Aaron Finch Australia ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
Australia players celebrate the wicket of Pakistan skipper Misbah-ul-HaqReuters

4.22 pm: A gallant bowling performance from Pakistan, or Wahab Riaz to be precise. His figures of 9-0-54-2 does not tell the story at all, with his opening six-over spell probably going down as one of the best ever at a World Cup, it really was that outstanding.

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Would the match have been any different had Rahat Ali hung onto the easy catch with Watson at 4. It might have, even if one suspects Australia would have got home eventually, albeit with the match a lot closer.

But then, the catch was dropped and Watson stayed until the end, scoring 64 from 66 balls to take Australia home. The best batsman of the match, however, was Steven Smith, the only one who did not even look remotely troubled. His 65 from 69 balls was as calm and serene as they come and he will look to take that form into the semifinals.

While Pakistan put up a great effort with the ball, it was the batting that let them down again, and another 50-60 runs and it might have been a really close game.

It is the end of the road in ODIs for Shahid Afridi as well. Could not do the business with the bat or ball, and there was a touching moment on the field as Afridi and Younis Khan hugged each other knowing it will be their final match together.

Don't forget, India vs Australia on 26 March at the SCG it is. Hopefully it will be a great game.

4.20 pm: "Obviously disappointing to lose the quarterfinal," says Misbah. "Australia deserved the win, they bowled really well, and when needed they batted really well. Shot selection with the bat really cost us.

"Wahab Riaz really bowled his heart out. The kind of spell that he bowled today, I have never seen such a spell. Had that catch been taken, it could have been a different story. I am happy with the bowling, losing the first two games and then coming back and winning four games in a row. Overall the team did really well."

"Extremely happy," says Michael Clarke. "I thought our bowlers did really well and our fielding as well. Pakistan came and really gave a fight, credit to them and Wahab Riaz, who bowled really well and certainly tested us out.

"The way Shane Watson hung in there I thought was fantastic, and Steven Smith looked classy."

"India are playing really well, MS Dhoni is leading them really well. We look forward to a really tough contest at the home of cricket, the Sydney Cricket Ground."

4.10 pm: Josh Hazlewood is the man of the match. "It's great to be back in the side. I was quite happy to get a game today, and yes, quite happy with the result. The wicket was quite good, so to get them to 213 was quite good for us and then the batsmen did the rest."

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4.05 pm: Wahab Riaz gets a big boo from the crowd as he fields down at fine leg with Maxwell running a two, and the required runs is down to single figures. Takes it down to three needed with a smack over point for a massive six off Sohail, and then takes a single down to midwicket. Probably fitting that Watson has the chance to finish this match off, but will he? Oh yes he will as Watson hits a four through the offside. Australia win by six wickets and enter the semifinals. Watsonhas his arms aloft as he hits the winning runs. What a fighting knock it was from the all-rounder. Could have just given up and thrown it away in that incredible spell from Wahab Riaz, but he somehow survived, shouldn't have, but he did, and then guided his team to victory with 16.1 overs to spare.

4 pm: How the game changes aye. A short ball from Wahab Riaz and this time Watson moves back and pulls the ball for a big six and then flicks one off his pads for a fine four down to fine leg. Gives a bit back to Wahab Riaz as well after that four, letting all that frustration out. Finishes the over with a short ball and then says a few words to Watson, who just smiles, knowing that the match is won. Australia 203/4 in 33 overs.

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3.55 pm: Watson has made Pakistan pay for that drop on 4, as he takes a single to get to his half-century in just 58 balls. A vital innings this as he has weathered a serious storm names Wahab Riaz and come through it to take Australia to the brink of victory. Maxwell then takes charge, as he thumps the a ball outside off over the covers for a handsome four, before pulling the ball over fine-leg for a big six, the first of the innings. Australia 193/4 in 32 overs, nearly there with just 21 required.

