5.09 pm: Ah, you wonder if the players even had to come off. The rain wasn't so bad. But once the covers came on, and with so little time left for play, this was always going to be the likely scenario.

What a day of cricket it has been. It swayed one way and then the other, but the one constant was Cheteshwar Pujara (135, 277b, 13x4), who refused to give his wicket away and looked as comfortable as you can look on this wicket. If not for Pujara, India would probably have been bowled out for under 200, instead it looks like they will cross 300 comfortably. India are on 292/8 in 95.3 overs at the end of Day 2 and tomorrow should be about getting as many runs as possible for the batsmen.

Sri Lanka only had one bowler really doing well for them – Dhammika Prasad – and once they started to tire, Pujara and Mishra took full toll. That partnership of 104 runs was quite outstanding, and let's see how tomorrow pans out.

Until Day 3, it is goodbye from me and IBTimes. Remember the start of play tomorrow is 9.45 am, I will catch you with the Day 3 live blog an hour or so before then.

5.01 pm: Nope, no resumption. Play is off. Stumps on Day 2.

5 pm: The sun is out now and the rain has stopped. However, the umpires are out on the ground discussing what to do with the curators. The covers are coming off. So, we should get some play soon. We have 45 minutes of play remaining.

4.52 pm: They don't hold back, do these groundsmen. Like machines they are and quit quickly, the covers are coming on all around the ground. Those are not good signs, I'm afraid. The players, after initially waiting in the dugout next to the ropes, are going back up into the dressing rooms now.

4.48 pm: Couple of balls from the Prasad over and the groundsmen ask the umpire to walk off. they hold back for another ball and then the players are off and the covers are coming on. It's a steady drizzle now, and the clouds don't look as menacing as yesterday. So, hopefully, we will get some play again. There is under an hour remaining for play on Day 2.

4.45 pm: Herath again and a paddle sweep for a couple keeps the scoreboard ticking, with a single taken off the fifth ball. Really good batting this from Pujara. Ishant keeps out the final ball with four fielders around the bat. India 292/8 in 95 overs.

4.41 pm: Ishant is a pretty capable bat, but Pujara has decided to farm the strike, at least to Prasad. Refused a single to fine-leg, but then takes a couple to midwicket. Oh dear, it has gotten a little gloomy and the groundsmen are standing right next to the covers. Pujara does take that single off the fifth ball to stay on strike for the next over, with Ishant defending the final ball. India 289/8 in 94 overs.

4.35 pm: The brilliant blocker that is Ishant Sharma comes in. Goes for an expansive shot one ball, strangely. Doesn't get it anywhere near the middle of the bat, mind. What does come off the middle is a flick, which give him a couple of runs and gets him off the mark. India 286/8 in 93 overs.

4.31 pm: Wicket, Mishra (59, 87b, 7x4) gone! Ah that is a little unlucky. Comes down the wicket to Herath, gets an inside edge which hits his pads and rolls all the way back to Perera. The wicketkeeper quickly breaks down the stumps and Mishra has no chance to get back into his crease. What a partnership it has been of 104 runs. Sri Lanka have finally broken it, and they can breathe again. India 284/8 in 92.2 overs.

4.29 pm: Mathews again. A couple taken second ball by Pujara to the onside and then Mathews bowls another short ball, which Pujara cannot connect as he looks to play the upper cut. India 282/7 in 92 overs.

4.25 pm: Four dot balls to start the Herath over and then Mishra picks up a couple with a lap sweep which brings up the 100-run partnership. Brilliant stuff this. India 280/7 in 91 overs.

4.18 pm: Mishra just keeps breaking the records as his innings becomes the highest by a No.9 at the SSC. Mathews keeps it outside off to Mishra, who leaves them pretty well. Pujara finishes the over off with a cracking drive through covers for a boundary. India 278/7 in 90 overs. Drinks.

