5pm: India, who were looking well set for their first win in the ODI series against Australia, suffered a batting collapse as they lost their last nine wickets for 46 runs, chasing 349 runs for win at Manuka Oval in Canberra. Australia took advantage of the collapse and went for the kill, thus winning the match by 25 runs.

India should be a disappointed unit after their middle and lower order batsmen fell like a pack of cards in Canberra. India, while chasing the massive score, got off to a brilliant start with Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan taking the attack to the Australian bowlers.

However, it was the partnership between Virat Kohli and Dhawan, which brought India into the driver's seat as the duo scored a wonderful ton each, but their centuries went in vain as Australia crawled back into the game. Kane Richardson was the pick of the bowler for Australia, picking up five wickets.

Earlier in the day, Australia batsmen Aaron Finch and David Warner scored 107 and 93 runs respectively and a late flourish from Glenn Maxwell helped Australia reach a mammoth total.

With Australia winning the fourth ODI, they have taken a 4-0 lead and will be eager for a series whitewash when they face India in the final ODI on Saturday.

That is it from me, folks...

India all out for 323 runs. Australia defeat India in the fourth ODI by 25 runs,

Ishant Sharma out. India, 323/10, 49.2 overs

India need 26 runs to win

4:36: India have scored seven runs from the first three balls, still, India are far away from the target with one wicket in hand. Jadeja, who can hit the cricket ball a long way, has not been able to attack the Australia bolwers. He has rather been beaten outside the off stump a number of times. India 323/9, 49overs, 26 runs to win

4:31: How have we come to such a situation? India need 33 runs from 12 balls. India 316/9, 48overs, 33 runs to win

4:29: Marsh suffers hamstring, but he wants to bowl and Yadav swings his bat wildly for no run. He needs to give the strike to Jadeja. Yadav skies the ball – top edge – and Richardson drops the catch, takes a single. Another drop catch, Wade drops Jadeja. Finally, someone can catch the cricket ball. Bailey catches a skier from Yadav. India 315/9, 47.4 overs, 34 runs to win

4:22: India need 38 runs from 24 balls. Jadeja is the man, who can turn the game for India else the visitors are staring at yet another defeat in the series. Jadeja takes a single in the first ball of the over and this is not wise. He needs to take maximum strike. Yadav plays three dot balls on a trot and takes a single in the last ball. India 313/8, 47 overs, 36 runs to win

4:19: Richardson bowls brilliant over – wicket-maiden. That is awesome from the medium-pacer. India 311/8, 46 overs, 38 runs to win

4:17: Australia are bowling in a number of dot balls now, and as pressure builds on India, Kumar edges the ball to the slip fielder, to lose yet another wicket.  India 311/8, 45.2 overs, 38 runs to win

4:15: Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who has come onto bat, edges Faulkner's delivery and is dropped by Wade. Pressure is on India, who have scored two runs from five balls in the over so far. The last ball fetches one run. India 311/7, 45 overs, 38 runs to win

4:10pm: Boundaries have been hard to come by after Dhawan and Kohli have been sent back to the pavilion by the Australian bowlers. However, Jadeja and Rishi Dhawan are trying to run well between the wickets. Dhawan hits an important boundary, straight down the ground. Positive cricket from Dhawan. The right hander, when he had already scored nine runs, goes for another huge hit, but is caught in the boundary line. Gurkeerat out. India 308/7, 44 overs, 41 runs to win

4:05: India will depend on Jadeja to finish off the game for the visitors, but he needs to be well supported at the other end. Can Jadu do it for India? India 299/6, 43 overs, need 50 runs to win.

4pm: Rahane, who was looking to run the ball in the third man region, is caught at slips, and lost his wicket.Australia, who at one point of time, were looking down the barrel, have come back strongly and look favourite to win their fourth match of the series. India 294/6, 41.5overs, 55 runs to win

3:56pm: Rahane has come onto bat, but it remains to be seen if he can bat effectively as his right hand has suffered four stitches a few hours ago. India 291/5, 41overs, 58 runs to win

India in a spot of bother as Gurkeerat also falls after a good boundary in the ball first ball of the over. India 286/5, 40.2overs, 63 runs to win

3:52: With Kohli's dismissal, the game has changed entirely with two new batsmen at the crease. Can Gurkeerat and Jadeja help India win? They have the ammunitions in their bag, but the questions is can they fire. India 282/4, 40 overs, 67 runs to win

3:48: India in the backfoot, lose Kohli as well. Three key players - Dhawan, Dhoni and Kohli gone back in a matter of few minutes. Kohli out for 106 runs.

