Everything worked well for India on Day 2 as they not only bowled out South Africa in the first innings, but also managed to take a lead of 142 runs with good contribution from Cheteshwar Pujara and Murali Vijay, who scored 63 and 47 runs respectively. 

Pujara, who is still batting alongside Kohli, should complete his ton on Day 3 as he has looked comfortable against the South Africa bowlers. Pujara, who used his feet against the spinners, was most impressive with the bat. He needs to convert this half-century into a match-winning triple figure score.

With a lead of 142 runs and eight wickets in hand, India are in the driver's seat with South Africa set to bat last in this Mohali pitch, where India spinners are going to be lethal. South Africa have to re-energise and come fresh on Day 3 and start the day brightly. The spinners need to stand up and be counted; else they might be chasing a huge fourth innings total.

India, on the other hand, can play a normal game -- score runs at an easy pace -- and help India take a lead of more than 350 runs on Day 3.

See you guys, thanks for joining!!

4:40: Imran Tahir to bowl the final over of Day 2. Pujara hits a six - first six of the Test match. Tahir bowls it short and Pujara pulls it over the mid-wicket fence for a maximum. India finishes the day with 11 runs from Tahir's over. India 125/2, 40 overs (Pujara 63*, Kohli 11*). India lead by 142 runs

4:37: Kohli plays an uncomfortable looking pull shot for a boundary in the long leg region for a boundary. So, India are finishing the day with a flurry of boundaries. India 114/2, 39overs (Pujara 55*, Kohli 8*)

Pujara reaches half-century

4:32: Ball thrown to Elgar, who is welcomed with a boundary as Pujara comes down the track and hits a boundary. With it, he also completes his half-century. Elgar bowls it short and is pulled for another boundary on the leg side.India 110/2, 38overs (Pujara 55*, Kohli 4*)

With few overs left for Day 2 to come to an end, both the batsmen -- Pujara and Kohli -- will be eager to hold on to their wicket.

4:24: Kohli, who might have come just few minutes ago, seems to be comfortable against Tahir. While Pujara, throughout the second innings, has looked great against both the spinners and the fast bowlers. India 100/2, 36overs, (Pujara 47*, Kohli 2*)

4:20: Rabada starts the 25th over. The bowler, though wicketless, has been one of the standout bowler on this pitch, which does not have anything for the fast bowlers. Ah, that was close. Kohli slashes hard and Rabada beats him wide of off stump and the bowler follows it with a bouncer and Kohli takes it on his shoulder. India 96/2, 35overs, (Pujara 44*, Kohli 1*)

Virat Kohli to face Tahir. Can SA finish Day 2 on a high?

Tahir dismisses Vijay for 47 runs with a googly, caught at short leg.

4:10: Nothing much happening as India have taken their lead past 110 runs and are looking strong in the Test match with SA batting last on this pitch. The game has suddenly become very slow. SA needs to find a spark as the game is radually drifting away from them. India 95/1, 33overs, (Vijay 47*, Pujara 44*)

4pm: Rabada bowling the 31st over. Rabada has been bowling well, but I feel he should have been used with the new ball when he is dangerous. The bowler has been trying to bowl those bouncers, but the pitch is on the slower side for it to be effective. India, with the help of four byes, take their lead to 103 runs. India 86/1, 31overs, (Vijay 45*, Pujara 37*)

Are India batsmen -- Vijay and Pujara -- batting splendidly well or is it that the pitch has become easier to bat on? The India batsmen, who are playing the SA bowlers with ease, are making life difficult for South Africa. 

3:49: Elgar produces an edge from Pujara but it bounces well short of the slip fielder. Pujara rocks back onto the backfoot and pulls for a boundary on the leg side. However Elgar has been bowling well for South Africa.India 79/1, 28overs, (Vijay 44*, Pujara 35*)

3:45: There is some reverse swing for the South Africa pace bowlers,  who needs to use it to their advantage. Vijay waits for the ball and plays it in just front of the pads for a couple in the leg side. Despite Philander bowling well, Vijay has been middling the ball with ease, which is frustrating South Africa. India 72/1, 27 overs, (Vijay 44*, Pujara 28*)

Elgar to bowl with 15 overs remaining for Day 2 to come to an end.

