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India opener Rohit Sharma was in imperious form again, scoring another century against AustraliaReuters

4:33: India have been comprehensively defeated in the second ODI as well. Australia clicnhed a dramatic victory at The Gabba in Brisbane to go 2-0 up in the five-match ODI series. 

Rohit Sharma's century goes in vain yet again just like the first ODI. Rohit Sharma expressed his disappointment at the post-match presentation and so did MS Dhoni. 

It will be difficult for India to win this series from here but they can at least give it a try. It will need a talismanic effort from the Indians to achieve that feat.

They also have to worry about their bowling attack and their issues at the back end of the innings when they have to score at a brisk rate. They were in a position to score at least 330 runs but they just kept on losing wickets. 

Meanwhile Australia are on a formidable run at home. They are on a 17-match unbeaten run in the ODI format just one behind West Indies. 

India will face the world champions in the third ODI at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) on Sunday.

That is all from me (Rajarshi Majumar) and IBTimes India edition. We will be back again with the live blog coverage of the third ODI. 

Till then have a good weekend and see you guys soon! 

4:29: It is all over! Australia have won this second ODI by 7 wickets. 

4:24: Good over from Sran but still was not able to pick up a wicket. However four runs came off that over. Do we get to see a last twist here?  Australia 299/3 in 48 overs. 10 needed from 12 balls.  

Maxwell and Bailey will look to finish things of in this over! 

4:19: It all looks gloomy out there for the Indians. Bailey has almost won this match for Australia. Bailey too has been extremely lucky as he escaped a number dismissals. Jadeja almost caught Bailey at backward point. Three overs to go. This is going to be a record breaking chase. No team has ever chased down so many runs before this in the history of ODI cricket. Australia 295/3 in 47 overs. 14 needed from 18 balls.  

4:14: Jadeja tried to calm things down with a tidy over. India need a couple of wickets here or they are going down 2-0 in this series. Six runs from that over of Jadeja. AUstralia are doing it easily and well and truly on course to their second consecutive victory.  Australia 284/3 in 46 overs. 25 needed from 24 balls.

4:10: Ishant Sharma has bowled really well today. He has hit the correct line and length. Things are not lookinggreat for India at this moment. Bailey has played yet another extra-ordinary innings here at the Wooloongabba. Seven runs from that Sharma over. Australia 278/3 in 45 overs. 31 needed from 30 balls. 

4:06: Sran was greeted with a huge six over long off by Bailey. The margin is reducing at a rapid rate. Bailey is doing it in style here. Sran is struggling against the Aussies here. Given away a lot of runs in that over. Just what Dhoni & co. did not want at this stage. 13 runs came from that over.  Australia 271/3 in 44 overs. 38 more needed from 36 balls.

50 for Bailey and he brings that up in grand style with a huge six over long off!

4:01: Yadav almost had Bailey's wicket if Dhoni would have been a couple of inches higher. Big edge flows down behind the keeper for four. 10 runs came from that Yadav over. India need more wickets here. Especially, the two at the crease now.  Australia 258/3 in 43 overs. 51 more needed from 42 balls. 

3:57: Maxi's wicket will be absolutely crucial here. Jadeja has bowled a tight over in this circumstannce. Just four runs came from that Jadeja over.  Australia 248/3 in 42 overs. 61 more needed from 48 balls.

3:54: Huge wicket for India. Arrogant shot from the captain but misses the legth completely. That was the wicket India was looking for. Five runs from that over. Maxwell has walked in to bat.  Australia 244/3 in 41 overs. 65 needed from 54 balls. 

3:53: Smith is gone! Yadav cleaned him up! 

3:49: Ishant Sharma must be frustrated now. Almost had Bailey's wicket but that inside edge went to the boundary. Expensive over as 12 runs from that over. What can Dhoni do here? Honestly, NOTHING! Only wickets is going to help India's cause.  Australia 239/2 in 40 overs. 70 more needed. 

Oh dear, someone ran onto the field! Policemen escorted the intruder out of the ground. 

3:43: Yadav has certainly bowled a decent over under pressure. Dot balls will increase the pressure on the Aussies. Just five runs came off that over. The run rate is creeping up. India has to stop to stop the singles though.  Australia 227/2 in 38 overs. 82 more needed.