3.50 pm: A typical Maxwell shot that, as he whips it off the stumps for a four to midwicket. Then comes an unbelievable shot. Maxwell makes room, Riaz follows him and he somehow flat bats it, without really looking at the ball, past backward point for a four. A walkaway cut shot without looking at the ball, Michael Atherton calls it. Wahab Riaz can't quite get it going in this over, Australia cruising it now, 182/4 in 31 overs, another 32 needed.

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3.46 pm: Ehsan Adil gets a change of ends. Beats Maxwell outside off stump and so far there has been no signs of the Maxwell extravagance, apart from that indescribable shot against Wahab Riaz. Plying nice and straight is the slugger, knowing the importance of staying at the crease. Adil then drops it just a touch short and Maxwell is on it in a flash to pull it to the midwicket boundary for a four. Watson picks up a four as well, with a wonderful drive through the covers. Australia 169/4 in 30 overs, another 45 needed.

3.39 pm: Watson faces him first up with a bit of trepidation, and gladly takes a single first ball to the offside. Maxwell on strike and nearly a wicket. A short ball and Maxwell plays the most awkward of tennis shots with his head well away from the ball. The ball flies over the infield and Sohail Khan runs in from third man to try and take the catch. Gets his outstretched hands to it, but not enough of it for the ball to stick. Another short ball has Maxwell duck down this time followed by a broad smile at Wahab Riaz, who has just been unbelievably good. Maxwell then does a Watson and dabs to the offside to get off strike. No chin music for Watson and he flicks the ball to the legside for a single. Maxwell takes another single off the last ball, Australia 160/4 in 29 overs, another 54 needed.

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3.34 pm: Wahab Riaz returns

3.33 pm: Time for Wahab Riaz? Nope, Rahat Ali it is. Surely Riaz should be given the ball and asked to have a go at Maxwell. Instead, Rahat Ali keeps it nice and easy outside off. A big appeal as he plays and misses outside off, but the ball has gone well away from his bat with the sound coming courtesy the bat hitting the wicket. Maxwell watchful in the first five deliveries and then drives gloriously straight back for a four. Australia 153/4 in 28 overs.

3.29 pm: Maxwell is in, the "Big Show" takes a single down to third man first ball. If he stays for half an hour, this match will be over. Australia 149/4 in 27 overs.

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3.25 pm: Spin hasn't worked, so it is back to the pacers for Misbah. Ehsan Adil comes in after just two overs first up. The tension and pressure is gone now, though, or is it?

Wicket, Smith gone! Australia 148/4 in 26.4 overs. Adil strikes, and Smith's walk across the stumps does him. He misses the ball and it strikes him on the pads, Pakistan go for a big appeal. Dharmasena takes his time and it looks like he is going to say no, but then he raises his finger. Australia can't review as Finch had wasted it up front.

3.21 pm: Such a good player of spin is Smith. Dances down the track and lofts Afridi over mid-on for a one-bounce four. Another good over for Australia, getting really close now, 146/3 in 26 overs.

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3.18 pm: Four singles off the Sohail over, Australia 139/3 in 25 overs, need another 75 runs.

3.15 pm: Spin from both ends as Afridi returns. Again an easy enough over, no pressure at all, four singles, a two and a three off it, Australia 135/3 in 24 overs.

3.12 pm: Afridi did not have much success, maybe Haris Sohail will. The left-armer comes on. No worries at all, three off it, Australia 126/3 in 23 overs.

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3.08 pm: Sohail Khan continues, the short ball continues and Watson spanks the ball to the midwicket boundary for four. Two short balls after that are way too high and called wides and the pressure is now definitely off Australia as Watson pulls another to the boundary, this time to backward square. The match is slowly going away from Pakistan, Australia 123/3 in 22 overs.

3.02 pm: Rahat Ali, that drop probably still in his head, comes in to bowl to replace Wahab Riaz. Watson a much happier player now and take aa single off the third ball. That brings Smith on strike, on 48, and he gets to his half-century with a glorious cover drive for four. Australia 112/3 in 21 overs.

