India have managed to draw the five-match ODI series level after winning the second ODI in Indore by 22 runs. The Indian team showed a lot of character to defend their score(247runs), which was made possible by the brilliant performances of the bowlers and some outstanding catching as well. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Axar Patel were the best bowlers for India with three wickets each. However, Harbhajan Singh's performance during the game cannot be forgotten as he took two crucial wickets.

Though the bowlers did their job in the second innings, it was MS Dhoni, who played out of his skin to score 92 runs in the first innings. MS Dhoni walked into bat when the Indian team were in all sorts of trouble. Had it not been for the skipper, India might not have even scored 200 runs. So, it is no surprise to see MS Dhoni walk away with the man of the match award.

With the series level at 1-1, the third ODI in Rajkot is expected to be an important match for both the sides.

8:47: India win as Bhuvi dismisses Morne Morkel. SA 225 all out. 

Morkel gets off the mark with a boundary straight down the ground.

8:43: Tahir out

Bhuvi produces an outside edge and Dhoni latches onto the catch. Tahir is gone for nine runs. India are just one wicket away. 

8:40: After missing a few balls, Rabada punishes Umesh on the off side for a spanking boundary to inch closer to India's target. Ah, another boundary as Umesh digs it short and Rabada helps it on the leg side for a boundary in the fine leg region.  SA 221/8, 43 overs, 27runs from 42 balls.

8:37: Rabada goes for a booming drive, misses the ball completely. The crowd are surely egging the team for another wicket, which will inch them closer to victory. Rabada is looking comfortable and rotating the strike well enough. SA 213/8, 42 overs, 35 runs from 48 balls.

8:33: India, who are two wickets away from a win, are on top at present, especially after that controversial Behardien's dismissal. SA 210/8, 41 overs, 38 runs from 54 balls.

8:27: Tahir gets off the mark with a six. Crowd goes silent. SA 207/8, 40overs, 40 runs from 60 balls.

SA require 47 balls from 62 balls.

Behardien out, replays suggest the South African was unlucky to be given out

8:25: Harbhajan's last over in progress. Rabada is off strike in the second ball of the over. India wanted the left-hander on the crease. Harbhajan dismiss Behardien, who is caught behind by Dhoni on the leg side. SA 200/8.

8:21: If India are to register their first victory of the series, they need to take the remaining three wickets, hence the game is not going to stretch till the 50th over. But where will the wicket come from? Patel has completed his quota of 10 overs, hence Harbhajan Singh's last over should be used wisely. 

8:17pm: The Indian fielders and bowlers are pumped up as they can sense victory, but the men in blue need to dismiss Behardien, who holds the key now. What a shot through the covers from Rabada, who attempts the same shot again, but the ball misses the outside edge by a whisker. Seven runs from the over. South Africa 195/7, 38 overs. 53runs in 72 balls.

Mohit replaces Harbhajan.

8:12: Rabada comes onto bat and gets off the mark straightaway. Great over from Yadav, who breaks the crucial partnership. South Africa 188/7, 60runs in 78 balls.

8:08: I am taking it over from Deepak and I bring instant luck. Steyn out. 

8.05: And that is it from me. Ashim will take you through to the end.

8.04: Harbhajan into his ninth over, needs to pick up a wicket or two. Steyn refrains from going for the big shots. South Africa 186/6 in 36 overs. 62 runs in 84 balls.

8.01: Mohit continues. Solid batting from Behardien and Steyn, no worries. South Africa 184/6 in 35 overs. 64 runs in 90 balls.

7.56: Harbhajan again. Steyn is drawn into a big shot, and he connects as well. a Slog sweep flies into the crowd, big six that. A boundary follows and this is lucky, really lucky for Steyn, who gets an outside edge which flies past Raina at first slip. South Africa 181/6 in 34 overs. 67 runs in 16 overs.

7.52: Dale Steyn is the new man in. C'mon then four more wicket. I am forgetting about staying impartial here, we need a win in this series! South Africa 171/6 in 33 overs. 77 runs in 17 overs.