3:40: Bailey looks in fine form here. Smith also doing it with ease. The duo have already added 50 runs in tandem and it came in just 48 balls. Ashwin is unable to stop that run flow. These two Australian batsmen have run well between the wickets. 11 runs came off that Ashwin over. Nothing is going India's now.  Australia 222/2 in 37 overs. 87 more needed.

3:36: Yadav was brought back into the attack. Dhoni is trying all sorts of tactics here. But India need two more wickets here. Yadav has got to get his line and length. Australia now need less than a hundred from 13 overs. Poor bowling from Yadav. Australia 211/2 in 37 overs. 98 more needed.

3:30: Ashwin has bowled yet another tidy over. just five runs came off that. They still need 105 runs from 84 balls.  Australia 204/2 in 36 overs. 105 more needed.

The umpires have called for drinks! 

3:27: Surprising move from Dhoni here. Virat Kohli was brought into the attack. The tactics did not go totally wrong apart from that one boundary that came off Smith's willow. Australia 199/2 in 35 overs. 110 more needed. 

3:24: Australia are still the favourites here. They still have eight wickets in hand with the likes of Maxwell, Faulkner, Wade to follow. Meanwhile, Ashwin bowled a tight over. Just two runs came off that. Australia 192/2 in 34 overs. 120 more needed.

3:21: Sran has to be consistent with his line and length. Dhoni wants him to be right on the money. Smith missed out on a freebie as it was a free hit. The required run rate has come down to 6.93 now. This is good batting from the two in form batsman. The duo has already added 24 from 20 balls.  Australia 190/2 in 33 overs. 122 more needed.

3:17: Ashwin's last four overs are going to be absolutely crucial. If he can manage to remove either of Bailey and Smith, India will get right back into this game. meanwhile, the singles and doubles are comng rather easily. Eight runs came from that Ashwin over.  Australia 182/2 in 32 overs. 130 more needed.

3:14: Brainder Sran was brought back into the attack. The left-arm seamer bowled beautifully in his first overs. The youngster will look to do exactly what Ishant Sharma has done in his last two overs. Decent over from Sran in that occasion. 8 runs came from that over.  Australia 174/2 in 31 overs. 138 more needed.

Marsh is gone finally. Kohli wont have missed that! He skied that ball and Kohli takes it comfortably!

3:07: India is in dire need of a wicket here. Another good over from Sharma. India need more of such overs from their bowlers. The required run rate has gone above seven runs an over. This wicket of Marsh is going to add extra bit of pressure on Australia and their skipper who is out there in the middle. George Bailey has walked out in the middle. Just one run from that and the big wicket of Marsh. Australia 166/2 in 30 overs. 146 more needed.  

3:03: Jadeja is trying to exert pressure on the batsmen. Superb over under such circumstances. Just two singles off that over. India need another wicket here or may be two of them to get back into this game. Australia 165/1 in 29 overs. 147 more needed.

2:59: Both Marsh and Smith are looking very comfortable out there. Marsh has been dropped again in the second slip by Manish Pandey. One cannot win matches if they keep on dropping such catches. Marsh has been really lucky in this innings so far. Australia 163/1 in 28 overs. 149 more needed.

2:54: Smith would have been gone if Manish Pandey would have latched onto that. Good use of that feet from the skipper. Eight runs from that over. Australia 156/1 in 27 overs. 156 more needed. 

2:51: Dhoni called Ishant Sharma back into the attack. Marsh is growing in confidence here. He is already moved to 64 off 72 deliveries. Smith will want Marsh to carry on here. Australia will also look to build a partnership and India will definitely want to avoid that. Brilliant over from Ishant as just three runs came from that over. Australia 148/0 in 26 overs. 164 more needed.

2:46: The third upmire took a closer look there. Superb effort from Rahane at the long off boundary. Australian skipper Smith is out in the middle now. Can Dhoni & co. turn the screws here. Three runs from that over. Halfway through the run chase now.  Australia 145/0 in 25 overs. 167 more needed.

2:44: Outstanding catch from Rahane! Finch is gone here. 

