ICC World T20 final
Darren Sammy and Eoin Morgan pose with the World T20 final trophy. Who will win the title at Eden Gardens in Kolkata?IANS

West Indies played some wonderful cricket to defeat England by four wickets in a thrilling contest, and win the 2016 World T20. Players such as Marlon Samuels and Carlos Brathwaite sparkled with the bat as they chased England's score of 155 runs with two balls to spare at Eden Gardens in Kolkata. 

Samuels, who scored 66-ball 85, steadied the West Indies innings after losing early wickets. Samuels kept West Indies in the game single-handedly, scoring runs at a brisk rate, but it was Brathwaite, who shone with the bat, hitting four sixes in the last over to emerge victorious. Brathwaite scored 34 runs from 10 balls.

Though West Indies won, England should be proud of their performance as they had given it their all in the contest. England, who were let down by their top order, could have won the title as well had it not been Brathwaite's spectacular innings. 

With this win, West Indies have become the first team to win the World T20 title twice in competition's history. 

10: 35: West Indies win 2016 World T20. West Indies 161/6, 19.4 overs.

19.4 overs: Another six, and West Indies players are out on the field, and celebrations have already begun. Brathwaite finishes off with four sixes in the last four balls. 

19.3 overs: Brathwaite has done it  -- one can say -- another massive six, straight down the ground. 1 run from 3 balls now.

19.2 overs: Another isx, huge six from Brathwaite. 

19.1 overs: Stokes to bowl the final over. Can Brathwaite and Samuels win it for WI? He hits a six in the leg side. Bad bowling from Stokes.

10:31: Jordan is hit for a boundary in the first ball by Samuels. Good bowling. The next two ball goes for two runs only, and Samuels can only take a run in the fourth ball. They need a boundary. Brathwaite is the man for West Indies, but he can only take a single. Jordan bowls a dot ball to complete the 19th over. West Indies 137/6, 19 overs (Samuels 85, Brathwaite 10) need 19 runs from 6  balls

10:25: Full toss to Samuels, who hits it straight down the ground, two runs, and takes a couple in the next. Brathwaite hits it wide of long off, but only two runs, good fielding from Ali. Single run as the pair goes for a quick leg bye. Samuels dives to get inside the crease, Willey misses the stump. Fantastic Willey bowling a perfect yorker. Cheeky shot from Brathwaite over the keeper for four runs.  West Indies 129/6, 18 overs (Samuels 79, Brathwaite 8) need 27 runs from 12 balls

10:19: Jordan has been impressive at the death for England. He will bowl the 17th over. Samuels hits a boundary, powerful shot, straight down the ground. He has to get the yorker right. Morgan saves a four, dives to his right, and stops a boundary. Wide yorker, dot ball. Finishes the over with a single. West Indies 118/6, 17 overs (Samuels 76, Brathwaite 1) need 38 runs from 18 balls

10:15: Hales saves an obvious four, just two runs. Samuels holds the key, goes without saying. Wide ball from Willey. Samuels keeps strike, takes single in the last ball. West Indies 111/6, 16 overs (Samuels 70, Brathwaite 0) need 45 runs from 24 balls

10:12: Captain Sammy at the crease. Willey bowls a wide. Sammy calls for two and makes it easily. Willey takes another wicket, Sammy hits it straight to Alex Hales in the off-side for a simple catch. West Indies 107/6, 15.3 overs (Samuels 67)

10:10: Russell hits a bullet, but straight, not exactly, to Ben Stokes in the boundary line. RUSSELL GONE. West Indies 104/5, 15.1 overs

10:09: Plunkett to Samuels, who hits him for a boundary. One bounce four in the right of long-on. Goes for a huge shot again, takes single. Russell plays a dot ball, and goes for a risky single in the next ball. Had Roy hit direct at the stumps, Samuels was gone for all money. Samuels hits another six, over long on fence. This is amazing by Samuels, who hits another six, straight over the bowlers head for a sixWest Indies 104/4, 15 overs (Samuels 67, Russell 1) need 52 runs from 30 balls