3:33: DRINKS : Vijay and Pujara have batted beautifully as they have seen off the first hour in the third session without losing a wicket. India 67/1, 25 overs, (Vijay 39*, Pujara 28*)

For a change, pacers -- Rabada and Philander -- bowling in tandem. Can they achieve what their spinners have not not been able to - break the partnership?

3:25: Vijay comes down the track and lofts Harmer for a boundary. The key, really, has been the way Vijay and Pujara have used their feet against the spinners.  India 65/1, 23 overs, (Vijay 39*, Pujara 26*)

3:21: Fifty partnership between Vijay and Pujara. They have brought India to a commanding position with a lead of 76 runs. 

3:16: Pujara comes down the track to Harmer and hits a boundary straight down the ground. Pujara has used his feet beautifully against the spinners. India 58/1, 21 overs,  (Vijay 33*, Pujara 25*)

3:12: Rabada to bowl his first over of the second innings. The South Africa bowler bends his back and extracts bounce, but not enough bounce to trouble Vijay as it is in the hip region. India 53/1, 20overs, (Vijay 33*, Pujara 20*)

3:08: Harmer to Pujara, who has been using his feet well against the spinner. There are three men close to the batsman, who is not peturbed as he is middling the ball with ease. He comes down the track and negates the turn twice in the over. Pujara dropped by the wicket-keeper. A tough chance. India 53/1, 19overs, (Vijay 33*, Pujara 20*)

Tahir with a flipper. Pujara just gets his bat down on time, else it was a wicket to Tahir. 

2:58: SA need Tahir to deliver now and break this partnership, which is looking dangerous. Good over from Tahir, who produces an inside edge. Difficult chance for the close-in fielder. India 48/1, 16overs, (Vijay 29*, Pujara 16*)

2:55: The India batsmen are now looking settled in a pitch, which has plenty to offer for the bowlers. Vijay and Pujara are rotating the strike well and dispatching bad balls to the fence and also running well between the wickets. India 45/1, 15overs, (Vijay 29*, Pujara 16*)

2:45: Vijay, who was the best batsman for India in the first innings, has looked comfortable in the batting crease against both the spinners and fast bowlers. Pujara, likewise, has looked solid playing the ball as per merit. Out of the two spinners, Elgar seems to be confident and could pose problems for India. The India batsmen have been running well between the wickets and Pujara, now, comes down the track and smashes Elgar for a boundary in the long-on region. India 36/1, 12overs, (Vijay 23*, Pujara 13*)

2:38: Spinners -- Elar and Harmer -- bowling in tandem for South Africa and the ball is keeping low, which just explains how difficult run scoring shall be in the Test match. Pujara is playing cautiously, but has his eyes on scoring runs as well. India 24/1, 10overs, (Vijay 18*, Pujara 6*)

2:33: Elgar starts proceedings for South Africa. There is plenty of chatting behind the wickets -- called tactics -- and Elgar beats Pujara with turn. Thick edge from Vijay's bat produces four runs. India 20/1, 8overs, (Vijay 17*, Pujara 3*)

2:30: Players out in the middle. I am expecting an exciting final session. What do you guys think?

2:20: What a day it has been so far with wickets falling like a pack of cards. India has had a good day so far as they head for a tea-break with a lead of 30 runs. However, an interesting final session is in store for cricket lovers.

Anything could happen in this Mohali pitch, where run scoring has not been easy. Vijay and Pujara, who played well in the first innings, will be asked to build a big partnership while South Africa will be eager to set things straight and take early wickets in the third session.

Hence SA spinner, Elgar, who was the hero for South Africa in the first innings, will be crucial with the ball alongside Harmer. 

2:10: Time for tea. Players leave the field. India 13/1, 7overs, (Vijay 11*, Pujara 2*)

2:05: Elgar, who comes onto bowl turns the ball straightaway, is the biggest threat for India. He is not afraid to toss the ball, which allows the ball to turn more. As I say that, he beats Pujara's defence with sharp turn. India 12/1, 6 overs, (Vijay 10*, Pujara 2*)

2:02: Philander is bowling a tight line and length against the India batsmen. However, it goes without saying, spinners -- Harmer and Elgar -- will hold the key for SA. India 11/1, 5 overs, (Vijay 9*, Pujara 2*)

1:56: Thouh Harmer may not belong in the bracket of Ashwyn, there is plenty of turn in the pitch, which could pose problems for India. Vijay plays the bowler rather comfortably. India 9/1, 4 overs, (Vijay 9*, Pujara 0*)

Cheteshwar Pujara walks onto bat.