2:39: What a magnificient effort from Sran on the fine leg boundary! Drops Marsh but saves three runs. If he would have taken that catch, the youngster would have been in the news in no time. Meanwhile for India, they have to stop the leaking of runs here if they are not able to get wickets. Marsh survives twice. That drop catch from Ishant Sharma is hurting India now. Australia 142/0 in 24 overs. 170 more needed. 

2:35: Last 18 balls have produced 42 runs. This is outstanding from Australia. 15 runs came from that Jadeja over. Nothing seems to be working for Dhoni at the moment. Finch and Marsh have turned on style here.  Australia 135/0 in 23 overs. 177 more needed.

2:32: Marsh would have been gone. Finch has broken the shackles here. Both of them have reached their half centuries. All of a sudden things are turning here and that too rapidly. Another good over for Australia. 11 runs came from that Ashwin over. Australia 120/0 in 22 overs. 192 more needed.  

2:28: Marsh and Finch are stealing cheeky singles here. Finch hit Yadav for a couple of boundaries. That was a much needed boundary for Australia. That would have taken away a lot of pressure. Just the kind of over Aussies were looking for. 16 runs came from that Yadav over. Finch is looking dangerous here. Australia 109/0 in 21 overs. 203 more needed. 

2:24: Some message definitely has been sent to these two batsmen. We will find that out in the four or five overs. Ashwin continued from the other end. Seven runs came from that over after the drinks break. Australia 93/0 in 20 overs. 219 more needed. 

And it will be time for Drinks! You guys also go and grab some but stay tuned! 

2:17: The bowlers are also getting frustrated here. They need to be patient too. The run rate is creeping up. Smith and Bailey to follow and they must be thinking when will they get out and bat as they are in form. They are already in the 19th over. Finch is struggling to find the gaps here. Way too many dot balls. A good comeback over from Yadav. Australia 86/0 in 19 overs. 226 more needed. 

2:13: Another tidy over from Ashwin. It is evident that the Aussies are not comfortable against the slower bowlers. On the other hand, Australia have all their wickets in hand. One of them has to break free now. Australia 82/0 in 18 overs. 230 more needed. 

2:10: Someone has to break the shackles for Australia. Finch has played 32 dot balls. Marsh has just hit Yadav for a couple of boundaries. The line and length has to be perfect for the seamers. India cannot let this pressure off Australia. 11 runs came from that over. Australia 79/0 in 17 overs. 233 more needed.

And bowls a short ball and Marsh whacks it down the long off boundary for a four. 

Yadav back into the attack again! This is good pressure from the Indians. 

2:07: The required run rate is on the rise. Already more than seven runs an over required. Finch and Marsh are using up the overs. This is god tactics from Dhoni. He is trying to slow things down further and put pressure on the Australian batsmen. Australia 68/0 in 16 overs. 244 more needed.   

2:04: Jadeja is bowling well. Either Finch or Marsh has to step their foot on the accelerator. Indian bowlers have kept both the batsmen quiet. Only one boundary in the last five overs has been conceded. 15 overs gone. Australia 64/0 in 15 overs. 248 more needed.

2:00: The ball is turning here at the Gabba. Ashwin and Jadeja are turning the screws. Fielders have to be on their toes. Rahane dropped another one in the slips. Marsh living dangerously here. seven runs from that over. Australia 58/0 in 14 overs. 254 more needed.  

1:58: Two drop catches. One near run out chance. It was all happening in that Jadeja over. Sharma dropped a sitter there. Jadeja looked gutted. Australia 51/0 in 13 overs. 261 more needed. 

Ishant Sharma what have you done! Drops Marsh at long on.

1:55: Surprising as Dhoni took off Yadav after just one over. Dhoni is probably trying to take the pace off the ball here. Definitely a better wicket to bowl on than Perth. 3 runs from that Ashwin over. Australia 48/0 in 12 overs. 261 more needed.  

Spin from both ends now. Ravi Ashwin into the attack as well. 

1:52: Jadeja runs through his overs quickly. But the captain has to stop these easy singles. May be a couple more fielders on the circle when the spinners are bowling. 5 runs from that over. Australia 45/0 in 11 overs. 264 more needed. 