2.58 pm: Much more assured against Sohail is Watson, and he gets a boundary with a beautiful push which finds the gap through the covers perfectly. Watson flicks for two more and with Wahab Riaz unlikely to bowl next, as he was looking pretty spent, the right-hander must be feeling a lot better. Australia 106/3 in 20 overs.

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2.53 pm: Every time Wahab bowls it short, he hits his mark right near the neck of Watson. Fends the first one away somehow, and then the next ball is just a tad too high which allows Watson to let the ball fly over him and it is called a wide. A full one follows, but it is too full, a full toss and Watson defends with a straight bat. Riaz goes back to the short ball, but misses his mark this time and it goes down the legside for a wide. At his bod again, and Watson jumps and flicks the ball to the onside for a two. Surprising he didn't fake an injury and say no to the second. A fuller delivery follows and Watson just gets his bat down in time to defend. No worries with the final ball for Watson, Australia 98/3 in 19 overs.

2.46 pm: Sohail Khan returns, so just the two overs for Afridi. Smith keeps them hitting in the middle and takes a single to get Watson on strike. Sohail bowls the short one, but with not as much pace or direction, Watson pulls the ball wonderfully well to the midwicket boundary. another short one follows and Watson pulls out of the pull right at the end with another bouncer let go by the batsman. Australia 93/3 in 18 overs.

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2.41 pm: Short balls, any balls, not a worry for Smith as Wahab takes out his frustration at the drop by throwing the ball back at the stumps after a drive back at him from Smith. A single off the fourth ball, means Watson is back on strike for the last two deliveries. A ball near the hip that just misses is called a wide, leaving Watson with two more balls to face. The next one is at his face, and Watson plays with his eyes closed and the ball hits the handle and just falls short of short leg. The final ball is a bit more pitched up and Watson flicks it for a two to the legside. Australia 88/3 in 17 overs.

2.36 pm: Dropped. Watson should be gone as he takes on the short ball from Wahab Riaz this time, not too well and the top edge carries straight down the throat of Rahat Ali, who just grasses it. As easy as they come that catch.

2.34 pm: Smith is playing another match here. As cool as they come, uses his feet to Afridi and flicks the ball to the midwicket boundary for a wonderful four. A two follows, and it is another good over. Australia 83/3 in 16 overs.

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2.31 pm: Watson is really rattled by Wahab Riaz. Can't play his short balls and one a couple of them hit his gloves and nearly lobs to the fielder. The short balls are smashing into the body and making it really difficult. Another testing over, Australia 74/3 in 15 overs.

2.25 pm: Spin and Shahid Afridi for the first time. Gets the inner edge of Smith which goes for a single and Watson, happier to play the spinner after that chin music from Wahab Riaz, has plenty of close in fielders around him, a slip and a short leg. A peeved Misbah comes at short leg after no Pakistan fielder seemed keen to stand in that position. Watson gets a single first ball with an attacking stroke that doesn't quite come off. A two and a single from Smith and it is a decent over. Australia 72/3 in 14 overs. And it is drinks.

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2.20 pm: Wahab Riaz is really troubling Watson with the short ball. Watson, though, not tempted to take it on, lets them go, just. Brilliant over from the left-arm paceman with Watson forced to smell the ball a couple of times. Australia 67/3 in 13 overs.

2.15 pm: Rahat Ali needs to back Wahab Riaz now with a really good over to keep the pressure up. Smith looks unperturbed still, and he gets a four with a wonderful cover push. Smith undoubtedly the key for Australia, 66/3 in 12 overs.

2.11 pm: Wahab Riaz is on fire here. Charged up, bowls a peach of a short delivery to Watson first up, which the batsman ducks under. Riaz follows through all the way to the batsman and Watson gives him a stare back. Australia 59/3 in 11 overs.

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2.07 pm: Wicket, Clarke gone! Pakistan are right in this match. Wahab Riaz again. A perfect short delivery and Clarke awkwardly fends the ball straight to perfectly position man at short leg. Australia 59/3 in 10.4 overs.