4.13 pm: Fifty for Mishra off 71 balls and what a way to get it too. Jumps down the track and plays the perfect inside-out drive off Herath through extra cover for a boundary. Plays a paddle sweep next to pick up a couple, before two more singles follow. India 272/7 in 89 overs.

4.08 pm: He could be the difference maker here as Mathews comes in to break the partnership. Beats Mishra's bat immediately with an outswinger. Next ball a top edge off a pull nearly carries to fine-leg. The single, though, also means it is the joint-highest partnership for the eighth wicket at the SSC – joining Ricky Ponting and Damien Fleming when they scored 80 runs together. Pujara then makes it the highest eighth wicket partnership at the SSC, thanks to a big drop from Nuwan Pradeep at fine-leg as Pujara also top-edged a pull shot. Easy enough catch, gets under it, but it just goes through his hands. Mathews almost did the trick again, but needed that help from his fielder. India 264/7 in 88 overs.

4.03 pm: Pradeep still stays around the wicket to Mishra, with the right-hander just helping one off legstump to fine leg for a single second ball. Pujara then takes an easy couple with a push through the offside. Onto the pads is Pradeep next ball and Pujara guides it through midwicket for a boundary. Just about to go past three runs an over is the run rate after these runs. India 259/7 in 87 overs.

3.58 pm: Starts with a wide one does Prasad and Mishra picks up a couple to deep point. Next ball, Prasad finds that right length with Mishra playing and missing as the ball moved away just a touch late. Goes back to back of a length, though, and Mishra plays comfortably, picking up another couple to the same area. That couple takes India past 250 as well.This partnership, worth 71, is also India's best eighth wicket partnership against Sri Lanka, beating the 70 scored by Kapil Dev and Laxman Sivaramakrishnan in 1985. India 252/7 in 86 overs.

3.51 pm: Back of a length for much of the over from Pradeep and Pujara has no problems defending. India 247/7 in 85 overs.

3.47 pm: Pradeep is definitely getting some purchase off the pitch. Gets one to move away considerably after pitching. Just a touch too short in this over, which allows Pujara to defend comfortably, before finding a boundary as well with a cut shot through point. India 247/7 in 84 overs.

3.42 pm: Not much happening off the wicket for Pradeep in this over. Goes around the wicket after Mishra expertly flicks him to deep-square for a couple and bowls a couple of short ones, one of which is called a wide. India 242/7 in 83 overs.

3.38 pm: Prasad has had the penchant of picking up wickets in his first over with a new ball. With Pujara solid as ever, though, the first four balls does not yield that wicket. A single, however, gives Prasad a crack at Mishra for the final two balls. First of those two is a full toss and Mishra says "thanks macha" and drives it through the offside for a boundary. Final ball is let alone. India 238/7 in 82 overs.

3.32 pm: Pradeep is the one given the first over with the new ball. First ball is outside off and let go by Pujara, and then one just seams a little off the pitch, and beats Pujara's bat as well. Next ball, Pradeep errs in line and Pujara flicks one to fine-leg to get off strike. Mishra is untroubled as the lower-order batsman cuts one nicely through gully and backward point for a boundary. Brings up the fifty-partnership as well. India have had a few fifty partnerships, but none that have kicked on from there. Will this be any different. India 233/7 in 81 overs.

3.27 pm: The new ball has been taken.

3.26 pm: Last over of spin perhaps with the new ball available next over. Herath is accurate as ever. India 228/7 in 80 overs.

3.24 pm: Kaushal from the other end, and first ball Mishra flicks a ball on outside legstump fine for a three. A full toss gives Pujara an easy single to long-on. Kaushal gets that doosra out and he beats Mishra's bat. Too good for him that ball, didn't even get close to it. India 226/7 in 79 overs.

3.20 pm: It is Herath to bowl, understandable with the new ball just three overs away. Couple more overs and we should see Prasad and Pradeep come back with the ball. Mishra gets the defence out first over of the final session, with a single coming in the fourth ball. India 221/7 in 78 overs.