7.47: Wicket, De Villiers (19, 20b, 1x4, 1x6) gone! No favours for his RCB teammate as Kohli takes a splendid diving catch in the covers, diving to his right. Mohit Sharma has a wicket and India hope. South Africa 167/6 in 32.1 overs.

7.46: Harbhajan now. More watchful are the two SA batsmen, no worries, though. South Africa 167/5 in 32 overs. 81 runs in 18 overs.

7.43: De Villiers breaks the shackles as he jumps on a ball on middle stump from Bhuvneshwar, flicking it through midwicket for a boundary. He cranks it up after that and what a shot it is too. Goes down the track to Bhuvneshwar and absolutely smashes the ball straight back for a big six. If De Villiers starts hititng boundaries, this match will be over soon. South Africa 163/5 in 31 overs. 85 runs needed in 19 overs.

7.39: ABD and Behardien have calmed things down after those wickets. Axar finishes with brilliant figures of 10-0-39-2 -- his best figures in ODI cricket --  even if Dhoni would have liked a couple more wickets from him. South Africa 152/5 in 30 overs. 96 in 20 overs.

7.36: Another decent over from Bhuvi. De Villiers playing the wait and watch game now, but only a matter of time before he takes the match away. India need his wicket soon. South Africa 149/5 in 29 overs. 99 in 21 overs.

7.34: Absolutely stunning right now in Indore. Every single one of them have the torches out on their phones and it is like we are at a rock concert. Some Pink Floyd anyone?

7.33: De Villiers and Behardien happy to take the singles off Axar, but there is a big buzz in the crowd now. The volume has been turned up in the Holkar Stadium. South Africa 147/5 in 28 overs. 101 runs in 22 overs.

7.29: Bhuvi has got his tail up now. On thge money with the next four balls to the dangerous Farhaan Behardien, who gets an outside edge off the final ball, but the ball does not carrySouth Africa 142/5 in 27 overs. 106 runs in 23 overs.

7.25: Wicket, David Miller (0, 1b) gone! My oh my, Bhuvi has worked up some pace here. 139k ball outside off stump, rises a little and Miller gets the outside edge first ball, with Dhoni taking a nice catch diving to his left. Do we have a game on, do we? South Africa 142/5 in 26.2 overs.

7.23: Axar is bowling well and as I say that Wicket, Du Plessis (51, 56b, 6x4) gone! That is a big wicket for India. Du Plessis goes for the lofted drive over covers, but up springs Kohli to take a smart catch on the jump. South Africa 141/4 in 26 overs. 107 runs in 24 overs.

7.19: Bowling change at the other end as well as Bhuvneshwar comes in. Du Plessis is watchful, and gets troubled by Bhuvi as well, as one goes past the bat. After four dot balls, though, Du Plessis plays a gorgeous extra cover drive for a boundary. Finishes the over off with a quick single, which, had there been a direct hit, would have been close. Du Plessus gets his half-century. South Africa 139/3 in 25 overs. 109 in 25 overs.

7.16: Umm Duminy might be gone, but guess who's in -- yup, it is AB De Villiers.

7.14: Axar Patel now with his seventh over. And off his final ball, after a quiet over, Wicket, Duminy (36, 46b, 3x4) gone! Goes for the sweep shot, misses and that looks pretty good. Only question is did it hit him outside off, probably on off stump and Vineet Kulkarni finally gives an lbw for India! South Africa 134/3 in 24 overs. 114 in 26 overs.

7.12: Umesh is always fun to watch, i'll give him that, just not if you are an India fan, mind. Short ball to start the over and Du Plessis says "thank you very much" by pulling it for a boundary. Duminy gets another, albeit luckily as an inside edge flies fine. Duminy then finishes off the over with another four, off another short ball, off another pull shot. South Africa 131/2 in 23 overs. 117 from 27 overs.

7.09: Another over, another Du Plessis boundary, as Raina keeps going for a few as well. South Africa absolutely cruising it 118/2 in 22 overs. 130 from 28 overs.