Jadeja with the ball now. Spin for the first time in this innings. 

1:48: Yadav cannot bowl that short. Finch and Marsh would relish playing such balls. Have to make them drive. Finch escaped a run out. Kohli was the man with the throw. 2 runs from that Yadav over. 10 overs have been bowled now.  Australia 40/0 in 10 overs. 269 more needed. 

Umesh Yadav into the attack now! 

1:45: Australia are getting into that comfort zone. India needs a wicket desperately. The Aussies have a good strong batting line up. Sran so far has been right on the money. Terrific line and length. Offering no width whatsoever. Just 2 runs from that over.  Australia 38/0 in 9 overs. 271 more needed.

1:41: Attitude of the Indian fielders have been good. That is the kind of commitment MS Dhoni wants from his players. Sharma has struggled to find his rhythm. May be the skipper should throw the ball to Umesh Yadav. One of the deliveries struck Finch on his pads but the umpire denied because of its height. Australia 36/0 in 8 overs. 273 more needed.   

1:37: Sran is bowling well on what is turning out to be a tricky surface. Bowlers have asked questions. The ball is doing quite a bit here. Australia 32/0 in 7 overs. 277 more needed.

1:32: Ishant has to be consistent with his line and length. He has bowled well to Marsh so far. The ball is juggling around. Sharma is giving way too many extras here. India need a wicket here. Australia have made a steady start. Australia 29/0 in 6 overs. 280 more needed.

1:26: Sran is bowling beautifully here to Finch. His average against the left-arm seamers ain't that great. The right-hander is having all sorts of problems with the ball leaving him. brilliant over, just 1 run from that. Australia 25/0 in 5 overs. 284 more needed

1.23 pm: That's it from me, Rajarshi Majumdar will take you through to the end.

1.22 pm: Ishant's never been a good ODI bowler, and those worries are far from easing as Ishant continues to bowl on both sides of the wicket, struggling for control, with the no-ball bug biting him again as well. Jadeja prevents Marsh from scoring a boundary off the final ball with a brilliant stop at point – had four written all over it. Australia 24/0 in 4 overs. 285 more needed.

1.18 pm: Not getting the movement that Ishant is getting Sran, but it is a nice and tight over from the left-arm seamer. Australia 19/0 in 3 overs. 290 more needed.

1.14 pm: Ishant Sharma now, playing his first game of the tour, after recovering from a finger injury. Not a great start for India premier fast bowler in Test cricket. First one is pitched up and Shaun Marsh drives through the covers for three, before straying down the legside next couple of deliveries to give away two wides. He's getting plenty of movement in to the right-hander, but needs to control it better. Much better to the left-handed Marsh, who plays a misses a couple. Australia 15/0 in 2 overs. 294 more needed.

1.08 pm: First ball is a short ball, which loops over Finch for a wide. Just slanting in a little to Finch next ball, and the right-hander gets an inside edge to the onside infield. Short again after that, on legstump, Finch shovels it to square leg. Keeps bowling short, and Finch is ready for it this time, pulls it perfectly through midwicket for a boundary. Another boundary follows as another short one, this time on legside, is helped along fine by Finch. Poor bowling from Sran. Australia 9/0 in 1 over. 300 more needed.

1.03 pm: Barinder Sran to open the bowling again. Aaron Finch on strike.

1.02 pm: The clouds have gathered at the Gabba, we might have some rain in the second innings.

12.57 pm: The players are back on the field. Chase in a couple of minutes. Get that man Smith, and India might be in it, otherwise....

12.26 pm: So, that is that then. Another Rohit hundred, another Kohli half-century, with Rahane chipping in with a nice 89 as well. But India's final over woes continue. The lack of a power-hitter in the side has hurt them again, as they fell away miserably in the final ten overs. from 233/2 in 40 overs, they only managed 308, so that is just 75 runs in 60 balls, which just isn't good enough, not when you have Steve Smith and co. to chase down a total.

India really should have got to 330 and over, but they still have a score of over 300 and it will take a record chase at the Gabba for Australia to win.

Back in half an hour.

12.23 pm: Just two runs off the final three balls and India finish on 308/8 in 50 overs.

