4.14 pm: Brilliant from India. It is never easy to bounce back after as painful a defeat as the one in Galle, but Kohli's men showed character in the second Test match at the P Sara Oval, before carrying that momentum to this final Test match. From the off, India have looked in control of this series, and they emphasised that with a convincing win in the deciding Test, absolutely no doubt that the better team won and it is a first series win for India in Sri Lanka in 22 years, and a first away series win since 2011, when they beat the West Indies in the Caribbean.

This third Test match was setup by a brilliant century by Cheteshwar Pujara, which allowed India to post a total that the bowlers could play with, and play with they did as Ishant Sharma ran amok. Sri Lanka fought back with some rearguard action in the first innings, and then some good bowling in the India second innings. But India's own middle order and lower middle order came to the fore with the bat, setting the hosts a target they were never going to chase down.

Just don't tell that to Angelo Mathews, though, as the Sri Lanka batsman yet again showed just why he is so freaking good. Another brilliant hundred from the man, with Kusal Perera providing great support with a 70 of his own as well. In the end, though, the second new ball did the trick and once Ishant dismissed Mathews in the first over with that new red cherry, it was all over.

That's it from me and IBTimes India for this live blog guys. India's next series is against South Africa, and it is at home. So join us for that, and do stick around for more coverage on this match. I'm off to see who Arsenal are (not) buying on transfer deadline Day. Goodbye.

4.11 pm: Thetrophy is being handed out to Kohli and now the rest of the players come in and the celebrations can begin.

4.09 pm: Man of the Series is R Ashwin: I'd like to thank the boys their catching in the series has been brilliant and that is why I have taken 20 wickets (actually 21) in this series. The wickets are a little slow and to put a body into the ball is something I have learnt and done in this series. I had a few tennis elbow issues, which is why I have struggled a little with the bat, but I'm happy to repay the coaches, who have helped me, with a fifty.

4.06 pm: Virat Kohli: Being 1-0 down in a series is never easy. I was just told it's never been done, so we have created a bit of history. Even the guys who haven't played have helped so much and it has been a collective effort, so very proud of how we've come back in this series. Feels nice to have created a bit of history. We are all trying to build out careers in Test cricket and it is a magnificent milestone for all of us. The attitude has been brilliant, and you just mentioned Pujara coming in and he looked at as an opportunity instead of a difficulty and that is the change on attitude right now. There are areas we can improve on, but if you see the session, we can't count it in one hand where we haven't won. So we can definitely give a pat our own backs for that. I am really proud of the boys.

4.04 pm: Angelo Mathews: Disappointed especially after winning a crucial toss. It was demanding conditions for the batters, Pujara played really well, but our batting flopped again. Our bowlers were good, but after giving them a 100-run lead we didn't really bat well in the second innings. India batted really well, and our first innings batting was the difference. When Kusal and I were batting, we had hope, you never know, but credit should go to the Indians, they fought really hard and bowled really well and they are the deserved winners.

4.02 pm: Cheteshwar Pujara is the Man of the Match. Pujara: It was a very good opportunity for me, we were 1-1, and we won the series, and I am very happy. Obviously, as we saw throughout the five days facing the new ball was challenging. My preparation was up to the mark, I trusted it and it helped me.

4.01 pm: Most Exciting Player of the Match (whatever that means) is Ishant Sharma. Impact Player of the Match is Angelo Mathews.

4 pm: Time for the presentation.

3.44 pm: No Ishant with Kohli looking to finish it off, it is Mishra, with four men around the wicket. Kaushal defends the first couple of balls well, and then Mishra gives away four byes with a ball down the legside. Kaushal says you are going to have to wait a little longer, defends well, before taking a single fifth ball. Next ball, though, Wicket, Pradeep gone! A typical legspinner's wicket from a googly and Pradeep cannot bring his bat in front in time with the ball hitting the pads in front. A huge roar from the India players, high fives all around and Kohli points to his badge while waving a stump around. Sri Lanka 264 all out in 85 overs, India win by 117 runs.

