4:50: India, who put up an improved bowling performance against Australia in the third ODI at the MCG, could not cross the finishing line as they lost the match by 3 wickets. With it Australia have clinched the five-match ODI series, 3-0 as well.

The visitors came up with a good batting performance, scoring 295 in their allotted 50 overs, but the Australia batsmen once again played some quality cricket to help their team win the third ODI. Though Steve Smith and George Bailey, who have been in top form this series, were dismissed by Ravindra Jadeja for relatively cheap scores, Glenn Maxwell came up with a match-winning knock, scoring a 83-ball 96 in a close affair.

Jadeja was the best bowler for India, taking two wickets, but his performance was not enough for India to win their first match of the series. Earlier in the day, Virat Kohli scored a magnificent ton to help India reach a good total. With Australia reaching India's target of 295 runs with seven balls to spare, his ton went in vain.

India face Australia for the fourth ODI in Canberra on Wednesday.

So that is it from me.

4:35: Faulkner hits the winning run as Australia defeats India in the third ODI to clinch the series, 3-0 as well.

4:34: Maxwell hits a massive six and follows it with another boundary, but is dismissed while going for a six, which would have helped him completet his century. However, Maxwell played a match-winning knock of 96 runs to help Australia inch close to a serie win. Yadav dismisses Maxwell. Australia, 295/7, 48.4 overs, need 1 run to win.

4:31: Australia should win it from here, easily.

4:30: Jadeja, who is bowling his last over, needs to get a wicket this over. Maxwell goes on the attack and fortune favours the brave as he skies it to no man's land, takes a single. Five runs from the over. Australia, 285/6, 48 overs, need 11 runs to win

4:26: Ishant bowls on the leg side and Maxwell plays the leg glance to produce an important boundary in the first ball. Australia are cruising now and MS Dhoni needs a wicket, which is looking difficult with Maxwell having set his eye in and Faulkner playing sensible cricket. Australia, 280/6, 47 overs, need 16 runs to win

4:20: Jadeja produces an edge and there is no slip, the ball goes for a boundary. Jadeja and India, unlucky. Another boundary of the over and Maxwell is looking comfortable to help Australia clinch the series. Run out chance goes begging as Jadeja could have dismissed Faulkner with a direct hit. 10 runs from the over.Australia, 257/6, 46 overs, need 25 runs to win

4:17: Faulkner is batting cleverly as he is rotating the strike and giving Maxwell the strike. Yadav, foolishly, does not attempt a direct throw with Maxwell stranded in the middle of the pitch. There was a run out chance, but Yadav did not throw with no back up. Four runs from the over. Australia, 261/6, 45 overs, need 35 runs to win

Ishant Sharma comes onto bowl

4:13: Australia plays Jadeja without taking much risks. They know Jadeja is the biggest threat as other bowlers have lacked consistency. Five runs from the over. Australia, 257/6, 44 overs, need 39runs to win

4:10: There is some reverse swing in the offing for Yadav, who is bowling at good pace with consistent line and length. First three balls and just one run conceded. His stat changes as Maxwell lofts Yadav for a huge six straight over bowler's head and hits another boundary off a no-ball. Free hit and Kohli dives to his right to save three runs in the 30 yard circle. Australia, 252/6, 43 overs, need 44 runs to win

4:03: Jadeja comes onto bowl. He is firing in the balls at good pace and that is a good ploy with Maxwell at the batting crease who has the tendency to go for huge hits against the spinners. . Australia, 237/6, 42 overs, need 59 runs to win

4pm: With 10 overs left and 65 runs to win, and 4 wickets left, either team can win from here. For Australia to win, Maxwell will hold the key while for India, they need to dismiss both Maxwell and Faulkner. Guess, it is time for Dhoni to bring on Jadeja, who has been the standout bowler. Meanwhile, Yadav bowls a good over, just one run. Australia, 232/6, 41 overs, need 64 runs to win

3:56: Maxwell scores six runs from the first two balls, which is what the doctor had ordered for Australia. Maxwell goes for a huge shot, yet again, and it seems Maxwell wants to take on Sran. However, replays on snicko suggest that there might have been an edge through to Dhoni. Maxwell, who slaps the ball on the off-side for a huge six, is taking the game away from India. Australia, 231/6, 40 overs, need 65 runs to win