3.13 pm: The final session coming up. India will feel another 30-40 runs and they are in the driver's seat. Sri Lanka will look to the new ball, which is only three overs away.

2.58 pm: India will be happy with this session, considering the first ball saw Stuart Binny walk back, with the batsmen scoring 101 runs in 31.1 overs. Naman Ojha though will wonder of what might have been, throwing away his wicket after a strong start. R Ashwin's poor form with the bat continued, but Amit Mishra (24, 40b, 4x4) hung around well with Cheteshwar Pujara (101, 219b, 9x4), who has just been ridiculously good again. Back in 15 minutes.

2.52 pm: Herath just keeps it straight to Pujara, who defends without too much worry. He can't get that single, though, for the first four balls, but the fifth one is better and he jumps down the track and takes a quick single to mid-off to get to his century off 214 balls. The dressing room applauds, and Pujara raises his bat with that "was there ever any doubt I would score a hundred" look. Really good innings this from Pujara, his seventh Test match hundred and the only batsman who has looked untroubled on this wicket. India 217/7 in 76 overs.

2.48 pm: Some turn and bounce for Kaushal as well now. It is contagious thin spin-thingy is it. Mishra nods in approval at that ball, maybe more so because he is thinking about having a crack as well. There is a big shout for lbw in the fourth ball of the over, but this one looks like it is a little too high and missing leg. Good over from Kaushal, a maiden. India 216/7 in 75 overs.

2.45 pm: Finally a ball for Herath turns and bounce and it misses the bat of Pujara, who lets out a huge sigh of relief. Takes a single next ball to move to 99, before Mishra sees a big-shot attempt come to nothing much. It gives him a single, though, which means Pujara is back on strike. First ball is dabbed to the onside, the second one to the offside and the final ball of the over to the offside as well, so he remains on 99. India 216/7 in 74 overs.

2.42 pm: Not taking any chances at all is Pujara, who is on 96. As I say that, though, he jumps down the track and ondrives to long-on for a single. Mishra does the same next ball, giving Pujara one ball to get to his hundred in this over. He takes a single to long-on to stay in strike. India 214/7 in 73 overs.

2.38 pm: The Tea break is not at 2.40 pm for the rest of this Test match, it will be at 2.55 pm, as well make up half an hour each day. The final session will start from 3.15 pm and go on till 5.15 pm with a further half an hour to be played if needed.

It is Herath now and Pujara moves to within a boundary of a hundred with a single. Happy to take the singles is the right-hander now. India 210/7 in 72 overs.

2.35 pm: Kaushal still and there is no hanging around from Mishra here. Jumps down the track and goes for the loft over mid-on, doesn't get it well enough, but the ball just clears the fielder and the batsmen run two as the man at deep midwicket runs around. Again gives the bowlers a chance as he attempts a paddle sweep, Kaushal goes for the lbw appeal, but was probably missing off, which just shows how much across he went. India 208/5 in 71 overs.

2.31 pm: Single first ball from Pujara and with Mishra on strike Prasad decides to give some chin music. I shall not dance says Mishra, who uses the pull shot to good effect for a boundary to midwicket. That boundary also brings up India's double hundred. If that pull was good, the next boundary, that gets India past 200, is better as the right-hander brings out an impressive straight drive. India 204/7 in 70 overs.

2.26 pm: A couple to deep-square to start the Kaushal over and then Pujara defends three balls with a single taken off the fifth ball, which takes him to within seven of a century. India 195/7 in 69 overs.

2.21 pm: Pujara is batting on a different wicket here as he moves into the nervous 90s with a single to deep point. Mishra handles him OK, getting a boundary as well with a really nice ondrive past wide mid-on. India 192/7 in 68 overs.

2.16 pm: Kaushal again and Pujara takes a single first ball with Mishra trying to do the same with every ball after that, but not quite succeeding. Gets a couple, though, with a skew to third man, final ball. India 187/7 in 67 overs.