3.41 pm: Nuwan Pradeep plays and misses the last delivery. Sri Lanka 263/9 in 84 overs, 123 runs needed.

3.39 pm: Dhammika Prasad has run into the crease and first ball is the slog sweep, a couple of runs to midwicket to get off the mark. No hanging around whatsoever from Prasad, who smokes the next ball to mid-off, before lofting one over mid-on for another boundary. Prasad is definitely an entertainer, isn't he. Never a dull moment when he is around. Next ball, Wicket, Prasad (6, 4b, 1x4) gone! Goes for another big shot to the onside, only gets the bottom of the bat and he slices this to the covers, with Stuart Binny taking the catch. Ah, no Prasad vs Ishant contest, then! Sri Lanka 263/9 in 83.5 overs.

3.35 pm: R Ashwin is asked to come in and Wicket, Herath gone! First ball from Ashwin, full and swinging in, Herath is yorked and the ball hits him plumb in front. Sri Lanka 257/8 in 83.1 overs.

3.33 pm: Couple of short balls to Kaushal from Ishant, and then instead of pitching it up, Ishant continues on that track, easily ducked away. Too outside off fourth ball, which Kaushal lets go. Hasn't been forced to play a single ball so far. Finally makes Kaushal play with the fifth ball, just sliding down leg, though, as it hits his pads. Final ball is let go by Kaushal. Sri Lanka 257/7 in 83 overs, 129 runs needed.

3.28 pm: Umesh Yadav to bowl. Outside off angled across, Herath leaves the first ball, and then unnecessarily, Umesh Yadav drops it short, and Herath pulls it to the boundary. Outside off next ball, and he flashes hard, goes over the slips for another boundary. Into the body next ball from around the wicket, and Herath cannot put that one away. Umesh Yadav is already kind of on the defensive, though, with that line and I don't like that. Sri Lanka 257/7 in 82 overs, 129 runs needed.

3.24 pm: Tharindu Kaushal is the new batsman, he bats the over through. Sri Lanka 249/7 in 81 overs, 137 runs needed.

3.21 pm: First ball from Ishant is a one-day wide down the legside, which Ojha does well to gather. Wicket, Mathews (110, 240b, 13x4) gone! Ishant has his 200th Test match wicket. And what a wicket it is, it is the Sri Lanka batting extraordinaire. He has looked completely untroubled, but one with that new ball, extra pace and full sneaks inside his bat and strikes him in front of the stumps. It doesn't get any plumber than that, it really doesn't. Mathews walks back distraught, but what an innings it has been from him, take a bow! Sri Lanka 249/7 in 80.3 overs.

3.16 pm: The huddle again is on for India, and we are again ready to go. Ishant Sharma to bowl to Mathews.

3.14 pm: The new ball is due, and there is no doubt at all that Kohli will take it. Depending on the end, either Umesh Yadav or Ishant Sharma will get the shining red cherry.

2.58 pm: All Sri Lanka till about 13 minutes before Tea, as Perera was dismissed just when he looked like taking the game away from India. Perera and Mathews (110, 237b, 13x4) put on such a glorious partnership, and India were left frustrated, just waiting for the new ball to come into play. That new ball will be taken first thing after Tea. Back in 15 minutes.

2.56 pm: Mishra to bowl the 80th over, and with Mathews on strike, there was never going to be any drama was there. Kohli tries to instigate it by misfielding one on the covers deliberately to get Herath on strike, but Mathews refuses the single.Fourthball, though, Mathews does take the single to fine-leg off a short ball on legstump. Herath defends. Sri Lanka 249/6 in 80 overs, 137 runs needed. Tea time.

2.54 pm: Last over before Tea coming up.

2.53 pm: Ashwin to Herath and third ball there is a big appeal for lbw. Umpire Rod Tucker says no and rightly too as the full ball only hit his bat, no pad first there. Appeal for caught behind after that, just a little too excited now. Sri Lanka 248/6 in 79 overs, 138 runs needed.

