India have gone 0-1 down in the best of five ODI series after losing to South Africa in the first ODI in Kanpur on Sunday. Despite Rohit Sharma's heroics -- 150 runs -- India failed to chase South Africa's total of 303 runs.

The match went down right to the wire with India requiring 11 runs from the last over, which was a huge possibility with MS Dhoni at the batting crease. However, even the best finishers of the game could not help India seal victory. One has to applaud Rabada for his sensational bowling in the 50th over under pressure, 

Earlier in the day, AB de Villiers, who won the man of the match, played a brilliant innings to score 104 from 73 balls, which paved the way for a South Africa win. 

Though. India might have lost the match, four more key ODIs are yet to be played in the series. The men in blue have it in them to win the series if they play good quality cricket. India next play South Africa in Indore on Wednesday.

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SA win 1st ODI by 5 runs. 

India 298/7, 50 overs.

49.5 overs - Binny out. Rabada, meanwhile, is on a hat-trick. India's only chance of a draw - Bhuvi needs to hit a six.

49.6 - Neither does Rabada take a hat-trick, nor does Bhuvi hit a six to tie the game. India lose first ODI.

India need 7 runs, 2 balls remaining 

49.1 - Misfield gives Dhoni a chance to complete a couple. The skipper is back on strike.

49.2 - Single. Binny on strike. what can he do? 

49.3 - Stuart Binny takes single. Dhoni back on strike.

49.4 - Rabada to Dhoni, who is dismissed as India lose their big fish. Dhoni top edges the ball and Rabada pockets it safely. 

India need 11 runs , 6 balls remaining

48.1 ov- Dhoni runs for a quick two with Steym bowling him at his pads.

48.2 - Steyn bowls at Dhoni's body, takes a leg bye. Binny, who is yet to open his account, will face Steyn now.

48.3 - Drives the ball for a single. Need of the hour is a boundary, not such singles.

48.4 - Under pressure, this is an amazing shot by Dhoni, who paddles the ball for a boundary behind the wicket.We do not get to see such uncharacterstic shot from Dhoni, anyways, an important boundary.

48.5 - Dhoni comes down the track and hits the ball on the off side. Two runs.

48.6 -One run. Dhoni keeps strike. India 293/5, 49 overs.

India need 22 runs,12 balls remaining

4:48: Great running from Dhoni, who takes six runs from first three balls. No boundaries, three couples so far.  

Single in the fourth ball. Binny to face Morkel now. 

Dhoni keeps strike after taking a single in the last ball.

India 281/5, 48overs ( Dhoni 18*, Binny 0* )

India need 31 runs, 18 balls remaining

4:42: Suresh Raina, who walked onto bat, has been dismissed for a single run as he plays a slog sweep, which hits the bottom of the bat and the ball spoons high on the air that is caught on the boundary line. Tahir with two big wickets in the over. Surely this is a game changing over from Tahir.  India 273/5, 47overs ( Dhoni 10*)

Rohit Sharma out for 150 runs. Rohit is caught and bowled by Tahir. Now the pressure is back on India.India 269/4, 46overs ( Dhoni 9*)

India require 35 runs, 24 balls remaining.

4:36: 150 runs for Rohit Sharma. Last ball of the 46th over. Let's see what Dhoni has up for grabs. Nothing. Dot ball from Steyn. 

4:34: Dale Steyn is welcomed with a glorious six by Rohit, which is his sixth six of the innings. Nine runs from first three balls - exactly what the doctor ordered. 

India need 46 runs,  30 balls remaining

4:30: Good start to the over for India as Rohit hits Morkel for a six in the first ball over mid-wicket fence. However, the running between the wickets have not been convincing for India as once again there is a yes and no and they do not go for a single. India 258/3, 45overs (Rohit 140* , Dhoni 8*)

India need 55 runs, 36 balls remaining

4:28: Rabada onto bowl and the Indian pair have to attack the pacer as they have to score nine runs per over. India are not able to hit those elusive boundaries. Three singles from first three balls and Rohit pleases fans with a lovely four behind square and follows it with a dab for a single. India 249/3, 44overs (Rohit 132* , Dhoni 7*)

India need 63 runs, 42 balls remaining

4:23: Morkel, who has changed his run up of late, is not getting it right while running to bowl. Both the batsmen are taking it quite easy as they are not going for those expansive shots. They cannot leave it too late.