12.21 pm: Final over to be bowled by Hastings. Ashwin takes a single first ball and Jadeja does the same as well, a little strangely. Next ball, Ashwin goes for a ramp shot, and only finds the edge. Wicket, Ashwin (1, 2b) gone! India 306/7 in 49.3 overs.

12.18 pm: Ravindra Jadeja picks up a couple to finish another solid over from Faulkner. India 304/6 in 49 overs.

12.17 pm: Wicket, Pandey (6, 5b, 1x4) gone! Hits a boundary after Rahane's wicket, goes for another one, but the hand goes off the handle and a simple catch is taken by Paris running in from long-on. India 302/6 in 48.5 overs.

12.15 pm: Wicket, Rahane (89, 80b, 6x4, 1x6) gone! It was on the cards as Rahane looked to hit those sixes. The slower ball from Faulkner does the trick again and Rahane holes out to Smith at wide long-on. India 298/5 in 48.3 overs.

12.12 pm: Much better over for India, four twos and a boundary, the latter coming off a smash off a low full toss. India 295/4 in 48 overs.

12.08 pm: Finally a boundary for India, as Rahane gets a fine edge for a four. That comes after some good bowling from Faulkner, with Rahane and Manish Pandey unable to do much. What a comeback this is from Australia, even if it was a little predictable, considering India's far from great lower middle order batting. India 283/4 in 47 overs.

12.02 pm: Can't get those boundaries, Rahane and Dhoni as Boland send in another good over. Full or change of pace, and a slower one gets him the big one. Wicket, Dhoni (11, 10b) gone! Dhoni tries to get under it to send it to the stands, only managed to find Glenn Maxwell at long-on. India 276/4 in 46 overs. That is 17 runs in the last three overs. Australia have fought back brilliantly.

11.59 am: Another frustrating over for India and a good one for Australia. Faulkner is bowling well here, and gives away just five runs. A two and three singles. Dhoni's six-hitting version hasn't landed in Brisbane yet. That is ten runs from the last two overs, poor from the batsmen. India 270/3 in 45 overs.

11.54 am: Gorgeous straight drive from Rahane first ball off Boland gives him two, but then a couple of dots follow. A wide and two singles to finish a good over from Boland. India 265/3 in 44 overs.

11.51 am: 11 runs off the over thanks to that six from Rahane first ball. MS Dhoni isin. Can he find his six-hitting mojo? India 260/3 in 43 overs.

11.46 am: Wicket, Rohit (124, 127b, 11x4, 3x6) gone! A second run out of the innings, and this one is the most unfortunate way to get out. Rahane, after lofting one straight back for a six, hits one straight again, Faulkner gets his fingertips on it on the follow through and the ball deflects onto the stumps, with Rohit off his crease at the non-striker's end. Rohit cannot believe it and lets out a big yell, not in a good way. India 255/3 in 42.2 overs.

11.44 am: bit of a ragged over from Boland. Starts with having to watch Rohit carve him for a boundary over extra cover. Then follows that up with a wide. Only singles are taken after that, but still another good over for India. India 249/2 in 42 overs.

11.37 am: A couple for Rahane second ball of the Faulkner over gives his a half-century off 50 balls. Solid knock, but needs to go a little crazy now. India 239/2 in 41 overs.

11.34 am: Now, that's more like it. Intent from Rahane, as he steps out, makes room and lofts one over extra cover for a boundary. Next ball is on leg, and Rahane stays still and plays it fine for another boundary. India 233/2 in 40 overs.

11.30 am: Ooh a catch gone. A really difficult one as Rahane hits a ball straight back at Hastings, who only gets fingertips to it. Not quite pressing the accelerator yet India, which makes you wonder are they making the same mistake from the first ODI again. Ah Rohit's hear me. A nice flick off the hip gives him a boundary, and with Hastings bowling the same line again, Rohit, with fine-leg up, plays the same shot for another four. India 223/2 in 39 overs.

11.24 am: Richardson comes back and India take four singles and a two. India 211/2 in 38 overs.