2.51 pm: Mishra it is again and Herath sweeps second ball for a single to midwicket. Deep point comes into play third ball as Mathews takes a single. Herath defends the next two deliveries, before taking a single to backward square off the last delivery. Sri Lanka 248/6 in 78 overs, 138 runs needed.

2.47 pm: Rangana Herath now and back around the wicket and Herath is off the mark with a single fine. All on Mathews now, isn't it. Sri Lanka 245/6 in 77 overs, 141 runs needed.

2.42 pm: Wicket, Perera (70, 106b, 11x4) gone! Out of the blue Ashwin picks up a wicket. On legstump, Perera goes for the reverse-sweep and the ball goes straight to Rohit Sharma at point. Perera cannot believe it and that disappointment soon turns into anger as he is given a send-off, walks back to say something back, ah such nonsense this! The partnership of 135 runs is over, what a partnership it was. Sri Lanka 242/6 in 76.1 overs.

2.41 pm: India trying to get the five over in before Tea so that the fast bowlers can start the third session with the new ball. Mishra again, no worries. Sri Lanka 242/5 in 76 overs, 144 runs needed, Mathews 106, Perera 70.

2.37 pm: Ashwin now. Around the wicket to Mathews, single taken fourth ball, before Ashwin goes over the wicket to Perera. Easy single to the offside. Sri Lanka 241/5 in 75 overs, 145 runs needed, Mathews 106, Perera 69.

2.34 pm: With 15 minutes to go to Tea, the new ball is getting ever closer, it will make or break this game. Mishra with a steady enough over. Sri Lanka 239/5 in 74 overs, 147 runs needed, Mathews 105, Perera 68.

2.30 pm: Perera in full control, as Binny bowls one short and wide, and the wicketkeeper/batsman slaps it to extra cover for a boundary. Single next ball and Mathews is watchful as he nears his hundred and then a beautiful guide to backward point sees the ball just go and go and the deep point fielder cannot cut it off in time, Mathews gets his hundred off 217 balls. Will it be a matchwinning/matchsaving one? Pathetic bowling from Binny as India lose their discipline, short ball that sits up and Mathews pummels it through midwicket for another boundary. Is the victory on? The new ball will say it all. Sri Lanka 237/5 in 73 overs, 149 runs needed, Mathews 104, Perera 67.

2.25 pm: Boundary balls coming now from Mishra, and Perera capitalises again, playing a sweep fine off a ball well outside legstump. Sri Lanka 224/5 in 72 overs, 162 runs needed, Mathews 96, Perera 62.

2.21 pm: Binny continues. Couple of good balls in the over, as Mathews gets beaten a few times. That edge isn't coming for India, though, is it. A maiden. Sri Lanka 219/5 in 71 overs, 167 runs needed, Mathews 96, Perera 57.

2.13 pm: Big appeal first ball from this Mishra over, as the ball hits Mathews' pads in front of the wicket. Nigel Llong suggests there is an inside-edge, but the replays are inconclusive, if anything, it looks like there is no inside-edge. Another near miss for Mathews, who has definitely ridden his luck, but deservedly so, because he has batted so well. Perera finishes off the over with another boundary, nicely cut backward of point. Sri Lanka 219/5 in 70 overs, 167 runs needed, Mathews 96, Perera 57. Drinks.

2.09 pm: Into the 90s goes Angelo with a slap through the covers for a boundary, and the 100 partnership comes up as well, what a partnership it has been two. Completely broke the India bowlers, it has. Hal-century for Perera comes up as well, with a nice pull to square-leg for a boundary, off just 89 balls. India are searching for answers here, and if Sri Lanka continue in this vein and improbable win cannot be entirely ruled out. Sri Lanka 212/5 in 69 overs, 174 runs needed, Mathews 93, Perera 53.

2.04 pm: Good ball first up from Ashwin, the arm ball that just comes in with the angle, nearly traps Perera lbw, but that bat comes down in the nick of time. No worries for Perera after that, as Sri Lanka get to 200 with a single from Perera to fine-leg. Last ball of the over, a thick outside edge goes to the vacant third man area and there is three runs on offer. Sri Lanka 203/5 in 68 overs, 183 runs needed.

