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India winning their first bilateral T20 series at home and that too after they thrashed Australia Down Under, ahead of the Asia Cup T20 and the ICC World T20 - happy days are here again for the Indian fans and MS Dhoni. 

Check out the highlights of the third T20 here

Ashwin bags both man of the match as well as the man of the series! 

10:00: This was an outstanding performance from India. Dhawan and Rahane steered India home comfortably with five overs to spare at the end. 

The Sri Lankan bowlers could not make any impact on this game whatsoever like their opponents' bowlers did. They picked up the Rohit Sharma only and that was all for them to celebrate. 

Dhawan has been in form from the Australia series and he carried his form into this series as well. Apart from a dismal show in Pune, he has batted really well in the remaining two matches. This is a good positive for India ahead of the Asia Cup T20 and the ICC World T20 2016.

Ashwin took the game away from the Lankans single-handedly with his outstanding spell. He picked up four wickets and that surely earned him the man of the match for this game.

India will get a major boost ahead of the Asia Cup T20 as they will go into that tournament as the No.1 side in the world.  

It is all over Shikhar Dhawan has finished it off in style for India with a six and four! India beat Sri Lanka by 9 wickets and claims the series. They also climb to the No.1 spot in the ICC rankings.  

9:48: Chandimal did have spinning options but they were nowhere close to being effective like the Indian spinners. India will be really pleased with this effort. India 69/1 in 13 overs. 14 more needed.  

9:45: This has been a tremendous performance from India. No one thought that they will do it so comprehensively. Dhawan and Rahane has played well here. Most importantly, they have not panicked after Rohit got out. India 65/1 in 12 overs. 18 more needed. 

9:42: Senanayake has been bowled out here and he could hardly turn the ball. His four overs cost Sri Lanka 22 runs. India are looking at a massive victory here. What a comeback this has been from India after that loss in the first T20 in Pune. India 62/1 in 11 overs. 21 more needed. 

9:38: The Sri Lankan spinners have failed to turn the ball like the Indian spinner did. That has been another drawback for them in this match. Indian batsmen are good players of spin and they proved it again today. Top performance from this Indian side. India 58/1 in 10 overs. 25 more needed from 60 balls.   

9:34: Siriwardana was introduced into the attack. Chandimal is trying everything out here but nothing seem to be working for him. They need a miraculous effort here and someone has to step for that. Dhawan meanwhile has looked in great touch. He has reverse-swept the bowler for a four. 50 comes up for India as well. India 54/1 in 9 overs. 29 more needed. 

9:30: Chameera continued after his successful first over. The lanky pacer has bowled really quick but it has not troubled either of Dhawan or Rahane. Sri Lanka need wickets here clearly and nothing can help them bounce back into this match and avoid a series defeat. India 45/1 in 8 overs. 38 more needed.

9:26: Dhawan and Rahane can do it easily here. There is no room for panic. Even singles can win it for India. Lot of deliveries to be bowled. Prasanna was introduced into the attack. The ball is not turning as much it was turning in the first innings. India 39/1 in 7 overs. 44 more needed. 

9:24: Ajinkya Rahane is out in the middle now. India cannot afford to lose another wicket here. Chameera has been sharp throughout the series and has been their best bowler so far. Rahane has hit him for a boundary though. India 35/1 in 6 overs. 48 more needed.

Rohit Sharma is GONE! LBW. Chameera is the man. 

Dushmantha Chameera is into the attack and he was welcomed with a boundary. 

9:17: Senanayake has bowled his third over here and Rohit too gets into the attack as he slammed the off-spinner for a monstrous six over long on. This is cream and cheese for India now. Indian batsmen are showing why they are referred to as one of the best in business when it comes to playing spin. India 25/0 in 5 overs. 58 more needed. 

9:15: Dhawan is clearly in the mood to finish things off quickly here. Fernando is trying to get his line and length correct but a little shimmy down the pitch from the southpaw messed things up and the ball raced away to the fine leg boundary. India 17/0 in 4 overs. 66 more needed.

9:11: Dhawan is looking to take on Senanayake here. He does not want to wait for long it seems. Looking at the tactics, it is clear that either of the batsmen are not going to allow the spinners to settle down on this wicket. India are doing it comfortably at the moment. India 12/0 in 3 overs. 

9:08: Sri Lanka can keep India quiet but the question is for how long. Fernando has bowled a decent first over here. No signs of threat so far. It will be interesting to see how Chandimal deploys his spinners against this upbeat Indian batting lineup. India 7/0 in 2 overs. 

Dilhara Fernando into the attack - a comeback after 3 and half years. 

9:03: India will be under no pressure whatsoever of the asking rate which is just a little above four runs an over. Dhawan has started off in perfect fashion with a boundary of the fourth ball of the first over. India 5/0 in 1 over.

Sachithra Senanayake with the ball here and Rohit tucks it down to square leg for a single. 

Rohit and Dhawan are out in the middle. The run chase begins. 

Don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen. The run chase will begin in sometime!

Cricket is a funny game as we all know. One never knows that there might be a twist in this game. But it is highly unlikely that it would happen. India are well on truly on course for their first bilateral T20 series victory at home here in Vizag.  

8:48: India need 83 runs to win this series and reach the zenith of the ICC rankings. 

A really disappointing batting show from the Sri Lankans here in the third T20 in Vizag. The visitors have struggled from the very first over of the game. Ashwin, Jadeja and surprise package Raina has picked up 7 wickets between them. 

As I had mentioned before the start of the match, Ashwin and Jadeja will hold the keys to India's success and it seems like I was spot on. I won't brag myself much here as it is time for Indian spinners to raise their collars here, especially Ashwin. 

Sri Lankan batsmen made poor shot selections and that led to this howler. India came into this match with a lot of confidence and this was indeed a superb performance from the Indian bowling attack. The fielders were outstanding in the field as well. Jadeja was involved in a run out and a brilliant catch. 

It's all over! Sri Lanka 82 all out! This is Sri Lanka's lowest T20 international total.

8:37: Sri Lanka's batting order has fallen down like a house of cards. This is awful shot selection from the batsmen but one of the best performances by the Indian spinners. Jadeja completes his spell as well. This looks all over for the visitors. Sri Lanka 79/9 in 17 overs. 

8:34: This has been a ripper of a performance from all the bowlers especially the spinners. Poor batting from Sri Lanka's persepective. Sri Lanka 74/9 in 16 overs. 

OUT! Thisara Perera this time. Raina picks up his second! Outstanding catch from Jadeja. 

Yet another weird decision. The ultra-edge showed there was no edge but Dhoni heard something and he is someone who will not appeal. It is noisy out there and it is difficult for the umpires at the same time as well. 

OUT! Senanayake is gone. Sri Lanka 72/8. Raina into the wicket coloumn as well.

8:29: Bumrah was brought back into the attack. Intentions from Perera is clear as he is looking to few valuable runs to the total. Still five overs to go after this and every bowler has bowled well so far. India need to dismiss Perera quickly in order restrict Sri Lanka to a low total.  Sri Lanka 71/7 in 15 overs.

8:26: Ashwin just finished an extra-ordinary spell of spin bowling. He missed out on picking up a five-for though. However, this has been a match-spinning spell. 4 overs, 8 runs and 4 wickets. We dont get to see such spells in this format of the game often. Sri Lanka 68/7 in 14 overs. 

8:22: Raina is also turning the ball here as well. Dhoni is likely to stick with spin here till the end. Ashwin and Jadeja has still an over each up their sleeves. This has been an outstanding performance from the Indian spinners. Sri Lanka 66/7 in 13 overs. 

8:19: The ball is gripping and turning square here in Vizag and MS Dhoni was spot on in his decision to field first. However, Thisara Perera is still out in the middle. He is a good striker of the cricket ball. India will look to wrap things up quickly here. Sri Lanka 63/7 in 12 overs. 

8:16: Indian spinners have been spectacular to watch. Yet another wicket maiden and this time is Jadeja. The heat is on in Vizag and the crowd is going ballistic here. Sri Lanka 54/7 in 11 overs. 

BOWLED! Jadeja knocks Shanaka over! 

8:11: Hardik Pandya is into the attack. Sri Lanka need something special today in order to bounce back in this match. Shanaka and Perera has to stay right till the end so that the Lankans have something to play with. Sri Lanka 54/6 in 10 overs. 

8:07: Even Jadeja is turning the ball square. Sri Lanka are in deep trouble here. More than half the side is back in the hut and India are right on top here. Shanaka and Perera are the last recognised pair for the Lankans and they cannot afford to lose these two. Partnership is what the doctor has ordered now. Sri Lanka 50/6 in 9 overs.

8:04: Jadeja is electric on the field. Prasanna is run out! Poor call from both the batsmen. Sri Lanka 48/6 in 8 overs. Thisara Perera is out in the middle now. 

Yuvraj Singh in the attack. Shanaka and Prasanna will look to build a partnership here. Shanaka can hit the ball a long way and he did hit two sixes off Yuvraj's over. The momentum can shift any moment in this format of the game. 15 runs came from that over of Yuvraj. The most expensive so far in this match. But a wicket helped at the end. 

7:58: Dhoni dropped one off Jadeja this time. The new ball is turning like anything here in Vizag. This is incredible stuff from Indian spinners. The batsmen are getting beaten quite comprehensively. Sri Lanka 33/5 in 7 overs. 

7:55: The batsman had to get in and try and rebuild this innings. But Sri Lankan batsmen have played ridiculous shots to get out. Siriwardana was comprehensively beaten by Nehra as he tried to pull an almost full delivery and goes through his defense and the stumps did a cartwheel.End of powerplay overs.  Sri Lanka 29/5 in 6 overs. 

Ashish Neha joins the party, Siriwardana BOWLED! 

7:50: Ashwin is on fire here. He has removed the top four batsmen with ease. He also bowled a wicket maiden which is rare phenomena in this format of the game. Gunathilaka was a bit unlucky I believe. Sri Lanka 20/4 in 5 overs. 

GONE! Yet another bites the dust. Ashwin picks up his fourth. Gunathilaka dismissed.

7:46: Jasprit Bumrah is into the attack. Dhoni is trying to unsettle the two new batsmen at the crease by trying out different bowlers. Few moments ago, Chandimal threw his wicket away as he tried to hoist one over the long on but mistimes it and the ball went straight up in the air and Pandya took a comfortable catch. Meanwhile, Bumrah has bowled a brilliant over here. He is rushing on to the batsmen. Sri Lanka 20/3 in 4 overs. 

7:42: Raina has dropped one here. Could have been Ashwin's fourth. Good chance gone begging. This is incredible stuff from Ravichandran Ashwin. The ball is turning square and this is just the kind of start Dhoni had in his mind before the start of the game. Sri Lanka 14/3 in 3 overs. 

GONE! Ashwin strikes again! This time it is Chandimal. 

7:38: Chandimal is trying to attack Ashish Nehra and he has done it well. This is good tactics from Chandimal. He is trying to get out of that pressure already exerted by Ashwin in the first over. nine runs came from that Nehra over. Sri Lanka 12/2 in 2 overs. 

First boundary of the match comes from the bat of the skipper Chandimal.

7:33: The ball is turning square from the very first ball and Ashwin's eyes will be lit up already. Dickwella was beaten by a mile and Dhoni had no problem whatsoever to knock the bells off. Ashwin followed it up with regular off-spinner and Dilshan was caught in front of the stumps. Sri Lanka are in deep trouble. Sri Lanka 3/2 in 1 over.

What a first over from Ashwin two wickets and that too Dickwella and Dilshan.

Dilshan is out as well! LBW Ashwin! 

OUT! Ashwin strikes in the first over! Dickwella is stumped! 

Here is the first ball and Dickwella tucks it away for a single. 

Ashwin will open the bowling for India! 

The all important team huddle and MS Dhoni delivers his speech! 

The stage is set for an epic encounter, are you ready? The players are walking out in the middle. 

The game will start in few moments from now. Dont go anywhere guys as this is going to be one cracker of a match. 

Here are the playing XI for you ladies and gentlemen:

India have made no changes as expected and they will stick to their winning combination. Sri Lanka on the other hand have made three changes to their side. 

Toss Time: MS Dhoni have won the toss. India will bowl first. 

The Toss is going to happen in any moment. Don't go anywhere. Stay glued to this update counter.

Pitch report: No grass, evenly rolled, there will be a bit of turn! Team winning the toss should bat first. For that Dhoni needs to win a toss at least. 

Coming back to one of the most-talked about thing at this moment - Pitch. The pitch is likely to be one of those typical sub-continental wickets and is also likely to be a high-scoring game. 

The bowlers have done extremely well in this format of the game - Ashish Nehra, Jasprit Bumrah, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja have formed quite a formidable bowling attack. 

Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma have produced just the kind of start that India need in recent times and that has helped Dhoni's tactics fall in place. The promotion of Hardik Pandya up the batting order worked as well. Yuvraj Singh's role in the side will also be crucial ahead of the World T20. 

One would feel that Harbhajan Singh or Pawan Negi should be given a game ahead of the next two tournaments but none can read Captain Fantastic's mind. 

MS Dhoni is not afraid to experiment but it is highly unlikely that he is going to break his winning combination as most of the players have contributed to India' winning cause in the last game. 

India are eyeing their first bilateral T20 series victory at home. If the hosts win, they will claim the No.1 position in the ICC rankings in the shortest format of the game. This will be a major boost ahead of the two big ticket tournaments - Asia Cup T20 and ICC World T20 2016.  

This is Rajarshi Majumdar (@manutdkolkata) and I will be bringing you the live updates of the action from the third T20 of the series between India and Sri Lanka. 

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Hello and welcome to the live blog coverage of the third and final T20 between India and Sri Lanka.