3:47: The game has opened up with two back-to-back wickets. India only scored a single run in the over. However, India still have Kohli, who can finish off the game for India. India 278/3, 39overs, need 71 runs to win.


3:44: Dhoni, who walks onto bat at number four, goes back without troubling the scorers. Out for a duck as he edges the ball to the wicket-keeper. India 277/3, 38 overs, need 72 runs to win

3:41pm: Waist-high no-ball and a free hit to Dhawan, who cannot take advantage as Hastings bowls a perfect yorker. A rare sight – Smith misfields. Dhawan, after a well made 126 runs, is out, with India in the driving seat. India 277/2, 37.3 overs

Dhawan out for 126 runs

3:36pm: Dhawan comes down the track and hits the ball for boundary over the mid-off fielder. The pressure is on Mitchell Marsh with his first ball being taken for a boundary. Can he come back strongly? Dhawan plonks the ball on the leg side for a couple. India 274/1, 37overs, need 75 runs to win.

3:31pm: Kohli has scored his 25th ton and this century should help India register their first win in the series. Kohli has scored five runs from the first three balls and looks in complete control against the Aussies. Hastings, meanwhile, bowls two yorkers on a trot to Dhawan. India 265/1, 36overs, need 84 runs to win.

Kohli completes his century

3:25pm: Six runs from the first two balls for Dhawan, who hit the first ball for a boundary and takes a couple in the second ball, which is edged to the third man region. Dhawan smacks the ball like a rocket to Bailey, who believes he has caught it at backward point, but replays suggest Dhawan can still bat as third umpire says not out. Meanwhile, Kohli is still two runs short of his century. Can he achieve the feat this over? He just takes a single and reaches 99 runs. India 259/1, 35overs, need 90 runs to win.

3:20pm: Kohli comes down the track, as he has done a number of times today, hits a boundary in the off-side. The boundary even looks majestic, on replay, as the right-hander had played that shot on the up. Kohli, inching closer to yet another ton, as he is just two runs short at the end of the over. India 251/1, 34overs, need 98 runs to win.

3:15pm: Apart from the magnificent boundary-hitting by Kohli and Dhawan, they have run well between the wickets, without risks, and as I write that Dhawan is nearly run out by Wade. They should not take such risks when they are clearly on the front foot. Just two runs from the over. India 244/1, 33overs, need 105 runs to win.

3:11pm: Though Dhawan has completed his ton, he needs to see his side through as he is the man-in-form at present, alongside Kohli. Three singles in the over as Kohli takes the fourth single in the last ball of the over. They are scoring runs all round the park. India 242/1, 32overs, need 107 runs to win.

3:07pm: Dhawan scores a magnificent ton with a boundary in the third man region. Will Kohli follow suit? The right-hander is batting on 90 runs. India 238/1, 31overs, need 111 runs to win.

3:04pm: Dhawan and Kohli are cruising at the moment and look set for their respective tons. After a long time, Australia have a decent over as India only scores three runs, which should not harm the batting side, who are well ahead of the home team. India 227/1, 30overs, need 122 runs to win.

3pm: Wide of mid-on for another boundary by Kohli for his tenth four. Kohli, who misses out on a short delivery on the off-side with no sweeper in place in the boundary, is disappointed that he did not smack the ball for a four. India 224/1, 29 overs, need 125 runs to win.

2:57: Kohli has played some wonderful shots in this innings and once again punches the ball on the off wide for two runs. He is looking in top form alongside Dhawan. Five runs from the over. India 218/1, 28 overs, need 131 runs to win.