Early setback for India. Shikhar Dhawan out for a pair as he is dismissed for a duck by Philander. India 9/1

1:48: Ok...we see a spinner straight away into action Simon Harmer, who bowls a decent first over. India 8/0, 2 overs, (Vijay 8*, Dhawan 0*)

1:45: What a start for India with Murali Vijay getting off the mark with a boundary in the first ball of the second innings. India score eight runs from the first over, thouh, Vijay may not have middled the ball, runs are runs no matter how it comes in a pitch where runs have been hard to come by. India 8/0, 1 over, (Vijay 8*, Dhawan 0*)

Big news: Dale Steyn not in the field for South Africa. Vernon Philander to open the bowling for SA. 

1:40: Players from the both the sides have walked onto the middle.

1:35: India openers -- Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan -- will walk into the batting crease in the next few minutes with a lead of 17 runs. 

The spinners have done their job as they finished off the SA batsmen for 184 runs. Ashwin was the best bowler for India with five wickets against his name while Jadeja and Mishra managed to take three and two wickets respectively. 

Now it is time for the batsmen to deliver in the second innings, though, with the pitch deteriorating, it is not going to be an easy one for Virat Kohli and his men.

SA all out for 184 runs.

Ashwin, who dismisses Tahir, finishes with five wickets in the first innings. 

1:25: Meanwhile, Imran Tahir lofts Mishra for a boundary to help SA inch closer to India's total of 201 runs. South Africa 183/9, 67 overs (Rabada 0*, Tahir4*)

1:22: de Villiers sure to take the attack to the opposition. Mishar to bowl.  Oh my, what a ripper of a delivery from Mishra, who turns the ball and gets past Villiers' defense to disturb the wood behind him. de Villiers out for 63 runs, South Africa 179/8.

1:20: Dale Steyn out, stumped by Saha as the SA batsman comes down the track to Jadeja and misses the ball. Easy stumping. South Africa 179/8, 66 overs (de Villiers 63*, Rabada 0*)

Umpires have called for the drinks now! My colleague Ashim Sunam will be bringing you the live updates of the action of Day 2 of the first Test match after this. This is Rajarshi Majumdar saying goodbye ladies and gentlemen.

1:12: Dale Steyn is struggling against spin here. Looks like Kohli will bring Jadeja or Ashwin from the other end and finish off this innings quickly. Mishra is turning the ball square. De Villiers on the other end is having no problems whatsoever as he is spotting the ball like a football now. South Africa 176/7, Overs 65 (De Villiers 62*, Steyn 4*) trail by 25 runs.

1:03: Long appeal after Harmer is beaten by the spin, Dharmsena takes his time then raises the finger! The impact is in line of off, but looks like it could have missed the off stump. This drifted in, pitched middle and leg, then turned to beat the outside edge and struck the batsman on the knee roll. A critique could be that he was back when he should have been forward. South Africa 170/7, Overs 63 (De Villiers 60*, Steyn 0*) trail by 31 runs.

Simon Harmer dismissed by Amit Mishra! Harmer LBW by Mishra! South Africa 170/7, trail by 31 runs.

12:55: AB de Villiers have pressed his foot on the accelerator now. He has taken on the Indian bowling attack. Mishra finding it difficult to hit the correct line and length. De Villiers is playing way too easily now. Harmer has to hang around with him at the other end of the wicket. India need more wickets.  South Africa 168/6, Overs 61 (De Villiers 58*, Harmer 7*) trail by 33 runs.

What an innings De Villiers has played under pressure and he reaches his half-century in style. South Africa 161/6, trail by 50 runs. 

12:33: Rahane took a neat low catch at first slip. But the umpires wanted to check that again because they were not sure if that was taken cleanly. Jadeja's front-foot was very close to being a no-ball again. The ball was tossed up. It turned and Philander edged the ball. Not much Philander could have done with that - it was a wonderful delivery from Jadeja. South Africa 129/5, Overs 50 (De Villiers 38*, Harmer 3*) trail by 59 runs.

