohit, though, will know, just get past these first few overs and it should ease up considerably, even if Kemar Roach is there to come. Rohit gets that shackles off a little with a glorious cover drive off a full delivery from Holder, India 17/1 in 6 overs.

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4.27 pm: Taylorhas his tail up, getting the ball to move around. He bowls a few really good deliveries to Kohli, which the batsman does well to defend, before getting off the mark with a push to fine-leg. India under a bit of pressure here from good West Indies bowling, 12/1 in 5 overs.

4.22 pm: Wicket, Dhawan gone! A typical Dhawan dismissal – Taylor bowls around the wicket and just gets one to straighten, Dhawan throws his hands at the ball, gets the inevitable nick and Darren Sammy takes a simple catch at second slip. The early wicket that West Indies wanted is here, India 11/1 in 4.1 overs.

4.21 pm: Dhawan off to a quick little start, rotating the strike well; Rohit not so much, even if India continue to pick up the quick singles with drop and runs. Another good Holder over, with India happy to, as they should, bide their time. India 11/0 in 4 overs.

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4.17 pm: Taylor trying to hit the pitch with back of a length deliveries, much like the India bowlers did. Taylor gives Dhawan too much room off his third delivery, though, and the left-hander carves it for a four past point, India's first of the innings. Dhawan then skews one off the bottom of his bat to third man, five runs off the over, India 8/0 in 3 overs.

4.13 pm: Good running from the India openers, something the West Indies batsmen did not do too well. A few drop and runs already in the first couple of overs. Holder, with his big frame, naturally getting plenty of bounce off this WACA pitch. Good deliveries to Rohit by Holder, keeping that ball just outside off, tempting Rohit to throw his hands at it. Rohit stays patient, though, and brings his foot forward to a fuller delivery as well. India 3/0 in 2 overs.

4.09 pm: Taylor bowls first up to Rohit Sharma. Rohit gets off the mark in the second delivery with a quick single to the offside. Taylor bowls the first over at pace, gets a bit of movement as well, with the ball coming in to Shikhar Dhawan as the West Indies opening bowler bowls around the wicket to the left-hander. Dhawan gets off the mark with a dab to third man, India 2/0 in 1 over.

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4.03 pm: India are ready to bat.

3.24 pm: A fourth straight brilliant bowling performance from India, and even if there were a few dropped catches, there will be plenty of happy campers in the dressing room.

"If we bat the first 10-15 overs, we should be fine," says Jadeja, who picked up two wickets in the innings.

That is quite right, and if the India openers can stay at the crease for a while, India's fourth straight win should come easily.

Time for the mid-innings break, see you in about 40 minutes.

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3.18 pm: West Indies all out 182 in 44.2 overs! Holder holes out at long-off as he fails to clear the boundary off the second delivery of the 45th over from Jadeja. All of 34 balls have gone to waste for the West Indies, who have been shot out for a low score. Holder should be proud of his innings – his highest ever in ODIs -- and if not for him, it would have been a lot worse.

3.17 pm: Kemar Roach the last man in. Holder will hope he stays until the end of the innings, which should take West Indies well past 200. Mohit greets Roach with a short delivery that hits his helmet and goes to third man for a leg-bye. The single puts Holder back on strike, and he plays a wonderful glide through the offside for four. A full delivery from Mohit is beautifully placed for a boundary after Holder gives himself a bit of room. Holder batting exceptionally well, a real captain's innings this. West Indies 182/9 in 44 overs.

3.11 pm: Brilliant half-century from Holder, off just 56 deliveries. A really good knock under pressure, and this knock has given West Indies some hope of jolting India. Needs to carry on now and take his team to the 50 overs. As I say that, Taylor goes for a pull and top-edges it back to Umesh Yadav. West Indies 175/9 in 43 overs.

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3.07 pm: Taylor is starting to throw his bat around, while Holder looks to take those two runs for his half-century. He gets a bit more closer with a single, West Indies 172/8 in 42 overs.

3.04 pm: Holder gets another boundary as the ball just clears Suresh Raina at mid-off. Runs coming quickly now as Holder closes in on a half-century. Rohit Sharma drops a simple catch to dismiss Taylor. A slower ball sees Taylor mistime his hoick to the onside, and Rohit grasses a simple catch, as the ball goes through his fingers. Too many catches dropped by India this game. West Indies 168/8 in 41 overs.