2.12 pm: A really not-so-warm welcome for Amit Mishra, as Prasad rips a short ball at Mishra's chin. Just sways out of the way does the India batsman and the two exchange a smile. Next ball is outside off and Mishra plays his release shot with an uppish cut fetching him a boundary. Two slips and two gullies now for Mishra. But the next ball is one that comes in and Mishra keeps it out. India 184/7 in 66 overs.

2.06 pm: Wicket, Ashwin (5, 14b, 1x4) gone! Prasad returns with his dodgy shoulder and all and first ball he gets Ashwin. Perfect ball, outside off just moving a touch away and Ashwin pokes at it with the outside edge carrying to wicketkeeper Perera. He has been the different here, brilliant from Prasad again, absolutely outstanding. India 180/7 in 65.1 overs.

2.05 pm: A single first ball of the Kaushal over from Pujara and then Ashwin defends the next three, before taking a single himself, with a nice flick to deep midwicket after coming down the wicket. Pujara plays out the final ball. India 180/6 in 65 overs.

2.01 pm: A tidy over from Pradeep for five balls and it looked like being a second consecutive maiden, only for Ashwin to produce a beautiful cover drive for four. India 178/6 in 64 overs.

1.57 pm: Decent over from Kaushal, Pujara can't get the scoreboard ticking. India 174/6 in 63 overs.

1.54 pm: Can Ashwin stick around with Pujara? He has been poor with the willow in this series, but he needs to here, because Pujara just continues to bat and bat and he can't run out of partners. India 174/6 in 62 overs.

1.47 pm: Kaushal now and he starts around the wicket. Ojha takes a single first ball with a single to long-off and it also brings up the fifty partnership for the sixth wicket. Couple for Pujara third ball with a late cut to the backward point boundary and that is followed by a single to mid-on. No turn at all for Kaushal and he bowls a no-ball in the over as well. And then, Wicket, Ojha (21, 54b, 3x4) gone! Ridiculous from Ojha, he must have forgotten this is Test match cricket. A long-on is in place, but he goes for the big shot nonetheless and it falls straight down the throat of Upul Tharanga, who takes another catch. India were cruising here, and the cruise has been brought to halt again. Ojha will be kicking himself and the seniors in the dressing room should tell him this is not what is expected in Test cricket as well, debutant or not – just as long as it is not Rohit who is giving the advice, of course. India 173/6 in 61 overs. Drinks.

1.43 pm: Another over goes by, bowled by Pradeep, and India keep going with Pujara moving into the 80s with a hook shot that goes off the top edge for a boundary fine. India 168/5 in 60 overs.

1.38 pm: Sri Lanka look like they are just going through their motions here, which is puzzling considering one more wicket is all that's needed to get to the India bowlers. Comfortable Herath over. India 163/5 in 59 overs.

1.35 pm: Nuwan Pradeep is back. Not much movement for him here, nothing like Prasad has manufactured. Pujara picks up his eighth boundary with a slap through point. India 160/5 in 58 overs.

1.31 pm: Good use of the feet again from Pujara to Herath, gets him a single first ball. Ojha picks up a couple in the middle of the over as well, otherwise it is good defence again. India 156/5 in 57 overs.

1.27 pm: A couple with a clip to square-leg and then good defence from Ojha to see off this Mathews over, after Pujara took a single first ball. Would have got a boundary off the final ball of the over, but the straight drive was just too straight and it hits the stumps. India 153/5 in 56 overs.

1.22 pm: Good start for India with the new ball as Pujara comes down the wicket and ondrives Herath for a boundary. Takes a single next ball and then Ojha uses his long handle to good effect, lofting one over mid-off from the crease. Nice shot that. India 150/5 in 55 overs.

1.19 pm: Another ball change. A second ball change here, as another one goes out of shape. The original ball was changed after 33 overs.

1.17 pm: Three overs each for the pace bowlers only and it is Mathews time. Not too many problems for Ojha. It is another maiden over, though, second one on the trot. India 141/5 in 54 overs.

1.13 pm: Herath with his quick over again. Defend, attack (but for no run), defend, defend, defend and defend from Pujara. India 141/5 in 53 overs.