2:53: India are well ahead of Australia as Kohli and Dhawan hit a boundary each. Dhawan is lucky, as the ball just falls short of the mid-on fielder, who could have dived forward for a spectacular catch. India 213/1, 27 overs, need 136 runs to win.

2:50:Smith to Dhawan, who sweeps Smith for a boundary on the leg side and follows it with another boundary as he comes down the track and lofts the ball over the mid-off fielder. Smart batting!! India 204/1, 26 overs, need 145 runs to win.

2:46: Kohli hits a massive six, which is measured 103m, over the long on fence and the bowler Faulkner is startled. Incredible shot by the right-hander, who looks set for his second ton in the series. Dhawan, on the other hand, is not taking many risks, but rotating the strike at will. India 194/1, 25 overs, need 155 runs to win.

2:42: Irrespective of the bowler, Kohli hits his eight boundary as he drives the ball elegantly on the off-side and the Australia fielder dives to no avail. Kohli is looking a class apart. However, Smith did trouble the left-hander in the over. India 184/1, 24 overs, need 165 runs to win.

Steve Smith set to roll his arm over, in search of a wicket

2:38: The story continues...as Kohli and Dhawan are scoring easy runs. The Australia fielders, who are also looking below par in the field, have their heads down as well, but they can get back right into the game with a wicket. One needs to praise India for their approach, which has put the home team in the backfoot. India 178/1, 23overs, need 171 runs to win.

2:33: India are chasing Australia's score with relative ease, and scoring runs at will against both the seamers as well as the spinners. Kohli and Dhawan are splitting the gaps with ease and taking singles. Kohli takes a quick single and could have been well gone had the Australian fielder hit the stumps directly. India 172/1, 22 overs, need 177 runs to win.

2:29: Both the batsmen have looked good right from the start and needs to carry on the same vain. Two runs from the first two balls and Dhawan pulls it for a boundary on the leg side and plays an even better shot in the next ball, straight down the ground. Class act by Dhawan. India 165/1, 21 overs, need 184 runs to win.

2:24: Apart from the boundaries, which Dhawan and Kohli have stuck so far, their running between the wickets have been equally impressive as well. They have converted ones into twos, twos into threes. India 155/1, 20 overs, need 194 runs to win

2:19 Kohli. There is something about this man when he bats second. He knows how to pace his innings as he completes his half-century with a quick double. He also hit a powerful square cut to the boundary fence, earlier in the over. India 149/1, 19overs, need 200 runs to win.


2:13: Kohli and Dhawan have taken very calculative risks as they are more than content with 5-6 runs per over and a boundary or two every two overs. As I write that, Dhawan hits a boundary in the last ball off the over. India 140/1, 18overs, need 209 runs to win.

2:10: India must take on Maxwell, who is a part-time off-spinner and can be looked as an easy picking with Dhawan and Kohli in good touch so far. Dhawan completes his half-century with a boundary via an exquisite pull shot. India 133/1, 17overs, need 216 runs to win.

Maxwell replaces Lyon.

2:06: Lucky Kohli!!! The ball was in the air for a long time as Kohli had top-edged his pull shot, but it fell safe and the Delhi batsman took a couple. Dot ball to finish the over. India 123/1, 16overs, need 226 runs to win.

2:02pm: Kohli and Dhawan just needs to play some normal cricket and not take too many risks as they have provided a perfect platform for an India win. Four runs from the over.India 118/1, 15overs, need 231 runs to win.

1:58: Virat Kohli is lucky as he gloves the ball for a boundary on the long leg region. Another good over for India without taking much risks. 8 runs of the over. India 114/1, 14overs, need 235 runs to win.

Mitchell Marsh to bowl.

1:54: Let's see how Dhawan, who has looked aggressive so far, will play against the spinner, takes single. Kohli once again comes own the track and hits the ball over cover region for a boundary. Good over for India. 8 runs. India 106/1, 13overs, need 243 runs to win.

Lyon comes on to bowl.

1:50: Faulkneris bowling a tight line and length, however, Kohli square drives the ball for a brilliant boundary despite a sweeper cover to stop the boundary. AH!!! Kohli, comes down the track, and smacks another boundary in the same region. India 98/1, 12overs, need 251 runs to win.

1:46: You beauty!!!! Dhawan slaps it over backward point for a massive six. The left-hander had both the foot in the air when he struck the ball, tennis-like shot. I assume, he is watching the Australian Open of late. Dhawan has looked good so far. Can he spring back to form? India 88/1, 11overs, need 261 runs to win.

1:42: Kohli vs Faulkner- Were we not waiting for this? Kohli starts off brilliantly with a boundary on the off-side. Kohli comes down the track and slashes the ball for another boundary on the off-side with the third man up. 10 runs from the over. India 80/1, 10overs, need 269 runs to win.

Bowling change - Faulkner in

1:37 Now Dhawan, who has looked decent so far needs to shoulder the responsibility, hits his third boundary. This partnership between Dhawan and Kohli, who is yet to face a ball, will hold the key India. India 70/1,9 overs, need 279 runs to win.

Kohli walks into bat, replaces Rohit

1:34: What a shot by Rohit and has been caught in the stands. That is a huge pick up six from Rohit, who pulls another one for a massive six. Another boundary as Rohit helps it to the leg side with the field well in. Alas! the right-hander, who is looking ominous, has gloved the ball to the wicket-keeper. Wicket - Richardson dismisses Rohit. India 65/1, 8 overs, need 284 runs to win.

1:28: India have got off to a good start and they need to carry on in a similar manner and help the team win the first match of the series. Dhawan, who has not been in the best of form in the series, has shown some aggressive intent to score runs today. Let's see if it pays off. Five runs from the over. India 49/0, 7 overs, need 300 runs to win

1:24: Dhawan has hit Richardson for a six in his first ball and follows it with a drive on the offside for a boundary in the fourth ball. Dhawan, however, has to be careful, cannot afford to play the ball in the air so much. India 44/0, 6 overs, need 305 runs to win

1:21: Hastings has only conceded two runs in his first five balls and India cannot afford to let this field restrictions go waste. Let's see what Rohit can do in the final ball of the over. He dabs the ball for two runs. India 30/0, 5 overs, need 319 runs to win

John Hastings replaces Lyon

1:17: Richardson, who just gave a single in his first over, has bowled another great over as India only manages to score two runs. India 26/0, 4 overs, need 323 runs to win

1:14: Rohit mishits the ball and takes two runs, but the next shot is a massive one as he comes down the track and lofts him for a huge six, and rotates the strike the next ball. Dhawan drives the ball for another boundary and the fielder comes close to catching that ball, which was hit in the air. India off to a good start. India 24/0, 3 overs, need 325 runs to win

1:10pm: Kane Richardson from the other end, with the new ball as expected. Dhawan , on strike to the medium pacer, is looking aggressive, plays some shots, straight to the fielder, takes single and gives the strike to Rohit, who is the in-form batsmen. Only one run from the over. India 7/0, 2 overs, need 342 runs to win

1:06pm: The India openers are out in the middle with Rohit taking strike to Nathan Lyon. Here we go!!!! Surprising to see Lyon with the new ball.

Rohit sweeps Lyon for a boundary in the second ball. Rohit will hold the key in India's chase. India /0, 1 over, need 343 runs to win.

12:55: India openers -- Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan -- have a huge task to chase down Australia's score of 348 runs, and needs to come up with an A class game to register their first victory in the series. In a matter of three and half hours or so, we will know whether India will emerge triumphant.

India need 349 at 6.98 runs per over. This is going to be an exciting chase! 

That is all from me ladies and gentlemen! My colleague Ashim Sunam will take you through till the end. 

Enjoy the live updates! 

12:32: Australia will be touch disappointed as they could not go past that 350-run-mark. At a stage it looked like Australia will reach close to 400. But Indian seamers pulled things back towards the end. 

However, Australia scored 111 runs in the last 10 overs. Ishant Sharma's last over cost 18 runs and we will have to wait and watch how costly will that over be. The top three seamers of India cost 213 runs in 28 overs in this innings.

We still have no news about Ajinkya Rahane who walked out of the field after taking a blow in his hands. 

Warner and Finch were absolutely brilliant upfront as they added 187 runs in the first wicket. Then it was Smith and Maxwell who finished things off in a hurry. 

Gone! What a catch from Manish Pandey at square leg! Australia finish at 348/8 in 50 overs. 

Boundary! Over mid off! This is superb batting from Maxi. 18 runs already with one more ball to come! 

Dot ball. Priceless at this stage of the game. 

Four more through the covers. 14 runs from 3 deliveries. This is terrific batting from Maxwell. 

Four! Reverse sweep from Maxwell. What a talented batsman!

Six! over fine leg for Maxwell. Australia is just inching closer to that 350 mark. Bad ball from Ishant. 

Last six balls!

Single from the last ball and Maxi will keep the strike. Australia 330/7 in 49 overs. 

Another boundary for for Maxwell in the same area. Maxwell moves on to 22. 

Maxwell scoops one over fine leg for a boundary. 

Matthew Wade is run out! Australia 321/7. Wade departs without scoring. This has been a wonderful comeback from India. 

Couple of runs taken by Matthew Wade

Let me get you the update of the last 11 deliveries ball-by-ball.

Yadaav has cleaned up Faulkner. back-to-back wickets for India. Australia 319/6.

12:14: Bailey is gone! One would believe that Indian bowlers have pulled things back here a little. Australia 319/5 in 48 overs. 

12:10: Yadav is bowling well. Australia seemed to have just lost their way in the last 10 overs. Change of pace is working for both the seamers here at the Manuka Oval. Just imagine, how effective Ashwin would have been on this wicket. Just seven runs came from that over. Australia 308/4 in 47 overs. 

12:05: India bowlers Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav have bowled with good variations. They have managed to pull things back slightly here. Bailey and Maxwell is out there in the middle. Australia have gone past the 300-run-mark. Australia 301/4 in 46 overs.   

Smith is gone! Ishant picks up another. 

Five overs left in this innings, let us see how many more Australia sores! 

11:59: Smith reached his half centruy in just 27 balls. This was a good over from Yadav. Marsh top edging one and Kohli takes a good catch. Eight runs came from that over. Australia 294/3 in 45 overs. 

Maxi is out in the middle now! 

Mitchell Marsh is gone! Yadav has picked one more here! 

11:53: Still six more overs to be bowled after this and MS Dhoni is in a spot of bother here. The bowlers have yet again disappointed the captain and the fans. There is very little that MS Dhoni can out there. 12 runs came from that Kumar over. Australia 286/2 in 44 overs. 

Full toss- waist high - leg side - SIX! Poor bowling from Kumar. 

11:46: With Steve Smith out there in the middle, Australia will be looking to go past that 350 runs mark. Smith has quickly moved onto 38. Smith has also gone past 2000 ODI runs. He becomes the 25th Australian batsman to do that. 15 runs came from that Ishant Sharma over. Australia 274/2 in 43 overs.  

Steve Smith is looking invincible here. Everything he does against India turns out to be gold. A massive six over mid wicket. Hello Ishant you cannot bowl length balls in the slog overs and that too at Smith! 

11:42: Mitchell Marsh on the other end is struggling to score runs or stepping on to that accelerator. Eight overs to go after this and he is still not scoring at run-a-ball. 11 runs from that Dhawan over. Australia 259/2 in 42 overs. 

11:39: Smith is scoring at a brisk rate here. Kumar needs to learn that change of pace delivery so that he can fox the batsman.  This is poor bowling from him. Bhuvi has been very expensive in this game. The change of Sran and Bhuvi did not work at all for skipper Dhoni. It definitely should have been Ashwin. Gave away 11 runs in that over. Australia 248/2 in 41 overs.  

11:34: Dhawan was brought back into the attack. Australia have not scored at a good rate between 31-40 overs. The remaining overs from Dhawan will be absolutely crucial. The bowlers will have to take the pace off the ball and that will make it difficult for the Australian batsmen to score. Australia 237/2 in 40 overs. 

11:30: Australia will be very disappointed if they do not get close to or more than 350 runs in this match. The kind of foundation that was laid by Warner and Finch should have taken them close to 400 runs. Dhoni has bowled out Jadeja here. Australia 229/2 in 39 overs.  

11:27: Finch skied one from Yadav and both Kohli and Ishant were running for the catch. Eventually it was the right man taking the catch. Thank god there was not a collision. Steve Smith is out there in the middle. Good over from Yadav.  Australia 222/2 in 38 overs. 

Finch is out ! Good catch from Ishant Sharma. Yadav removes the opening batsman! 

11:22: Jadeja has bowled ninth over. No other bowler has been able to control things like Jadeja has done. A good LBW appeal against Finch was turned down. Six runs came from that Jaddu over. Australia 220/1 in 37 overs. 

11:19: Yadav has disappointed the Indian fans and the captain as well. He has been expensive like the first three ODIs. He has been in the Indian team on and off and it is not like they dont have the experience. But consistency is something he needs to work on. Gave away 10 runs in that over. Australia 214/1 in 36 overs. 

Yet another poor delivery from Yadav from the first ball and yet again Finch dispatches it for a boundary. 

15 more overs to be bowled and umpires have called for the drinks! 

11:12: Jadeja has bowled really well. He has pulled things back after he was hit for 16 runs in his first over. Marsh's move up the order is sort of backfiring the Aussies here after the kind of foundation that was laid by Finch and Warner. Australia 204/1 in 35 overs. 

11:09: Finch will look t cut lose here as he has reached his hundred here. Mitchell Marsh on the other end is struggling to score. He has managed just 2 runs from 15 balls he has faced so far. Australia 201/1 in 34 overs.

Hundred number 7 for Aaron Finch. What a sparkling ton this was! His first against India. 

Finch moves onto 99* with a boundary of the first ball from Yadav.

11:06: Jadeja is looking to curb those runs but Finch is looking really solid out there. Another tidy over from Jaddu. Just three runs from that over. Mitchell Marsh is struggling to score out there. Dhoni is tightening things for him. Australia 196/1 in 33 overs. 

11:03: Finch is looking comfortable out there in the middle. He also has moved into the 90's now. Fielding is something that has hurt India pretty badly in this series. Apart from Kohli, Jadeja and Rahane we have hardly seen in any intent in the field from the other fielders. Massive total in the offing. This is such a flat pitch. This where Chris Gayle made 215 in a World Cup match. Good over from Sharma. Australia 193/1 in 32 overs.

10:59: Will there be a change in tactics here for Finch? Another good over from Jadeja as just 2 runs came from that. Australia 190/1 in 31 overs. 

Looks like there's a light drizzle there! Oh no, a break in the momentum that will be for Australia if the play stops here.

10:56: Warner tried to heave one over the mid-wicket boundary but he played the ball down in his wicket. Can India pull things back here? Ishant Sharma is bowling well here. Mitchell Marsh is out in the middle at No. 3 and Sharma struck his pads in the veru first ball. Umpire said no as it was missing the leg. Australia 188/1 in 30 overs. 

Gone! Warner is out of here! Misses out on his century. Gone for 93. Ishant Sharma cleans him up. 

10:49: This is not good. This is really not good for India. Nothing is working for the Indians here. Jadeja was brought back. Although it was a tidy over, but wickets is what India need. Australia 181/0 in 29 overs.  

10:47: Warner and Finch are closing in on their respective hundreds. Finch is taking a shy at his 7th ODI hundred. Ishant Sharma is back into the attack. Things are not looking bright there for the Indians. if both these batsmen reach their their respective tons, they will launch a serious attack on these bowlers who have not made any imoact in this game so far. Dhoni needs to think! Australia 179/0 in 28 overs. 

10:42: What a huge over for Australia! Finch has pressed his foot on the pedal now. He has moved into the 70's now. 16 runs came from that Bhuvi over. This is a major problem for Dhoni. Australia 172/0 in 27 overs.  

10:37: The Australian openers Finch and Warner are still out there in the middle. 150 off the partnership comes up for these two. They are looking to break the shackles here. Halfway through the innings and they still have a lot of batting left in their kitty. That was the most expensive over that Dhawan has bowled. 11 runs came from that. Australia 156/0 in 26 overs.   

Finch hits Dhawan for a huge six over long off! 