2.59 pm: Holder in full tilt, hit s gorgeous six over long-off off Ashwin, with the ball sailing into the stands. Takes a single after that, giving Ashwin four balls to bowl to Taylor. But, Taylor takes a single off the first ball he faces, giving Holder the strike. The skipper is happy to take another single, though, and the two batsmen easily taking the singles here. Ashwin bowling a little too defensively after being hit for a six. West Indies 162/8 in 40 overs at the end of the Batting Powerplay.

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2.54 pm: Umesh brought back and Dhoni wants to finish this off now. Holder is playing really well and just frustrating the Indians that wee bit. Taylor increases that frustration with a cut for four, using the pace of Umesh nicely. West Indies 151/8 in 39 overs. One more over in the Batting Powerplay.

2.50 pm: Holder in good form, as he smashes one to the midwicket boundary off a short delivery from Shami. Perfect hit that and he follows that up with a beautiful straight hit for a big six. Holder looking to get as many runs as possible and Taylor needs to stay with him as long as possible. Holder is putting his batsmen to shade here. West Indies 145/8 in 38 overs.

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2.46 pm: A welcome six for West Indies as Holder uses the long handle to cart Jadeja to the long-off boundary. Swings and misses off the next, though, and then takes a couple to wide long-off. Holder the key if West Indies are to get to anything resembling a decent score. West Indies 134/8 in 37 overs.

2.44 pm: The Batting Powerplay works for the bowling side again. Dhoni brings Shami in and he does the trick with a brilliant delivery. Jerome Taylor now in for the West Indies; he just needs to hand around with his skipper for as long as possible. West Indies 125/8 in 36 overs.

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2.41 pm: Shami returns for the Batting Powerplay. Will West Indies go for the big ones in these five overs, or will they wait till the end? Sammy gets a four off an inside-edge which misses the stumps and goes to the fine-leg boundary and then Shami finds the outside edge, Sammy gone! An outstanding delivery from Shami, tailing in and holding its line, gets plenty of bounce as well and all Shami can do is fend it to Dhoni. West Indies 124/8 in 35.4 overs.

2.36 pm: A run out chance, but Dhawan's throw from midwicket hits Holder's bat as he looks to get back to his crease and that takes away the momentum. Starting to sound like a broken record, but another tight over from Jadeja, just one off it. West Indies 120/7 in 35 overs. Batting Powerplay time.

2.33 pm: Sammy and Holder just happy to knock the singles, and doing it pretty well too. The sting has definitely been taken out for the moment, and Dhoni probably needs to go a little more on the attack, rather than giving the batsmen the easy singles. West Indies 119/7 in 34 overs.

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2.29 pm: A couple of singles, and another decent over from Jadeja. West Indies 117/7 in 33 overs.

2.26 pm: Holder flicks through midwicket for a four to greet Mohit in his second spell, and then singles are taken aplenty. West Indies recovery is definitely on, 115/7 in 32 overs.

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2.19 pm: Jadeja just keeps turning it over, but Sammy and Holder looking quite comfortable at the crease. Just don't do anything stupid will be what the fans are saying. As that is written, Sammy nearly loops one up straight back to Jadeja, but the ball just flies over the bowler. West Indies 108/7 in 31 overs and it is drinks.

2.17 pm: Umesh looking to smash through, nearly there but not quite as India keep giving wides away via the overly-short delivery. West Indies 105/7 in 30 overs.

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2.12 pm: Jadeja keeping it really tight and getting through his overs in a jiffy as well. West Indies 101/7 in 29 overs.

2.10 pm: The spin tandem is done for now, as Umesh is brought back by Dhoni. He wants to finish the West Indies off here, but it won't be easy, as Holder is coming off a really good innings against South Africa when his team were in a similar situation. Sammy looks pretty determined at the other end too as the 100 comes up for the West Indies in the over, via a couple of wides from Yadav and a single down third man off the bat of Holder. West Indies 100/7 in 28 overs.

2.05 pm: Finishes the over in the blink of an eye Jadeja gives three singles in his second over, West Indies 96/7 in 27 overs.

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2.04 pm: a boundary for Sammy in the Ashwin over, a streaky one off a thick outside edge which just goes past Shami at short third man. West Indies 93/7 in 26 overs.

2.01 pm: Jason Holder, the captain, joins Sammy with his team in a desperate situation. West Indies 88/7 in 25 overs.