Finally the umpire has given the bastman out. Jadeja dismisses Philander. South Africa 136/6, trail by 65 runs. 

Appeal! Indians are alraeady celebrating. umpires have gone upstairs! 

12:15: Kohli will be looking to attack right away with his two strike bowlers Ashwin and Jadeja from both the ends. The skipper will be aware that how crucila every single run is. South Africa 129/5, Overs 50 (De Villiers 27*, Philander 3*) trail by 72 runs. 

Ashwin will bowl the first over after the lunch break. Here comes the first ball and Philander nudges it for a single down to square leg area. that bringd De Villiers on strike. 

The players are walking out in the middle now. Vernon Philander will be facing the first ball after lunch! 

The second session will be underway soon! Hope you guys had some lunch before you indulge yourselves into the second session if Day 2 of the 1st Test match between India and South Africa. 

Umpires call for Lunch!

It has been a wonderful first session for India on Day 2. They picked up three South African wickets. It could have been four if Jadeja would not have bowled the no-ball when he got De Villiers out. The umpires called De villiers back into the field and since then he has scored 19 more runs.

Surprisingly, it took 16 overs for Virat Kohli to understand that he should make Ashiwn and Jadeja bowl in tandem right from the start of the game in order to unsettle the Proteas batsmen. That decision allowed Hashim Amla and Dean Elgar to get their eyes in and score some vital runs since morning until Ashwin came into the attack and dismissed Elgar.

Jadeja also bowled really well and he deserved a wicket. But unfortunately he bowled a no-ball and missed out on his chances. South Africa would have been six wickets down by now but this is the game of cricket. You never know when it changes.

De Villiers was clearly struggling against the spin of Ashwin and Jadeja. It will be interesting to see what kind of approach he picks up in the session after lunch. South Africa managed to score 99 runs since morning in 29 overs. 

The next session is going to be really crucial for both India and South Africa. De Villiers and Philander will be looking to score some vital runs and India will be looking for nothing but wickets.

South Africa 127/5, Overs 49 (De Villiers 26*, Philander 2*), trail by 74 runs.

The second session of the day's play will begin soon. Stay tuned for further updates!    

Last over before lunch! Amit Mishra to bowl to De Villiers. 

De Villiers is looking to counter-attack now. He scored a couple of boundaries from that Ashwin over. 11 runs came off that over. This is where De Villiers can be dangerous. South Africa 121/5, Overs 48. 

11:25: What a first session this has been for India. The delay in bringing in Ashwin and Jadeja is clearly visible. South Africa have added 90 runs since morning and the ball is turning square now. A dramatic turnaround from the Indian spinners. AB de Villiers is also struggling against the spinning opitons. This will be a tough challenge for the visitors now. South Africa 110/5, Overs 47 (De Villiers 11*, Philander 0*) trail by 91 runs. 

ASHWIN strikes again! This has been an outstanding turnaround from India. Ashwin picks up his fourth. South Africa 107/5, trail by 96 runs.

ASHWIN strikes! Amla this time. He stepped out and the Saha inititated the stumping with his chest as he failed to collect the ball. Amla dismissed for 43 now. South Africa 105/4 trail by 94 runs. 

It was a long wait for De Villiers near the boundary. Jadeja really should not be bowling no balls at this moment of the game. It has cost him a wicket and that too a big one AB de Villiers. 

Oh Boy! the umpires have called it a no-ball. 

AB De Villiers' tortutred existence comes to an end! Jadeja dismisses him.

11:03: As soon as Jadeja and Ashwin have started bowling in tandem from both the ends, there is a sense of opportunity. Jadeja almost got De Villiers stumped in the previous over but somehow De Villiers got his back side his body to guard the ball. This is good bowling from both the spinners. This is dangerous existence at the moment for De Villiers. He is clearly striggling against Indian spinners now. South Africa 95/3, Overs 42 (Amla 39*, De Villiers 6*) trail by 106 runs. 

Huge shout for a caught behind but Kumar Dharmasena turned it down!

Ashwin changed his ends and came to bowl from the pavilion end. Elgar went for the slog sweep and top-edged the ball. A sitter for Jadeja in the short-third man position. South Africa still trailing by 116 runs. AB de Villiers has come out to bat now. 