3:51: Faulkner replaces Wade and the former is a great finisher. Can he finish the game for Australia? Ishant is bowling in full swing and is troubling the Aussies. A terrific over, which produced a wicket as well. Australia, 218/6, 39 overs, need 78 runs to win

3:47: Wade out as he top edges a pull shot to Shikhar Dhawan, Australia, 215/6, 38.1 overs, need 81 runs to win

3:46: Sran in action and Wade on strike, takes easy single. Maxwell on strike, comes down the track and misses the ball. Lots' happening as Dhoni tries his football skills to run out Maxwell. Sran is bowling well and Dhoni cannot afford Wade to take easy singles. Australia, 215/5, 38overs, need 81 runs to win

3:41: Ishant gives away two easy singles in his first two balls. He needs to bowl a better line and length; else Maxwell will take full advantage of those loose balls. India fielders are on top of their game as, once again, Jadeja throws at the sumps direct, but Maxwell was inside the crease as it disturbed the wickets. Australia, 210/5, 37overs, need 86 runs to win

3:35: India are well on the front foot with Marsh's run out. One needs to give credit to Yadav for his rocket-like throw from the deep. Wicket-keeper batsman Wade has replaced Marsh at the batting crease. Maxwell's wicket holds the key for both teams. Sran is putting pressure with some tight bowling and Indians in the crowd are cheering every dot ball. Australia, 206/5, 36 overs, need 90 runs to win

3:27: Mitchell Marsh run out!! Marsh goes for 17, Australia, 204/5,  35.1 overs, need 92 runs to win

3:19: Decent over from Sran, who bowled at a decent pace and gave only five runs. The match is moving into an interesting phase with Maxwell's wicket holding key for both teams. India have to dismiss Maxwell to register their first victory in the series. Australia 199/4, 34overs

Sran replaces Ishant

3:19: Maxwell holds the key when one looks at other batsmen to follow for Australia, whose batsmen have not been put to the test. Marsh hooks the ball for a boundary on the leg side. That is loose bowling from Yadav, who needs to support the rest of the bowlers and follows it with another poor delivery as Marsh glances the ball for another boundary.  Australia 194/4, 33overs, need 102 runs to win.

3:14: Upper cut from Maxwell, which produces an important boundary in the first ball, perfect start to the over for Australia. Maxwell is looking dangerous with the willow. Ishant has to be careful with his line and length against Maxwell. Marsh goes for a quick single and a direct throw could have made matters close. Australia 185/4, 32overs, need 111 runs to win.

3:10pm: With Marsh gone Australia will depend on Maxwell to help the home team reach their target of 296 runs. 11 runs from the over as Mitchell Marsh and Maxwell hit a straight drive each for a wonderful boundary. Australia, 178/4, 31 overs, need 118 runs to win

Sran replaces Jadeja

Mitchell Marsh replaces brother Shaun.

3:03pm: Marsh out, Australia, 167/4, 30 overs, need 129 runs to win.

Ishant dismisses Marsh in the last of the 30th over as the left-hander edges the ball to Dhoni while going for a drive.

3pm: Maxwell, who is an aggressive batsman, reverse sweeps for a boundary and the right-hander will hold the key as he can unsettle Jadeja, who has been India's best bowler. Eight runs from the over. Australia 162/3, 29 overs, need 134 runs to win.

2:56: Good over from Ishant, who just gives away three runs. After the wicket, there is a spring in the stride of the India players on the field. Another wicket for India will help them inch closer to a victory. Australia 154/3, 28 overs, need 142 runs to win.

MS Dhoni brings on Ishant Sharma. Great move.

2:50: Now, there is an opening for India with Bailey and Smith back in the hut. The Australia middle order has not been tested so far in the series and it is time for Jadeja, who is turning the ball, to take some more wickets. One run from the over and a wicket. Australia 151/3, 27overs, need 145 runs to win.

Bailey out, Jadeja's second wicket, stumped by MS Dhoni, Australia 150/3, 26.1overs, need 146 runs to win.