1.58 pm: Ravindra Jadeja in for the first time, an over after dropping the catch. He steps up though and dismisses Russell. Awful, awful "what on earth was he thinking about" shot from Russell, who looks to smash the first ball from Jadeja out of the ground, but only manages to find Virat Kohli at long-off. West Indies 85/7 in 24.1 overs.

1.57 pm: Ashwin bowls a tidy over, little given, just one off it, West Indies 85/6 in 24 overs.

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1.54 pm: Russell opens his account with a massive six over cow corner, as a short delivery from Mohit this time gets the treatment. No hanging around here for Russell, he is from the "see ball, hit ball" school. Swings and misses at a delivery after that as well, a slower one, does not read it. Needs to curb his instincts just a touch here, otherwise it will look just plain stupid if he gets out. Mohit getting a little too carried away with the short deliveries, bowls two sides in the over, and another one down the legside as well. Sammy plays a woeful shot off the final ball of the over, goes for the big heave, mistimes it completely and the ball goes up into the sky straight up. About three fielders can take the catch, but it is Ravindra Jadeja who gets under it and he drops it!

West Indies 84/6 in 23 overs.

1.48 pm: First wicket for Ashwin and West Indies are the mire now. Sammy and Andre Russell their last two established batsmen in the crease. It is good they bat deep. West Indies 72/6 in 22 overs.

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1.44 pm: Ashwin troubles Carter with a couple of balls that spins away and then a top edge gets a wicket. Carter gone playing the sweep. It was the right ball to go for the sweep, into his pads but Carter hits it straight to Shami at fine-leg. West Indies 71/6 in 21.5 overs.

1.41 pm:  The "doesn't give anything away" bowler that Mohit is continues with his excellent spell, bowling plenty of short balls to Sammy, who just ducks under them. Another maiden over, West Indies 71/5 in 21 overs.

1.36 pm: Will be interesting to see how Sammy plays Ashwin. Will need to curb his attacking instincts here, and the stats, anyway, show Sammy is not that much of an attacker against the slower bowlers. A couple down to third man gets the right-hander off the mark, with Ashwin then trying to tempt a false short from him with a few flighted deliveries -- doesn't take the bait. West Indies 71/5 in 20 overs.

1.33 pm: Darren Sammy now at the crease. Due reward for Mohit, who has been outstanding since coming in. Really poor shot, however from Simmons, who will know he was irresponsible there, and then some. West Indies 68/5 in 19 overs.

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1.28 pm: Wicket, Simmons gone, Mohit strikes! Another short delivery does the trick as Simmons goes for a pull shot to a ball pitched outside off. Only gets a top edge which carries easily to Umesh at fine-leg. West Indies recovery goes down the drain, 67/5 in 18.1 overs.

1.26 pm: A forward short-leg for Ashwin and a slip in place, quite deep, Raina was and then he comes in to a more conventional position. Dhoni wants Simmons' wicket here and he is going on the attack. Simmons gets off striker in the fourth ball, however, and Carter edges one to the third man boundary off a short and wide delivery. West Indies 67/4 in 18 overs.

1.22 pm: A bit of lull in proceedings after the chaotic first ten overs. Simmons and Carter are playing well here, not doing anything stupid, and waiting for the right balls to punish. Mohit bowls another tidy little over, a maiden West Indies 61/4 in 17 overs.

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1.18 pm: A few singles taken off the first balls from Ashwin after drinks, and then Carter gets that sweep out to great effect, swatting it to square-leg for a four. West Indies looking to consolidate with Simmons and Carter, 61/4 in 16 overs.

1.12 pm: Flaying outside off Carter, looking to take on Mohit to little effect. A typical tight Mohit over, West Indies 54/4 in 15 overs. And it is drinks.

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1.07 pm: Ashwin continues and gets that whiff of the outside edge of the bat going. Carter uses the sweep to good effect with a couple, which brings up WI's 50 in the innings in the second ball of the 14th over. Giving it some really nice air is Ashwin, he should keep that up even if gets hit for a couple of boundaries. West Indies 51/4 in 14 overs.

1.04 pm: Mohit Sharma gets his first crack in this match. Troubles Carter with a short delivery off the opening delivery, and then gets the line and length perfect, angling just a touch away from the left-hander. Carter then latches onto a delivery outside off and square-drives it past point for a boundary, a much-needed one for his team. West Indies 49/4 in 13 overs.