11.20 am: Too a little while, as he showed his nervousness in the 90s, but Rohit gets there finally with a single to third man taking him to 100 off 111 balls. Punches the air in delight on the hop. India 205/2 in 37 overs.

11.16 am: Just a little too much drama with Rohit on 98 and then 99. Cannot get it the right-hander, in this over, despite taking the bulk of the striker off Faulkner. India 197/2 in 36 overs.

11.09 am: Rahane has played nicely so far, showing he has improved from that cannot-take-singles phase. Only a single for Rohit in the Joel Paris over, keeping him two short of that hundred.Paris bowling well here, keeping things tight. India 194/2 in 35 overs. Final 15 overs coming up after drinks.

11.05 am: Rajasthan Royal vs Rajasthan Royal as Rahane slaps a Faulkner delivery straight back for a boundary. Lofts it nicely over the infield, with mid-on and mid-off up. India 191/2 in 34 overs. Rohit on 97.

11.01 am: A lull in the proceedings as singles and dots take hold. Is there a storm coming, though? India 183/2 in 33 overs.

10.57 am: Maxwell is getting a good bowl here, and the offspinner is doing a decent job too. India not taking any risks, singles again. India 180/2 in 32 overs.

10.54 am: Joel Paris is now given a go as Rohit gets to 89 with a cover drive for three. A single brings Rohit back on strike, and he edges one through to the wicketkeeper, a clear enough outside edge, but the umpire does not hear it. It is given not out much to the bemusement of the Aussies. Wow, what a life for Rohit. India 173/2 in 31 overs.

10.50 am: Just a bit of worry as Rohit does not quite get an inside out shot right, but the ball falls well short of long-off. Four singles in the Maxwell over. India 166/2 in 30 overs.

10.47 am: An educated outside edge gets Rohit a boundary to fine third. Singles and a few dots after that. India 162/2 in 29 overs.

10.43 am: Maxwell comes back in, and bowls a quick over. India 155/2 in 28 overs.

10.41 am: Hastings again and singles again, with one two. Momentum has gone for India following that Kohli wicket, but it is understandable. India 151/2 in 27 overs.

10.37 am: Boland continues and four singles off this decent over. India 146/2 in 26 overs.

10.33 am: A couple of singles off Hastings and then Rohit gets a little lucky as an inside edge misses the stumps by a few centimetres to go for a boundary behind the wicket. Gets a two off the final ball, and this is more assured, a cover drive. India 142/2 in 25 overs.

10.26 am: Rahane defends his first ball, but boy will Kohli be ruing that decision to go back for a couple. India 134/2 in 24 overs.

10.24 am: Beautiful shot from Kohli as Boland comes back in. Steps out and away from the stumps again and throws his hands at the ball to slap it to extra cover for a boundary. after that, though, Kohli goes for a couple that was never there and Wicket, Kohli (59, 67b, 4x4) gone! Oh man, what a gift of a wicket. Kohli takes Richardson on at fine-leg, going for a couple and a flat, brilliant throw is finished off by Wade, with Kohli well short of the crease. Man, Australia needed that, and Kohli has given it to them. India 134/2 in 23.5 overs. Ajinkya Rahane is the new batsman.

10.20 am: How about that Mr. Richardson. What a shot that is from Rohit. Short ball outside offstump and Rohit forehands it crosscourt to wide mid-on for a big six. Gee, that was nice. And it only gets better as Rohit, this time off a ball that is pitched up, slaps it straight back for another six. India 125/1 in 23 overs.

10.17 am: Too manydot balls for my comfort of late, even if the scoreboard is moving along nicely. As I say that, Kohli shifts outside legstump and thumps the ball past extra cover for a boundary to reach his half-century, off 60 balls. India 110/1 in 22 overs, but cannot get a single off the final couple of balls. Rohit 52, Kohli 50.

10.13 am: Another decent over from Australia, with Richardson giving little away. India 104/1 in 21 overs.

10.09 am: Faulkner keeps it tight, frustrating Kohli and Rohit a little as they struggle to get the seamer away for a single. India 99/1 in 20 overs.

