10:46: What an awful performance from the Indian players! This surely has to go down as one of the worst defeats in recent times. The Indian Captain MS Dhoni will have a lot to ponder about ahead of the third T20 match in Kolkata.

Albie Morkel was the star of the Proteas bowling attack as he came up with a career best performance in the T20s. He picked up 3 wickets in four overs in his spell of four overs and is surely going to be adjudged  the man of the match. JP Duminy yet again remained unbeaten and guided his side over the line.   

That is all from tonight's game ladies and gentlemen. This is me Rajarshi Majumdar signing off and we will be back with the live blog coverage of the third ODI from Kolkata. Good night!

10:42: It is done and dusted. South Africa have won this one sided contest by 6 wickets with almost three overs to spare. They also have won the three-match T20 series with one more game to be played!  

10:41: Huge SIX off Patel from Miller! 

10:37: Another quiet over from Raina. Just 4 from that over. Duminy and Miller are doing it easily for the visitors now. South Africa 83/4 in 16 overs. Need 10 more runs to win. 

10:36: An arm ball from Patel and Behardien missed it completely and the ball struck him just in front of the stumps. David Miller has come out to bat now for the Proteas.  South Africa 79/4 in 15 overs. Need another 14 runs to win.  

10: 35: GONE! Behardien has been dismissed from Axar Patel. South Africa 76/4. Need 17 more runs to win. 

10:33: Raina bowls a rather quite over. 4 runs from that over after the game was interuppted for almost an hour. South Africa 74/3 in 14 overs. Need 20 more runs to win from 36 balls.  

10:30: The players are coming out on the field again. What a day of shame! 

10:28: The stands looks more or less empty now. The police might have asked the crowd to leave. The players will resume play. Just 23 runs to get from 42 deliveries. This is absolutely ridiculous!

10:14: Undoubtedly, the security will be peeped up during the 3rd ODI at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. This is so so annoying!

10:09: Nonetheless, this has been an outstanding performance from the South Africa in this 2nd T20 game. Team India will have a lot to worry about before they take the field in the 3rd T20 on 8 October. 

10:05: The players have gone off the field. Play has been interrupted yet again due to crowd interference. This is so sad! It has spoilt the name of Indian Cricket. the play is likely to be called off and the result will be announced soon. Very very disappointing from the crowd's perspective more than the Indian performance!

10:01: A good over from Raina just 2 runs from that over. South Africa still need 27 runs to win from 48 balls. South Africa 66/3 in 12 Overs. 

10:00: We are good to go now. Suresh Raina with the ball!

9:54: If there's no play after this then the result will be decided by the Duckworth-Lewis (D/L) method, and if that happens then South Africa are 17 runs ahead at this moment. The players are sitting in the middle of the pitch. This crowd is seriously annoying! 

9:50: Uh oh! This is disappointing now. Cuttack will have to fight it out hard to get another game because of this crowd behaviour. This is indeed very outrageous from the crowd as they are the people who celebrate when India wins as well. 

9:41: The crowd has gone ballistic. They are clearly furious with India's performance. People have been throwing bottles and that is not a good show. Come on man! You can't do that. It is just a game of cricket. The players wait out in the middle for the crowd to settle down. Meanwhile, South Africa need 29 runs to win this match and the series as well. What a match this has been for the visitors!

9.36: Mohit for the first time. A couple of singles, a dot and then Mohit strays onto the pads, and Duminy clips it for a boundary to fine fine-leg. Cruising it are South Africa 64/3 in 11 overs, 29 in 54 balls. 

9.30: How Dhoni will be wishing Ashwin could bowl more than four overs. Because no other bowler looks capable of picking up wickets, and India need seven more.

9.29: Bhuvneshwar is the one given the ball now. A couple to start the over as Behardien flicks one to wide midwicket off the stumps. Three dot balls follow, as Bhuvneshwar brings in the short ball into play as well. A quick single to mid-on is then taken, before Duminy does the same to the same fielder as well. South Africa 57/3 in 10 overs. 36 in 10 overs.