2.01 pm: Stuart Binny given a bowl. Outside off, swinging away, and Mathews, 15 away from a deserved hundred, leaves/defends. Sri Lanka 199/5 in 67 overs, 187 runs needed.

1.56 pm: The length from Ashwin in this innings has been way too short, so much time for the batsmen to go back and play him wherever he wants. Sri Lanka 199/5 in 66 overs, 187 needed.

1.53 pm: Better bowling from Ishant. Bowls it near off stumps, and bets Perera's bat once. Yup, just once. Sri Lanka 197/5 in 65 overs, 189 needed.

1.48 pm: So easy for the batsmen now, Ashwin is getting nothing out of the surface and with plenty of singles on offer, it is taken. Mathews gets a boundary last ball with a fine tickle. Sri Lanka 196/5 in 64 overs, 190 needed.

1.44 pm: Ishant Sharma with another over, and singles come easily enough for Mathews and Perera. Sri Lanka 190/5 in 63 overs, 196 needed.

1.40 pm: Ashwin now. Single second ball from Perera, and then Mathews defends as Ashwin comes from around the wicket, before taking a single final ball. Sri Lanka 187/5 in 62 overs, 199 runs needed.

1.37 pm: Ball change here. Will it help India, I doubt it.

1.35 pm: Spinners couldn't do anything, so it back to the spinners now with Ishant Sharma. On the stumps first ball, and it is an easy couple for Mathews to the onside. Nothing happening in the air or off the pitch, so easy as pie for Mathews to defend. Sri Lanka 185/5 in 61 overs, 201 needed.

1.27 pm: After a good googly, Mishra bowls a half-tracker, and Perera does not miss out, cutting it with full venom for a boundary. Mishra comes around the wicket to Perera, no worries, with the left-hander finishing the over off with another boundary, this time by jumping down the track and lofting it to cow corner. It was a risky shot, as there is deep midwicket and long-on, but he backed himself and it came off. Sri Lanka 183/5 in 60 overs, 203 needed. Drinks.

1.23 pm: Full and wide first ball from Ashwin and Perera slaps it over wide mid-off for a boundary. Ashwin goes immediately goes back to the stumps line, bowling over the wicket as well, and again Perera takes a single to get off strike. So good from the debutant, he has been quite impressive. Mathews then plays with fire, going for a sweep shot and it goes off the glove and over Kohli at legslip. Sri Lanka 175/5 in 59 overs, 211 needed.

1.20 pm: Another tidy over from Mishra, with Mathews taking a single second ball, before Perera does the same fourth ball. Comfortable, really comfortable for Sri Lanka at the moment, and India need to be patient. Sri Lanka 168/5 in 58 overs, 218 needed.

1.16 pm: So slow is the turn for Ashwin that if the ball is even marginally short, the batsmen have so much time to go back and play. Mathews does that first ball, with a help to fine-leg giving him a couple. Second ball a single is taken to the onside. Perera continues to play Ashwin comfortably. Sri Lanka 166/5 in 57 overs, 220 needed.

1.13 pm: Mishra keeping it nice and tight here. And Rahul almost has Mathews run out. Similar to the way Mishra got out last innings, and a direct hit and Mathews was out. Sri Lanka 163/5 in 56 overs, 223 needed.

1.10 pm: Change of ends for Ashwin, gets to bowl to Perera from the first ball, but the Sri Lanka batsman plays him comfortable. Whatever spin is there, it's awfully slow. A couple of tight overs, though, at least. Sri Lanka 162/5 in 55 overs, 224 needed.

1.07 pm: Mishra now for Ashwin. Good lines from the off, and Mathews defends. Sri Lanka 162/5 in 54 overs, 224 needed.

1.04 pm: Another decent over from Umesh Yadav, but Sri Lanka are looking pretty good here, hardly troubled by the bowling. The older the ball gets, the easier it is to bat, with Perera adding that extra dimension of aggression as well. Sri Lanka 162/5 in 53 overs, 224 needed.