7.03: Ashim Sunam's plans to jinx South Africa have been foiled by a power cut (not sure how), so this is Deepak Vikraman taking over for a while. Another good over for South Africa, as Faf Du Plessis continues to look smooth, caressing another four off the back foot, this time through midwicket. Umesh Yadav leaking runs again. Some things never change, aye. South Africa 110/2 in 21 overs. 138 needed from 29 overs.

SA have  reached three figure mark as well. India need to break this partnership. 

6:57: Duminy and du Plessis have milked the part-timer for 10 runs from his first overSA 103/2, 20 overs, (Plessis 27*, Duminy 24*)

Suresh Raina comes onto bowl.

6:54: SA are in full control of the game, though, they might have lost two wickets. India are for sure missing the services of Ravichandran Ashwin, who could have come in handy under such conditions. Plessis places the ball on the off-side for a couple. Patel with a diving effort to save 2 runs. SA 93/2, 19 overs (Plessis 22*, Duminy 19*).

6:48: du Plessis with a brilliant boundary of Patel on the off side. 

6:46: Mohit Sharma cannot afford to give easy runs to the visitors. For a start, he is spot on with his line and length. One run from his first four balls. Only gives two runs in total in his first over.SA 79/2, 17 overs (Plessis 12* Duminy 16*)

6:40: As soon as I say that Mohit Sharma starts the 17th over.

6:39: Both the SA batsmen are using their feet brilliantly against the spinners. Is it time for MS Dhoni to ring in some other bowling changes?

6:37: SA are scoring singles at ease, which MS Dhoni needs to contain. SA 73/2, 15overs, (Plessis9*, Duminy 13*)

6:34: Despite SA being two wickets down, they are scoring at a healthy run rate of more than five runs per over. 

6:32:  Bhajji is getting the ball to turn, which are good signs for India. An intriguing contest between Duminy and Bhajji, who is beating the left hander in the flight. SA 61/2, 12 overs (du Plessis 2 *Duminy 8*)

6:29: India have taken two quick wickets after the spinners have come onto bowl. They need to maintain the pressure and attack the SA batsmen. Only two runs from the over. SA 58/2, 11 overs. (du Plessis 2* Duminy 5*)

6:26: JP Duminy, who has been the standout performer for SA in the tour comes out to the middle and gets off the mark with a boundary in the off-side. SA 56/2, 10 overs (du Plessis 1* , Duminy 4*

6:21: Kock out

Harbhajan dismisses Kock as Mohit latches onto a simple catch at the long on boundary.

6:19: India are doing well with both the spinners in tandem. However, Kock seems to be enjoying his stay at the crease so far. He is scoring runs at will against the spinners as well. SA 48/1, 9 overs. (du Plessis 1*, Kock 30*)

6:14: du Plessis walks into bat at number 3. Brilliant over from Patel.

6:13: Amla out.

6:12 Axar Patel to bowl. Amla, who comes down the track and welcomes him with a boundary, fails to repeat the same as he is stumped in the fourth ball of the over by Dhoni. SA 40/1, 6.4 overs.

6:06: Harbhajan Singh comes onto bowl. This is a good move by MS Dhoni, who realises the importance of an early wicket. Nice to see Bhajji giving the ball some air and allowing the ball to turn.  SA 36/0, 6overs. (Amla 13*, Kock 23*)

6:05: SA are eager to unsettle the Indian bowlers with their attacking style of play and they have been doing well so far, scoring runs at will. SA 32/0, 5overs. (Amla 11*, Kock 21*)

6:01: SA are scoring at seven runs per over - exactly what the doctor ordered for the visitors.

5:59: Rohit drops de Kock, who struck the ball beautifully and then the left hander plays a brilliant straight drive for a boundary. Both the SA batsmen are not being troubled much by the Indian bowlers. However, Rohit's effort to dismiss Kock was commendable. Amla finishes the over with a superb four on the leg side. 11 runs from the fourth over. SA 29/0, 4 overs. (Amla 11*, Kock 18*)

5:55: de Kock is looking good so far on both sides of the wicket. Bhuvi bowls on the pads to the left-hander, who flicks it for another boundary. (Amla 7*, Kock 11*)

5:50: Umesh Yadav with the second over. There is some swing from Umesh and Amla slashes hard, gets a thick edge for a boundary. Umesh bowled a good second over as he made the batsmen play, looking for wickets. SA 11/0, 2 overs.