2:44pm: Three runs from Jadeja's over. Only the left-arm bowler has looked as someone, who could pick an Australian wicket. May be, Dhoni should opt for an aggressive field. Australia 145/2, 25overs, need 151 runs to win

2:40pm: Bailey, who has looked in complete control with the bat, has driven the ball beautifully for another boundary. The Australia batsmen, who averages 98.57 at present against India, will have to be dismissed somehow by the India bowlers if they are to defeat Australia, which at present looks difficult. Again another boundary, Marsh cover drives the ball for a second boundary of the over. Australia 142/2, 24 overs, need 154 runs to win

2:37: Just two runs from the over as Jadeja mixes it with some faster balls and flighted balls, which kept the batsmen guessing. Australia 133/2, 23 overs, need 163 runs to win

2:34: Dhawan has been bowling well and containing the batsmen, which might pressurise Australia batsmen to attack the bowler and hereby increases India's chances of taking a wicket.
As I say that, Bailey pulls the ball in the leg side for a boundary, which was also helped by Shikhar Dhawan, who misfielded the ball after doing all the hard world by reaching to the ball in a flash. The misfield, looked funny and clumsy, though. Australia 131/2, 22 overs, need 165 runs to win

Marsh reaches fifty

2:30: India will need to dismiss Baiiley, who comes down the track and lofts Jadeja for a boundary.  Australia 124/2, 21 overs, need 172 runs to win

2:27pm Chance to run out Bailey, but a chance gone begging! Had it been a direct hit, the Australian batsman was gone for all money. However, that was sharp fielding from Jadeja. Australia 118/2, 20 overs, need 178 runs to win

2:25: Is this the game-changer? Smith has been wonderfully dismissed by Jadeja, who produced an edge from the skipper and Rahane did not make any mistake in the slip. Australia 113/2, 19 overs, need 183 runs to win

Jadeja dismisses Smith in his first over and Bailey comes onto bat.

Jadeja to roll his arm over.


2:21pm: The Australia batsmen are in no problems whatsoever. What can MS Dhoni do now? Gurkeerat and Dhawan might be bowling well, but they need to break this partnership, which has looked excellent. Both the players are inching closer to their respective fifties. Australia 108/1, 18 overs, need 188 runs to win

2:17: Dhawan, who is keeping the score in check from his end, but the need of the hour is more of a wicket than anything else as the Australia batsmen have scored runs at will.  Dhawan gives only three runs. Australia 103/1, 17 overs, need 193 runs to win

2:14: Smith hits another boundary on the off-side. Gurkeerat is bowling well, but there is no purchase from the wicket for the spinner. Well, we are playing in Australia, not India, so it comes as no surprise to see India spinners in trouble during the series. Australia 100/1, 16 overs, need 196 runs to win

2:11pm: India bowlers have lacked discipline in the series as is once again witnessed as Dhawan bowls to Smith on the leg side with the fine leg up in the circle. Smith looks in great comfort against the India bowlers. Smith and Marsh are crusing towards India's target. Australia 95/1, 15 overs, need 201 runs to win

2:07pm: With India seamers not much impressive, the spinner has come into the attack. He has flighted the ball well and tried to contain the batsmen, but Marsh punishes his last ball of the over, square cuts the ball to the fence. However, a good over from Gurkeerat. Australia 90/1, 14 overs, need 206 runs to win

Gurkeerat to bowl his slow off-spinners

2:02pm: Dhawan is bowling at such a pace that has challenged the batsmen to improvise on his bowling and is asking questions to Smith and Marsh. He is using his variation nicely and it could be a good thing to bowl a quicker one or two, just to surprise the Australia batsmen. He cannot afford to be too predictive.Australia 83/1, 13 overs, need 213 runs to win

1:59pm: Thick inside edge from Smith and Rahane goes full length to his right for a spectacular catch, but falls short. Yadav is looking good, but still lacks consistency. Marsh has moved on to 30 runs with a controlled pull shot. Nine runs from the over. Australia 78/1, 12 overs, need 218 runs to win

1:55pm: Dhawan, who lacks pace, is using his pace variation to good effect with Marsh needing to take on the debutant to score. Dhawan bowls short, Marsh cuts the ball for two runs. Australia 69/1, 11 overs, need 227 runs to win

Rishi Dhawan to bowl his first over in ODI cricket

1:51pm: Marsh, on the other hand, has been scoring at a decent rate. Smith has taken over the run-scoring responsibility as he once again square drives the ball on the off side. One wonders how can India bowlers contain, more importantly dismiss Smith. Any new strategies in place? Australia 65/1, 10 overs, need 231 runs to win

1:47pm: Smith, who is in an amazing form, has continued his run-scoring act with two back-to-back boundaries on the leg side via a fantastic pull shot. Ishant needs to bowl a consistent line and length against Smith.  Australia 60/1, 9 overs, need 236 runs to win

1:43pm: Good over from Yadav, who has provided the much-needed breakthrough for India. With Smith at the wicket, MS Dhoni will want his bowlers to dismiss the Australia skipper as early as possible. Australia 52/1, 8 overs, need 244 runs to win

Run-machine Steve Smith walks into bat at number three.

Finch drives the ball on the up and edges to Dhoni.

1:37: Finch is dissmissed by Yadav. Australia 48/1, 7.1 overs, need 248 runs to win

1:36pm: The Australia batsmen are looking good against the India seamers. Marsh, who plays a wonderful pull shot for a boundary, and Finch have now settled down and are playing some beautiful shots. India need to take a wicket soon, else...... Australia 48/0, 7 overs, need 248 runs to win

1:32pm: Runs, Runs and a drop catch. Marsh scores three runs in the first ball. The next two balls produces two consecutive fours. Finch, who is looking aggressive, is dropped by Gurkeeerat. 11 runs from the over. Australia 42/0, 6 overs, need 254 runs to win

1:28pm: Ishant has started well and he, with his experience, will hold the key with the new ball. Ishant, who is taken for three runs by Marsh in the leg side, finishes off the over with a dot. All-in-all a good first over from Ishant. Australia 31/0, 5 overs, need 265 runs to win

1:24: Ishant Sharma replaces Yadav

1:23pm: So far, the Australian batsmen have looked solid and are accumulating runs without much discomfort. India have to dismiss one of these Australian openers early as they can destroy bowlers if they are well set. Finch, meanwhile, inside edges Sran's ball and is lucky that the ball did not castle the stumps. Marsh is driving the ball majestically today as he hits another boundary via same shot. Australia 26/0, 4 overs, need 270 runs to win

1:20pm: Finch is looking better as he pushes Yadav's ball on the offside for three runs. Yadav, however, has bowled sharp at a decent pace. Another boundary for Marsh, who drives the ball for a classic boundary. Australia 19/0, 3 overs, need 277 runs to win

1:15 Sran, who has been impressive in the series, produces a thick edge from Finch, but the ball falls short of third man fielder. Sran is getting the ball to swing, but needs to control and bowl in the right areas. Finch drives the ball on the off side for a wonderful boundary. Australia 11/0, 2 overs, need 285 runs to win

1:10pm: Quite surprising to see Yadav open the bowling for India. Yadav bowls a decent over and comes close to an edge in the third ball. However, Marsh square cuts the ball for his first boundary. Australia 4/0, 1 over, need 292 runs to win

1:07pm: Australia openers Aaron Finch and Shaun Marsh are ready for action. Umesh Yadav to bowl the first over for India. 

1:05 pm: The players are out on the field. Australia batsmen, if they get past India's total of 295 runs, will help the home side clinch the series while India will be eager to win the third ODI and stay alive in the series.

1pm: India bowlers, who have been a major disappointment in this series, need to come up with a huge bowling performance against the in-form Australia batsmen at the MCG. India need to find a way to dismiss Steve Smith and George Bailey early as they have scored freely against the India bowlers in their last two matches.

12:26: That is it from me. Ashim Sunam will take you through till the end of the game. 

12:25: Kohli's magnificient innings  of 117 runs powered India to a total of 295 runs. That was Kohli's 24th ODI hundered. A big one to remember as he also went past 7000 ODI runs at teh MCG.

Kohli was ably helped by Ajinkya Rahane and Shikhar Dhawan. Both the players reached their half centuries.

Dhoni's late bltizkreig of 23 from just 9 balls heled India to get close to that 300-run-mark. Harsha Bhogle says it is a very competitive score and India have a good chance here. They have given themselves a chance to win ths game.

India were going at a rate of 10 runs an over between 41-50 overs and that is something India could not do in the last two games.

John Hastings was the pick of the bowlers. He picked up four wickets. Richardson too bowled well and picked up the wicket of Rohit Sharma.

Australia now need 296 runs to win and this is going to be tough run chase for sure. Indian bowlers have to bowl really well.

Stay tuned aladies and gentlemen! Ashim Sunam will bring you the live updates from the run chase in the second innings!  

12:22: Another swing and a miss. Only 6 runs came from that Faulkner over. India finish on 295/6. 

Swing and a miss! Can India set a target of 300? Dhawan has to hit one for a six. 

Six runs off the first four balls from Faulkner. This has been a good over so far, 

First ball is called a wide. The batsmen ran a single as well. 

12:17:Last ball and Jadeja completes a single to retain the strike in the last over. India 289/6 in 49 overs. 

Dhoni is gone! Hastings picks up his 4th. What a cameo from the skipper. 

Six! Massive. That is MS DHONI for you ladies and gentlemen! Welcome back skipper 

Last 10 balls let me get you every ball update! Dhoni hits a boundary behind square. He is looking extremely dangerous here. 

12:11: Two more overs to go. Dhoni and Jadeja is out there in the middle. 9 runs came from that Faulkner over. India 277/5 in 48 overs. 

Gurkeerat departs for 8! Good change of pace from Faulkner. India 274/5.

Gurkeerat guides one down the square leg bondary for a four

Faulkner to Dhoni and he smashed it down the ground but a fielder is there so just a single

12:08: An absolute cracker of an over by Hastings under pressure. Just three run came from that over and also the wicket of Virat Kohli. When India are going at 10 runs an over and such an over breaks the momentum. Can Dhoni help India reach the 300 run mark? India 268/4 in 47 overs. 

Gurkeerat Mann comes out to the middle. What a moment for Mann and what a place to make his debut. 

Kohli is gone for 117! A brilliant innings comes to an end. Hastings picks up his third wicket. 

12:01: Faulkner has just bowled the most expensive over in this innings. He gave away 16 runs in that over. Just what the Indians were looking for at this stage. India 265/3 in 46 overs. 

12:00 Faulkner is under pressure here. Dhoni is turning on the heat here. He has already given away 14 runs from this over in just 4 balls. COme on Dhoni show us that you still have it in you! 

11:59: Massive hit from Dhoni as he heaved one over mid wicket for a six! 

Last five overs ladies and gentlemen! James Faulkner is into the attack. How much do you think will India get with Kohli and Dhoni in the middle. 

11:55: Rahane was looking to go for a six. He had to put in a little more power in that shot so that it could have sailed over that fielder in that long on boundary. Smith was clever enough to throw that ball back to Maxwell. A good innings from Rahane came to an end. MS Dhoni has come out in the middle. 8 runs came from that Hastings over. India 249/3 in 45 overs. 

Rahane is gone! Wonderful catch from Steve Smith. Smart presence of mind. 

Rahane completes his 50. 

Hastings back into the attack!

11:49: Boland got another over there as he has bowled well in the last couple of overs in this spell of his. Hastings, Faulkner will be bowling the remaining overs here.  Rahane is closing in on his second consectuive half century in this series. 100 runs partnership comes up between these two here. Kohli has broken the shackles. He hit Boland for a huge six over the long on boundary. India 241/2 in 44 overs. 

11:44: Kane Richardson has bowled out here. Now it will be interesting to see who steps up for Smith in the remaining seven overs. Kohli in the mean time will go birserk here as he has already completed his 100. 10 runs came from that Richardson over. India 230/2 in 43 overs. 

100 no 24 for Virat Kohli! 

11:40: Boland bowls a good over under such circumstances. Kohli and Rahane could only rotate the strike by taking singles. Kohli is closing in on his 100. He is on to 94. Just 5 runs came from that over. India 220/2 in 42 overs. 

11:36: Kane Richardson who was looking to stop the run flow here is being hit for boundaries. Rahane has moved into the 40's. Kohli and Rahane have put together a brilliant partnership here. 8 runs from that Richo over. India 215/2 in 41 overs.  

11:32: Rahane has to make a move here. Or rather Kohli also has to put his step on the pedal. Boland over turned out to ve expensive. Kohli has moved into the 90's now. 11 runs came from that over. India 207/2 in 40 overs. 

11:28: India have now played out 116 dot balls inn this innings. This is not good when it comes to rotating the strike. Richardson was brought back into the attack and he has bowled a brilliant over as he just gave away 3 runs in that. India 196/2 in 39 overs. 

11:24: A very good over from Boland under these circumstances when Kohli and Rahane are looking to go big. Just four runs came off that over. Two more overs in thw second powerplay remaining. India 193/2 in 38 overs.

11:20: Faulkner has got a problem now. Rahane too is going for the full monty. Three more overs for the powerplay 2. India will look to get as much as they can in these three overs. India 189/1 in 37 overs.

Umpires have called for the drinks! You guys get some as well. 

11:13: That is what happens when you mess with someone like Kohli. He will smash you over the in-field. Faulkner must be thinking that banter cost his side 12 runs in the next over. Boland looks clueless here. Brilliant running between the wickets as well. Kohli is in the 80's now. India 184/4 in 36 overs.

What a shot from Kohli! A massive six

11:09: Good over from Faulkner. Kohli and Faulkner is involved in a battle of words here, I clearly heard Kohli saying, "Go and bowl don't waste your time, I have smashed you enough in my life." Kohli is someone who will keep quiet if one tries to bully him. India 172/2 in 35 overs.  

11:06: Rahane has used his feet well against Maxwell which the others have not. Thus Maxwell has not been targetted properly. Even Kohli who is playing a terrific innings here has got it wrong. Maxwell has been rather economical. Seven runs from the ninth over of Maxwell. India 171/2 in 34 overs. 

11:02: Faulkner has been brought back into the attack. six runs came from that over. These two are running smartly between the wickets. That is the kind of effort India need. Kohli has moved into the 70's now. India 164/2 in 33 overs. 

What a shot from Kohli through the covers! 

10:58: Maxwell has bowled eight overs now. He has not been that expensive. He is doing a decent job for his captain who is also looking to get either of these two batsmen who can hurt them bad. Four runs came from that Maxwell over. India 158/2 in 32 overs.  

10:55: Rahane - a delight to watch when he drives that ball past the bowler. The run rate for the first time has moved over 5. 150 also comes up for India. Kohli and Rahane is looking to build another big partnership here. 7 runs came from Hasting's 7th over. India 154/2 in 31 overs. 

10:53: Maxwell has bowled well here. He is looking to create that angle while bowling round the wicket. Maxi also has not given away a lot of runs. Kohli and Rahane are just looking to rotate the strike here. India 147/2 in 30 overs. 

10:49: this has been a good spell of bowling from Hastings. He is trying to bowl in that corridor of uncertainty where Kohli has a problem. Kohli has fancied himself against the seamers as they bowled a lot straighter. The bowlers have not really troubled him outside the off stump. But Hastings is doing it here. India 142/2 in 29 overs. 

10:45: The run flow has taken a hit now. Rahane and Kohli will look to continue with the pressure that India have exerted in the last 10 overs on Australia. Rahane and Kohli will also have to run well between the wickets here. India 139/2 in 28 overs.  

10:39: Shikhar Dhawan bowled! 

Steve Smith understood that he has to break the partnership here. These two were looking dangerous here at MCG. Dhawan should not have given up. He could have reached his ninth ODI hundred but he has been bowled by Hastings. Goof captaincy from Smith. Ajinkya Rahane is out in the middle now. India 134/2 in 27 overs.  

10:34: Last five overs have been good for India. close to 40 runs scored. Meanwhile, Richardson has been the pick of the bowlers but he too could not stop the run flow. Dhawancertainly looking in great shape as he is playing with a lot of freedom. eight runs came from that Richardson over. India 127/1 in 26 overs. 

10:31: The smile is back in Dhawan's face as he is threading those gaps beautifully here. This has been a good partnership as it has crossed the 100-run-mark. This partnership can hurt Australia. India 119/1 in 25 overs.

10:29: Dhawan is making up for the lost balls. Richardson has been brought back in the attack. Smith is definitely desperate to break this partnership. Three runs came from the Richo over. India 114/1 in 24 overs. 