1 pm: Bounce and turn for Ashwin first ball to Perera, gives him a bit of confidence. Perera, though, is playing Ashwin so well here, the moment he drops it a little short, there he is waiting for it to pounce, and pounce he does, cutting it backward of point for a boundary. On the stumps and fuller after that is Ashwin. Sri Lanka 159/5 in 52 overs, 227 needed.

12.57 pm: Much better over from Umesh Yadav, but he again gives away a boundary. Raps one on the pads of Mathews second ball, an appeal is made, but the ball was quite high and hitting him outside off as well. On and around off he stays, and then goes onto the pads and Mathews flicks it fine for a boundary. Sri Lanka 155/5 in 51 overs, 231 needed.

12.53 pm: Ashwin again and it is a good start for Sri Lanka here as the runs are coming nicely. Perera picks up another boundary, off a short and wide ball from Ashwin, nicely cut through point. Sri Lanka 151/5 in 50 overs, 235 needed, Mathews 62, Perera 23.

12.50 pm: Perera gets that Sanath Jayasuriya-like pull shot out as he spanks a short ball from Umesh Yadav. Another boundary of his over, and this spell will be a real test of his "can he land six balls in the same area" ability as Mathews also picks up a four, with a push off a short of a length ball on the offside. Sri Lanka 145/5 in 49 overs, 241 needed, Mathews, 61, Perera 18.

12.45 pm: Ashwin around the wicket to Mathews, takes a single to the onside. Perera, again, takes those singles, this time to mid-off. Sri Lanka 136/5 in 48 overs, 250 needed, Mathews 57, Perera 13.

12.40 pm: Almost there forthe second session. Mathews the key for both teams here.

12.07 pm: Both teams will be reasonably happy with this session. India got two wickets, while keeping the run rate down, and with it cutting down the chances of a Sri Lanka chase considerably. However, from Sri Lanka's perspective, Mathews is still at the crease, and as long as he is there, Sri Lanka will continue to hope. Time to go get some grub, will be back in about half an hour.

12.04 pm: Right on that channel of offstump to start, but it is a no-ball. Mathews does not rise to the bait of the balls outside off. As I say that, though, Ishant bowls a little closer to the stumps, Mathews has to play at it, and it beats his bat after holding its line. Mathews gets off strike with a quick single to mid-off, over to you Perera for the last couple of balls before Lunch, he says. Around the wicket is Ishant for Perera, who defends solidly, with an extra ball thrown in as well as Ishant bowls another no-ball. Final ball before Lunch, is seen off by Perera. Sri Lanka 134/5 in 47 overs, 252 needed, Mathews 56, Perera 12. Lunch.

11.58 am: Last over before Lunch coming up. Ishant to bowl.

11.57 am: Ashwin to bowl to Perera. First ball is a good one, the second not so much, as Perera rocks back to a short ball and cuts it through the offside for a couple. Jumps down the track next ball and plays the shot of the morning, a lovely straight drive through mid-off for a boundary. Ashwin tries the carom ball, but Perera reads it in time and plays it well. Defends after that, by getting to the pitch of the ball. Sri Lanka 131/5 in 46 overs, 255 needed, Mathews 55, Perera 12.

11.54 am: Mishra again and Mathews gets a couple first ball with a guide to the third man boundary. He is reading Mishra so well is Mathews, and no problems at all, still a little too full for my liking is Mishra. Sri Lanka 125/5 in 45 overs, 261 needed, Mathews 55, Perera 6.

11.52 am: Ashwin around the wicket to Mathews, he is bowling those good lines which worked well for Tharindu Kaushal. But, with the singles on offer, the offer is taken by Mathews, as he drives one to long-on. Two slips, a silly point and a sill mid-off in place for Perera. He defends the first ball well and then an inside-edge saves him from an lbw shout, last ball is well defended, though. Sri Lanka 123/5 in 44 overs, 263 needed, Mathews 53, Perera 6.

11.49 am: Really poor from Mishra, as he bowls a third no-ball of this spell. Next ball, Perera takes another single, batting really smartly is the debutant. Mathews takes a single third ball, and Perera defends. Sri Lanka 122/5 in 43 overs, 264 needed, Mathews 52, Perera 6.

11.46 am: Poor from India as Perera is allowed a single early again, this time off the first ball. Third ball of the over Mathews gets his half-century off 118 balls, with a sweep shot to backward square-leg for a couple. Ashwin comes around the wicket, and looks a little more dangerous to the right-hander. Sri Lanka 119/5 in 42 overs, 267 needed, Mathews 51, Perera 5.

11.42 am: Not much turn in this over for Mishra, and he bowls a no-ball as well. Mathews picks up a couple third ball with an easy flick fine off a ball outside leg. When he does get it to turn, though, he troubles Mathews, and is that a drop. Proper leg-spinner's delivery, Mathews plays at it, and no, no outside edge, and Ojha cannot hang on. Sri Lanka 116/5 in 41 overs, 270 needed, Mathews 49, Perera 4.

11.39 am: Perera does the right thing off this Ashwin over, taking a quick single second ball to get off strike. Mathews has no issues playing Ashwin, while taking a single off the fifth ball. Perera defends the final delivery. Sri Lanka 113/5 in 40 overs, 273 needed, Mathews 47, Perera 4.

11.36 am: Single taken second ball by Mathews and Kusal Perera, the new player in, is on strike. Perera played a belligerent half-century in the first innings, and doesn't take too long to get off the mark here as he cuts one through the covers for a couple off a short ball from Mishra. Takes a single next ball and Mathews defends. Sri Lanka 111/5 in 39 overs, 275 needed, Mathews, 46, Perera 3.

11.30 am: Spin from both ends now as Ashwin is given the ball. Thirimanne gets off strike first ball with a single, but Mathews gives it back again next ball with a dab to the onside. Slow and flighted, but little spin there for Ashwin. Wicket, Thirimanne (12, 47b) gone! What a catch this is from KL Rahul at silly point. Thirimanne, last ball of the over, closes his face for a single to the onside, gets the leading edge and the ball goes to the offside. Rahul is there, jumping up to first keep the ball in play and then he grabs it at the second attempt. Really good reflexes that from Rahul. Sri Lanka 107/5 in 38 overs, 279 needed, Mathews 45.

11.26 am: Spin now as Amit Mishra comes in. A little too full to begin with is Mishra, so don't really know if there is turn. Fifth ball pitches back of a length and bang there is the turn and Mathews is beaten. Sri Lanka 105/4 in 37 overs, 281 needed, Mathews 44, Thirimanne 11.

11.22 am: Sri Lanka get past 100 with a typical Mathews straight drive. A little risky as there is a man right next to the pitch at silly mid-off, and the ball was driven uppishly, but it goes between the bowler Binny and Rahane. Sri Lanka 103/4 in 36 overs, 283 needed, Mathews 44, Thirimanne 10.

11.14 am: Ishant to Thirimanne, four slips in place, all pretty close up. Angled across and Thirimanne leaves. On the pads next and Thirimanne flicks it through midwicket for a couple. Stead over after that. Sri Lanka 99/4 in 35 overs, 287 needed, Mathews 40, Thirimanne 10. Drinks.

11.09 am: Binny gets another over, with no sign of spin. Tidy over, even if Mathews starts it with a straight drive for a couple. But again, no trouble at all for the hosts. Sri Lanka 97/4 in 34 overs, 289 runs needed, Mathews, 40, Thirimanne 8.

11.04 am: Ishant is given the ball again. Bowled tremendously well in his first spell on Day 5, and was unlucky not to be rewarded with a wicket. Just a touch short to begin and Mathews has no problems. Sri Lanka 95/4 in 33 overs, 291 runs needed.