2.04 pm: Clarke gets a few runs going from the off and that will make him feel better. The New South Welshmen will be looking for a big partnership now to guide Australia home. Pakistan, of course, will have other ideas. Four runs off the Rahat Ali over, Australia 56/2 in 10 overs. Powerplay done.

2 pm: Skipper Clarke in. Gets off the mark with a push to the onside, Australia 52/2 in 9 overs. Big wicket for Pakistan, because Warner for a while long and the match might have been gone. He was just a little starved for strike, but that ball should have been spanked to the point boundary.

1.56 pm: Wicket, Warner gone! Wahab Riaz is welcomed with a three by Warner, but the left-arm fast bowler strikes. A little lucky the wicket as a short and wide delivery, meat and drink for Warner, is guided by the left-hander straight to Rahat Ali, who takes a good low catch at third man. Australia 49/2 in 8.3 overs.

1.52 pm: Anything on the stumps or even just a touch outside off is being worked to the onside by Smith for runs. A two of Rahat Ali in that manner to start and a couple more to end the over over. Australia 44/0 in 8 overs.

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1.48 pm: Smith is looking so good here. Another cover drive for four, walks across and then just lets his hands do the rest with the timing, as always, impeccable. Australia 40/1 in 7 overs.

1.44 pm: Rahat Ali now. Bowls short and with a bit of room first up and Warner pummels it over the infield for a four. Didn't get it as well as he would have liked, but with that big bat of his he gets more than enough to take it to the ropes. A single off the next ball brings Smith on strike and he produces the shot of the match with a gorgeous cover drive. Another three runs is taken off the final ball by Smith with a flick through the onside, Australia 35/1 in 6 overs.

1.39 pm: Never bowl to Smith on his stumps. A trademark flick off the pads gives Smith his first runs and it is a four to square leg. The tailing in delivery might have worked to Finch, but for Smith the ball needs to be outside off and full early on. Warner keeps finding the fielders, Australia 23/1 in 5 overs.

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1.34 pm: Pakistan just squeezing the runs now, with Warner finding the fielder. He finally finds the gap with a push through point and cover for a double. Australia 17/1 in 4 overs.

1.30 pm: Just the start Pakistan wanted and Finch never looked comfortable. Got away with an lbw shout in the first over, but this time, there was absolutely no doubt about it. A review wasted from Australia. Steven Smith is in now. A couple more wickets and Pakistan are definitely in the game here. Australia 15/1 in 3 overs.

1.26 pm: Finch off the mark with a push for two through the covers. And then Wicket, Finch gone! Sohail Khan gets one to tail in and it slams into his pads. Finch goes for the review after discussing it with Warner. It looks out, at least clipping leg stump. Much better, it is hitting middle and leg and Finch is gonzo! Australia 15/1 in 2.3 overs.

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1.24 pm: Ehsan Adil starts off at the other end. A two off the first ball and then he throws his bat at a wide delivery off the third, which flies over the slips for a four. Timing the ball well is Warner. Pakistan need to get him out quickly or the game will get away from them. Australia 13/0 in 2 overs.

1.20 pm: Middle of the bat for Warner first up, but straight to the fielder, and then an inside-edge onto the pad as Sohail gets that right length going. That is followed up by one of the best timed shots you will see as a forward defence flies through the gap between mid-off and extra cover all the way for four. Warner and Australia are up and running. Warner gets a three after that with a straight push past the bowler. Sohail raps Finch on the pads off his first ball, and goes for a big appeal. The umpire gives it not out, but Sohail wants a review. Ball tracker suggests it would have clipped the top of the stumps, so would have stayed with the umpire. Australia 7/0 in 1 over.

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1.15 pm: The Players are out on the field, Warner and Finch already there as well. Play about to restart. Sohail Khan to bowl to Warner.

1.11 pm: All about the Australia openers this chase. If David Warner and Aaron Finch play put the first 10 overs, then it should be easy enough for the home side. Early wickets, though, and the collapse could be on. Pakistan will look to that New Zealand game for inspiration, knowing if they keep the pressure up, Australia can crack.

