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Action from the game between the two sides at the Suheim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha on Saturday eveningBengaluru FC Media

Full time! No more fairytale for Bengaluru FC from the AFC Cup 2016. The Iraqi football club has made history on Super Saturday in Doha. There were some final chances for BFC to get the equaliser through Len Doungel and John Johnson, but that couldn't quite happen.

Final score: Air Force Club Iraq 1-0 Bengaluru FC

88' Cameron Watson with a very clear free-kick for BFC, but Vineeth completely misses the travelling ball. A proper first touch and a shot on goal could have provided the equaliser there.

82' Alvaro Rubio makes way for Salam Ranjan Singh for BFC.

77' Amjed with a brilliant curvy shot on goal, but not on target unfortunately. What can BFC do to get the equaliser?

75' The Iraqi side are completely ruling the attacking index now. The phenomenal duo of Amjed and Ahmed are creating all sorts of trouble for the BFC defence.

70' GOAL! Hammadi Ahmed slots in for the opening goal of the match after a good pass from Amjed. Air Force Club Iraq have the advantage.

Score: 1-0 

63' Changes for BFC. Udanta Singh is here in place of Alwyn George while Len Doungel comes for Nishu Kumar.

61' Yet another good save by Mawia Ralte. The absence of Amrinder Singh is not really being felt today.  

55' A flurry of attacks see Eugeneson's good shot on goal just cleared away by an Air Force Club defender, while on the other hand, Amjed tries yet another shot on goal, but this is wide as well.

50' Amjed with a good try but the ball is high over the post.

The second half is under way!

Half time! Nothing much to talk of from the game except only a few comfortable saves from Mawia Ralte for the Indian football team.

Score: 0-0

44' It's getting a little concerning for the Iraqi side as more of their players are picking up knocks from the game. The latest is midfielder Sameh.

40' Great move! Ahmed gives a great pass to Amjed inside the box, but Mawia saves the latter's final shot on goal.

38' Comfortable catch by Mawia to prevent Ahmed from scoring from a distance. 

30' The match is steadily seeing an increased pace. While Bengaluru FC are trying to create some good openings with CK Vineeth, Eugene and Chhetri, Air Force Club, on the other end, are extracting the best out of the BFC defence.

25' Sunil Chhetri has been good with his crosses so far, while Rino Anto at the back has been doing some good clearances. That's all what is happening for now.

Meanwhile, Osama has come on for Humam Tareq.

20' No real chance has been created so far from either side. Pretty sure the game will get the momentum as it keeps progressing.

15' "Let's create history together", says one banner from the stands. Clearly, from what it looks, Indian supporters have outnumbered the Iraqi supporters here.

12' So far, all of the attack have come in from the Iraqi side and BFC not being able to get a proper hold on the game as yet.

5' Been a slow start so far and BFC goalie Mawia had to make the first save of the match. Amjed is really doing well in the attack for the Iraqi side.

HERE WE GO! Kick off is here.

9:30 pm IST: Just minutes away! Guess what is being displayed at the stadium in Goa right now. See for yourself!

9:15 pm IST: 15 minutes to go! We bring you the lineup. Here it is...

BFC: Ralte; Rino, Juanan, Johnson, Nishu; Eugeneson, Rubio, Watson, Alwyn; Vineeth Chhetri.

AIR: Fahad, Ali, Saad, Sameh, Emad, Hammadi, Humam, Ahmed, Ali, Amjed, Zahir.

8:50 pm IST: The big occasion is here! Bengaluru FC will be locking horns with Air Force Club Iraq in some moments from now and we can't stress the importance of the occasion too much. Join me Sayantan (twitter @san_footy) for all the live updates from the match -- how Sunil Chhetri fares, how Mawia Ralte does in place of Amrinder Singh on goal and so on.

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