India might not have had a great first day in Mohali with the bat, but their bowlers, primarily Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja brought back India into the game with two crucial wickets. South Africa finished the day with 28 runs for the loss of two wickets.

Earlier in the day, India failed to deliver the goods with the bat. None of the India batsmen performed in Mohali barring Murali Vijay. The right-hander scored 75 runs, which could prove to be pivotal especially the way the pitch has started to behave.  The men in blue scored 201 runs with crucial contribution from Jadeja, who scored 38 runs in the lower order. Dean Elgar was the pick of the bowler for the visitors with four wickets against his name.

With South Africa currently trailing India by 173 runs with eight wickets reamining, an interesting second day looms large. It could go either way. India will be eager to start off the morning with some quick wickets while South Africa will want to get past India's total on Day 2 and take lead by the end of day's play.

So, this is it from me, folks. Catch you guys tomorrow for an entertaining Day 2.

Day 1 comes to an end as South Africa finish the day with 28 runs for the loss of two wickets.

4:53: There are four fielders close to the bat with Elgar facing Ashwin, who despite bowling brilliantly, fails to get his second wicket of the day. Ashwin did come close as Elgar left his carrom ball alone, which nearly bowled the left-hander. SA 28/2, 20overs, (Elgar 13*, Amla 9*)

Final over of the day to be bowled by Ashwin

4:49: Mishra is also looking for the elusive turn, hence, aiming for the rough areas. What a delivery by Mishra who pitches the ball in leg stump and nearly clips the top of off stump. Brilliant over. SA 27/2, 19overs, (Elgar 12*, Amla 9*)

Amit Mishra replaces Jadeja

 4:46: Ashwin is getting the ball to turn and bounce, which may pose problems for Amla, who is still showing great technique. The crowd in Mohali is backing Ashwin to take his second wicket with their 'ooohhh and aahhhs' from the stands.  SA 26/2, 18 overs, (Elgar 11*, Amla 9*)

4:43: Amla seems to be playing the spinners with ease as he possesses a brilliant defence, which is helping his cause. While Jadeja is bowling better to Elgar, a left-hander. SA 26/2, 17 overs, (Elgar 11*, Amla 9*)

4:40: Ashwin gets the ball to turn and bounce and produces a thick edge the next ball. What bowling by Ashwyn! May be he needs to fire one quicker one and catch him LBW. SA 25/2, 16overs, (Elgar 11*, Amla 8*)

Aswhyn replaces Aaron

4:37: Whatever action is taking place in the middle is when the spinners are in action. Here comes Jadeja, who is bowling in the rough and trying to purchase spin. Remember Jadeja is never a huge spinner of the ball. Amla is playing Jadeja splendidly well, showing full face of the bat. SA 25/2, 15overs, (Elgar 11*, Amla 8*)

4:32: Why is Aaron bowling when the SA batsmen are clearly comfortable in the middle with seamers having a go at them? May be, I am proved wrong. Wait, they might be planning to bounce South Africa batsmen out with fielders in the boundary line in the leg side. 

4:30:Jadeja beats Elgar with a brilliant ball and follows it up with another good ball. Jadeja is making life tough for SA batsmen with fielders surrounding the batsman. May be, it is time for Ashwin to bowl from the other end and create further pressure. SA 23/2, 13overs, (Elgar 9* Amla 8*)

4:23: Good captaincy by  Kohli, who is applying pressure on the SA batsmen with close-in fielders, three to be precise. Jadeja seems to have an air of confidence with the ball in his hand. SA 17/2, 11 overs, (Elgar 4* Amla 7*)

4:19: Amla plays a wonderful drive for an important boundary in the off-side. This boundary is even more important as runs have been hard to come by for SA. Mishra gives away  six runs in his first over. SA 16/2, 10 overs, (Elgar 3* Amla 7*)

Amit Misha to bowl his first over

4:16: Brilliant start by Jadeja and Ashwin, who have both taken a single wicket each. Jadeja, who is bowling in the right areas, could prove to be a pivotal bowler in the first innings. WIth two wickets down, India are right back in the game and could even take a couple of wickets more before the day comes to en end. SA 10/2, 9overs, (Elgar 3* Amla 1*)

Hashim Amla come onto bat.