10:03: This partnership has been steady, but they need to score runs at a brisk rate now. With players like Russell in the dugout, West Indies can still win this. Two runs from the first two ball balls. Bravo hits a six over mid-wicket fence. The wrong one was read by Bravo, who drops and runs in the next ball. Samuels completes half-century, 50 off 47 balls, but West Indies lose Bravo, who goes for a massive hit, and top edges the ball for an easy catch.  West Indies 86/4, 14 overs (Samuels 50) need 70 runs from 36 balls

9:58: Samuels plays the ball to sweeper cover for a single. Poor ball from Stokes, short and wide. A wide ball, really a wide, wide, wide ball. The ball might have slipped from his hand. Powerful flick from Bravo, but no run. Billings, sub fielder for England, drops Bravo. He over runs it actually, Should have caught that. Not only did he drop that, it is four as well. How costly will that be? Bravo goes for a quick, risky single in the final ball. West Indies 76/3, 13 overs (Samuels 48, Bravo 17), need 80 runs from 42 balls

9:53: Rashid gives the ball air, hit by Samuels for a single, straight down the ground. Bravo takes a single as well. Is this enough? They need fours and sixes. Wrong one pulled to mid-wicket boundary for one run. West Indies 67/3, 12 overs (Samuels 46, Bravo 11), need 89 runs from 48 balls

9:49: Ben Stokes' first ball is slashed for a boundary by Samuels to the right of third man. Stokes bowls a wide, and a single to sweeper cover as the bowler bowls short and wide, easy picking. Bravo flicks a full toss to square leg for single. West Indies 62/3, 11 overs (Samuels 43, Bravo 9), need 94 runs from 54 balls

9:44: Rashid needs to bowl a tidy spell. West Indies, on the other hand, need to up the ante. Bravo takes a single, hits the ball to the covers. Wrong one from Rashid and Samuels does not read that, but plays the next one to long off for single. Rashid is bowling his wrong ones, to perfection. Just four runs of the over. West Indies 54/3, 10 overs (Samuels 37, Bravo 8)

9:40: Yorker from Plunkett, who is unlucky as Samuels somehow gets a thickish edge, and produces a four. Samuels plays it to the off-side for one run. Plunkett bowls a wide, down the leg side. Single from a short ball. West Indies 50/3, 9 overs (Samuels 35, Bravo 6)

9:36: Adil Rashid to bowl. There is sharp turn from the leggie. Morgan goes on the attack, brings a slip, and Bravo takes a single. This is an interesting phase in the final. Bowls it short, the ball does not bounce much. West Indies 43/3, 8 overs (Samuels 30, Bravo 5)

9:32: Samuels had edged the ball to the wicket-keeper, but it had not carried. Third umpire confirms, NOT OUT. Plunkett gets the ball to jump on Samuels, who takes a single the next ball. West Indies batsmen are jumping, with Plunkett getting the ball to bounce. West Indies 39/3, 7 overs (Samuels 28, Bravo 3)

9:26: Samuels plonks the ball for a boundary in the leg-side. Jordan bowls a bouncer to Samuels, who pulls the ball, and it sails over the wicket-keeper for four, via top edge. Samuels is looking good as he takes couple. It was a powerful punch from Samuels. The batsman hits a brilliant square drive for a boundary. Jordan is under pressure, and he bowls a wide. West Indies 37/3, 6 overs (Samuels 27, Bravo 2)

9:22: Liam Plunkett to Samuels. Samuels misses out on a full toss as he flicks the ball, straight to the fielder. The batsman makes room, but Plunkett is not giving his any width. Poor fielding from Rashid, who gives a single after misfielding an easy ball. Plunkett bangs the ball hard on the pitch, one run, leg bye. West Indies 21/3, 5 overs (Samuels 12, Bravo 2)

9:17: Samuels takes a single, runs the ball  down to third man. Bravo, one run. Three runs from first three balls as Samuels again takes a single in the third man region. The ball gets big on Bravo, who plays with soft hands for a single. West Indies 18/3, 4 overs (Samuels 10, Bravo 2)

9:13: Bravo comes into bat, and takes a leg-bye. Samuels also takes a single next, fielder misfields. West Indies 13/3, 3 overs (Samuels 7, Bravo 0)

9:10: England are pumped. They know, if they can break this partnership of Samuels and Simmons, they inch closer to the title. Samuels takes a single, dabs the ball to third man. It is golden duck for Simmons, who is trapped leg before by Willey. West Indies 11/3, 2.3 overs 

9:07: Root to Samuels, who plays it wonderfully for a boundary in the mid-wicket fence. West Indies 10/2, 2 overs (Simmons 0, Samuels 5)

9:03: Gayle attacks, hits Root for a boundary. Goes for another big shot, is caught in the deep. Root with two wickets. Did you see that coming? West Indies 5/2, 1.3 overs

9:01: What a start for England as well. Joe root, off all, is given the ball, and he takes a wicket in his first ball. CHARLES GONE. Charles goes for a huge shot, but spoons the ball high in the air, easily caught. West Indies 1/1, 1.1 overs

9 p.m.: David Willey set to bowl the first over. If he can swing the ball, it is going to be interesting. There is no swing in the first ball, but slight swing in the second, which will not trouble the batsman. Charles goes hard at the ball, straight to the fielder, dot ball. Good over so far, five dots. One run to end the over. West Indies 1/0, 1 over (Charles 1 Gayle 0 )

See you in a while.

West Indies, at present, looks favourite to chase down England's score, and clinch the World T20. The score of 155 can be chased in this pitch, which has looked decent so far. But, expect this England team to come down fighting. If England manage to take some early wickets in the first few overs, anything can happen. The first powerplay is going to be huge for both teams.

West Indies need 156 runs to win 

19.6: Rashid hits the ball sweetly in the off-side, saved brilliantly in the deep by the fielder, only two runs. England 155/9, 20 overs (Jordan 12, Rashid 4)

19.5 overs: Single, the ball goes striaght to the mid-wicket fielder

19.4 overs: Rashid takes a couple, good running by England

19.3 overs: Full toss, and Jordan smashes it in the leg side for a boundary

19.2 overs: Jordan goes for a wild swing, misses it completely

19.1 overs: Ruseell to Rashid, takes a leg bye, single

8:29: England have to play the 20 overs even if it means taking one run per ball. Rashid takes a single, gets off the mark. Rashid plays a full toss for a single as well. England 145/9, 19 overs (Jordan 5, Rashid 2)

8:27: Bravo to bowl the second last over. Plunkett has taken two twos in Bravo's first two balls. But they need some boundaries. Badree takes a brilliant diving catch to dismiss Plunkett, who goes for a massive hit, but edges the ball to short-third man. PLUNKETT GONE. England 142/9, 18.3 overs.

8:25: Jordan wants a couple, but new man Plunkett says no. Brathwaite appeals for a LBW, not out, but England take a single. England 138/8, 18 overs (Jordan 4 Plunkett 0)

8:23: Brathwaite for his final over. He is hit straight down the ground for a single. That is a powerful shot, powerful straight hit to the boundary. Willey goes for another biggie, but is caught by Charles in the leg-side. Good diving catch. England 136/8, 17.3 overs

8:19: Willey goes big, and he middles the ball for a six in the leg-side, much needed one. He goes for another big one, hits it straight to the fielder. Willey's hitting zone has been the mid-wicket area in the last three balls. Jordan gives the strike to Willey. Can he finish the over with a six? Yes, he can, straight down the ground. England 131/7 , 17 overs (Jordan 2 Willey 17)

8:15: Russell gets the ball to bounce a bit higher, hits the thigh pad, Jordan takes a leg bye. Runs are like gold dust for England now. Willey is beaten by Russell's slower one, and is again beaten by Russell's quicker delivery. Good bowling from Russell, making the batsman think. Two runs from five balls so far. Last ball is also a dot. England 117/7 , 16 overs (Jordan 1 Willey 4)

8:10: David Willey gets off the mark, takes a quick couple. Now, England need to play 20 overs, at least, and see where they can take this game to.Jordan takes a single.  England 115/7 , 15 overs (Jordan 1 Willey 3)

8:05: Brathwaite bowls a wide, down the leg-side. West Indies on top as Root is gone as he tries to sweep the fast bowler and is caught in the short-fine leg. England 111/7 14.1 overs

8:04: Stokes was pulling out of the shot, but catches the ball, and  it is spooned in the air for an easy catch. As I explain his dismissal, Ali is also caught down the leg side. ALI GONE. England 110/6, 14 overs (Root 54)

8:02: Root is going strong. He waits for the ball, and goes back and across, plays late for a boundary. England are looking good with Root in the middle. Stokes hits it behind square for couple. Runs are coming in for England. Stokes GONE. England 110/5, 13.4 overs 

7:58: Sammy with the ball. He has hardly bowled in the 2016 World T20. Sammy starts off with a new ball, and Stokes hits him down the ground, one runs.Top edge, and it produces a couple. This is brilliant from Root, who square cuts the ball for a boundary. If Root stays, England can think of a decent score. Sammy is feeling the heat as Stokes also powers another one to the fence. Root completes his half-century, 50 runs from 33 balls. England 103/4, 13 overs (Root 50, Stokes 11)

7:54: Ben Stokes at the batting crease. The left-hander takes a couple in his first ball, and follows it with a single. Stokes needs to support Root, who has looked good so far. England 89/4, 12 overs (Root 43, Stokes 4)

7:52: Full toss to Root, who takes a single. England are getting a move on, but they lose Buttler, who goes for a six, but is held in the mid-wicket fence by Bravo. BUTTLER GONE England 84/4, 11.2 overs (Root 42)

7:50: That is a massive hit from Buttler as Benn is hit for six in his first ball, and comes down the track again, another six. This is great batting by Buttler, who takes a single and gives the strike to Root. Strike back to Buttler as Root takes a single. This is good batting by England as they are milking Benn all-round the wicket. England 83/3, 11 overs. (Root 41, Buttler 36)

7:45: Russell to Root, who pulls the bowler, takes two runs. Root glides the ball to third man, single. England are in better shape now. Buttler takes a single next. Root is looking awesome, hooks the ball for a boundary. England 66/3, 10 overs. (Root 39, Buttler 22)

7:41: Benn to Buttler, wide ball, but the batsman gets his bat to it, no run. Two balls, three runs so far. First six from Buttler, over cover. It looked so easy. Supershot. Buttler takes a couple next in the leg side. 11 runs from the over. England 57/3, 9 overs. (Root 31, Buttler 20)

7:37: Chris Brathwaite into action. Buttler plays the pull shot, Simmons dives in the boundary line, just a couple, and the batsman takes a single in the next ball. Full length ball from Brathwaite, who is clipped for a single. Brathwaite is square driven for a single. England 46/3, 8 overs. (Root 30, Buttler 11)

7:33: Badree is not giving the ball any air, and it is skidding at Eden. English batsmen need to treat him like a medium-pacer and play accordingly. Three balls and two runs for England, who have to contain their wickets. Root plays the ball in the leg side, spilts the gap perfectly for a boundary. There is not much bounce in this pitch. England 41/3, 7 overs. (Root 26, Buttler 9)

7:29: Bravo into action. Root dabs the ball for a single. Buttler in strike. How will he play? He waits for the ball and slaps the ball, square in the off-side for a boundary. He flicks the next ball in the mid-wicket area, and the ball was well fielded in the boundary, two runs only. Buttler takes a single next ball. Root takes a couple in the last ball of the powerplay. England 33/3, 6 overs. (Root 20, Buttler 7)

7:24: Buttler, who comes into bat, and Root now holds utmost importance for England if they are to make a match out of the final. England 23/3, 5 overs. (Root 17, Buttler 0)

7:22: Neither Badree or Benn is getting the ball to turn, but the leggie has bowled well. Morgan is beaten as he goes for a square cut. It was close to the edge Badree takes another wicket, Morgan GONE. It was a wrong one from Badree, and skipper is caught at slip. England 23/3, 4.4overs.

7:19: Benn to Root, who punches the ball in the off-side for a wonderful boundary, and then rotates the strike in the next ball. Morgan takes on Benn, and gets of the mark with a lofted boundary in the vacant sweeper position. Full toss, and Root flicks Benn for a boundary in the leg-side. England, 23/2, 4 overs (Root 17, Mogan 5)

7:15: Root takes a single in the first ball. Badree is bowling tight line and length. Morgan has faced four balls, yet to open his account, and fails to do so in the fifth ball as well. Pressure is on Morgan, who is beatean as the ball skids on for another dot. England, 9/2, 3 overs (Root 8, Mogan 0)

7:11: Morgan is at the middle. He needs to play a captain's knock, and bail England out of trouble. He defends the first ball. England, 8/2, 2 overs (Root 7, Mogan 0)

7:10: Andre Russell to Root, who clips the bowler for a single in the third ball. The ball is following Badree, who takes a good catch in short fine-leg. Hales hits it straight to Badree. England are in trouble. England, 8/2, 1.5 overs

7:05: Root gets off the mark, straight down the ground, single. Root plays a wonderful shot, backfoot punch, on his toes, for Engalnd's first boundary. England, 7/1, 1 over (Hales 1, Root 6)

7:02: Samuel Badree to bowl the first ball of the mega contest. West Indies gets off to a cracking start, as Badree bowls Roy for a duck in the second ball of the final. England, 0/1, 0.2 over

7 p.m: It is time. West Indies players, led by Sammy, are in a huddle. Bravo is giving his team mates pep talk. England batsmen -- Jason Roy and Ales Hales -- are ready. Here we go. 

6:55: Teams are out in the middle, set to sing their national anthems, ahead of the World T20 final.

6:43: Teams: England:J Roy, A Hales, J Root, E Morgan (c), B Stokes, J Buttler (wk), M Ali, C Jordan, A Rashid, D Willey, L Plunkett

West Indies: J Charles, C Gayle, M Samuels, L Simmons, D Ramdin (wk), DJ Bravo, A Russell, D Sammy (c), C Brathwaite, S Badree, S Benn 

6:35: The coin will go up for one last time in the 2016 World T20, as captains Darren Sammy and Eoin Morgan are ready for the toss. West Indies win toss, Sammy wants to bowl first. West Indies, playing with same team that defeated India in the semifinal. Morgan says that he also wanted to bowl first in this pitch, and England also remain unchanged. 

Toss coming up soon

6:23: Both teams have some amazing players, who have been brilliant in the competition. Who are the players to watch for England and West Indies?

One name for West Indies, which immediately crops up is Chris Gayle, but Andre Russell, with his all-round ability is another star to watch out for. For England, I assume, Jos Buttler and David Willey are going to be important players.

6:10: England players are out there in the middle, and are gearing up for World T20 final, playing some football. England cricketers can bring joy to the nation, which loves it football. 

6:03: Though Engalnd and West Indies were not favourites to win the World T20 before the competition strarted, they have deservedly earn their spot in the final, playing some wonderful cricket. England and West Indies have a balanced unit, and predicting a winner is mighty tough. However, one thing is for sure, the quality of cricket is expected to be top-class. 

5:45 p.m.: West Indies women have clinched the World T20 title, defeating Australia by eight wickets. Can the men follow it up with another World T20 title. Certainly, they can, but England stand on their way. 

They know how to celebrate, dont' they? 

Hello everyone. Welcome to International Business Times, India live blog coverage. This is Ashim Sunam here, and I will provide you with all the highs and lows, thrills and spills, from the World T20 final between England and West Indies at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

Both teams come into this final with huge victories behind their back. England defeated New Zealand in the semifinal, while West Indies knocked out India to book their place for the title decider. 

England and West Indies have lost one match in the World T20 so far. England lost to West Indies while the Darren Sammy-led side failed to get past Afghanistan. 

We are just 90 minutes away from the first ball, and cricket fans in Kolkata can expect a thrilling final, and with batsmen like Chris Gayle and Jos Buttler, fours and sixes should be the flavour of the final. 

England, 7/1, 1 over