5:49: De Kock opens his account with  a boundary. Five runs from the first  over. SA 5/0, 1 over, (Amla 1*, Kock4*)

5:46: Players are out in the middle. Bhuvi with the new ball to Hashim Amla. Quinton de Kock at the other end.

5:45: Hello folks, I (Ashim Sunam) have taken over from Rajarshi Majumdar, who provided you with all the updates from the first innings, where India scored runs  247 from their allotted fifty overs.

MS Dhoni played a superb innings to help India reach their total of 247 runs, but now the bowlers have to deliver the goods if the home team are to have any chance of drawing the series level. The first 10 overs of the game are going to be crucial for both the sides. Let's see how the second innings shapes up.

5:24: What an incredible first half it was! India were off to a slow start as they lost their openers early. Only two batsmen could go past the 50 run mark and they were Ajinkya Rahane and MS Dhoni.

Come-eth the hour, come-eth the man! The Indian captain played an outstanding knock of 92* runs. He played the role of an anchor right through the innings. That was the motif, to stay right till the end. Harbhajan played a brisk cameo towards the end of the innings. 

It was evident that Dhoni needed someone at the other end of the innings so that he can play his natural game but that did not happen. 

The bowlers now have something to play with as Rahane just said the wicket is getting slower and slower. It looks like it is going to be a tough run chase for South Africa. 

Steyn picked up three wickets, Tahir and Morkel picked a coule of wickets each. Rabada also picked up a wicket. 

SIX! Last ball of the innings Dhoni whacked it over mid-wicket boundary for six. What a knock he has played.

Last ball coming up!

Another dot ball. the youngster has got the better of Dhoni

Yet another dot ball. Imressive stuff from Rabada.

Mistimed! No run. Dhoni is still on strike. 

Dhoni does not connect. He also changed his bat between the overs. Stays on strike. 5 more balls to go!

Mohit defends the ball. India 241/9 and MS Dhoni will be on strike in the final over. This is incredible from the Indian captain. Last 6 balls of this innings. 

The Indian captain takes a single of the penultimate ball of the 49th over. Dhoni wants Mohit Sharma to see off that ball.

Dhoni blasts one to the square leg boundary for four. He moves on to 85*. 

He is refusing to take the singles and that is quite obvious. Wants to play the remaining balls in this innings. 9 balls to go. 

Dhoni slams one over the mid-off boundary for a boundary. Moves on to 81 now. 10 more balls to go. India 236/9. 

5:07: Dhoni will look to keep most of the strike. He has to stay there right till the end if India would want to go past the 250 runs mark. Rabada has just bowled a brilliant over under pressure as the Indian captain is middling everything at this moment, giving no room whatsoever. India 232/9, Overs 48 (Dhoni 77*, Mohit 0*).  

18 balls still remaining! Can Dhoni help India to go past 250?

5:01: Yadav is GONE! The onus is on Dhoni to score some more runs for his side. Then the bowlers will have something to play with. Steyn picks up two wickets in one over. South Africa would want Dhoni to stay off strike.  India 225/9, Overs 47 (Dhoni 70*). 

4:56: Harbhajan Singh's GONE! Edged and straight to the keeper. Steyn picks up another wicket. India 221/8. 

Steyn and Rabada will bowl the last four overs. 

Can MS Dhoni score that big hundred??????

4:54: 50 partnership came up between Dhoni and Harbhajan.  India 217/7, Overs 46 (Dhoni 72*, Harbhajan 17*). 

Five more overs to go! fasten your seat belts fellas because MS Dhoni is in the house! 

4:49: 200 comes up for India. Imran Tahir bowled the last over of his spell. Dhoni retained most of the strike. It is evident from the Proteas bowlers that MS Dhoni is creating a lot of pressure on the bowlers. Dhoni can screw the bowlers' happiness if he stays their till the end. Now wonder he is termed as one of the best finisher of the game. Couple of Duminy overs made the difference I guess. 16 runs came from that Tahir over. India 212/7, Overs 43 (Dhoni 70*, Harbhajan 15*). 

