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    Bollywood actor Salman Khan sits in a car as he leaves a court in Mumbai, India, May 6, 2015.Reuters
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan, Varun Dhawan, Hrithik Roshan and Other Celebs Visit Salman Khan's Residence
    Salman Khan at his Galaxy ApartmentVarinder Chawla
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan, Varun Dhawan, Hrithik Roshan and Other Celebs Visit Salman Khan's Residence
    Karan JoharVarinder Chawla
  • Kareena Kapoor Khan, Varun Dhawan, Hrithik Roshan and Other Celebs Visit Salman Khan's Residence
    Waheeda Rehmaan hugs Salman KhanVarinder Chawla

In a major relief to actor Salman Khan, the Bombay High Court on Friday suspended his five-year jail term in a 2002 hit-and-run case, paving the way for him to secure a regular bail.

Later in the evening the superstar of Hindi film industry, along with a battery of lawyers, reached the Mumbai sessions court, which had on Wednesday sentenced him in the 13-year-old case of drunken driving, to surrender.

He furnished a bail bond of Rs 30,000 as directed by Justice AM Thipsay and completed all the formalities before returning home on an extended interim bail.

The sessions court had pronounced Salman guilty on all charges, including culpable homicide not amounting to murder in the hit-and-run case, in which one person was killed and four were injured.

"Since the appellant was on bail throughout the trial and since a copy of the judgement of conviction has not yet been furnished to him, it would be proper to protect the appellant for some time in the interest of Justice," Justice Thipsay said while granting him interim bail, according to Firstpost.

Sessions court judge DW Deshpande handed over the 240-page judgement copy to the actor, who was ordered to pay a fine of ₹25,000 in addition to undergoing a five-year jail term.

TV channels quoted special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat as saying that the interim bail granted to the actor by the high court two days ago has been extended and that he would not be taken into custody pending disposal of his appeal against the lower court judgment.

On the night of 22 September, 2002, Salman had rammed hisToyota Land Cruiser on the pavement of the American Express bakery in Bandra.

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5.55 pm: Salman furnishes the bail bond, completes formalities and leaves Sessions court. 

5.40 pm: Salman surrenders. To emerge sooner than later after finishing the paperwork.

5.30 pm: Salman Khan reaches sessions court. 

5.20 pm: Salman leaves his lawyer's office, to reach Sessions court shorty.

3.30 pm: Salman's fans celebrate outside his Galaxy Apartment in Bandra. 

3.15 pm: Salman's legal team reaches sessions court, actor to arrive shortly. 

Meanwhile, social media has been abuzz with the reports that Salman will arrive in Kashmir on Saturday to finish the shooting of his film "Bajrangi Bhaijaan" also starring Kareena Kapoor Khan. 

1.30 pm: Salman Khan leaves for sessions court to get fresh bail bond. Salman's driver Ashok Singh, who confessed to the crime, is on the wheel, while the actor is next to him. Salman's bodyguard Shera is sitting behind the actor in the car. 

1.15 pm: Salman Khan will appear in sessions court on Friday to get fresh bail bond.

"Till the appeal is heard he can't travel abroad and will have to take permission from the high court to do so," special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat told reporters present outside the HC.

12.35 pm: Bombay High Court suspends Bollywood actor Salman Khan's five-year jail term (pending appeal). Judge Abhay Thipsay asks Salman to surrender before sessions court to get fresh bail bond as his interim bail ends today.

Next hearing will take place after the HC's summer vacation. Judge Abhay Thipsay asks Salman to submit his passport while he out on bail. 

Meanwhile, fans celebrate outside Salman's residence in Bandra after the HC suspended his jail term on Friday. 

12.33 pm: Judge Abhay Thipsay says Salman should surrender first and then appeal for fresh bond.

12.30 pm: Salman Khan likely to get bail in the 2002 hit-and-run case. 

12.25 pm: Justice Abhay Thipsay asks prosecution How Salman could be aware of the sleeping on pavement if he was drunk.

12.14 pm: Public Prosecutor says bail should not be granted to Salman Khan.

12.09 pm:  Man, claiming to be Salman's fans, reportedly attempted suicide outside the Bombay High Court, where Salman's hearing is going on. The fan, who was  wearing Being Human t-shirt, consumed poison outside the court. He has been taken to the hospital by police.

12.00 pm: Salman Khan's lawyer Amit Desai concludes his argument and Public Prosecutor Sandeep Shinde begins his argument.

11.57 am: Justice Abhay Thipsay says he wants to know how many witnesses deposed before magistrate and sessions court. 

Meanwhile, businessman Sareshwala is confident that Salman will get bail today.


11.42 am: Prosecution has not proven that Salman was driving the car on the night of 22 September, 2002, Says Amit Desai. Driver Altaf was on the wheel that day, argues Amit Desai. 

11.33 am: Amit Desai says that there are no eyewitnesses in the 2002 hit-and-run case as people came to the scene only after accident.

11.29 am: Bollywood actor-singer Kamaal Khan was also present in the car during the incident, but his statement was not taken into consideration by sessions court, says Amit Desai.

11.25 am: Judge Thipsay seeks witness Ravindra Patil's statement. Ravindra Patil was Salman's ex-bodyguard and was present with him when the incident happened.

11.22 am: Amit Desai argues that Salman's sentence should be suspended. "It is not a matter of 304(2) but 304(1)," he said.

11.18 am: Amit Desai argues for bail application in Salman Khan's case

11.14 am: Salman's appeal for hearing has been accepted. Amit Desai asked the judge to give them some time for papers to reach court.

11.10 am: Proceedings begin for Salman Khan's bail plea in court number 21. Salman's lawyer Amit Desai is arguing his appeal against his conviction and bail plea.

11.10 am: Proceedings begin for Salman Khan's bail plea in court number 21.

11.05 am: Justice Abhay Thipsay, who granted interim bail to Salman Khan, will hear his bail plea in court number 21 shortly. 

11.00 am: Bihar's Conjoined Twins Saba and Farah, who refused to eat food after Salman's conviction, are praying for him. Saba and Farah are Salman's Rakhi-sisters.

10.55 am: Businessman Zafar Sareshwala, who is said to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, arrives at Salman Khan's residence in Bandra.

10.53 am: Salman's lawyer Amit Desai reaches HC for bail plea hearing. Alvira Khan is sitting in second row in the courtroom.

10.45 am: Homeless people protest against Salman Khan outside HC.

10.40 am: Salman's sister Alvira reaches HC for bail plea hearing. 

10.25 am: Politician Baba Siddique reaches HC for Salman Khan's hearing. 

10.12 am: Public Prosecutor Sandeep Shinde reaches Bombay High Court for Salman Khan's bail plea hearing.

9.50 am: Salman's bail hearing will start at 11 am. 

Meanwhile, prayers are being offered in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, for Salman Khan.

9.30 am: Talking to ANI lawyer Abha Singh said that is his bail is rejected in the HC then the sessions court will release arrest warrant against Salman Khan.

"If his appeal is not acceded then the sessions court will release an arrest warrant against Salman Khan," Abha told ANI adding, "If we feel Kamaal Khan is needed for justice then we will file a petition to bring him back to India." 

9.20 am: According to Times Now, senior lawyer Amit Desai will represent Salman's case in Bombay High Court on Friday and not senior lawyer Harish Salve.

Senior lawyer Harish Salve represented Salman on Wednesday in HC after which the actor got interim bail for two days.

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11.10 am: Proceedings begin for Salman Khan's bail plea in court number 21.