Rohit lucky as SA misses an easy chance to run out Mumbai lad. It was a big mix up between Dhoni and Rohit. India 241/3, 43 overs, (Rohit 126*, Dhoni 6*)

India need 69 runs, 48 balls remaining

4:15: Rabada into the attack. After such a start by Rohit, India cannot afford to lose this game. After four runs from three balls, Rohit, with short fine leg in place, hits the ball in the long leg region for a boundary. Dhoni, who is a great finisher, is as usual, taking it easy.  India 235/3, 42 overs, (Rohit 123*, Dhoni 3*)

India need 79 runs, 54 balls remaining

4:10: Rohit is the man for India alongside Dhoni and as I say that Rohit slog sweeps Tahir for a six. Much needed one. Dhoni has scored two from two balls and is giving the strike to Rohit, who takes a single in the last ball of the over. India 224/3, 41 overs, (Rohit 117*, Dhoni 2*)

India will be looking forward to bounce back in the ODI series against South Africa.Reuters

India need 90 runs, 60 balls remaining

Dhoni walks onto bat.

Kohli out - great catch by Morkel, who dives low to grab the ball. India 214/3, 40 overs (Rohit 106*)

4:05pm: Steyn bowling. SA on the attack as a slip is introduced with Kohli at the batting crease.  Rohit goes for a wild swing, does not get hold of it, only single run. Good running as Kohli makes Rohit run for a couple.  

India have only scored 8 runs in last three overs. Pressure on India. Tide shifting?

4pm: Rohit plays the ball on the leg side, splendid fielding from SA as the fielder in the deep saves three runs. Poor running from India, only one run. Rohit, I guess, needs to take the attack to the opposition. India 209/2, 39 overs (Rohit 106*, Kohli 8*) 

Meanwhile, official news from BCCI : Harbhajan Singh replaces Ashwin for ODI series.

Dale Steyn, who comes back into the scene, is set to bowl the 38th over. Rohit facing Steyn. What should we expect? 

3:50: Kohli, who is aware of Rohit seeing the cricket ball like a football, is doing well enough to rotate the strike and enjoy Rohit's innings from the other end. Tahir is getting the ball to talk as he defeats Rohit with the spin twice. Rohit playing sensibly. Run out shout from SA, but Rohit is well in, not out.India 203/2, 37 overs. (Rohit 103, Kohli 5*)

3:44: Rohit completes his century with a boundary on the leg side. What an amazing innings.

3:42: Morne Morkel has bowled well with the old ball. He is not giving any easy balls to the in-form batsman Rohit, who might be feeling the pressure of nervous nineties. Only two runs. This game, as I said earlier, will o down right to the wire. India 194/2, 35 overs. (Rohit 97*, Kohli 2*)

Virat Kohli walks into bat at number four. He gets off the mark. 

3:35: Rahane out for 60 runs, Behardien finally breaks partnership. He is dismissed while trying to hit over the top and is held by David Miller inside the 30 yards circle.

3:31: Morkel only concedes five runs and he swung the ball back in a few times.  India 190/1, 33 overs. (Rohit 96*, Rahane 60*)

The match is evenly poised, though, with India just a wicket down, have an upper hand. 


3:24: The Indian duo, whave scored 140 odd runs as a unit, are starting to open up gradually as Rahane hits the first ball of the over for a boundary and takes two singles in the remaining five balls of the over.  India 185/1, 32 overs. (Rohit 94*, Rahane 58*)

3:20: Rohit is inching closer to his ton, but he needs to carry his bat through till the end. This innings of Rohit has proved us why he is regarded as one of the best Indian players. Good over from Morkel - only three runs. India 179/1, 31 overs. (Rohit 93*, Rahane 52*)

3:15pm: Rahane completes his half century. Well crafted one, which includes a number of singles. Now, he needs to consolidate as well. Rohit lofts the ball on the offisde for a boundary at the extra cover region and follows it up with a similar shot, but this time, it results for a six. Amazin batting from Rohit. India 176/1, 30 overs. (Rohit 92*, Rahane 50*)

Six - Rohit Sharma.