9.25: Harbhajan keeping it flat and at the stumps. Just four singles from the over, but he needs to pick up a wicket, not just bowl tight overs. India are not going to restrict South Africa to under 92 in 20 overs, they need to bowl the Proteas out. South Africa 53/3 in 9 overs.

9.20: Ashwin, into his final over, goes for a variation, but only manages a full toss outside off stump. Duminy doesn't miss out and he spanks it through extra cover for a boundary. Last ball of the over, though, Wicket, De Villiers (19, 21b, 2x4) gone! Just plays down the wrong line does De Villiers. Looks to play the big cover drive, but realises the ball isn't full enough, changes his shot and he plays inside the line and the ball goes onto hit offstump. Brilliant this from Ashwin and the perfect way to end his spell. South Africa 49/3 in 8 overs.

9.17: A decent over from Harbhajan, gives away just five runs, and nearly gets JP Duminy, the new batsman, lbw as well. South Africa 43/2 in 7 overs.

9.11: A four and a six from Du Plessis, both wonderfully lofted over mid-off, but then Ashwin bites back and Wicket, Du Plessis (16, 14b, 2x4, 1x6) gone! The South Africa captain goes for that lofted shot again, but doesn't connect well enough this time, and there is Mohit Sharma to run around and take the catch. South Africa 38/2 in 6 overs.

9:04: What an over from Ashwin as just a single run came off that 4th over. They need more of such overs. Harbhajan Singh too keeping it tight. South Africa 25/1 Overs 5 (De Villiers 15*, Faf 6*). 

9:01: Tidy over from both the off-spinners. Just four runs from the over. But they need wickets. Wicket is the need of the hour. South Africa 17/1, Overs 3.  

8:59: Here's Harbhajan Singh and the South Africa skipper Faf du Plessis is in the middle! 

8:57: GONE! Hashim Amla has flicked one straight to Rohit Sharma at leg slip. South Africa 13/1, Overs 2. 

8:56: Ashwin will be sharing the new ball to slow things down. 

8:53: Just the kind of start South Africa were looking for. De Villiers has now hit two boundaries in the first over. South Africa 9/0 (De Villiers 8*, Amla 0*).

8:51: Boundary of the second ball. De Villiers just clears his leg and smashes it past the cover fielder for a four. Proteas are up and running. Oh boy! India are looking straight at a big defeat!

8:50: South Africa run chase starts. Bhuvneshwar Kumar to Ab de Villiers!

8:48: This Indian batting performance has annoyed the fans inside the stadium. Bottles are being thrown from the stands at the Barabati Stadium. 

8:40: This has been a rather horrible performance from the Indian team so far. The South African bowlers have used the conditions well and they have cleaned the Indian batting lineup in just 17.2  overs.

Plenty to ponder after this performance as this was one of the most poor performances from India in recent times. It shows as they have played the least number of T20 internationals.

Indian bowlers have nothing to play with but one would expect they would use these conditions well. But it is highly unlikely that something miraculous would happen and South Africa would lose their way.

Let us see what they have in store for us!

2nd Innings will begin soon. So stay tuned ladies and gentlemen!   

8:38: India are bundled for 92 runs. ASHWIN BOWLED by Morris! 

8:33: Dear-o-dear! What an awful performance this has been from the Indian batsmen. They haven't even touched the 100 run mark yet and they are 9 wickets down. A thoroughly professional bowling performance from the South African bowlers. India 91/9, Overs 17 (Ashwin 11*, Mohit 0*).

8:28: BOWLED! Bhuvaneshwar Kumar is gone too! Morkel picks up two in this over. India well and truly gone now. India 85/9, Overs 16 (Ashwin 9*). 

8:27: GONE! Patel this time. He is gone for 8. What is happening tonight is simply unbelievable. India 85/8. 

8:23: Six runs came off that Tahir over but all from singles. Ashwin and Axar are trying to hang on. Five more overs to go. India 81/7, Overs 15 (Axar 6*, Ashwin 8*).

8:19: Ashwin and Axar are trying to score some vital runs. Both these batsmen can bat but the question is for how long they can bat against such a good bowling attack? India 75/7, Overs 14 (Axar 3*, Ashwin 5*).