11 am: Too legside again from Binny as he looks for that ball that pitches on off and hits legstump for the left-hander, Thirimanne has no problems in flicking that to square-leg for a couple. Stays outside off after that, but again an over where Mathews, not that he faced a ball in this over, and Thirimanne are untroubled. Bit of variable bounce maybe coming in, though, as one takes off from a good length and another bounces twice to Ojha. Sri Lanka 94/4 in 32 overs, 292 runs needed.

10.55 am: Patience the key for the India bowlers as Sri Lanka continue to defend well, while you know Mathews will put those bad balls away. Stead over from Umesh. Sri Lanka 92/4 in 31 overs, 294 runs needed.

10.51 am: Couple of balls on the pads from Binny, and a couple of easy singles are taken. When he does pitch it up and gets his line right, though, he does cause some alarm to Thirimanne and Mathews, with the former playing and missing. Sri Lanka 90/4 in 30 overs, 296 runs needed.

10.46 am: Hmm, it is Umesh Yadav from the other end now. Single taken by Thirimanne to the onside second ball, and then Mathews shows patience again, waiting for the bad ball to put away, as he plays defensively to the balls outside off. Sri Lanka 88/4 in 29 overs, 298 runs needed.

10.41 am: Stuart Binny now. A little too outside off to begin with and Mathews lets it go. Needs to make Mathews play more does Binny, he does that and Mathews just drives him straight for a gorgeous boundary. Back to leaving after that. Sri Lanka 87/4 in 28 overs, 299 runs needed.

10.32 am: Ball angled across to start with, and then Ishant drops it a little short, nearly gets his gloves on its way to the wicketkeeper Naman Ojha, but he just about sways out of the way. Same ball next and this time it does hit Thirimanne and India think it is out, but the umpire Rod Tucker says no, because it has come off the arm guard, really good decision. Beautiful over from Ishant, does not give Thirimanne an inch. Sri Lanka 83/4 in 27 overs, 303 runs needed. Drinks.

10.27 am: Umesh again and it is just the three slips now for Mathews, as one man goes into the covers. Good, tidy over from Umesh. Sri Lanka 83/4 in 26 overs, 303 runs needed.

10.23 am: Easy for Thirimanne first ball as Ishant bowls on his pads again, takes a single and gets off strike. Missed run out chance. Fourth ball, Mathews flicks a ball from the stumps to midwicket, they go for the run and if Ashwin had hit the stumps, Mathews was a goner, he had given up. Another chance slips away for India. Thirimanne is then given a bit of bodyline action, with Ishant bowling a brilliant short ball onto his chest. Fends at it with his eyes shut, but the ball falls safely to where a silly point would have been. There is a short leg, but no silly point. Thirimanne then asks for the physio, because that ball hit his gloves pretty hard. After some treatment, final ball is angled across and Thirimanne leaves. Sri Lanka 83/4 in 25 overs, 303 runs needed.

10.16 am: Decent over from Umesh Yadav for four balls and then his penchant for the bad ball comes – a half-volley on his pads and Mathews is not going to miss out is he, easily flicked to square-leg for a boundary. Sri Lanka 81/4 in 24 overs, 305 runs needed.

10.10 am: Ishant again and Mathews takes a single first ball with a flick to fine-leg. That means Thirimanne is back on strike, and it is another play and miss off a ball angling across. Misses his line next ball, though, onto the pads and Thirimanne gets off the mark with a couple to deep square-leg. Thirimanne plays Ishant well after that, with that angle across not coming through as easily. Sri Lanka 77/4 in 23 overs, 309 runs needed.

10.05 am: New batsman is Lahiru Thirimanne and his first ball is a play and a miss as Umesh Yadav angles the ball across. Keeps it outside off, and Thirimanne is lucky not to edge one of those. Sri Lanka 74/4 in 22 overs, 312 runs needed.

10 am: Wicket, Silva (27, 50b, 4x4) gone! Silva hit a couple of outstanding pull shots off the bowling of Umesh Yadav yesterday, but this one leads to his dismissal. Short and well directed towards the body, maybe with a bit of extra pace as well, Silva goes for the pull, only gets a top edge and Cheteshwar Pujara is there to take a simple catch at midwicket. Sri Lanka 74/4 in 21.1 overs.