4:44: Dhoni has perfectly played the role of an anchor. The intent is quite clear for from both the ends. Although the skipper is constantly asking Harbhajan to restrain himself from playing risky shots. The atmosphere inside the stadium has also changed in the last few overs. The crowd are backing their favourite players from the stands.

India 196/7, Overs 44 (Dhoni 57*, Harbhajan 13*).

4:39: Dhoni has put the hammer down. Harbhajan Singh too has stepped his feet on the accelerator. The last two overs from Duminy has produced more than 30 runs. This is superb batting from both these batsmen. India 192/7, Overs 43 (Dhoni 56*, Harbhajan 11*).

4:36: MS DHONI completes his half-century ladies and gentlemen! This is typical 'Mahi' for you. Calmness personified! 

4:35: 8 overs to go after this over. India cannot afford to lose either of Dhoni or Harbhajan Singh. These have to play till the 50th over. India still have not managed to break free. Meanwhile, this is good captaincy from AB de Villiers. India 175/7, Overs 42 (Dhoni 49*, Harbhajan 1*).   

4:26: Dhoni slams one to the square leg boundary for four! he is not going to stop today as he has to answer a lot of critics. He looks like a man on a mission!

4:23: BOWLED! Bhuvneshwar Kumar is gone. Tahir picks up his second wicket. The leggie has bowled brilliantly today. India 165/7. Harbhajan Singh has come out to bat now.  

4:22: Both these batsmen are timing the ball beautifully. They are rotating the strike as well and that is very important in such scenarios. Kumar is setting a perfect platform for Dhoni and Harbhajan Singh to explode towards the end. Rabada, who bowled really well initially, was brought back into the attack but he too could not get these two bastmen out. India got a free hit in this over as De Villiers had five men outside the ring before 40th over. India 165/6, Overs 39 (Dhoni 40*, Kumar 14*).

4:11: Are we sensing a calm before the storm? Dhoni might just come up awith a late flourish in the last 10 overs. this is good batting from these two batsmen so far after that early slump. most importantly, they cannot afford to throw their wickets away. They have to hang around there right till the end. Dhoni and Kumar just produced a 13 runs over. 150 came up for India as well. India 155/6, Overs 37 (Dhoni 36*, Kumar 10*).   

4:05: Kumar has been more sensible than Axar Patel. He has played the perfect supporting role to the Indian captain MS Dhoni. 15 overs to go after this over from Duminy. Dhoni will be eyeing a score of 250 if he gets a partner at the other end. So far so good! India 138/6, Overs 35 (Dhoni 27*, Kumar 3*).

3:52: The umpires have called for the drinks! 

3:50: Dhoni has to play his natural game but he has to restrain himself from playing those outrageous shots at times. India need him to stay there right till the end. The running between the wickets automatically improves when the Indian skipepr walks out to the middle. Kumar also has to stay there to support Dhoni in his cause. India 132/6, Overs 32 (Dhoni 24*, Kumar 0*) 

3:43: The ball pitched in line and struck Patel's pads right in front of the stumps. It was indeed a good decision by the umpire Aleem Dar. South Africa has been relentless ever since they ran Virat Kohli out. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has come out in the middle now ahead of Harbhajan Singh. India 125/6, Overs 30 (Dhoni 18*, Kumar 0*).

3:39: Axar Patel dismissed by Dale Steyn! Oh boy, India are in serious trouble now. Patel is gone for 13. India 124/6. 

3:37: First six of the innings comes of Axar Patel's willow. Not ecatly what India requires at this moment but it all counts. He is expected to play a supporting role to Dhoni. But never mind, however the runs comes, they are important. However Dhoni has to play till the end.  India 123/5, Overs 29, (Dhoni 17*, Patel 13*). 

3:27: Boundary after a long time! Came from the bat of Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Five off that over from Rabada. India 111/5, Overs 26.