8:14: India might not reach the total of 100 it seems. This has been an outstanding performance from the South African bowlers. Tahir has picked up two wickets in two balls and that too of Raina and Harbhajan Singh. MS Dhoni would not want to look back to this performance ahead of the third T20 for sure. Oh Dear Lord!

India 69/7, Overs 13 (Axar 3*, Ashwin 0*). 

8:13: Harbhajan Singh joins the queue. Gone first ball!  India 69/7. 

8:12: RAINA IS GONE TOO! He is gone for 22. India 69/6.

8:07: South Africa have their noses ahead in this game now. Half of the Indian side is back into the pavilion. the onus is on Raina now. This is seriously poor from all the Indian batsmen! India 68/5, Overs 12 (Raina 21*, Axar 1*).

8:04: The umpires have asked Dhoni to wait. The replay shows that it has been caught clearly by De Villiers behind the stumps. Morkel gets a wicket. India 67/5. Dhoni goes for 5. India are in serious trouble now. 

8:03: Oh Dear! Dhoni's GONE!

8:01: Key is to play straight and through the line. Raina has done that so far. Tahir has conceded a boundary in every over now in this series. India 65/4, Overs 11 (Raina 21*, Dhoni 4*).

8:00: Imran Tahir is into the attack. Raina has played a wonderful square drive for a four! India 63/4. 

7:54: Raina has decided to cut loose it seems. He has hit two boundaries in that come back over from Abbott. The Umpires have called for the drinks. It is hot and humid out there in the middle of the field. Tough conditions! India 58/4, Overs 10, (Raina 16*, Dhoni 2*).

7:53: Finally a Boundary! Comes from the bat from Raina. 50 up for India. 

7:49: Du Plessis decided to bowl Rabada out and that paid off perfectly. South Africa are right on top at this moment in this 2nd T20 at Cuttack. Dhoni and Raina will have to rebuild this innings and guide India to a good total. India 48/4, Overs 9 (Raina 8*, Dhoni 1*).

7:46: Kagiso Rabada has bowled brilliantly. He has bowled fast and straight and Rayudu's misery continues. Awful is the word! 

7:45: Ambati Rayudu BOWLED! A duck yet again. Missed a straight full toss! India 45/4. Dhoni to come into bat now. 

7:44: India run rate 5.51. they have got to be kidding us right? Now let us see who plays a Duminy-ish innings for India in this match!

7:42: This is an awful batting performance from India so far. South African bowlers and fielders have been right on the money. A direct hit from Miller to dismiss Rohit Sharma. He is gone for 23. India in some sort of a trouble now and Ambati Rayudu has come out to bat. India 44/3, Overs 8 (Raina 6*, Rayudu 0*).

7:39: GONE! ROHIT SHARMA THIS TIME. RUN OUT by David Miller. India 43/3. 

7:37: Albie Morkel into the attack now! 

7:36: That is not the kind of start India would have dreamt about. This is a must win game for them. We will have to wait and watch. They are struggling against the Proteas pacers. Rabada has been brilliant in his first three overs.  India 41/2, Overs 7 (Rohit 21*, Raina 5*).

7:32: This is good hostile bowling from the South African bowlers. Indian bowlers are finding it difficult to find the gaps. End of powerplay overs. India 35/2, Overs 6 (Rohit 19*, Raina 2*).

7:29: Last over of the powerplay. Can Raina and Rohit hit a boundary or two off Morris? Let's wait and watch.

7:27: This has been a rather calm start for India. Dhawan and Kohli has been dismissed. A good start for South Africa instead. Rabada has bowled well in his first spell so far. India 32/2, Overs 5 (Rohit 18*, Raina 1*).

7:24: This is poor cricket from India and Rohit Sharma. there was no second run in that. Kohli perishes for that mistake. Suresh Raina comes out to bat now. Sharma has to make it count now. 

7:22: OH BOY! HUGE HUGE WICKET. KOHLI IS RUN OUT! He is not hanging around. He is well short. This is a big blow. India 30/2. 

7:22: Virat Kohli comes out to bat at no. 3. This is something India did not want.

7:19: OUT! Dhawan is gone for 11. LBW by Morris. India 28/1.

7:18: Back-to-back boundaries. Now Dhawan it is!