9.58 am: Expectedly, it is Ishant Sharma now, after Ashwin finished off the over from yesterday. Four slips in place, and it is outside offstump to begin with, and second ball, with a brilliant line, he beats the bat of Mathews, but it is called a no-ball as well. Might have been an edge there, oh my, Ishant has thrown it away. Really good lines from Ishant, but how he will be ruing that probably edge, there was a sound as the ball passed the bat, but I'm still not sure there was an edge. Sri Lanka 74/3 in 21 overs, 312 runs needed.

9.53 am: Umesh Yadav was awful, apart from that one wicket of Dimuth Karunaratne on Day 4, so can he do any better today? On line to begin with and then fourth ball he directs one on the pads and it is a easy couple for Silva. At least none of those short balls for Silva to pull for boundaries, though. Sri Lanka 73/3 in 20 overs, 313 runs needed.

9.49 am: A bit of turn there for Ashwin, even gets an outside edge, but the ball goes away from the fielder and Mathews is alright. Takes a single fifth ball and then Silva takes a single to the onside off the last ball of the over, with the ball nearly going straight to the short leg fielder Cheteshwar Pujara. Sri Lanka 71/3 in 19 overs, 315 runs needed.

9.45 am: Ashwin to bowl to Mathews. Sri Lanka 67/3 in 18.1 overs.

9.44 am: The huddle is in for the India team. Mathews and Silva walk out as well.

9.42 am: Stuart Binny: I am happy with the way the ball is coming out, but still a job to do today. The plan while batting was pretty simple, get in for the first 10-15 minutes and then play my natural game. I was given the license from the support staff to express myself. Nothing has been easy so far in my career, I just have to come out and play my best cricket and be positive through the season. It's how we start this morning that is going to be crucial, make them play in the first hour and be patient and hopefully things should go our way.

9.35 am: Marvan Attapattu: It has been an even series, with everything to play for now, India have had their chances and so have we, and I think we will as well today. The first hour will be crucial, if we can cope with the first hour, I think we have a good chance.

9.33 am: Jonty Rhodes with the pitch report, and the South African says there is little to no change, not enough rough for the spinners to be too excited about.

9.16 am: Blue skies greet us on Day 5, good news, no rain.

8.49 am: Ishant Sharma took away those Monday blues didn't he with some great-to-watch histrionics. While not all of it was in the right spirit, what all of us can be sure of is that the India fast bowler will be raring to go come Day 5 of the third Test match in Colombo as India look for a series win against Sri Lanka.

The SSC came to life late on Day 4, as Ishant and Dhammika Prasad clashed, before the former got some of his own back, taking two wickets out of the three that fell late in the day, and expect more action as we head into Day 5, with this wonderfully-crafted and extreme-informative live blog of IBTimes India, keeping you posted with all the scores and action as it happens.

Sri Lanka are on 67/3, chasing 386 for victory, with 319 more runs needed on the final day if they are to come away 2-1 series victors.

India are in the driver's seat, without doubt, but if they can take advantage, like they did in the second Test match, or not, like they did in the first Test, only the first session and a bit, maybe, will tell.

The pitch still has life in it for the fast bowlers, and with the ball still reasonably new at 18 overs, there should be some early help out there. India need to make full use of the early assistance, but, what is without doubt is that they will be put under pressure by that wonderful back-to-the-wall batsman Angelo Mathews, who will hope he doesn't get out first ball on the final day like in that second Test.

There is no better man for a crisis than Mathews, and if the Sri Lanka skipper, along with Kaushal Silva, can counter-attack early and take the sting out of India's tail, you never know, the impossible might just seem possible, after all.

So, like I said, this Day 5 should be one of those do-not-take-your-eyes-off-it (umm, in your case, eyes off this blog) contest, and bring on the heated arguments a little more aye, that is what Test cricket is all about – just don't cross that line Ishant, in more ways than one.