4:12: Du Plessis out for a duck as Jadeja hits the top of off stump with an arm ball. SA 9/2, 8.2 overs, Elgar 3*

Jadeja replaces Ashwin

4:10: Aaron is troubling Elgar with his line and length as he gets the ball to swing and strikes him in his hand. Elgar must have been surprised with the pace of Aaron as he is bowling at quite a pace. SA 9/1, 8 overs, ( Elgar 3*, Plessis 0*)

Varun Aaron replaces Yadav. Is this the right choice by Kohli as Jadeja could have been a wiser option.

Faf Du Plessis walks into bat

Ashwin dismisses van Zyl leg before. SA 9/1, 6.3 overs, ( Elgar 3*)

Interesting stat. India have won four out of the last five Test matches when they played with three spinners. Can Mishra, Ashwyn and Jadeja deliver in Mohali?

3:55: Ashwin has to get the ball to turn and the spinner needs to make use of all the rough areas in the pitch, if any, when the ball is so new. Ashwin is not making life any easy for the South Africa openers, but the men in blue are still eagerly waiting for the first wicket. SA 7/0, 5 overs, (Elgar 1*, van Zyl 5*)

Four runs. Yadav drifts onto the pad of Zyl, who helps it along for a boundary.

3:49: Ashwin, who is slowly getting into the groove, is looking fit and troubling the batsmen with his flight and trajectory. India will expect Ashwin to deliver the goods with the ball in the first innings especially after their batsmen only put up 201 runs on the board. SA 2/0, 3 overs, (Elgar 0*, van Zyl 1*)

3:45: SA get their scoreboard ticking with a legbye, however, Yadav has bowled consistently (fast) in the 140s. SA 1/0, 2 overs, (Elgar 0*, van Zyl 0*)

Umesh Yadav takes the red cherry from the other end.

3:42: Not much turn from Ashwin's first over as the ball is brand new. Maiden over. Dean Elgar is not troubled much.

3:40: As I expected, Ashwin gets the new ball.

3:34: Now let us see how does India bowlers fare on the pitch and don't be surprised if Kohli gives the new ball to Ashwin especially after the way the pitch has played. It supports the spinners more than the seamers. 

3:28: India all out for 201 runs (68 overs)

Varun Aaron out for a duck. Another wrong one produces a wicket for Tahir.

Yadav out. Tahir bowls him out with a googly. India 201/9, 67.3 overs

3:23: Umesh Yadav slogs Philander for a boundary in the leg side. India 201/8, 67 overs (Ashwin 20*, Yadav 5*)

Despite Jadeja's effort with the bat, Philander deserved the wicket as he was troubling the left-hander with his swing and finally dismissed him leg before.

Jadeja out

3:12: Brilliant shot by Jadeja as he whips the ball on the leg side for a boundary. This shot reflects Jadeja's growing confidence as he is batting solidly and playing an important innings for India. If the men in blue are to put up a decent score in the first innings, Jadeja holds the key. India 194/7, 65overs (Jadeja 38*, Ashwin 18*)

3:08: As I watch Tahir bowl, makes me wonder why is the bowler not able to trouble the India batsmen, who were troubled in the ODI series. Such performances makes me further believe other experts, who always refer him as a great ODI bowler, no-so-impressive-Test-bowler. India 187/7, 64overs (Jadeja 34*, Ashwin 15*)

2:58: Philander, who replaces Steyn, bowls a maiden over. India 180/7, 61overs (Jadeja 32*, Ashwin 10*)

2:53: Ashwin is providing great support to Jadeja with his sold defence to Tahir, who surprisingly, has not looked a threat on the first day. It will not be a surprise if Tahir is replaced by Elgar, who has taken four wickets, in the next few overs. India 180/7, 60overs (Jadeja 32*, Ashwin 10*)

Good signs for India as Jadeja is looking calm and composed even when Steyn is bowling a good spell. 

2:44: Tahir bowls a maiden over to Jadeja, who had an opportunity to score in a full toss but he hit it straight to the fielder. India 173/7, 58 overs (Jadeja 30*, Ashwin 5*)

2:40: Dale Steyn, who comes onto bowl, draws Jadeja forward and produces a thick edge. Jadeja takes a single as the ball flies towards the third man region.Steyn is getting the ball to reverse as well, hence both the India batsmen needs to be aware of the moving ball. India 173/7, 57 overs (Jadeja 30*, Ashwin 5*)

2:33: Nothing much in the first over post-tea, as India score four runs with ease. Jadeja looks solid as he plays the ball very close to his bat and pad. India are 172/7, 56 overs (Jadeja 29*, Ashwin 5*)

2:30 Players out in the middle. Tahir to start proceedings, Ashwin to face the first ball post-tea.