7:17: Rohit flicks one off his pads! Boundary. This is clearly a shot from a man who is in form!

7:17: Du Plessis have now gone with four bowlers in the first four overs. Chris Morris into the attack now.

7:14: Similar sort of a start for India. They need to capitalise on these powerplay overs. Kagiso Rabada has replaced Abbott from the other end. This is good stuff from the Proteas bowlers. India 16/0, Over 3, (Rohit 8*, Dhawan 6*).

7:10: A good over from Tahir. Kept it tight. Only six runs came off that over! India 12/0, Overs 2, (Rohit 6*, Dhawan 4*).

7:08: Edged and gone for a boundary! Dhawan opens the scorebook as well! 

7:07: That is a surprise, Imran Tahir is here to share the new ball with Abbott. A big risk taken by FAF. 

7:06: Quite an eventful 1st over. Rohit's boundary and then that run out chance. India 6/0, Over 1, (Rohit 5*, Dhawan 0*).

7:03: Dear-o-dear, Rohit almost ran himself out! Faf du Plessis's throw went and hit Sharma's arm. And no wonder he's hurt! 

7:02: Freebee for Rohit as he smashes over the backward point for a boundary.

7:01: Second ball, wide down the leg side. India open the scorebook. 

7:01: First ball of the 2nd T20, Sharma calmly plays it down to the mid on fielder. 

7:00: Rohit Sharma to face the first ball from Kyle Abott!

Live Action Begins!

6:58: South African players get into a team huddle!

6:55: Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan walks out to open the batting. You should have listen to the roar.

6:47: The live action will begin in a while from now. We can expect one of those roller coaster match between these two sides tonight. 

6:45: The players have walked out on to the field. The atmosphere is electric inside the stadium. Get ready for yet another thrilling encounter. 

6:40: Here's a look at the two teams fellas:

6:35: Dhoni said at the toss already that he wanted to bowl first too. But India will have to piut a good total on the board so that the bowlers will have something to play with against the South African batsmen.

6:33: Harbhajan Singh comes in place of Sreenath Aravind and Albie Morkel too will come in for the Proteas!

6:30: TOSS TIME! South Africa have won the toss and they will bowl first! 

The dew factor is again going to create some trouble for the two captains! 

Toss coming in another 10 minutes! are you ready folks?

Cracks can be seen on the deck and that is the clear indication of yet another run feast!

There will be a lot of runs on offer says Graeme Smith and Sunil Gavaskar. And both the experts said,"It's a good toss to lose." Well-o-well, we will have to wait and watch until the toss happens. 

Pitch Report on its way!

The experts are talking about the possibility of the inclusion of Harbhajan Singh! There is one thing for sure, his experience will come in handy!

The stadium is getting filled up guys! And they are already making a hell lot of noise out there. Let's hear it for the both the men in Blue and the men in green fellas! 

It was indeed interesting to see Harbhajan Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin and others practising long range shots during the practice sessions.

There are a lot of concerns for captain cool MS Dhoni which he needs to address pretty quickly. India ideally should have another bowler up their sleeves who will be able to support to Ravichandran Ashwin as he was bowled out within 15 overs and India were taken for a massive 66 runs in the last 4-5 overs in the 1st T20! Is it time for Stuart Binny and Harbhajan Singh? Well, we will have to wait and watch!  

The first question that Cricket expert Harsha Bhogle asks on the pre-match show: should Virat Kohli come up and open the batting along with Rohit Sharma?

Also the inclusion of Stuart Binny and Harbhajan Singh in the playing XI is to be pondered about! 

There's a lot more for you ladies and gentlemen so quickly get hold of your popcorns and chips the match will be underway in sometime from now! 

Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the live blog coverage of India vs South Africa 2nd T20 match, which will be played at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack. 

This is Rajarshi Majumdar (tweets and retweets at @manutdkolkata) and I will be bringing you all the live actions from the second T20. 

As you know, India were outclassed in the first T20 game at Dharamshala by the Proteas. We can only hope that MS Dhoni & co. will bounce back strongly to stay afloat in this three-match series. 

Hold on to your seats guys as we are expecting yet another thrilling encounter between India and South Africa at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack!