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Can MS Dhoni and his men shine against West Indies in the World T20 semifinal?IANS

India, who were touted as favourites for the World T20 title, lost to West Indies in the semifinal by seven wickets at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. India were favourites to reach the final after posting 192 runs, but West Indies chased down the score in 19.4 overs.

India had compiled such a score after all their batsmen got into the act. Virat Kohli top-scored with 89 runs while Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane score 43 and 40 runs respectively. Though there was dew on the ground, which made life difficult for the bowlers, India could have bowled better. 

Chris Gayle's dismissal early on gave India immense hope of win, but Johnson Charles and Lendl Simmons took the attack to the India bowlers, who looked clueless when the Indies duo were going bang-bang with the willow. Simmons scored 51-ball 82, which paved the way for a win. However, Simmons was lucky to stay at the crease as he was dismissed twice of no-ball. Such basic errors cost the game for India. 

Despite such mistakes, one cannot take anything away from West Indies, who batted brilliantly to score at more than 9.5 runs per over and reach the final of the World T20. West Indies will face England for the coveted title at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata, Sunday. 

West Indies have defeated India by seven wickets, and India's World T20 campaign ends in Mumbai. 

19.4 Kohli to Russell, full toss, and the ball sails into the crowd for a massive six. West Indies win the match by seven wickets. West Indies 196/3, 19.4 overs.

19.3 Kohli to russell, four runs via inside edge. 

19.2 Kohli to Russell, dot ball

19.1 Kohli to Simmons, takes a single.

Kohli to bowl the last over.

10:30: One run from first two balls for WI. Jadeja needs to dismiss Simmons or Russell. Two runs from three balls. Jadeja has bowled well so far in this over. The crowd are cheering the dot balls, but they are silent now, with Russell's massive six. Russell hits a boundary in the last over. WI have the game in their bag. West Indies 185/3, 19 overs (Simmons 82, Russell 33), require 8 runs from 6 balls.

10:24: Bumrah with his last over. Slow bouncer to Simmons, dot ball. Simmons swings hard, misses the ball completely. This is brilliant from Bumrah, who has lit the crowd with three dot balls. Simmons hit the ball high in the air, ball was caught by Jadeja, who seems to have touched the boundary line. SIX for Simmons. Cat has nine lives, and Simmons must have something of the same at Wankhede. Pandya saves two runs in the deep, good fielding. Simmons finishes with a boundary in the last ball. West Indies 173/3, 18 overs (Simmons 81, Russell 22), require 20 runs from 12 balls.

10:17: Nehra to Russell, one run. He has to break the partnership. Simmons and Russell are striking it big, but two runs from three balls. Russell clubs Nehra for another six. WI are inching closer. Need 34 runs only now. Two runs in the last two balls. West Indies 161/3, 17 overs (Simmons 69, Russell 22), require 32 runs from 18 balls.

10:10: Bumrah needs to get his yorkers right. Full toss for one run. Simmons comes down the track, Bumrah bowls it slower, batsman misses the ball. Simmons swings, and gets a boundary via thick edge in the third man region. Simmons runs in an overthrow. India are feeling the pressure now. Simmons finishes the over with a six. West Indies 151/3, 16 overs (Simmons 67, Russell 14), require 42 runs from 24 balls.

10:05: Russell  to face Pandya. The batsman strikes the ball hard for a powerful boundary.  That was a brutal cover drive. Russell gets into the act again, hits a massive six. That is at the top tier over mid-wicket fence. The crowd is quiet. Russell goes for a massive hit, thick edge, one run to thrid man. Simmons is out, but NOT OUT. No-ball. It is free-hit. Second time lucky, and he punishes the bowler for a six. West Indies 138/3, 15 overs (Simmons 56, Russell 12), require 55 runs from 30 balls

10:01: Kohli to Simmons now. He has taken a wicket and three dot balls. Four balls, two runs. Kohli wants to lift his team. He hates losing. West Indies 120/3, 14 overs (Simmons 50, Russell 1), require 73 runs from 36 balls

9:57: Charles GONE. Important wicket for India. Of all the bowlers, Kohli takes a wicket in his first ball. The man with the golden arm for India. West Indies 116/3, 13.1 overs

9:56: West Indies are taking the attack to India bowlers. There is due on the ground and the ball is just skidding, making it easier for the batsmen. Six runs from three balls.Things are looking too easy for WI. Another boundary, square drive by Simmons. One bounce four. West Indies 116/2, 13 overs (Charles 52, Simmons 47), require 77 runs from 42 balls

9:51: There are some pensive faces in the crowd. Pandya gets another over, as he is hit by Charles on the right of long on fielder for a four. No chance for the fielder. As present, WI are in a better situation. If India fail to break this partnership, the road to Eden looks bleak. Huge appeal, which was too optimistic. West Indies 104/2, 12 overs (Charles 50, Simmons 37), require 89 runs from 48 balls

9:46: Jadeja is hit for a six by Simmons over mid-wicket. India are under pressure now as Simmons hits another boundary, slash square drive to the fence. India have to break this partnership else West Indies are somehwat cruising. West Indies 97/2, 11 overs (Charles 46, Simmons 35)

9:42: WI are getting a move on. Charles goes for a huge hit, thick edges the ball for a six over third man. Charles is looking mighty dangerous as he hits another boundary via hook shot, well controlled. The crowd is quiet now. Paddles it for a single. West Indies 84/2, 10 overs (Charles 45, Simmons 23 )

9:38: Ashwin gives the ball some air, and the ball is in the crowd. Charles hits a maximum over mid-wicket fence. Charles hits another boundary, powerful slog sweep. Short and wide, only one run as Bumrah stops an obvious four. Simmons comes down the track, hits wide of mid-off, two runs. West Indies 72/2, 9 overs (Charles 34, Simmons 23 )

9:34: Pandya into action. His first over. Pandya concedes two runs from his first two balls. It will not bother India. WI need boundaries. Pandya is bowling fuller balls, and not giving much width, which is the need of the hour. Charles latches onto Pandya's short ball, hits a boundary. West Indies 59/2, 8overs (Charles 23, Simmons 21 )

9:30: Spin in tandem. Ashwin to bowl his first over. Simmons cuts Ashwin for a boundary in the third man region, was too wide. There is some turn for Ashwin. Simmons 'was out', but it is a no-ball from Ashwin. Free-hit, but no run as he bowls wide, cleverly. West Indies 51/2, 7overs (Charles 17, Simmons 19 )

9:24: Jadeja into action. Three runs from the first two balls. Simmons, you beauty, hits straight down the ground for a massive six. Simmons, make no mistake, is a class act. Ball goes up in the air, lands safley on the ground, takes two runs.West Indies 44/2, 6 overs (Charles 16, Simmons 14 )

9:20: Veteran Nehra with his third over. Charles takes a few steps, goes for a wild shot, misses the ball completely. This is brilliant bowling from Nehra, who has bolwed three dot balls on a trot. Nehra bowls a slower ball, just a single. This is experience for you. Simmons pulls the ball for an important boundary. He just helped it along in the leg-side. West Indies 33/2, 5 overs (Charles 15, Simmons 4 )

9:14: Charles starts off with a boundary. Too short from Bumrah, who is hit for back-to-back boundaries in the leg side. Charles is looking dangerous. Leading edge, falls safe, takes a single. Simmons will play an important role now. He knows the conditions well. West Indies 28/2, 4 overs (Charles 14 , Simmons 0 )

9:09: Charles hits a classic boundary, straight down the ground, was too full. Nehra comes back strong, and appeals for a LBW. NOT OUT. Charles is trying to up the ante, but the ball gets too big on him, takes a leg bye. Samules OUT. The ball spoons in the air, easy catch. Good bowling from Nehra. West Indies 19/2, 3 overs (Charles 5)

9:02: Samuels gets off the mark with a boundary. Bumrah produces an edge, outside edge for four runs in the third man region. Great over from Bumrah despite the four. He got the danger man Gayle, but as I say that, he is hit for a boundary by Samuels. West Indies 14/1, 2 overs (Charles 1, Samuels 8)

8:57: Jasprit Bumrah to Gayle, who is bowled first up by the bowler. GAYLE GONE. West Indies 6/1, 1.1 overs (Charles 1)

8:56: Ashish Nehra to open the bowling for India. Charles facing Nehra. The right-hander gets off the mark. Gayle on strike to Nehra, who is getting the ball to shape away. Good captaining from Dhoni, two slip fielders. Nehra bowls a bouncer, and Gayle is yet to get off the mark. Short of length, and Gayle pulls the ball for a boundary, will keep the strike, takes a single in the last ball. West Indies 6/0, 1 over (Charles 1, Gayle 5)

8:50: India fielders are out in the middle. West Indies openers are also there. Here we go. 

See you in a while. You guys can take a small break as well.

India batsmen have shone in the first innings, scoring 192 from their alloted 20 overs. Kohli played a huge hand in that total with another brilliant innings, scoring 47-ball 89. This looks like a winning total for India, but anything is possible as Gayle will hold the key for West Indies.

8:35: Dhoni takes a single, gives the strike to Kohli, who is looking majestic. Kohli goes for a six, but is dropped in the boundary line by Simmons, takes couple. Yorker from Bravo to Kohli, just a single. Three balls - four runs so far. Three balls left.  Great awareness by Kohli and Dhoni, three runs. Bad fielding from West Indies. Boundary, short arm jab by Kohli, who takes a single in the last ball. India 192/2, 20 overs (Kohli 89, Dhoni 15)

8:29: Russell to Dhoni, who drives the ball for a single. Kohli is the man for India as the batsman has middled a number of balls for boundaries. Good bowling. Two yorkers for three runs. Length ball, dispatched for six, straight down the ground. Kohli gets back the strike with a couple. That is a bullet from Kohli's bat to the fence, and follows it with another boundary all along the carpet, lovely straight drive. India 180/2, 19 overs (Kohli 81, Dhoni 11)

8:22: Dhoni misses out on a full toss, just hits straight to fine leg, one run. Kohli square drives powerfully for one run only.Three runs from three balls. Good bowling by Bravo. The batsmen need to go after him. Kohli goes after the bowler and hits a boundary, could have been caught in the boundary. The fielder misread. Kohli, what a shot, hits a wonderful boundary, wide of long-off. India 161/2, 18 overs (Kohli 63, Dhoni 10)

8:18: Brathwaite to Dhoni, who hits a boundary. Great innovation, sweeps the fast bowler for four runs, and takes a couple. Slower ball from Brathwaite, Dhoni is early in the drive, takes a single. Now it is Kohli with a boundary in the leg side. Poor bowling from the bowler. Kohli scores a quick couple once again to complete his half-century. Toe of the bat, and boundary for Kohli. India 150/2, 17 overs (Kohli 54, Dhoni 8)

8:12: Dhoni walks into bat. He needs to take the attack to the opposition. He runs for Kohli's couple. Just six runs from the over. India 133/2, 16 overs (Kohli 44, Dhoni 1)

8:10: Dot ball from RUssell to Kohli, who takes a single in the second ball. power shot, straight to the fielder. Rahane GONE, caught in the boundary line. India 128/2, 15.3 overs

8:07: There are some wonderful hitters of the cricket ball to come for India. The duo needs to play their shots. Brathwaite concedes two singles in his first two balls. What a shot by Kohli, who digs a yorker for a boundary in the third man region, over the fiedlers in the 30 yeards circle. Just shows the class of the batsman. India 127/1, 15 overs (Rahane 40, Kohli 40)

8:02: Benn with his last over. Kohli welcomes him with a boundary, brilliant square drive, and takes a single. They are milking the bowlers, as Rahane takes another couple, follows it with a single.  Kohli is looking awesome, takes couple, good fielding in the boundary line. India 120/1, 14 overs (Rahane 39, Kohli 34)

7:58: Bravo taken for single in his first ball by Kohli. Rahane shows intent, comes down the track, Bravo bowls a slower one, just a single. Kohli, how many times do I say this, takes a quick couple. Full toss from Bravo to Kohli, who hits it for a boundary, split the gap in the leg side. India 109/1, 13 overs (Rahane 36, Kohli 26)

7:52: Benn taken for single by Kohli and Rahane, then, takes a quick couple. This has been brilliant running by Kohli and Rahane, but they need to hit boundaries as well. Ones and twos, the flavour of the partnership so far. India 98/1, 12 overs (Rahane 35, Kohli 16)

7:49: Brathwaite with his first over. Rahane picks up the bowler in the leg side, one run. Kohli takes a couple, great running by the pair. Rahane misses a wonderful chance to score a boundary, hits straight to the fielder. Rahane, now, flicks on the leg side for a run, and Kohli does the same. India 91/1, 11 overs (Rahane 32, Kohli 13)

7:45: Wide ball from Badree. Rahane takes couple as he cuts the ball in the off-side. Rahane is just taking ones and twos. Is that enough? Kohli takes a single, cuts the ball again. Rahane hammers the ball for a boundary on the leg side. Short from Badree. 10 runs from the over. India 86/1, 10 overs (Rahane 29, Kohli 10)

7:42: Important phase of the match. Bravo to bowl his first over. He mixes the ball brilliantly. Rahane takes single in the first ball, was a slower ball. Ah, bouncer to Kohli, dot ball. He fires another bouncer, no-ball, free hit to Kohli, and the right hander nearly runs himself out. Drama all round. Kohli LUCKY to be at the crease. Lucky again as he edges the ball for a boundary. This over has had everything. This is T20 for you. India 76/1, 9 overs (Rahane 21, Kohli 9)

7:37: Kohli gets off the mark with a single, and Rahane takes a couple. India 66/1, 8 overs (Rahane 20, Kohli 1)

7:33: Badree traps Rohit LBW, India 62/1, 7.2 overs

7:32: Benn to Rohit, takes a single in the second ball. Rohit has got going, but Rahane is yet to get into stride as he just gives the strike to Rohit. Three runs from four balls, all singles. Rahane takes a couple, good running. Another couple by Rahane. India 62/0, 7 overs (Rohit 43, Rahane 17)

7:27: Rohit hits a six, which was a high full toss. Has been declared a no-ball, and hits a six of the free-hit. The first one was a pull shot, while the other was straight down the ground. Rohit is looking good now,  as he pulls the ball over mid-wicket for another four. 20 runs from the over. India 55/0, 6 overs (Rohit 41, Rahane 12)

7:22: Badree with his second over. Rohit takes a single, gives strike to Rahane. Thick edge and the ball runs for a boundary. Rahane's first four. Rahane pulls the ball for a couple, good fielding from Bravo. Nine runs from the over. India 35/0, 5 overs (Rohit 23, Rahane 11)

7:18: Benn to Rohit, who glides the ball for a couple. The lanky spinner is getting some bounce as he is mixing it up early on. Backfoot cover drive from Rohit for a wonderful boundary. Timing all the way, and follows it up with a sweep shot for same result. India 26/0, 4 overs (Rohit 21, Rahane 4)

7:14: First six. Rohit hits through the line for a huge six in the leg side. He rotates the strike in the third ball of the over. Despite the six, Rohit does not look confident. Nine runs from the over. India 15/0, 3 overs (Rohit 10, Rahane 4)