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1.09 pm: The Pakistan bowlers are warming up. They will throw everything at Australia now. In 1992, Pakistan defended a similar total to beat Australia, surely it can't happen this time can it?

12.37 pm: Poor batting performance from Pakistan as five batsmen got off to a good start only to throw their wicket away. All too easy for Australia without even having to bowl all that well. The wicket is a batting beauty and as good a bowling attack as Pakistan's is, this should be an easy chase. Back in about half an hour after the break.

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12.36 pm: "Veryhappy," says Josh Hazlewood. "The wicket is good, it swung a little early, but all in all it is pretty good. I think the boys bowled well. The runs should be gettable.

12.33 pm: Adil finally gets one off the meat of the bat and the ball nearly goes all the way, but just falls short of the boundary for a four over mid-on. Another big slog, mistimed this time, gives him a double, before a short delivery does the trick as Starc takes the catch to give a wicket to Faulkner. Adil gone, Pakistan all out for 213 in 49.5 overs.

12.30 pm: Adil and Rahat Ali are hanging in there, but runs have dried up considerably, with no boundary coming in 52 balls. A single only from the Watson over. Pakistan 206/9 in 49 overs. One more over to go.

12.27 pm: Not too many runs but at least they are staying there. Two runs off the Faulkner over, Pakistan 205/9 in 48 overs.

12.24 pm: The last pair – Rahat Ali and Ehsan Adil – are teaching a thing or two to their batsmen about hanging in there and not throwing your wicket away. Good batting from them, another three runs added, Pakistan 203/9 in 47 overs.

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12.20 pm: Good "we shall not give our wicket away batting" from the last pair here, three runs off the Faulkner over, Pakistan 200/9 in 46 overs.

12.17 pm: One more wicket to go for Australia and it is Starc. He starts with a yorker which Rahat Ali does well to dig out. Searching over from Starc, but he just can't quite get it perfect. Gets the outside edge of Ehsan Adil off the final ball of his over, but the ball falls short of Clarke in the slips. Pakistan 197/9 in 45 overs.

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12.12 pm: Hazlewood gets his fourth wicket. Sohail Khan gone, as he top edges a big slog to the legside with Haddin getting under the skier and completing the catch. Pakistan 195/9 in 44 overs.

12.08 pm: Full, short and thenfull from Starc, but Sohail Khan survives. Pakistan 192/8 in 43 overs.

12.04 am: Wicket, Wahab gone! With Maqsood gone, it was up to Riaz to stay at the crease. Nope, he tries to take Starc on, goes for the big shot over mid-off, but only manages to find the outside edge through to Haddin. Pakistan 188/8 in 42.2 overs.

12 pm: Wicket, Maqsood gone! Irresponsible from Maqsood. He goes for a big heave to the legside off the second delivery of Hazlewood and fails to make contact. Next ball he look to smash one over the covers but only finds Mitchell Johnson, who hangs on to the catch at the second attempt. It was a good partnership, and completely unnecessary. Should have stayed for a while longer, before then maybe going for the big shot, what with him being the last recognised batsman. Pakistan 188/7 in 42 overs.

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11.57 am: Riaz plays and misses a full one from Starc, and then slaps one over midwicket for a boundary after making room for himself with Starc following him. Getting much more of a contact of the round white thing now is Riaz, another decent over, Pakistan 188/6 in 41 overs.

11.53 am: Riaz finally gets a ball to hit his bat with effect, as he slaps it over mid-on for four off Faulkner. The left-armer follows it up with a good short ball. Australia then give away four overthrows as Johnson unnecessarily throws a wild one, which Steven Smith cannot stop. Good little partnership this now worth 24, Pakistan 182/6 in 40 oversBatting Powerplay done.

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11.49 am: Starc is searching for that yorker and a wicket, but can't quite get is perfect. Comes around the wicket to Riaz, looking to tail it in before shaping away just a touch. Riaz plays and misses again, he's doing really well not to edge these. Starc tells Riaz try and hit the ball, the round white one he says to Riaz. The batsman takes offence and complains to the umpire. No harm in it at all, just get on with it. Just three runs off the over, Pakistan 171/6 in 39 overs.

11.43 am: Wahab Riaz playing and missing a few here, unable to get the ball hitting his bat. No edge found, though, as Faulkner bowls another good over. Pakistan 168/6 in 38 overs.

11.40 am: Maqsood gets away with a pull shot as the top edge falls into the vacant midwicket position with Watson at mid-on unable to get to it in time. Starc then brings that yorker into play, but it is outside off and Riaz survives. Five runs off this one, Pakistan 167/6 in 37 overs.

11.36 am: Faulkner bowls the first over of the Batting Powerplay. Sound over from him, as Maqsood finds the fielders too many times. One off it, Pakistan 162/6 in 36 overs.

11.32 am: Mitchell Starc returns and Maqsood decides to throw his bat at the ball and luckily for Pakistan misses. Wahab Riaz in at the other end, he can bat a bit, but this is deep trouble for Pakistan now, especially if Starc gets that in-swinging yorker working. Three runs off the Starc over, the last one before the Batting Powerplay. Pakistan 161/6 in 35 overs.

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11.27 am: Swinging at everything is Afridi. While it is exciting to watch, surely he needs to rein himself in a little. Another wicket and it is onto the tail, even if Wahab Riaz has batted well at this World Cup. Hazlewood keeping it in that channel and creating chances as Afridi throws his bat at a shortish delivery, gets a top edge which goes over Haddin for four.

Wicket, Afridi gone! Inevitable wicket, pathetic batting from Afridi, so easy for Australia, it was just a matter of time. A length ball and Afridi looks to whack it over midwicket for a six. Can't clear the fielder and it is Finch again who takes a simple catch, his third of the match. Pakistan 158/6 in 34 overs.

11.21 am: Afridi can't block here. A ball outside off and Afridi throws everything at it. He makes good contact and the ball flies over Finch at deep point for a 78-metre six. Afridi throws his bat at the next ball as well and misses, before the outer half of the bat gives him a single to third man, which brings up the 150. Pakistan 152/5 in 33 overs. Drinks time.

11.17 am: A slip and Maqsood might have gone there as he edges one through the slips for a couple. Hazlewood's return over goes for eight runs, as Afridi continues to score runs, gliding the ball to third man for a single despite a slip being in place. Maqsood then uses the long handle, tonking over mid-on for a boundary. Pakistan 143/5 in 32 overs.

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11.12 am: Dropped! Sohaib Maqsood gets into trouble looking to fend a short one to the legside with the ball looping back to Johnson, who gets his hands to it low down to his left, but the ball pops out. Big let off for Maqsood there. Just one run off the over from Johnson, Pakistan 135/5 in 31 overs.

11.09 am: Shahid Afridi comes in and he only knows one way doesn't he. A paddle sweep for two to start with and then a heave over the covers for a boundary. He follows that up with a really good slap through mid-off for a second four. Pakistan 134/5 in 30 overs.

11.06 am: Wicket, Akmal gone! Another one for Maxwell. A long hop, and then some, as Maxwell drops it short. Akmal looks to put the ball into the crowd but finds Finch at midwicket again perfectly. Awful wicket to give away this, Pakistan in trouble now, 124/5 in 29.1 overs.

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11.05 am: A solid first four balls from Johnson and then Akmal produces that straight drive again, with the ball this time running away to hit the padding. Six from the Johnson over, Pakistan 124/4 in 29 overs.

11.01 am: Akmal and Maqsood play Maxwell well enough, taking the singles, four of them, with a play and a miss off the last ball. Pakistan 118/4 in 28 overs.

10.59 am: Johnson can't test the new batsman Sohaib Maqsood enough as be bowls a full toss which is taken for a two. Pakistan 114/4 in 27 overs.

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10.56 am: Akmal has made a cracking start. He gets a three with a nice straight drive that is just stopped from hitting the ropes by Starc and then Johnson gives the short ball treatment to Haris Sohail, who has just gone under the radar following Misbah's wicket and Akmal's arrival to the crease.