10:47: GONE! Ashiwn strikes. Dean Elgar dismissed! South Africa 85/3.

Umpires have called for the drinks now!

10:32: 42 runs have been added since morning and this was the 15th over. Ashwin, Jadeja and Mishra will find it difficult to break this partnership now as these two have got their eyes in. Whenever the ball is turning square after pitching on the rough areas, both Amla and Elgar playing it nicely by opening the face of the bat so that they don't edge any of those turning deliveries. South Africa 77/2, Overs 35 (Elgar 35*, Amla 29*) trail by 124 runs. 

Jadeja into the attack now! 

10:22: Virat Kohli should understand quickly that pace on the ball is making things easier for Amla and Elgar. They have got their eyes in now and are playing the bowlers without any difficulties. Ravindra Jadeja has still not been introduced into the attack. Ashwin too has not created much chances. South Africa 65/2, Overs 32 (Elgar 33*, Amla 19*) trail by 136 runs.    

50 of the partnership comes up for these two batsmen!

10:07: Whenever the ball goes to Ashwin, there's a sense of uncertainity in the air. He is already threatening the batsmen with his off-spins. South Africa still trailing by 150 runs in the first innings. Strange so as to why Kohli did not start off with the proceesings with Jadeja or Ashwin. South Africa 51/2, Overs 29 (Elgar 25*, Amla 17*). 

A direct hit from Ravindra Jadeja and the decision has been referred to the third umpire. But Dean Elgar is safe. Close Call though.

Ravichandran Ashwin finally ladies and gentlemen!

Varun Aaron has now replaced Umesh Yadav! Can he give Virat Kohli the much needed breakthrough?

This has been a rather quite session for both the teams. South Africa are still trailing by 154 runs! India need wickets now. 

9:52: Kohli should introduce Ashwin from the other end. And the experts feel the same as well. He is sticking with Yadav and Mishra. But they have not managed to trouble Elgar and Amla so far. South Africa 42/2 , Overs 27 (Elgar 22*, Amla 14*).

Meanwhile Saha has dropped Elgar on 21! India will have to hang on to these half chances. 

9:47: Umesh Yadav is sharing the ball at the other end. But pace on the ball will be easy for the Proteas batsmen early morning. Kohli should have thrown the ball to Ashwin or Jadeja from the other end of the wicket. South Africa 40/2, Overs 24 (Elgar 21*, Amla 13*).

9:33: 7 runs came from the first over. Mishra was not really a good option to start with it seems. Ashwin and Jadeja will surely looking for early wickets as well. It will be interesting to see South African batsmen's approach on Day 2. South Africa 35/2, Overs 21 (Elgar 20, Amla 9*).

Elgar heaves one over the mid wicket area for a boundary! Bad ball from Mishra. 

First ball is on its way from Amit Mishra and Dean Elgar defends it!

We will have to wait for 15 more minutes for the live action! Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen! 

It was like a Day 3 pitch yesterday. 12 wickets fell on Day 1. Incredible right? The batsmen can be rest assured that the ball will grip, turn and bounce. Ashwin, Jadeja and Mishra's eyes must have already lit up by now. Sunil Gavaskar just confirmed that it has already become a bowlers' pitch in Mohali.  

Half an hour to go for the start of the game on Day 2! We will be bringing you the live commentary of the action from Mohali. 

Good Morning ladies and gentlemen! Hello and welcome to the live blog coverage and updates of the first Test Day 2 between India and South Africa. This is Rajasrhi Majumdar and Ashim Sunam from IBTimes India edition and we will be bringing you the updates of the live action from Mohali. 

The 1st Day of the first Test did not turn out to be a good day for India when it came to batting on this tricky wicket in Mohali and they were bundled out for a meagre total of 201 runs in the first innings.

That was not all! When the South African batsmen walked out in the middle with their willows, they were tested severely by the Indian spinners Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Amit Mishra. 

It is going to be one heck of a day in Mohali as the ball has started to turn square and the wicket is absolutely not nice to bat on throughout the day. One can expect yet another bowlers' day out on Friday.

Buckle up as the updates of the live action from Mohali will be on your way soon. Stay tuned for further updates!