2:24: The second session belonged to SA, who managed to take four wickets, as a result of which, the men in blue are 166 for the loss of seven wickets. Jadeja holds the key as he has looked comfortable against both the seamers as well as the spinners, scoring runs without much trouble. 

Dean Elgar has been the pick of the bowlers for SA in the opening day with four wickets against his name. However, Elgar's performance should inspire three Indian spinners, who have been picked for the first Test in Mohali.

But first and foremost here on, India have to put up a decent total in the first innings. Virat Kohli and his men, who have scored 166 runs so far, will be happy if Jadeja and Ashwin score some important 70-80 odd runs in the last session without losing any wicket. 

I'll catch you guys in the third session, which is just few minutes away.

2:13: It is the end of second session and tea break in Mohali. India are 168/7, 55 overs (Jadeja 26*, Ashwin 4*)

2:10: Ashwin lucky as he was dismissed by Rabada, who got rid of the batsman from an illegal delivery -- no ball -- which was confirmed by the third umpire. India 166/7, 54 overs, (Jadeja 25* Ashwin 3*)

2:08 Though most of the India batsmen have been troubled by the South Africa bowlers barring Vijay, Jadeja has looked solid and scorin freely as well. 

2:03: Elgar, who is striving for his fifth wicket, concedes three runs. Ashwin gets off the mark.  India 162/7, 53 overs, (Jadeja 24* Ashwin 1*)

2pm: Jadeja has been playing some good cricket and he just needs someone to bat along with. Jadeja starts off the 52nd over with a boundary on the off-side. India 159/7, 52 overs, (Jadeja 22* Ashwin 0*)

1:55: Ravichandran Ashwin comes into bat.

Amit Mishra out. Silly batting by Mishra, who came down the track and went for a big shot and failed to middle the ball and was easily held in the  30 yards circle. It was Elgar's fourth wicket. What a match he is having! India 154/7, 51 overs

1:52: Elgar comes into bowl. He has been a huge threat for India as he has taken three important wickets. SA are aware that Jadeja has been stron through the covergs regions so there is a sweeper cover for the left-hander.

1:50: Though India are in trouble with six wickets down, Jadeja has been busy, looking to score runs and rotate strike whenever possible. SIR Jadeja, India needs you now to deliver. India 152/6, 50 overs, (Jadeja 16* Mishra 6*)

1:45: Rabada into the bowling attack, replaces Tahir.

1:43: Jadeja, who is going to hold the key from now on,  scores another boundary on the off-side as Harmer bolws it short and wide. Jadeja is looking good as he is busy rotating the strike as well. Mishra concludes the 49th over with a boundary. Good over for India as they score nine runs.  India 152/6, 49 overs, (Jadeja 15* Mishra 6*)

1:35: With Amit Mishra and Jadeja at the batting crease, what should we expect? Can India reach 250 runs?

Alas!!! Vijay out for a well made 75 runs. Harmer traps him leg before wicket, though, VIjay does not seem happy with the decision. India 140/6

1:32: Vijay is looking confident as he comes down the track and lofts Harmer for a boundary.

1:28:Imran Tahir's second over. Vijay plays it late and steers down the ball to third man for a boundary. Tahir is mixing it well. Good running by the pair as Vijay flicks the ball on the leg side for three runs. India 136/5, 46 overs, (Vijay 71*, Jadeja 9*)

1:25: Jadeja has been playin the ball cautiously, but has been trying to score runs when a chance comes by as he scored his first boundary off Harmer. Meanwhile Imran Tahir has concluded his first over of the day. One wonders why was he brought so late in the game. India 126/5, 44 overs, (Vijay 63*, Jadeja 9*)

1:15 This partnership between Vijay and Jadeja needs to shoulder responsibility and make sure that India does not lose any more wicket unitl tea, which is an hour away. India 116/5, 41overs (Vijay 60*, Jadeja 2*)

1:13: Drinks break. India 116/5, 41overs (Vijay 60*, Jadeja 2*)

That is all from me (Rajarshi Majumdar) and now my colleague Ashim Sunamwill bring you the live updates of the rest of the action from Day 1!

1:10: Murali Vijay has crafted a very distinguished half-century amidst all the other things that is happening out there in the middle. 

1:04: DEAR-O-DEAR! Wriddhiman Saha has been dismissed for a duck! Elgar picks up another one in a similar fashion. And now he is on a hat-trick! What a spell of bpwling this has been. India 102/5.

12:59: Gone! RAHANE this time edges one to Hashim Amla. Elgar has now picked up two wickets. India 102/4. Rahane dismissed for 15. 

12:55: Vijay has batted brilliantly right from the start. India would want him to make a big score at the end of the day. Rahane on the other end has been batting well also. Harmer is not making any impact on either of these batsmen. Meanwhile, 100 comes up for India in the 37th over. 300 runs will be a very good score on this wicket it seems. India 100/3, Overs 37 (Vijay 47*, Rahane 14).

12:46: Things have really slowed down. Rahane and Vijay have taken things seriously. They have been cautious right from the start of the second session of the play. 35 overs have been bowled but stil no Imran Tahir in action. Why won't they be watchful! Things have not gone in India's favour since the start of Day 1. They need a big partnership from these two now. India 97/3, Overs 35 (Vijay 45*, Rahane 13*).

12:25: So far so good for India in this secodn session of the day's play. Rahane and Vijay has looked solid on the top of the ball. Still no Tahir in action. Vijay will be eyeing a big score here in Mohali and so will Rahane.  India 92/3, Overs 31(Vijay 44*, Rahane 9*).

12:15: We have not seen Imran Tahir in action as of yet. Vernon Philander has started the proceedings. Rahane has looked calm and composed. Both these batsmen will have to be there and build a big partnership. Rahane also scored his first boundary as the ball went through Tahir's legs. India 86/3, Overs 28 (Vijay 40*, Rahane 7*)

The first ball of the second session and Ajinkya Rahane defends the ball!

You guys would want to look at the boundaries from the first session before the start of the second session of Day 1 in Mohali. here are the boundaries:

Here is how the wickets fell in the first session:

11:30: Lunch Time! 

Having lost the toss, the first session of the first Test in Mohali still has gone South Africa's way. India lost the wicket of Shikhar Dhawan in the second over of Day 1 when he edged one from Philander to the first slip.

Pujara and Vijay had a 50-run stand and pulled India out of the early debacle. Both the batsmen were batting really well until Pujara played a Dean Elgar ball down the wrong line. He was dismissed after a well made 31. 

Kohli came out to bat in a crucial position but did not last long as he too edged one to the short extra cover fielder and was dismissed for just one run leaving India struggling at 65 for the loss of three wickets. 

Vijay has been the best batsmen so far and has played some glorious strokes in this innings. Rahane has joined him in the middle just before the stroke of lunch. Rahane and Vijay will have to re-build this Indian innings in order to pull their side out of this abyss. India 82/3, Overs 27 (Vijay 40*, Rahane 3*).

The second session will start soon. Meanwhile, you guys can go grab some brunch! Stay tuned!. 

11:25: The lunch break is not far and if South Africa can manage get one more wicket then India will really be on the backfoot. Harmer continuing from the other end now. Rahane and Vijay will have to build a big partnership in order to pull India out of this abyss. Vijay has been batting really well in these conditions and on a tricky wicket too. India 77/3, Overs 26 (Vijay 36*, Rahane 2*).  

11:15: Problem for India now. They have lost two huge wickets in no time. Not the kind of birthday Kohli had expected. Pujara and the skipper have now been dismissed in a span of 2 runs. India are in some sort of a fix. Ajinkya Rahane have come out to bat alongside Murali Vijay. India 69/3, Overs 23 (Vijay 30*, Rahane 0*). 

11:11: Kohli is gone! Oh boy, what a first wicket for Rabada again! Dean Elgar takes the catch in short extra cover. 

Virat Kohli is out on the middle now! Can the birthday boy score his fourth century as the skipper of Team India? Well, we will have to wait and watch!

11:07: Dean Elgar now takes the ball from Rabada and picks up the wicket of Pujara! Arm ball there and struck Pujara in front of the wicket. Huge bonus for South Africa. India 66/2.

11:00: Surprisingly, Amla has not used Imran Tahir as of yet. This is going to be further frustrating for the Proteas if they fail to break this partnership. India 60/1, Overs 20 (Vijay 29*, Pujara 29*).

10:44: Kagiso Rabada who has been a revelation during the limited over series against India got his hands on the ball. But such wickets are not going to help him anyway. He will have to keep trying harder everytime. At this moment, Vijay and Pujara are batting well. 50 comes up for the hosts as well and it also brings up the 50 of the partnership between these two. This has been a good comeback from India. India 51/1, Overs 17. 