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12.59 pm: Spin for the first time, as R Ashwin comes in. a bit of turn and bounce first up for the off-spinner, he should enjoy bowling to the left-hander Carter, who is blocking too many and building up the pressure. West Indies 44/4 in 12 overs.

12.56 pm: A tidy over from Shami, even if he did lose his line a little. West Indies 42/4 in 11 overs.

12.52 pm: Lendl Simmons gets off the mark with a clip through the onside for a three. Jonathan Carter and Simmons need to put on a big partnership if West Indies are to make a contest of this. West Indies 38/4 in 10 overs. First Powerplay done.

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12.47 pm: Ramdin gone, Yadav strikes! Denesh Ramdin is out first ball. A full delivery outside off, Ramdin throws his bat at it, gets an inside edge and the ball cannons into the stumps. A little unlucky that, but probably should have left the ball alone first up. West Indies 35/4 in 9.1 overs.

12.45 pm: Gayle gone, Shami strikes again! Shami keeps bowling the short stuff, Gayle goes for a big heave over midwicket, gets a top-edge and Mohit Sharma takes a good catch at deep square. Big wicket this, West Indies 35/3 in 9 overs.

12.44 pm: Gayle getting a move on. Another slap, this time over mid-on gets him another boundary. Gayle taking the bowlers on now, has clearly had enough of the blocking and getting beaten outside off stump. The score slowly creeping up now, .

12.40 pm: Right after the wicket, Gayle takes some of the anger out on a pitched up delivery from Yadav which he carts over mid-off for four. But he nearly throws it away after that as a cut goes high, with Shami unable to get his hands on the catch. Gayle then stands and delivers one to midwicket for a massive six. Don't angry me says Gayle. West Indies 28/2 in 8 overs.

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12.35 pm: Samuels gone, run out! Gayle nearly gets out, mistiming a pull which Mohit Sharma, from mid-on, dives forward to, but the ball just falls short. A complete mix-up ensues between the two batsmen and Samuels is all the way down the pitch, with Gayle an immovable object as he ball-watches. Virat Kohli has the simple task of taking the ball and running it to the non-striker's end to take off the bails. West Indies 15/2 in 7.2 overs.

12.33 pm: Gayle saying, "enough of this man" steps out and looks to hit Shami out of the park, but misses, and then gets beaten by a delivery that would have caused trouble to anyone. Even Gayle approves as he nods his head in acknowledgement to Shami. The fast bowler then for reasons unknown decides to come around the wicket, doesn't trouble Gayle as much.

But it does create a wicket-taking opportunity, with Gayle flaying at one outside off stump, getting a thick outside edge which flies to third man in a hurry. The catch is dropped, however. How costly will that prove to be? West Indies 14/1 in 7 overs.

12.26 pm: Marlon Samuels comes in, and the right-hander is happy to leave most of the deliveries from Umesh outside off. West Indies 10/1 in 6 overs.

12.20 pm: Wicket, Smith gone, Shami strikes! Just as I say too many plays and misses, Shami gets that outside edge, with Smith, who looked all at sea, getting an outside edge off a perfect delivery outside off, with Dhoni taking the simplest of catches. West Indies 8/1 in 5 overs.

Ball is beating the bat more often than AB De Villiers hits sixes, but still no wicket to show for India, who have bowled brilliantly in the first 5 overs.

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12.16 pm: Umesh Yadav has Chris Gayle jumping around like a rabbit here, brilliant line from the bowler, across the batsman at the perfect length. A second straight maiden over, as Gayle cannot do anything......yet. West Indies 6/0 in 4 overs.

12.12 pm: Shami alsobowlingat a really good pace, hitting the 145 mark. Better second over from the India pacer, with Smith struggling to cope with the extra pace, as one ball hits him on the midriff while going for a pull. Shamigetting theball to swing in, and Smith does not look too comfortable. Needs one to sneak through, though. West Indies 6/0 in 3 overs.

12.09 pm: India could have gotten the wicket of Gayle had he gone for the review in the first over, but it is chance missed. Umesh Yadav begins well as well, swinging the ball and then inducing a couple of false strokes from Smith – first one falling short of mid-on, and the second wafting at a delivery outside off.

Yadav hitting the right line and length from the off here and bowling with a bit of pace too. Dhoni has three slips in play. West Indies 6/0 in 2 overs.