10.05 am: After a maiden and 19 runs in his first three overs, Kane Richardson is back. Around this time in the chase last match, Australia had cranked into top gear, will India do the same, albeit in completely different circumstances. Smart money is on them going around 5 an over for a while now, which they do in this one as well, with plenty of singles, one of those getting Rohit Sharma his half-century, off 61 balls. India 97/1 in 19 overs.

9.59 am: Slowly upping the ante now India, as Kohli gets a boundary with a sweep to backward square-leg. Another sweep shot, this time more to-edgy gets him a couple. India 92/1 in 18 overs. Drinks. Rohit 48 (58b, 6x4, 1x6), Kohli 36 (46b, 2x4).

9.56 am: JamesFaulkner is on now and after a couple of singles and a two, Rohit latches onto a short ball for a nicely-placed boundary to deep backward square. India 82/1 in 17 overs.

9.52 am: A little lucky Rohit as a drive to the offside just drops short of Finch at cover. Maxwell is bowling decently here, not giving anything away. India 74/1 in 16 overs.

9.49 am: Boland continues and so do the singles. India 72/1 in 15 overs.

9.46 am: Spin for the first time as Glenn Maxwell comes in. A couple of singles and then Rohit plays a fine sweep shot for a boundary. More a bottom edge, but Rohit will take it. India 69/1 in 14 overs.

9.43 am: Another outside edge for Kohli and again the ball does not even remotely carry. Might have played this one with softer hands, which ensured the ball would not go into the hands of Aaron Finch in the slips. With Rohit on strike, the slip comes out for a short midwicket, and Boland bowls it onto the stumps, looking for the right-hander to lob one up to that man close in. Good over from Boland, but four runs are taken. India 63/1 in 13 overs.

9.39 am: Just a couple of feelers outside off for Kohli from Hastings, but the moment the fast bowlers hits the stumps, Kohli jumps on it, this time with a glorious push straight back for a boundary. it was just a push, nothing else, and the ball raced away. A single is taken after that and that brings up the 50 partnership from 59 balls. India 59/1 in 12 overs.

9.35 am: Powerplay over, but a first slip is still in place for Rohit and Kohli as Scott Boland continues. Keeps it outside off the fast bowler, a couple of singles are taken, and then when Boland just overpitches a touch, Rohit lays into the drive and picks up another boundary. India 53/1 in 11 overs.

9.31 am: A few plays and misses for Rohit, who then takes a single with a cut down to third man. Kohli gets the drive out, but cannot find the gap. India 47/1 in 10 overs.

9.27 am: Changes at both ends as Scott Boland is given a go. Couple of good balls and Rohit decides to step out and throw his bat. Finds a top edge, and Rohit is lucky as the ball falls away from John Hastings at third man, with the big fast bowler misfielding as well to allow the ball to trickle onto the ropes. India 46/1 in 9 overs.

9.23 am: John Hastings is given the ball now. Strikes Rohit on the pads first ball with one that comes in, an appeal is made, but it is turned down. The ball would have gone over the stumps. A couple of singles follow. India 41/1 in 8 overs.

9.19 am: Just a couple off the first four balls of the Paris over, with Kohli getting a two to the onside first ball. Fifth ball is short and Kohli plays the pull shot nicely into the ground for another couple. India 38/1 in 7 overs.

9.15 am: Looks quite flat this pitch, with maybe a touch more pace than WACA. Not much difference, though. Rohit gets into the swing of things again by smashing, and I mean, smashing the ball past point for a boundary, before he just helps a ball on the legside along quite fine for a six. India 34/1 in 6 overs.

9.11 am: Couple of singles and then Paris induces a genuine edge off Kohli, but the ball does not carry to Smith at first slip. Really lucky there, Kohli, did not carry at all, and it wasn't even like he wasn't pushing at the ball. India 23/1 in 5 overs.

9.06 am: First ball of the over boundary again, but this time there is no wicket to follow. Rohit gets his first four with a nice upper cut to the third man boundary, only went about three metres away from the fielder in the deep, but he had no chance. Three off the third ball for Rohit with a nice drive through the covers. Kohli takes a single fifth ball and Rohit defends the final one. India 19/1 in 4 overs.

9.03 am: Three dot balls as Virat Kohli comes in. And then the vice-captain takes a single to third man. India 10/1 in 3 overs.