Rohit sweeps the ball for a six on the leg side. Mind you, there was nothing wrong with the ball. It was the class of Rohit, which made us believe it to be an easy shot. 

Spin from both ends as Duminy is set to start the 29th over.

3:04: Appeal for  stumping as there is a hint of turn for Tahir, who defeats Rohit but the bastemn is safe and the third umpire says not out. India 150/1, 28 overs. (Rohit 70*, Rahane 46*)

3:02pm: Behardien doing a great job in the middle overs as the fifth bowler, and as I say that Rahane places the ball to the third man region for a deft boundary.   India147/1, 27 overs, (Rohit 69*, Rahane 44*)

2:55pm: Three overs from Dale Steyn and to be fair, India should be happy as they did not lose any wicket.

2:53: Behardien to Sharma - four balls dot on a trot (was not trying to rhyme on purpose)  Pressure on India as the home team have been pegged down, but Rahane once again releases pressure with a boundary - drags the ball from wide of the off stump towards the left of deep midwicket area. India135/1, 25 overs, (Rohit 64*, Rahane 38*)

2:47: Dale Steyn has been bowling beautifully with the old ball as he is not iving anything away to the Indian batsmen. India130/1, 24 overs, (Rohit 63*, Rahane 34*)

2:45: I have a feeling that the match might go down right to the wire.Why have the cowd lost their buzz? Come on fellas, India are on top. Don't worry, we have some great finishers to come. 

2:43: Beautiful shot by Rahane, who comes down the track and plays Tahir inside out for a boundary. Pressure, which was gradually building, has been released. India127/1, 23 overs, (Rohit 62*, Rahane 33*)

2:41: Great over from Steyn, who just concedes one run. There is no need for India to take risks against Steyn. India can attack their fifth bowler, who could pose as a major problems for SA. India120/1, 22 overs, (Rohit 61*, Rahane 27*)

2:38: SA wants to break this partnership as they introduce Steyn back into action.

2:35: Rohit might have stolen the show so far for India, but we should not forget the contribution made by Rahane, who has rotated the strike nicely. The pair have batted well against the biggest threat of Imran Tahir as well. To be honest, Rahane and Rohit have milked the bowler for singles.India 119/1, 21 overs (Rohit 61*, Rahane 26*)

2:25: Rohit Sharma reaches his fifty with another boundary on the off-side as  he opens the face behind backward of square and follows with another cracking boundary on the leg side. It is all about elegance. OH MY!!! Morkel strikes Rohit's pad and goes for a huge appeal, only to be turned down by the umpire. There was an inside edge. India 108/1, 18 overs (Rohit 57*, Rahane 19*)

2:22: But, it makes no difference as Rohit square  cuts the ball for a boundary on the off-side. Rohit is batting splendidly well. 5 runs from Tahir's first over. India 99/1, 17 overs (Rohit 49*, Rahane 18*)

Oh!!!! SA camp must be reading my live blog. Imran Tahir comes into the attack.


2:15: I guess Imran Tahir needs to be given the ball, as he is their number one bowler under such conditions in India. India are finding it easy against other bowlers. Imran Tahir, who has great variety in his bowling, can trouble the Indian batsmen. Even Morkel, who started brilliantly, has lost some gas now.  India 94/1, 16 overs (Rohit 45*, Rahane 17*)

2:10pm: Rahane lucky - Duminy nearly catches a blinder of his own bowling. Both the Indian batsmen -- Rahane and Rohit -- are at ease in the middle as they are rotating the strike without much problems. They need to carry on the same pattern and provide a platform for other batsmen to follow.  India 90/1, 15 overs (Rohit 43*, Rahane 15*)

2:04: India are batting sensibly, not taking much risks, but are still scoring runs at a good rate. India 78/1, 13 overs (Rohit 39*, Rahane 12*)

2:01: Six: Rohit comes down the track and lofts Duminy for a six.

1:59: Rohit has looked comfortable at the batting crease and if India are to win, Rohit needs to stick as long as possible at the middle. India 70/1, 12 overs (Rohit 32*, Rahane 11*)

1:56: Rohit glances the ball for a boundary.

1:55: India play Duminy with ease as they score six runs from the 11th over, which includes four singles and a couple. India 65/1, 11 overs (Rohit 27*, Rahane 11*)

1:52: Spin introduced: JP Duminy

1:50: Rohit square drives Morkel for a boundary, though, it was not a good effort from the Proteas' fielder and the right-hander follows it with another boundary as he once again drives the ball to the fence. India 59/1, 10 overs, (Rohit 25* Rahane 7*)

1:46: Morkel looks hungry for wickets, considering the way he has been running onto bowl.

1:45: Shot of the innings so far? Rahane drives the ball on the off-sidee for a wonderful boundary. six runs from the over.  49/1, 9 overs, (Rohit 17* Rahane 6*)

1:41: Rabada to start the 9th over.

1:40: Ajinkya Rahane walks into bat at no.3. Wonderful first over from Morkel, who only gives one run. India 43/1, 8 overs, (Rohit 17* Rahane 1*)

1:38: Dhawan out. Morkel, who strikes in his first over, traps him leg before. Unfortunate for India as Dhawan was looking in great shape. India 42/1, 7.3 overs, (Rohit 17*)

1:37: Morne Morkel comes into bowl. 

1:35: Bowling change - Farhaan Behardien comes into bowl. Rohit Sharma welcomes him at the bowling crease with two boundaries in the first over. Rohit's elegance at its best. India 42/0, 7 overs, (Rohit 17*, Dhawan 23*)

1:30: As I say that, Dhawan plays a pull shot , which drops just short of the fielder. Rabada with another short ball, but this time he pulls it for a boundary. India 32/0, 6 overs, (Rohit 8*, Dhawan 22*)

1:26pm: The Indian openers have not taken much risk, but have provided a solid start. Three dot balls. I feel something is got to give.  India 26/0, 5.3 ovs, (Rohit 8*, Dhawan 18*) 

1:24pm: Dhawan lucky as ball flies onto the third man boundary for another four after Steyn produces an outside edge.The left-hander is looking in great touch as Steyn is pulled for a boundary on the leg side, which prompts SA skipper to drop a fielder at deep square leg.  side. India 26/0, 5 overs, (Rohit 7*, Dhawan 18*)

1:18pm: Rabada, who tries to bounce Dhawan out, plays a delightful pull shot to put it away for four runs, his second four. Rohit follows it up with an elegant punch through the off side for the second four of the over. India moving along nicely. India 18/0, 4 overs, (Rohit 7*, Dhawan 10*)

1:15: Shikhar Dhawan, who looked in poor form during the T20 series, has been strking the ball cleanly. The left-hander is making it possible with a strong frontfoot game. India 8/ 0, 3overs, (Rohit 3*, Dhawan 5*) 

1:12 Steyn with a beauty as he beats Rohit Sharma, who could have easily edged that ball.

1:11pm:  Rabada bowls a tidy over as he only gives a solitary run from his first over. The Indians were cautious against Rabada, who was spot on with his line and lengthIndia 6/ 0, 2overs, (Rohit 2*, Dhawan 4*)

1:07pm: Kagiso Rabada to bowl the second over

1:06pm: Dale Steyn's first over of the ODI series is a decent one with some good pace. The Indian openers needs to be aware of the speedster, who is Proteas' bowling spearhead. The last bowl of the over is timed through the cover region for a boundary by DhawanIndia 5/ 0, 1over, (Rohit 1*, Dhawan 4*)

1pm: Both the teams are out on the field with Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan at the batting crease for India, while Dale Steyn is set to open the bowling for SA. What a contest in place with Rohit vs Steyn first up.

12:57pm: Hello fellas, I -- Ashim Sunam -- have taken it over from my colleague, Rajarshi, who provided you with all the updates from the first innings, where South Africa scored 303 runs with the help of AB de Villiers' splendid ton. Can India chase the SA total down? 

12:36: South Africa batsmen have done their job beautifully. The average first innings total in this stadium is 242 but Proteas have gone past 300. A wonderful flourish at the end from De villiers and Behardien. 

Indian batters will have to sweat it out to get to that total. This is indeed a very very good score. On top of that they will also have to handle the pace of Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel.

Dhoni's decision of saving Ashwin for the backend of the innings backfired. Ashwin injured himself and could only bowl 4.4 overs. Mishra was the pick of the bowlers and Raina supported him well. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, stay tuned as my colleague Ashim Sunam will bring you the live updates of the action when India chases those runs. 