3:20: Axar Patel has come out to bat already and it is just the 25th over. Patel just has to knock around the ball as there are plenty of overs left after this over from Tahir. Halfway through the innings and India are in all sorts of trouble. This is fantastic stuff from the Proteas captain Ab de Villers. India 106/5, Overs 25 (Dhoni 11*, Patel 2*).

3:17: Raina GONE!!! Oh Dear! This is just so bad. Raina has edged one to the keeper and Morkel is bang on target again. Raina gone for a duck. India 104/5. 

3:13: Things are not looking good for India. Suresh Raina is out in the middle now. The famous Raina and Dhoni pair will have to make it count today if they would want to put up a decent total on the board at least. This has been an awful batting performance from the Indian batsmen yet again in this series. India 102/4, Overs 23 (Dhoni 10*, Raina 0*).

3:10: Ajinkya Rahane BOWLED round his legs! Imran Tahir is the man. This is brilliant stuff from the leg-spinner. Rahane dismissed for 51. India 102/4. 

3:08: Now Dhoni is in at no. 5. He has promoted himself above Suresh Raina. So far he has converted ones into twos pretty easily. That is what you can expect when Dhoni comes out to bat. Meanwhile Ajinkya Rahane has completed his 12th ODI fifty. 100 up for India as well. India 101/3, Overs 22 (Rahane 51*, Dhoni 9*).

3:00: It was Rahane who should have been dismissed as Behardien dropped an easy catch. Kohli was spot on on this ocassion to call for the second run as there was one available. Rahane must not lose his concentration. He should carry on with the way he has played so far. Dhoni is out in the middle now. He can help Rahane to calm down as his heart must be pumping after running out Kohli. Kohli on the other hand is having a nightmare of a series so far! Can India post a good total on the board? We will have to wait and see. India 90/3, Overs 20 (Rahane 44*, Dhoni 5*). 

2:52: Virat Kohli is run out! Dear-o-dear! Behardien dropped Rahane's catch and Kohli started sprinting for the second run and Rahane was not aware of it. Kohli dismissed for 11. Huge wicket for South Africa. Again the running between the wickets have been disastrous for India.  India 82/3.  

2:46: Rahane seemed to have slowed down after the dismissal of Shikhar Dhawan. Kohli on the other hand is nicely knocking the ball around. What's important is that these two have kept the scoreboard ticking. India 76/2, Overs 17 (Rahane 37*, Kohli 10*).

2:43: Umpires have decided to call the drinks car into the field! You guys also can sip in some water! 

2:42: Steyn is back into the attack! De Villiers is sensing that these two batsmen can take things away from them and being the captain he can't allow that to happen. Kohli does not like the ball in that corridor of uncertainity. He likes the ball the ball to come on to the willow. Thus, De Villiers has decided to get two of his strike bowlers from both the ends. Imran Tahir is bowling from the other end. India 71/2, Overs 16 (Rahane 35*, Kohli 7*).

2:33: Someone has to play a big innings. Kohli has just come out to bat and it is almost ideal for a batsman like him to get that big hundred. Rahane on the other end has played well and also has maintained a healthy strike-rate. India 64/2, Overs 14 (Rahane 33*, Kohli 2*). 

2:28: Dhawan GONE! Slower one from Morkel and Duminy made no mistake. Just when he was looking good, Dhawan threw his wicket away yet again in this series. Kohli will come out to bat now alongside Rahane. Dhawan dismissed for 23. India 59/2.

2:25: It looks like Dhawan has got his eyes in and is timing the ball nicely now. Rahane too has been good on the other end of the wicket. The pitch here in Indore looks like a belter.Run feast expected here.  India 57/1, Overs 12 (Rahane 29*, Dhawan 22*).

2:22: JP Duminy into the attack, and Dhawan welcomes him with a four. Also brings up the fifty for India!

2:20: The powerplay overs are done! The field can spread now. Let's see how Rahane and Dhawan plays the Proteas bowlers. Only four fielders are allowed outside the circle until 40th over. Rahane has played wonderfully so far and what is more interesting is his unlike-Rahane-innings. 