Here comes the spinner! Simon Harmer! The ball is clearly not doing anything. Amla looking to change things but Vijay not allowing Harmer to settle down. Welcomes him with a boundary. India 38/1, Overs 13. 

Time for the players to have a drink! 

10:25: Pujara and Vijay have pulled India out of that early debacle. The ball has been keeping low and it has stopped moving as well. This is the time when these two batsmen can capitalise on this situation. Both Vijay and Pujara have looked good on the ball be it off side or on the leg side. Seven runs came off that last Philander over. India 34/1, Overs 12 (Vijay 21*, Pujara 13*).

10:08: Surprisingly Steyn has not bowled at a brisk pace but he has tested the Indian batsmen outside the off-stump. Philander too has bowled well apart from those two odd boundaries. The ball is not doing much but this is good cricket from both the sides. Vijay and Pujara have somewhat resurrected the awful start India made. India 18/1, Overs 8 (Vijay 5*, Pujara 13*).

Misfieldings can cost you! Like the one just Rabada missed. Went straight through his legs to the boundary. Pujara is going at almost a-run-a-ball!

9:55: Do not bowl at the pads of the Indian batsmen! They will continue to send those balls to the boundaries. Pujara is looking good so far. One ball that Steyn bowled a little straight on to the pads and Pujara did not even think twice before flicking it to the boundary. India 13/1, Overs 5 (Vijay 4*, Pujara 9*).

Almost almost! Vijay flashed on to a wide delivery from Steyn and it just went over the gully fielder for a four! Indian batsmen are living dangerously here. India 8/1, Overs 3.

9:41: What a start this is for South Africa! No real foot movement from Dhawan. He edged one straight to the 1st slip where Hashim Amla did not make any mistake to hold on to a sitter. Pujara have come out to bat in no 3 and straight away he is off the mark with the first boundary of the game. India 4/1, Overs 2 (Vijay 0*, Pujara 4*).

GONE! Oh dear, Dhawan is walking back to the pavilion without scoring! India 0/1. 

Vernon Philander will share the new ball with Dale Steyn. Dhawan on strike now!

9:35: The ball is moving and as Sunil Gavaskar and Kepler Wessels had said during the pitch report, that it will move because of the conditions here in Mohali but things will slow down as the cracks on the deck are prominent. A decent start for both the side. India 0/0, overs 1 (Vijay 0*, Dhawan 0*).

Here's the first ball from Steyn and Vijay just lets the ball sail to the keeper.

Murali Vijay and Shikhar Dhawan walking out in the middle. 

The first ball of the first test match between India and South Africa will be bowled soon! 

Dale Steyn is likely to start the proceedings.

The Live action is just minutes away, are you guys ready for some riveting Test contest?

Here's what you have been waiting for. The playing XI's of both the sides:

The team list is on its way folks!

India have won the toss and have elected to bat first!


The pitch does not look like a great one. It will slow down as the game progresses. It may turn out to be a spinners paradise. 

India would want to do well in this Test match desperately and no wonder they will be looking to go with three spinners!

The weather seems to be nice and cool in Chandigarh. And whoever wins the toss would be looking to bat first for sure. 

Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned for further updates about the pitch report, toss, teams and more!

Hello and welcome to the live blog coverage of the first Test Day 1 between India and South Africa!

This is Rajarshi Majumdar and Ashim Sunam and we will be bringing you the updates of the live action from the Mohali test.  

The stage is set for an epic battle between the two powerhouses in the world of cricket. India are all set to avenge their losses in the T20 and ODI series as they gear up to take on South Africa in the first Test of the four-match series at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali on Thursday. 

First of all let us all wish Virat Kohli a very happy 27th birthday! At this age he already has 34 interantional centuries in two formats and he will be hungry for more. Kohli also has scored three centuries in the first innings of his first three Test matches as the captain of India. South Africa will be wary of that.

India likely to opt for five bowlers as it is Kohli's favourite option. With Ravichandran Ashwin in the side, it will be a tough challenge for the upbeat Proteas. Meanwhile, JP Duminy has been ruled out of the first Test against India as he has failed to recover from an injury. It indeed is going to be a riveting contest between these two sides, as one is looking to avenge the defeats in the limited over formats and the other will be looking to extend their drea run in the Tests in the overseas.