10:24: Kohli and Dhawan is taking on the bowling now. Both of them are utilising the vacant areas in the ground. Kohli gets a half century. Third in a row. 37th in his career. Dhawan gets to a fifty as well. This is terrific batting from India. 9 runs came from the Maxwell over. India 111/1 in 23 overs.

10:20: Kohli is looking to break the shackles here. 100 comes up for India in the 22nd over. Have a feeling that Indians are getting a little itchy here. Momentum has started to go India's way now. The duo is all of a sudden running well between the wickets. Kohli is on 49* and the stadium has erupted. They are chanting Kohli, Kohli. 8 runs came from that Boland over. India 102/1 in 22 overs. 

10:16: Kohli and Dhawan are starting to make a move here. Both of them have hit a boundary each in this over. Nine runs came from that over Marsh over. Dhawan also moved into the 40's.  India 94/1 in 21 overs.  

Welcome boundary for Kohli through the point region. Kohli has moved into the 40's now. 

10:13: Scott Boland is bowling a decent line and length. The Aussies have not given away easy boundaries. Five runs came from that Boland over. India need to make a move here. Or else they won't be able to put up a good score. India 85/1 in 20 overs.  

10:08: The running between the wickets has been poor between these two. Virat Kohli looks a little more cautious because he got himself run out in the second ODI at the Gabba. Dhawan is just not running the first run hard. Has he sustained some kind of injury? We don't know know. Dhawan also has used up a lot of deliveries. He really needs to maek a move or give the strike to Kohli who is scoring at a decent pace. India 80/1 in 19 overs.  

Mitchell Marsh is into the attack. 

Drinks Break! 

10:00: Few of the fans will be praying to the almighty so that Dhawan reaches that 50 run mark. The statistics say that whenever Dhawan scores a 50, India win all their matches. That is a serious piece of stat. But either of the players has to put their step on to the pedal if they would want to put a big total on the scoreboard considering the kind of form the Australian top order is in. India 77/1 in 18 overs. 

9:56: Kohli is looking good here. He is carrying on his good form at MCG as well. Dhawan meanwhile has moved into the 30's. He will look to convert this into a big score today.Four runs from that Maxwell over. India 71/1 in 17 overs.

9:53: India will have to elevate that run rate. Australians are fielding well. Finch saved a genuine boundary. Yet again Kohli showcases impeccable timing. Kohli and Dhawan have now added 50 runs together and it came in 67 balls. This has beena good partnership so far. India 67/1 in 16 overs. 

9:49: Maxwell is going round the wicket to Kohli. The tactics is not clear for me at least. But whatever it may be it is not working. Four runs came from that Maxwell over. India 62/1 in 15 overs.

9:46: Faulkner is continuing from the other end. Dhawan is looking in good touch and so is Kohli. Both the batsmen are timing the ball well. They need to keep the scoreboard ticking. Just 2 runs came off that over. Australia cannot afford to bowl at the pads of these two batsmen. In that way they can never get them out. India 58/1 in 14 overs. 

9:44: India batsmen are a better players of spin. They do not need to launch an attack on Maxwell but just rotate the strike just the Australian batsmen have done in this series. At the moment, Dhawan and Kohli looks set out there. India 56/1 in 13 overs. 

Spin in the form of Glenn Maxwell! 

9:40: Dhawan is starting to open his shoulders here at the MCG. He has scored a hundred in his last match here during the ICC World Cup 2015 against South Africa. Dhawan is a player of a high impact in the ODIs because every time he scores a half century, India wins. Faulkner cannot stop the run flow at the moment. India 51/1 in 12 overs. 

9:36: Kohli became the fastest batsman to reach 7000 runs in ODIs. AB de Villiers held the record before him. Kohli achieved the feat in just 161 innings. His conversion as we all know is amazing. India will want him to get a big score today. Australia on the other hand will be looking for his valuable wicket. Boland and Faulkner have been introduced into the attack so that they can try and break this partnership. India 46/1 in 11 overs. 

9:33: Virat Kohli 7000 runs in the ODIs and what a way to bring it. Kohli just flicks one of Faulkner down the fine leg bondary for a four. The timing has been impeccable from the Delhi-led. All of a sudden with a couple of boundaries the run rate has popped up to 4.3. India 43/1 in 10 overs. 