1.10 pm: Prasad again and Ojha picks up another boundary through the same area. This time it is more controlled as he rocks onto the back foot to guide a short ball outside off through behind the stumps. Prasad answers back nicely, though, next ball, bowling it fuller and outside off, with Ojha playing and missing. Back of a length again next ball and Ojha gets on top of the ball to defend to the offside. Just teasing Ojha is Prasad, who beats the batsman's bat again with that full ball that just moves away late. Next couple of balls, Ojha defends. India 141/5 in 52 overs.

1.05 pm: That's it for Pradeep again as Herath comes back. First ballcauses a bit of excitement. Down the legside, hits Pujara's pads, and Herath makes an appeal, but in the process, the ball goes on to hit Pujara's back of the bat after hitting his pads and it flies away just beyond Angelo Mathews at first slip, who cannot react quick enough. Drama ends after that first ball, though. India 137/5 in 51 overs.

1.02 pm: Pujara is not the greatest of timers is he. A full ball outside off from Prasad gives Pujara the opportunity to take toll, but can't time it well enough, and he has to settle for another three. Better timing and Pujara could have had a fair few more boundaries than the six he has struck so far. Ojha comes on strike second ball onwards and Prasad is at work again, tailing one in and then taking the next away. Just cannot read which way the ball is going to move, as Ojha gets his first boundary with an outside edge that goes between slips and gully. India 133/5 in 50 overs.

12.56 pm: Pradeep again, keeps it outside off. Ojha defends comfortably. India 126/5 in 49 overs.

12.53 pm: Ojha again gets on strike fourth ball after Pujara picks up three with a drive through the offside. The wicketkeeper/batsman defends well. Final ball of the over, Ojha drives straight for a single and that is his first Test run. India 126/5 in 48 overs.

12.47 pm: Prasad on a hat-trick. No hat-trick, though, as Pujara defends a ball outside off stump. Nuwan Zoysa is the only man to have a Test hat-trick for Sri Lanka.

12.47 pm: Pace from both ends as expected. Pradeep does not get a crack at debutant Naman Ojha from the first ball. Pujara takes a single third ball and Ojha's first ball in Test cricket is one that tails in. Hits him on the pads and it goes to the onside for a single. Pujara takes a single next ball with a pull and Ojha defends the final ball. India 122/5 in 47 overs.

12.43 pm: Just the one ball remaining of the over for Prasad and the new man Stuart Binny (0, 1b) is gone for a golden duck! Wicket for Sri Lanka first ball. Oh dear, this Binny all-rounder experiment is not going to last long if he bats like this. First ball, sticks that front foot out, the ball comes in and hits him smash bang in front. Prasad has just been so good, really brilliant. India 119/5 in 46 overs.

12.37 pm: Now for the second session. I have a feeling it will be as attritional as the first, provided the likes of Binny and Ojha stick around with Pujara. If Sri Lanka pick up early wickets in this session, though, this India innings could end in a hurry.

12.07 pm: Was just about to praise Rohit for the way he has batted since Kohli's dismissal and then he does a Rohit doesn't he. This is why he will never play Test match cricket for too long. Fell in the last over in the previous Test match as well, that was of play, and this time it is Lunch. India scored only 69 runs in 305 overs in this session, but this was about survival more than scoring. Would have been India's session this if not for Rohit's late wicket, with Pujara (55, 138b, 6x4) playing so well at the other end, rarely looking troubled. Sri Lanka toiled hard with their seamers bowling really well. The spinners, though struggled with little to no help from the wicket. Back in half an hour.

12.01 pm: Prasad to bowl the final over before Lunch. Outside off for the most part and Rohit lets go and then for some reason he plays and therefore Wicket, Rohit (26, 65b, 3x4, 1x6) gone! Two balls to go for Lunch and Rohit is drawn into playing one outside off by the excellent Prasad. Gets a healthy outside edge and an easy catch for Tharanga in the slips. India 119/4 in 45.5 overs. Lunch.