India need 304 runs to win! Can they do it? We will have to wait and watch!

SIX! AB reaches the century in style and also takes South Africa past 300 as well. South Africa 303/5 in 50 overs. 

Plays and misses! Oh Boy! What a match this is turning out to be! Can AB get to that hundred?

A single of fourth ball. De Villiers now on strike. He is on 98*.

14 runs coming off the first three balls. Another six!

Two boundaries from the first two balls from Behardien. 52 runs partnership between these two now. 

Last over of the first innings!

12:26: How does De Villiers generate so much power from a low full toss! De Villiers has now hit two sixes in this over.  He is approaching his century now. What a knock he has played here. Captain's knock! 19 runs came off that Bhuvneshwar Kumar over.  South Africa 282/5, Overs 49 (De Villiers 98*, Behardien 19*).

12:25: The Proteas bastmen are trying really hard to score these runs but Yadaav has bowled well. The seam is gripping on this pitch. Behardien is playing a little gem of an innings here in Kanpur. 12 runs have come off that over.  South Africa 263/5, Overs 48 (De Villiers 80*, Behardien 19*).

12:21: De Villiers and Behardien have not able to time the ball perfectly. But they are getting the all-important  runs. This has been a good wicket so far. It will be interesting to see how it behaves when India will chase. South Africa 250/5, Overs 47 (De Villiers 76*, Behardien 10*).

12:14: What an over from Yadav! Picked up the wicket of Duminy. This is good cricket from India. South Africa 241/5, Overs 46 (De Villiers 74*, Behardien 3*).

12:11: Yadav dismisses Duminy! Edged to Dhoni and gone. This is a big wicket for India. Yadav once again picks up a wicket in the first ball of his over. Duminy gone for 15. South Africa 238/5, Overs 45.1. 

12:10: Binny went for a lot of runs. De Villiers and Duminy have both launched an attack. this is the change of gear I was talking about. Proteas are cruising at this moment. 21 runs coming off that over and Dhoni will not be giving the ball to Binny anymore in this match I belive.  South Africa 238/4, Overs 45 (De Villiers 74*, Duminy 15*).

12:06: Duminy gets into the groove! Plays through the line for a big six over square leg! 

12:02: Not good news for India. Ashwin has left the field again. The crowd here is making quite a bit of noise. Meanwhile, singles will not be hurting India. De Villiers would be looking for full throttle now. South Africa 217/4, Overs 44 (De Villiers 60*, Duminy 8*).

12:00: Ashwin is back into the attack now. Playing his 100th ODI!

11:57: De Villiers is playing the captain's innings here at the Green Park Stadium. If he stays there till the end, it could be very dangerous. South Africa 209/4, Overs 42. (De Villiers 56*, Duminy 4*).

11:54: Fifty for the South Africa skipper Ab De Villiers! this has been a good innings.

11:52: 200 comes up for the Proteas in the 41st over. De Villiers is still there at the crease. India need to get him out quickly. 

11:49: Mishra you beauty! Miller Stumped! Dhoni did not miss this time. Miller dismissed for 13. South Africa 197/4 Overs 40.3. Duminy walks out to bat now! 

11:46: Looking at De Villiers one can definitely make out that he is going to take on the bowlers now. The pacers has to do a real good job if they would want to restrict South Africa to a modest total. 

11:42: This is just what India did not want. De Villiers settling down means trouble. And he has settled down. Just saw with how much ease he is striking the ball. South Africa 189/3, Overs 39, (De Villiers 41*, Miller 12*).

11:41: So Much time for Ab De Villiers to whack that over the mid-wicket boundary for his second six in this game!

11:39: Yet another direct hit, but De villiers back comfortably.

11:37: Ashwin is back on the field. Good news for India!

11:30: De Villiers looking to move on quickly. India missing the services of Ashwin badly at this moment. How well the spinners have contained the South African batsmen in this first innings so far! Duminy and Behardien yet to come, what do you think South Africa is looking at? South Africa 175/3, Overs 37 (De Villiers 30*, Miller 9*).

11:23: India will find it difficult to restrict South Africa to a decent total. Ashwin has not yet come back into the field. Mishra has one more over left in his bag. However, Umesh Yadav has come back with two good overs and also has picked up the all-important wicket of Faf du Plessis. Still 14 more overs to go. Meanwhile, De Villiers is looking to throttle. Miller too can be very dangerous in such situations. India need wickets! 