9:27: This is good batting from Virat Kohli. He is trying to make a move. A great opportunity for both Kohli and Dhawan. Let us see how much they can score today. India 35/1 in 9 overs. 

What a shot from Kohli! Boundary. 

9:23: India are struggling to get those runs on the board. They have not made proper use of the field restrictions. This over of Hastings have produced 6 runs and the best over so far. India 29/1 in 8 overs. 

Dhawan mistimed one and the ball went straight up in the air but it falls just short of James Faulkner. 

9:20: Hastings and Richardson are bowling really well here at the MCG. Boundaries are not going to come that easy it seems. Dhawan has already used up a lot of deliveries. These two need to rotate the strike and keep the scoreboard ticking. India 22/1 in 7 overs. 

9:15: Huge wicket for the Australians. Rohit misses out on his third consecutive century. Richardson is bowling a good line and length. Rohit edged the ball to the keeper. Virat Kohli has now walked out in the middle. Ideal situation for Dhawan and Kohli to build a good partnership and make it big. India 17/1 in 6 overs.  

Rohit Sharma is gone! 

9:06: The left-handed batsman is looking good out there in MCG. He has been middling the ball. Deano feels it is a good toss to lose for India. Dhawan and Rohit should make it count. This will release a lot of pressure from Rohit. India 15/0 in 4 overs. 

Boundary for Dhawan. Just chips it over the man in mid on! Good shot!

9:02: Just one run from that Richo over. This is just the kind of batting Tom Moody and Dean Jones were talking about just ahead of the match. The batsmen have to get their eyes in and then they can have a go. India 10/0 in 3 overs. 

8:58: Dhawan is clearly not comfortable in the middle. There will be a lot of pressure on him. He just has to play his natural game just the like the n=boundary of the last ball of the over of John Hastings. That will give him a lot of confidence. India 9/0 in 2 overs. 

8:54: The ball is coming nicely on to the bat. Even bounce and the wicket looks like a batting paradise. Rohit and Dhawan has just to get their eyes in. Rohit yet again is looking in great touch. But pressure will be on him as his partner on the other end (Dhawan) is out of form. India 3/0 in 1 over.

Oh dear Rohit skies one! But falls safe. Relax guys, he is still there. 

8:50: Rohit Sharma just plays the ball to the long on. Kane Richardson with the new ball for Australia. 

It is a bright sunny Sunday and let us all gear up fpr the live action! Can Rohit Sharma score his third century today? Will Shikhar Dhawan make an impact at the top of the order? We will have to wait and watch. Grab your breakfasts and hold on to your seats, I have a feeling this match is going to be a riveting encounter.

Mitchell Marsh comes back to the playing XI in place of Joel Paris. 

Ravichandran Ashwin and Manish Pandey feel the axe. They have been replcaed by all-rounder Rishi Dhawan and Gurkeerat Singh Mann. Both the players are making their ODI debut for India. 

Here we go ladies and gentlemen! Australia have won the toss and decided to bowl first!

Welcome to the live blog coverage of the 3rd ODI between India and Australia. We have a lot of things to discuss ahead of this match as MS Dhoni-led India will look to avoid yet another ODI series defeat. When Virat Kohli has successfully powered India to the No.1 position in the ICC Test rankings, Dhoni will feel the pressure. 

Having lost the first two ODIs comprehensively, Dhoni & co. have no room for lacklusture. This is a do-or-die match for Team India if they will want to bounce back in this series.

Meanwhile, Australia will look to exert extra bit of pressure on the Indians. Two remarkable run chases and the Aussies are yet again on a dream run at home. They are unbeaten in their last 17 ODIs at home just one behind West Indies' record of 18.  

Hello and good morning ladies and gentlemen! This is Rajarshi Majumar and Ashim Sunam and we will be bringing you the live updates of the third ODI between India and Australia which is being held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

3:19: Maxwell holds the key when one looks at other batsmen to follow for Australia, whose batsmen have not been put to the test. Marsh hooks the ball for a boundary on the leg side. That is loose bowling from Yadav, who needs to support the rest of the bowlers and follows with another poor delivery as Marsh glances the ball for another boundary. Australia 185/4, 33overs, need 111 runs to win.