11.57 am: Penultimate over before Lunch coming up and it is Herath. Rohit hasn't taken too much of the strike of late, but he defends the first couple of balls and then takes a single to long-off next. Pujara is a little tentative with the Lunch break so close, but not too many worries. Last ball of the over is down leg and Pujara does not miss out, flicks it nicely to the square-leg boundary. India 119/3 in 45 overs.

11.53 am: Good first ball from Prasad as it moves away after coming in. Pujara is forced to play at it and it just misses the outside edge. Gets one to tail-in as well, but Pujara defends with that so-loose bottom hand of his. Leaves the balls outside off well alone after that, before another corker from Prasad beats his bat again. India 114/3 in 44 overs.

11.48 am: Kaushal again with just over ten minutes to go to Lunch. First ball is defended by Pujara, but next ball is just a touch short again and Pujara pushes it past extra cover for a couple, which takes him to 49. Next ball is well short and Pujara pulls it to deep midwicket to get to his half-century off 127 balls. A hard grind it has been and a well-deserved fifty for the right-hander. India 114/3 in 43 overs.

11.44 am: First ball from Prasad is outside off and Rohit leaves it. Next one is short onto his body, Rohit goes for the pull, doesn't quite get it and it rolls away for a single to fine-leg. Pujara then gets a three with a good back-foot push through the covers. Next ball, Rohit gets a couple to midwicket as Prasad goes down leg. India 109/3 in 42 overs.

11.38 am: Tharindu Kaushal it is for Herath. First ball is over the wicket and overpitched and Pujara thumps it to the extra cover boundary. Goes around the wicket, that worked for him so well last Test match, immediately, but drops it short around off this time and Pujara plays a nice late cut for another boundary. Really taking it to Kaushal is Pujara, who gets his front foot outside off and plays a square-drive for a third consecutive boundary, which also brings up the 100 up for India. Short again next ball, but Pujara plays with a straight bat and cannot get it past midwicket for a single. Couple more dot balls follow. India 103/3 in 41 overs.

11.33 am: Prasad bowls another over. Bang on off and outside again, feeling like I'm repeating myself, but the Sri Lanka bowlers have been so good with their lines and lengths, given nothing away to the batsmen. India 91/3 in 40 overs.

11.28 am: Three dots from Herath and then that lazy elegance of Rohit comes into play with a gorgeous cover drive for a boundary. India 90/3 in 39 overs.

11.25 am: Prasad now for Pradeep. Had gone off the field for a bit, with that neck/shoulder injury still troubling him a little. Also hear he is a little under the weather. Two consecutive maidens for Sri Lanka, who keep that pressure on and keep squeezing the game, as Pujara leaves the balls outside off. India 86/3 in 38 overs.

11.12 am: Firing it in is Herath to Rohit after that six. One ball down leg is all Rohit needs to score in the over, a wonderful flick through midwicket after jumping down the track for a boundary. India 85/3 in 35 overs.

11.09 am: Not sure yet if the ball change will make a difference. Right around off is Pradeep and Pujara defends again for another maiden. India 81/3 in 34 overs.

11.07 am: Change of ball. A couple of balls from Pradeep and then Mathews hands the ball to umpire Llong. He talks with Rod Tucker and that ball goes through thingy comes out. It doesn't go through, so the umpires change the ball. Which team will the change of ball help?

11.03 am: On the stumps again is Herath. Pujara jumps down the track first ball, hits it reasonably well as well, but straight to the bowler who fields. Takes a single third ball with a help to the onside and then Rohit picks up the first six of the match with a typical jump down the track and smash over long-on. India 81/3 in 33 overs.

11 am: A change of ends for Pradeep, who comes in for Mathews. He's been so good with his lines and lengths so far, and no surprises again as he keeps it outside off. Ball not doing as much off the pitch now, though. India 74/3 in 32 overs.

10.56 am: Again good lines from Herath, but no turn at all. India 74/3 in 31 overs.