11:22: Umpires call for the drinks! 

11:17: Suresh Raina has done a terrific job with his slow off-spinners. He has bowled economically and has provided good support to the other two spinners. South Africa 164/3, Overs 35.

11:11: Du Plessis LBW by Amit Mishra! Very good bowling change by MS Dhoni! Du Plessis gone for 62. South Africa 152/3, Overs 32.1.

11:10: De Villiers has been quite slow compared to the kind of innings he usually plays in this format of the game. Mishra has bowled straight and wicket-to-wicket. That is how he knocked off Amla. Meanwhile Du Plessis is playing a very good innings here in Kanpur. South Africa 152/2, Overs 32 (Du Plessis 62* Du Plessis 18*). 

11:05: Oh Boy! Ashwin leaving the field after he injured himself. This is not good for India. Virat Kohli will complete the over. 

11:00: Big Shout for LBW, but the umpire denies! This is turning out to be yet another interesting contest between De Villiers and Ashwin. I have a feeling something is going to happen soon. Come on you people! Cheer for your favourite sides! South Africa 139/2, Overs 30 (Du Plessis 54, De Villiers 9*).

10:53: Fine over from Ashwin. It was clear that Ab was not very comfortable playing India's best tweaker at this moment. South Africa 134/2, Overs 28.

10:51: Ashwin back into the attack now. It is De Villiers vs Ashwin yet again! Interesting contest.

10:47: No signs of Ashwin as of yet. Raina continuing to roll his off-spinners. Du Plessis hit the first six of the innings and brings up his half-century. This has been a superb innings so far. He will be looking to build on to this and get a big one. India definitely should bring in Ashwin for a couple of overs at least. South Africa 129/2, Overs 27, (Du Plessis 52*, De Villiers 6*)

10:45: EDGED! and went through Raina and Dhoni. Lucky boundary for Du Plessis!

10:42: India have kept South Africa quiet in the last few overs. Raina has been doing a terrific job for his captain. De Villiers and Du Plessis, these are the two wickets India need. Ashwin soon?? Dhoni are you listening? South Africa 113/2, Overs 25, (Du Plessis 39*, De Villiers 3*). 

10:36: BOWLED HIM! AMLA dismissed by Amit Mishra. Quicker delivery through Amla's defence. Big Wicket for India. Amla gone for 37. South Africa 104/2.  

10:32: India are in dire need of a wicket. South Africa batsmen Faf du Plessis and Hashim Amla have been doing it rather easily. Still no Ashwin into the attack. What is Dhoni thinking man! Mishra and Raina have bowled well. They have managed not to leak any boundaries in the last six overs but they did not get any wickets either. This is not good as these two batsmen are creating a platform for people like De Villiers, Duminy and Miller to burst open in the last 10-15 overs. 

South Africa 101/1, Overs 22, (Du Plessis 32*, Amla 35*).

10:14: Umpires have called the drinks car on to the field! You guys also go and sip in some juice or water. Stay tuned fellas!

10:13: Suresh Raina is into the attack. Amla gets away with a close chance. The ball did not bounce much. Don't really understand what Dhoni is thinking at the moment. Ashwin just bowled one over. He should have given another pver or two to the crafty spinner. South Africa are doing it easily now. South Africa 82/1, Overs 17, (Du Plessis 22*, Amla 24*).

10:03: Du Plessis is looking to get his eyes in here. He has now hit two wonderful shots that has raced away to the fence for four. Binny and Mishra has bowled welll but India need wickets. Amla on the ther hand is nicely knocking the ball around rotating the strikes. South Africa 68/1, Overs 14, (Du Plessis 17*, Amla 20*)

9:54: Oh Dear! This has been an eventful over from Amit Mishra! Two chances so far. The ball is already turning square at 10 am in the morning. 

9:50: This is good pressure from India. Mishra bowled a good first over of his spell. Only five runs came off the last three overs. And this is good thinking from the Indian captain!

South Africa 49/1, Overs 11, (Du Plessis 1*, Amla 17*).

9:50: Top class stuff from Rohit Sharma on the field. Both the batsmen were half way down the wicket. Superb fielding that was!