10:34: Kumar is bowling well after he was a touch expensive in his first spell. Meanwhile, Warner is staring at his 5th ODI hundred as he has moved to 87 already. This is a good little spell of time for India as they are not letting Australia runaway with 7 runs an over. Only 2 runs from that over of Bhuvi. Australia 145/0 in 25 overs. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into the attack!

10:29: Dhawan has bowled his 6th over here and he has managed to keep things quiet here. India are in search for a wicket here. Singles are not going to hurt though but wickets are the need of the hour. Australia 143/0 in 24 overs. 

10:23: Rishi Dhawan has been the pick of the Indian bowlers so far. He has been economical unlike the other bowlers. But being economical will not help. India need wickets here. things are getting a little desperate here for the Indians. Australia 133/0 in 22 overs. 

10:20: Warner is trying all sorts of tricks here.  Unbelievable stuff from Warner. He probably was going for a switch hit. Quite an unique batsman this fellow. Jadeja has comeback well after he was thumped in his first over. Australia 129/0 in 21 overs. 

10:16: This is now the highest first wicket partnership for Australia at the Manuka Oval. The previous best was 118 against South Africa. The batsmen have run hard in this innings so far. Yet another good over from Dhawan. Warner got lucky again as the ball fell just short of Ajinkya Rahane. Australia 125/0 in 20 overs. 

10:13: Good over from Jadeja unlike his first over. Four runs came from this over. The wicket is throwing hints at the spinners that there is something for them as it is gripping a bit. Australia 119/0 in 19 overs. 

10:10: Big appeal from Dhawan but umpire Wilson turns it down as it pitched outside leg stump. The height of the ball was also a question. Dhawan has bowled really well so far. Warner has moved into the 70's. Finch on the other end, who was striking above 100, has slowed down a little. India need wickets but the quesion is who will get them? 3 runs from that over. Australia 115/0 in 18 overs. 

Umpre Richard Kettleborough has walked out of the field. He hurt himself on the shin. The third umpire Paul Wilson come out. Richard will take the screen in the thrid umpire's room now. 

Umpires have called for drinks! 

10:00: Jadeja into the attack now and Warner welcomed him two back-to-back boundaries. 100 came up for Australia and 100 runs partnership as well. Australia are off to a rolicking start here. They are well and truly in course fora big total here at the Manuka Oval. The average first innings total here in the last 5 ODIs is 342. 15 runs came from that Jadeja over. Australia 112/0 in 17 overs. 

9:57: Finch seemed to have lost that momentum but Warner on the other hand is playing his shots. He is not going to keep quiet for long. They are trying to target the youngster Mann. Time for Ravindra Jadeja may be? What are your opinions guys? Australia 97/0 in 16 overs. 

9:54: Dhawan and Mann are doing a good job out here. They have somehow kept these two quiet. Warner and Finch are unable to break the shackles here completely after they have helped Australia with a good start. Australia 87/0 in 15 overs. 

50 up for David Warner! What a way to bring up his fifty. Slogs one over the midwicket for a six! Nine runs from that Mann over. Australia 84/0 in 14 overs. 

9:46: This is good captaincy from Dhoni. He has now introduced Rishi Dhawan into the attack. Therewill be a lot of change of pace from Dhawan as he has been successful in the domestic cricket and in the IPL. Good over from Dhawan as well. Just 3 runs came from that. Australia 75/0 in 13 overs. 

9:43: Warner is living dangerously here. Almost went to the short fine leg fielder. good effort from Yadav. Mann is trying to slow things down with his off breaks. This is good thinking from MS Dhoni. Good over from Mann. six runs came from that over.  Australia 72/0 in 12 overs. 

Gurkeerat Mann into the attack here.

9:37: Bhuvi has bowled well in his second spell. Warner smashed one right back at the bowler and Bhuvi got his finger tip to it but it was hit so hard that it went to the boundary in a flash. Bhuvi might be in trouble here. Indian physio in the middle. This will be the last thing India need. But that was a valiant effort indeed from Bhuvi. Thankfully it was his left hand and not his bowling hand. Australia 66/0 in 11 overs. 