8.59 am: First boundary of the match is struck by Dhawan, who throws his hands at it and finds the gap between extra cover and mid-off. Next ball, though Wicket, Dhawan (6. 4b, 1x4) gone! Man, he is an infuriating batsman. Short of a good length, wide and swinging further away from the left-hander, Dhawan lazily throws his bat at it again, and only finds the outside edge through to Wade to give Paris his first ODI wicket. Poor batting from him, and how long can this go on really. Surely, there is a limit to the patience. India 9/1 in 2.2 overs.

8.57 am: Kane Richardson gets the new ball at the other end. Well outside off to start with, and Rohit does not bother throwing his bat at them. The fourth ball comes in and Rohit is lucky as an inner edge rolls harmlessly to square leg. Good over from Richardson, doesn't give anything away. India 5/0 in 2 overs.

8.53 am: The second ball is across and left alone by Rohit. The right-hander then gets off the mark as Paris bowls one on the stumps. Rohit flicks it to fine-leg for a couple. Huge boundaries, these, so fours and sixes, especially, will be at a premium. Next ball, Rohit is lucky as an outside edge, as he tries to play another through the onside, flies low and well past the slips to third man for a single. Dhawan gets it nice and shot and wide first ball, and slaps it to wide third man for a couple. Defends the last ball. India 5/0 in 1 over.

8.50 am: Just a touch of swing first ball for Paris, Rohit defends it with the inside half of his bat, with the ball cannoning onto his pads.

8.49 am: The players are out in the middle, Rohit and Dhawan have gone through their customary touch of gloves. Runs or wickets in the morning? We'll find out soon enough. Paris to bowl to Rohit.

8.45 am: Just five minutes away from play. India to bat, and Dhoni will hope Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma give them a great start. No sign of rain at all right now, hopefully, those blue skies stay throughout the match. Remember, rain has been forecast for the evening in Brisbane.

8.32 am: Hazlewood was Australia's best bowler in the first one-day international, so Richardson and Hastings will have to step up. Also, with Marsh rested, the batting has been weakened just a touch. Live in hope, aye.

8.24 am: Australia make three changes – Kane Richardson, Shaun Marsh and John Hastings come in. Mitchell Marsh, David Warner and Josh Hazlewood are missing.

Teams: Australia: Shaun Marsh, Aaron Finch, Steve Smith, George Bailey, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade, James Faulkner, Kane Richardson, John Hastings, Joel Paris, Scott Boland,

India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Ajinkya Rahane, Manish Pandey, MS Dhoni, Ravindra Jadeja, R Ashwin, Ishant Sharma, UT Yadav, Barinder Sran.

8.22 am: Dhoni calls tails and India win the toss again. Batting first. Dhoni says he wants toput runs on the board. I think if we put the same kind of runs, 310, we will have a very good chance. What is important is to see how the wickets are prepared and accordingly make the decision. Assess accordingly what is a good score. Ishant Sharma comes in for Bhuvneshwar Kumar, just the one change.

8.20 am: Toss in a minute.

8.17 am: Pitch report: Best wicket in Australia, with a lot of pace and bounce, with a bit of covering of grass, says Damien Martyn. Bat first says Martyn, but with rain possibly coming in in the second half of the match, bowling first might be the better option.

7.55 am: Hello and a good morning to everyone. This is Deepak Vikraman here and stay tuned to this wonderfully engrossing, extraordinarily riveting, unbelievably exciting (too much) live blog of IBTimes India.

We are back for another ODI, as India look to bounce back from that pasting they took at the hands of Australia, who just seem to flex their muscles that wee bit more with every passing home game.

Steve Smith and George Bailey were the heroes with Australia in the first one-day international in Perth, with Rohit Sharma's brilliant 171 going to nought.

All the live streaming options you need to watch the match live is HERE

Read about the key players for the 2nd ODI and the key battles.

India's bowlers (read spinners) were poor in that one-dayer, and the first question of the morning will be if MS Dhoni will make any changes to his team. Whatever the XI, though, India need to put in an error-free performance, otherwise that freak of nature Steve Smith and his Australia team will walk away with a 2-0 series lead.