9:46: Spin from both ends now. Amit Mishra into the attack!

9:40: Beautifully flighted delivery and De Kock edged the ball and Raina did not make any mistake in first slip. 

9:37: OUT! De Kock is gone! Ashwin strike early. He is in suoerb form. De Kock dismissed for 29. South Africa 45/1, Overs 8.3.

9:36: Here he is! Ravichandran Ashwin will tweak the ball now! 

9:35: When in trouble, bat against India is the mantra that De Kock seems to follow. He averages 87.25 against India and also has three centuries here in the sub-continent. Today also, he has started to middle the ball and that is not a great sign for Dhoni and co. He has been turning good overs into a bad one by hitting a boundary of the last ball. 

9:32: The outfield is very quick at the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur. The ball is racing away to the fence in no time. 

9:31: The fast bowlers have not managed to trouble the South African openers much. Dhoni should try Binny or a couple of overs from one his spinners now to put a little a bit of pressure on the visitors. South Africa 34/0, Overs 7, (De Kock 19*, Amla 13*).

9:23: Bhuvneshwar Kumar has bowled beautifully, especially to De Kock. But, De Kock got the better off him in a couple of occasion. The Indian bowlers have managed to keep them quiet.Two back-to-back boundaries came off that over though. South Africa 23/0, Overs 5, (De Kock 17*, Amla 4*).   

9:19: Amla plays and misses! Yadav came back well in his second over.

9:15: Quinton de Kock survives! 

9:14: A run out chance, Kohli quickly on to the ball and goes for a direct hit! Third umpire to decide now. 

9:13: We almost had the first maiden of the match but De Kock nudges the ball down to long off for a single. kumar has bowled well so far in his first two overs. South Africa 12/0, Overs 3, (De Kock 8*, Amla 2*).

9:09: We saw Umesh Yadav bowling a decent over but he did struggle with his line and length. He is bowling quickly but he has to adjust that line. South Africa 11/0, Overs 2, (De Kock 7*, Amla 2*).

9:05: First boundary of the match off De Kock's bat. Bad ball from Umesh Yadav into his pads and he tucks it away for a boundary.

9:04: It has been a rather quite first over for the visitors. The ball is doing quite a bit. Kumar has managed to move the ball both ways. South Africa 5/0, overs 1 (De Kock 2*, Amla 2*).  

9:01: Swing straight away! kumar has been on the money in his first two balls. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets the new ball! 

MS Dhoni lead the Indian players into the field! 

The stage is set for a classic India South Africa encounter. Let's hear it for the both the sides before the start of the play!

Less than 10 minutes for the live action? Have you guys had your breakfasts? If not then go get it now as later you wont be able to move your eyes off this match! 

It is the only day game in this ODI series and thus we have an early start. The sun goes down pretty quickly in that part of that country.

Let us have a look at the two lineups

MS Dhoni says it is a good toss to lose!  

South Africa wins the toss and will be batting first! 

Toss TIME!

Typical Kanpur wicket, low and slow. The spinners likley to get a grip on the wicket. Lots of runs on the cards as well. Toss in another five minutes time. Stay tuned friends!

Pitch Report on its way!

Trivia: India win 92% of their matches if the spinners take 2+ wickets between 11-40 overs. 

One of the most important point that Harsha Bhogle picks up during the pre-match show is how will India stop Hashim Amla? Amla has been the run machine for the visitors and he has one of the best 50+ averages in ODI cricket. Can the Indian seamers trouble right at the start? 

Now, MS Dhoni has the ball in his hands in the nets! That is something we don't get to see quite often. 

It is indeed a bright sunny morning in Kanpur and one can expect a full match today! It is going to be a super sunday folks. Let us wait and see what India and South Africa have in store for us!

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen! This is Rajarshi Majumdar and Ashim Sunam and we will be bringing you the live updates of the action from the 1st ODI between India and South Africa.

Having lost the T20 series, India will be desperate to bounce back in this marathon series against South Africa. But it will not be a cakewalk for the hosts as speedsters Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel return to the ODI side after being rested for the T20 series. 

MS Dhoni too hinted at picking up three spinners for the 1st ODI in Kanpur. We can expect yet another entertaining match between these two powerhouses of cricket. So hold on to your seats guys, The action will begin in an hour's time!