9:32: Ishant has been the best bowler for India so far. But he has to be consistent. The incosistency of the Indian bowlers have created a lot of problems for the Indian skipper and the side. If bowlers were on the money then India would not have lost all the three matches prior to this match. India are slightly pulling things back here. Yet another good over from Ishant Sharma here. Just 4 runs from that. Australia 59/0 in 10 overs.  

9:28: Australia are off to a good start. Bhuvi has changed ends. Dhoni is trying different things to break this partnership which is looking ominous for the visitors. The track has hardly anything for the fast bowlers. It is really surprising R Ashwin was left out from the squad. Good comeback over from Bhuvi. Just 3 runs from that. Australia 55/0 in 9 overs.

9:23: Surprisingly, Ishant has bowled a right line and length so far. He has tried to hit the deck and get something out of it and that has managed to keep these two destructive batsmen quiet. Should Dhoni have thrown the ball to Ishant instead of Bhuvi? We do not know. Just a single from that over.  Australia 52/0 in 8 overs. 

9:18: Australia are doing it easily here. Both Finch and Warner are looking dangerous. Dhoni will have to be patient here. yet again Indian bowlers have bowled poor line and length and as a result Australia have capitalised on it. They are well and truly cruising now. Australia 51/0 in 7 overs. 

9:15: Absolutely unncessary from the Indian fielders. An overthrow screwed a good over from Sharma. This is where India needs to step up. That throw was not needed. They were just running a single. Australia  45/0 in 6 overs. 

Ishant Sharma is into the attack now! 

9:10: David Warner is showing great character here. It does not look like he missed out on the last two ODIs against India. He is now hammering Yadav as well. Dhoni has a new cause of concern here. Both the opening batsmen are threatening the existence of the Indian bowlers. Australia 40/0 in 5 Overs. 

9:05: Poor bowling from Kumar. Warner hit him for three boundaries in that over. Warner has started to look dangerous here. You cannot bowl that length to someone like Warner as he will keep smashing you all day. Australia 26/0 in 4 overs. 

9:01: This is good bowling with the new ball. Yadav has bowled in the right areas so far. Ishant Sharma trying to hit the stumps makes Warner jump and fall down eventually. Its is all happening at the Manuka Oval. Australia 13/0 in 3 Overs.

8:57: Misfielding has hurt India in this series and that is an area where they will want to step up from how they have been in this series so far. Kumar struggled to get his legth correct so far. Finch has made a good start. He has already hit a century in this ground against South Africa once. Australia 7/0 in 2 overs.

Boundary of the first ball from Bhuvneshwar Kumar! Finch is not going to miss out on those dollys down the leg side. 

8:53: The pitch is absolutely a belter. Good wicket to bat on. Yadav has maintained his line and length right from the start. This is what Dhoni wants from his bowlers. Yadav has aslo bowled fairly quickly. A rare maiden over from Yadav. Australia 0/0 in 1 over.

Umesh Yadav with new ball and David Warner defends it and shows some respect! 

We are ready for live action! Are you?

The Indian players are out in the field. David Warner and Aaron Finch will open the batting for Australia. 

The live action is just 10 minutes away! Guys get some quick breakfast and gear up for the 4th ODI. Cacn India clinch one here? We will have to wait and watch. 

This match might be a dead-rubber one for many as India have already lost the series. But DHoni & his men will look to salvage some pride here. Maxwell had said that the hosts are desperate for a whitewash. Indian players will be tested here as they will take the field on Wednesday to avoid yet another ODI defeat. 

For India, youngster Barinder Sran has been dropped from the playing XI. Bhuvi replaces him. Rest of the side remains the same. 

Scott Boland and Shaun marsh have been left out. Nathan Lyon and David Warner comes back into the side. 

Finally Australia will bat first. Not surprising considering the record at the Manuka Oval. Five of the seven games here have been won by team batting first.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen! Hello and welcome to the live blog coverage of the 4th ODI between India and Australia.

This is Rajarshi Majumdar and Ashim Sunam, and we will be bringing you the live updates of the action from the 4th ODI which is being held at the Manuka Oval in Canberra.