10.50 am: Angelo again and India's angels ensure Rohit remains at the crease. Just a bit of exaggeration there actually, not too much trouble for the right-hander in this over, even if it is a maiden again. India 72/3 in 30 overs. Drinks.

10.46 am: The pressure is very much on India here. Another solid over from Herath, albeit ruined a little by a couple off the last ball as one went down the legside. A single taken off the first ball makes it three off. India 72/3 in 29 overs.

10.43 am: Mathews keeps bowling good lines and lengths. All Pujara can do is defend. Another maiden for the Sri Lanka captain. India 69/3 in 28 overs.

10.39 am: With Stuart Binny and debutant Naman Ojha in next, these two need to bat for a while. As I write that, Rohit comes down the track to Herath and just, just clears Nuwan Pradeep at mid-on for a boundary. A better athlete there and the ball would have been taken and the "typical Rohit dismissal" stories would have caught fire. India 69/3 in 27 overs.

10.35 am: Mathews is bowling so well here. Angling in and then tailing away and Rohit is finding it difficult to play him. Gets one to hag back as well, but the ball hits Rohit too high and the appeal is turned down. Rohit gets off the mark with a tentative push to the offside, with Pujara running through for a quick single. Testing, testing times for India here. India 65/3 in 26 overs.

10.31 am: Herath again and Pujara is untroubled with little to no turn. Another maiden, though. India 64/3 in 25 overs.

10.29 am: How much can Rohit Sharma be relied upon? We will find out soon enough. Kohli was lucky to survive in that first over from Prasad, one of those two lbws should have been given. The law of averages caught up with him, though, even if it was of his own making. Rohit leaves to begin with, before getting beaten with a ball that was closer to the stumps. A wicket maiden from Mathews. India 64/3 in 24 overs.

10.27 am: Prasad is given a break as well with Mathews taking the ball. Getting that shape away to begin with and Wicket, Kohli (18, 60b, 3x4) gone! Such a poor shot, a gentle outswinger, and it is not like he didn't know what was coming, the first couple of balls were the same as well. Kohli hangs his bat out, not even an attacking shot, gets the outside edge and Perera does the rest. Big wicket for Sri Lanka and just rewards for their bowling effort this morning. India 64/3 in 23.3 overs.

10.23 am: After three tight over from Pradeep, Rangana Herath comes in. On the stumps from Herath and Pujara defends after a couple to the onside to start the over. India 64/2 in 23 overs, Pujara 27, Kohli 18.

10.20 am: Plays and misses first ball does Pujara, who faces Prasad for the first time. Prasad has a few words to say to him, and while Pujara stays quiet, Kohli gives a few choice words back at the bowler. Can't say Kohli isn't a team man can you. After a couple of back-of-a-length deliveries, Prasad pitches one up, but it is on the stumps, and Pujara easily flicks it through midwicket for a three. Kohli doesn't have too much trouble off the final three balls. India 62/2 in 22 overs, Pujara 25, Kohli 18.

10.14 am: Stays outside off does Pradeep and Pujara is happy to leave the balls, doesn't look that bothered by the fact that he hasn't scored yet today. Pradeep pitches one up a little fuller fifth ball and Pujara brings that ugly drive with absolutely no foot movement out, can't pierce the offside field, though. Next ball is on his pads and Pujara flicks to square-leg for a three to get off the mark on Day 2. A third consecutive maiden from Pradeep thwarted by those runs off the final ball.  India 59/2 in 21 overs, Pujara 22, Kohli 18.

10.09 am: A couple of outswingers, one of them a no-ball, to start from Prasad and then he slips in a yorker, which Kohli plays really well. Had he missed that, the stumps would have gone cartwheeling, and Kohli knows that as well with a smile to Prasad saying as much. Another top over from Prasad. India 56/2 in 20 overs, Pujara 19, Kohli 18.