7:09: Samuel Badree clipped to the leg side for a single by Rahane. Rohit beaten by wrong one, hits the pad, takes a leg bye. Good bowling by Badree. Brilliant line and length. No width at all. He is getting his wrong one to turn. Just four runs. India 6/0, 2 overs (Rohit 2, Rahane 3)

7:05: Andre Russell to Rohit Sharma - First ball, on the pads, and the batsmen hits it to the fielder, dot ball. Three balls and no run so far. Rohit has missed two chances of scoring, easy balls to get off the mark. Misfield allows Rohit a single. Extra bounce from Russell to Rahane, who gets off the mark with a quick single. India 2/0, 1 over (Rohit 1, Rahane 1)

6:58: India have a new opening pair for the knockout, as Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane are set to take on the West Indies bowlers. Rahane has replaced Shikhar Dhawan, who has been below par in the World T20. 

6:55: We are just minutes away from the first ball of the semifinal in Mumbai as both teams walk into the middle for their respective national anthems. The atmosphere looks amazing already. It is jam-packed. 

India will bat first in this 22 yard strip, which has assisted batsmen to the core. 

6:45: Teams: India: RG Sharma, A Rahane, V Kohli, S Raina, M Pandey, MS Dhoni (wk and c), H Pandya, R Jadeja, R Ashwin, A Nehra, J Bumrah

West Indies: J Charles, C Gayle, M Samuels, L Simmons, D Ramdin (wk), DJ Bravo, A Russell, D Sammy (c), C Brathwaite, S Badree, S Benn

6:40: India have dropped Shikhar Dhawan, who has been replaced by Ajinkya Rahane, while Manish Pandey gets in for injured Yuvraj Singh. This is a huge call from India, especially playing Rahane in a crunch game. West Indies welcome Chris Gayle and Lendl Simmons into the starting 11. Simmons is replacing injured Andre Fletcher. 

6:30: West Indies wins toss, will bowl first. 

6:28: The all important toss is just round the corner.

6:25: West Indies women create history, reach World T20 final, now the men will want to do the same. India stand on their way. 

6:17: Everyone is guessing – who will replace Yuvraj Singh? Manish Pandey has been called in as cover, but Ajinkya Rahane also stands a great chance to replace him. However, all-rounder Pawan Negi is like-for-like replacement as he can smack few balls to the boundary, and also roll his arm over for a few overs. We will get to know about Yuvi's replacement soon. What's your pick?

6:05: In the run upto the semifinals, Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli have bagged headlines as they hold key for their respective teams. Kohli has been fantastic in the World T20, playing an integral role with the bat, against Pakistan and Australia, scoring 55 and 82 runs. India will look forward to similar heroics from Kohli in the semifinal as well.

Gayle, when on song, is no match for any bowlers, who fear him for his big-hitting skills. Gayle showed how he can take the game away from the opposition, scoring a match-winning ton against England. If Gayle delivers against India in Mumbai, the home team might emerge second best.

5:50 pm: India are set to deal with the highly-entertaining West Indies team. With players like Chris Gayle and Dwayne Bravo, they have it in them to create a strom in Mumbai. But India also have some big guns like Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni, who can counter anything that is thrown at them. With an array of stars in  both the camps, one can expect a huge contest.

Hello everyone. Welcome to International Business Times, India live blog coverage. This is Ashim Sunam here, and I will provide you with all the updates from the World T20 second semifinal between India and West Indies.

India, after their loss to New Zealand, have won three matches on a trot, but are yet to hit top gear. Will the Men in Blue finally show their true colours at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai?

West Indies, on the other hand, topped their group, which was not expected. They deserve top spot after playing some amazing cricket to defeat teams like England, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

We are just 75  minutes away from the first ball, and the stadium looks almost full. More fans are pouring in, and one can expect a sea of blue when the two teams walk out for their respective national anthem.