2:17: Rabada has bowled beautifully in the powerplay overs. He has been able to hit the right line and length. Also picked up the wicket of Rohit Sharma. Also bowled at good pace. India have recovered well from that early loss of wicket. India 44/1, Overs 10 (Rahane 24*, Dhawan 14*).

2:07: Dhawan has played couple of brilliant cover drives in this match. Any bit of width provided by the bowlers have disappeared to the fence. India 30/1, Overs 8 (Rahane 14*, Dhawan 10*).

2:02: This has been an impressive over from Morkel. He did not give any room to either of the batsmen. He has had a lot of success against Dhawan when he bowls at him round the wicket. Dhawan has been struggling to time the ball. He should understand that there is no hurry whatsoever. India 24/1, Overs 7 (Dhawan 5*, Rahane 13*).

1:57: Morne Morkel is into the attack now!

1:51: Rahane has decided to take on Steyn. What an eventful over this is turning out to be! Three boundaries for the Rajasthan Royals opening batsman. 12 runs came off that Steyn over. India are turning the screws here. India 20/1, Overs 5 (Dhawan 5*, Rahane 12*).

1:50: Rahane drives one through the cover for four now! Beautiful shot on the rise.

1:49: That boundary will Dhawan a lot of confidence after a slow start to the innings. Meanwhile, Rabada has grown in confidence too. It is evident from the way he is coming into bowl.  India 8/1, Overs 4 (Dhawan 5*, Rahane 0*).

1:45 First Boundary of the match and it comes from the bat of Dhawan! Sheer timing on the up, driven exquisitely through the covers!

1:41: This is not a good start for India! 

1:40: What a second over this has been! Rabada can do no wrong with the ball at this moment. It was a straight ball into Sharma's pads. He failed to middle the ball. Rahane is out in the middle now. India 3/1, Overs 2 (Dhawan 0*, Rahane 0*).

1:36: BOWLED!!!!! Rabada shatters Sharma's stumps. India 3/1. Huge blow for India. 

1:35: Rohit Sharma and his running between the wickets! Awful. Almost got Dhawan run out. 

1:34: It was a rather quiet first over for India's part. Steyn on the other hand has made a good start with the new ball. The speedster has tried to swing that ball away from the Sharma. India 1/0, Over 1 (Rohit 1*, Dhawan 0*).

1:30: A hint of late swing can be noticed here. Sharma has just played and missed one. Steyn is right on the money right from the start.

Dale Steyn has the new ball in his hands, here is the first ball! Rohit Sharma let that go.

Aleem Dar and Vineet Kulkarni are the two umpires for this match in Indore. The South African players have come out to the pitch. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan too walks out in the middle. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are just moments away from the start of the second ODI! Are you ready as well?

Let us take a look at the two lineups:

MS Dhoni has won the toss finally!! India will bat first. Binny, Mishra, Ashwin out. Axar, Mohit and Harbhajan is in! South Africa will be going in with the same team. 

The Toss is on its way fellas! Hold on to you seats for yet another roller-coaster ride!

AB de Villiers will be looking forward to steal the show yet again in Indore during the second ODI. If India would want to get back into the series, they will have to stop the South Africa skipper. 

Will Harbhajan Singh be able to fill the shoes of Ravichandran Ashwin? Well, we all know that he is a veteran tweaker of that cricket ball and we can only hope that he does well. 

The Indian fans must be hoping that Rohit Sharma would do that again here in Indore today! Let's see what he has in store for the Indian cricket fans across the world.  

Trivia: This is the same ground where the Indian batting legend Virender Sehwag scored a double century against West Indies!

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen! This is Rajarshi Majumdar and Ashim Sunam and we will be bringing you the live updates of all the action of the second ODI between India and South Africa which is being played in Indore. India have lost the first ODI of the series against South Africa by just five runs and the hosts would desperately want to square the series against the upbeat Proetas.

We have an exciting game on the cards and it looks a bright sunny afternoon in Indore. One can expect a full game of adrenaline-pumping cricket. So stay tune for further updates!