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12.05 pm: Good ball first up from Shami, tailing in, Smith just guides the ball down. And then almost a wicket as Smith completely mistimes a pull, beaten by pace, but the ball drops in front of Rahane at square-leg. After those two really good deliveries, though, Shami errs in line, bowls short and wide, and Smith spanks it for four past backward point.

Overcompensates with the next delivery, Shami, bowls one down the legside, with Smith clipping it to fine-leg for a single. Gayle on strike for the first time, and a corker of a delivery first up, good length ball, just tailing away and Gayle plays and misses. Shami goes for an appeal, but the umpire gives it not out. Snicko suggests there might have been a nick, big miss that from India!

Another good delivery finishes the over off, West Indies 5/0 in 1 over.

12 pm: Shami to start things off, Dwayne Smith on strike.

11.57 pm: The Anthems are done, play about to start in a couple of minutes.

11.53 pm: The umpires are Kumar Dharmasena and Nigel Llong, with Billie Bowden the third umpire. The teams are now on the field, with the National Anthems soon.

11.48 pm: Shane Warne's turn for a pitch report. A pitch which will suit all the bowlers, says Warnie. There are a few rough patches on the pitch, because it is the second time it is being used in two days, and Warne predicts help for the spinners later on, after the faster bowlers makes use of the early juice.

11.43 pm: Playing on my PS4 a little earlier, India beat the West Indies pretty comfortably. So, do you think that is a sign of what is to come, or will the Indian team miss by seriously cool PS4 skills?

Well, Bing certainly seem to think India are the heavy favourites, predicting MS Dhoni's men have a 71.2 percent chance of winning today.

11.34 pm: Here are the lineups:

India: Rohit Sharma, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni (capt and wk), Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Mohammad Shami, Mohit Sharma, Umesh Yadav.

West Indies: Dwayne Smith, Chris Gayle, Marlon Samuels, Jonathan Carter, Denesh Ramdin (wk), Lendl Simmons, Darren Sammy, Andre Russell, Jason Holder (capt), Jerome Taylor, Kemar Roach.

11.31 pm: WI win the toss, bat first.

On expected lines, the winning captain decides to wield the willow first. West Indies have made a change with Kemar Roach coming in for Sulieman Benn.

Dhoni is hopeful he pitch doesn't change in the second innings, and also believes batting second could be a blessing in disguise as it gives them another opportunity to chase down runs.

For India, Mohammad Shami comes in for Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

11.30 pm: The toss is here. Must-win game says Holder, while Dhoni says the team are keeping it simple.

11.23 pm: The great man Brian Lara talking now, says he is impressed with India, and believe they are a different beast now away from home. The WACA is "tame" now according to Lara, and he is expecting a high-scoring encounter.

11.21 pm: Eight minutes to go for the toss, both teams will likely look to bat first.

11.13 pm: Ian Bishop, who knows a thing or two about fast bowling, believes the pitch will not be as fast as some of the other Perth surfaces in the past, while Sourav Ganguly says pitching the ball up will be the key on this wicket.

Both believe bating first should be the way to go. Put on a big score and bring that scoreboard pressure.

11.10 pm: India vs West Indies is always a lot of fun, and with the sluggers in both lineups, this ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 match promises to be a contest with plenty of slam-bang.

Hello everyone and welcome to IBTimes India's live blog and coverage of the big match. Keep this page on the screen for the next eight hours or so as we look forward to a great match. Oh, and, Happy Holi everyone!

The batsmen have had a great time at this CWC, and with the Perth pitch expected to be a bouncy cracker, more runs should be the order of the day.

India have been kin terrific form at this World Cup, winning all three of their games, and that too at a canter. A win in this match should take them closer to that top spot in Pool B, which means avoiding the co-hosts, at least.

The West Indies have been bad one moment, and then good for a couple of moments after that, before going bad again (and not in a good way!) and they will hope one of those good days returns.

Chris Gayle will be the cynosure undoubtedly, while plenty of eyes from India's perspective will be on Virat Kohli, after the India vice-captain's wonderfully mature behaviour earlier this week.

While there are superstar batsmen left, right and centre in this game, the match might be decided by the bowling. West Indies will look to Jerome Taylor and skipper Jason Holder for the early wickets, while MS Dhoni will want his bowlers to continue their impressive form.

Low-scoring or high-scoring, let's hope this match turns out to be a thriller.

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