10.03 am: Variable bounce already. A couple of balls have taken off and then the second ball of this over from Pradeep, bowled at a fair pace, keeps low, with the wicketkeeper Kusal Perera gathering it on the second bounce. Pujara yet to get off the mar today. India 55/2 in 19 overs, Pujara 19, Kohli 18.

9.58 am: Kohli is really struggling to read Prasad here., hanging on by the skin of his teeth as the first couple of deliveries cause some trouble. India then get their first run of the day via a no-ball, before Kohli plats a lot more comfortable to a couple of balls that come in. Then, to finish the over off, Kohli gets his first boundary of the morning with a slap through the offside. India 55/2 in 18 overs, Pujara 19, Kohli 18.

9.52 am: Nuwan Pradeep from the other end and he is on target, on and around off. Another maiden, a great start from Sri Lanka. India 50/2 in 17 overs, Pujara 19, Kohli 14.

9.48 am: Prasad starts with a couple of balls that moves away and then comes that in-dipper, which raps Kohli on the pads. Big appeal is made but Nigel Llong shakes his head. That looked dead-on on first look and the replays haven't changed my mind much either. It might have been going over the top, might, but Kohli is really lucky. Final ball of the over also brings about another appeal for lbw, but again, Prasad does not get the decision. This looked pretty good as well, with the umpire thinking it struck him outside off. It would have been an umpire's call there. Man, Kohli is living dangerously, having looked iffy on Day 1 as well. India 50/2 in 16 overs, Pujara 19, Kohli 14.

9.43 am: The players have walked out. Time for some play, finally. Dhammika Prasad to bowl to Virat Kohli.

9.36 am: Ravi Shastri: No complaints, the way they came back it showed a lot of character. It is important to repeat that performance. It's important when you're growing as a team to be consistent, so if they repeat it, nothing like it. We will just take it one day at a time and not look at the overall result yet. They just have to play the way they played last match. The catching has been the highlight for me and it is about believing you can do it again. Anybody would be disappointed with the time lost yesterday, we want as much cricket as possible. The sun is out today, so think bright. Get out there and play proper cricket. We lost the toss and we would have fielded first as well. It could be a blessing in disguise if we put the runs on the board.

9.33 am: Upul Tharanga: I will be opening this game, from the beginning of my career till now I have batted as an opener. Only last one year, I have batted one-down or two-down. No matter what number I bat, I would like to play my normal game. I think I have really worked hard last one-two years, since I have been in and out of the side. Hopefully, I can bring my normal game. This pitch has a little bit grass on the wicket, the new ball will be a challenge. There will be bounce and movement in the first 15-20 overs."

9.30 am: Just 15 minutes left for the start of play. Ball will seam around early today, and how Pujara and Kohli copes will be crucial to India's fortunes in this first innings.

9.23 am: Red marks on the wicket from where the ball was pitched, says Jonty Rhodes. A bare patch is what concerns Jonty Rhodes, because he believes there will be variable bounce from there. Should help the bowlers again, adds the South African.

9.17 am: Good news as its blue skies this morning in Colombo.

8.42 am: Rain was the deciding factor on the opening day of the third Test match, and the primary concern for this Day 2 will be getting through the day without interruptions.

Interruptions or no interruptions, though, this is the place to be to find out just how this day goes, with yours truly bringing you all the live action, scores and updates via this wonderfully engaging (hey, c'mon, I gotta big myself up every once in a while, it helps in confidence) live blog.

What was poised to be a fascinating contest was ruined when the Rain Gods said "OK enough we have given you two full Test matches without too much rain, time for some we weather now. It is after all, Sri Lanka. We have a reputation to keep, you know."

The rain did not relent for the entire day, forcing the close of play after just 15 overs, with India on 50/2.

Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli are at the crease for India, after KL Rahul fell first over to Dhammika Prasad – he just keeps doing that doesn't he -- before Ajinkya Rahane failed to read a full in-dipper from Nuwan Pradeep.

All on the two batsmen in the middle now to continue their fightback after those early wickets, having already put on 36 runs together.