As I say that, Wicket, Sohail gone! He's not had as much of the strike of late and Johnson goes for the one-two. The short ball and then the full delivery outside off. Sohail falls for it and chases at the full delivery but only gets an edge with Haddin taking the catch. Pakistan 112/4 in 26.4 overs.

10.53 am: A bit of turn and bounce for Maxwell, but Akmal adjusts well to cut it for a two. Akmal goes again for the cut off the last ball and this time it fetches him four. There is a bit of confusion as some of the Australian fielders appeal for a hitwicket with the bail falling off. The replays show, it was Haddin's gloves with Akmal well ahead of the wickets. Pakistan 108/3 in 26 overs.

10.49 am: Johnson is brought back as Clarke looks to go for the jugular. Akmal plays and misses as Johnson keeps sliding the ball across and then he digs one in, which the batsman ducks under. The carrot ball outside off follows, which Akmal throws his bat and outer edges to third man for a single. Good testing over from Johnson, Pakistan 102/3 in 25 overs.

10.45 am: Umar Akmal gets off the mark in a streaky manner, with an outside edge for a couple. Had there been a slip it would have been an easy catch, but there wasn't and it brings up Pakistan's 100. Pakistan 101/3 in 24 overs.

10.41 am: Wicket, Misbah gone! Maxwell it is. Clarke brings the offspinner on in the hope Misbah will take him on. The Pakistan skipper does, and the slog sweep this time only finds Aaron Finch at midwicket, who takes a good skier. Pakistan 97/3 in 23.2 overs.

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10.40 am: Watson and Faulkner doing a decent job, not allowing any easy runs. Fours dots from Misbah and then a couple of singles, Pakistan 96/2 in 23 overs.

10.36 am: Tidy enough over from Faulkner, four singles off it, Pakistan 94/2 in 22 overs.

10.32 am: Sohail living a little dangerously as he survives another scare. Goes for the pull off Watson and only gets a glove on it with the ball just lobbing over the jumping Haddin. He then takes the long handle and clubs one over mid-on for a boundary. it was far from perfectly timed, but it will do. Pakistan 90/2 in 21 overs.

10.28 am: The ball doing absolutely nothing now. These two batsmen need to take full advantage of their starts and make big scores. You get the feeling Misbah will, but he will want Sohail to stay with him for a while yet. James Faulkner gets his first over, and it is a straightforward one without too much drama. Pakistan 83/2 in 20 overs.

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10.25 am: Shane Watson into the attack now, and Pakistan consolidating pretty well after the two early wickets of their openers. As I say that, Sohail nearly gives his wicket away as a slog attempt to the onside gets the leading edge, but the ball falls short of Hazlewood at third man. Four runs off the Watson over, Pakistan 81/2 in 19 overs.

10.21 am: Misbah and Sohail looking comfortable at the crease, Maxwell unable to induce that false stroke and can only watch as Misbah plants another six to midwicket. Pakistan 77/2 in 18 overs.

10.18 am: Johnson continues after the drinks break. Sohail gets a three off the second ball of the over with a push straight back, and then Johnson peppers Misbah with a few short ones, before pitching the ball up in search of the edge. Pakistan 69/2 in 17 overs.

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10.11 am: Maxwell is looking for that false stroke from the Pakistan batsmen as they look for a big shot against him. Sohail attempts a couple but pulls out, and then Misbah blocks one before getting beaten outside off. Pakistan 65/2 in 16 overs. And it is drinks.

10.08 am: Misbah and Sohail are batting really well. No chances given away and even Johnson is failing to trouble them, which just goes to show just how good a batting wicket this is, with the ball coming on nicely. Three runs off the over, Pakistan 64/2 in 15 overs.

10.04 am: Hazlewood gets a break after six overs, and spin for the first time as Glenn Maxwell comes in. No worries for Pakistan from this over, as Misbah gets that slog sweep out to bang the first six of the innings. 61/2 in 14 overs.

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10.01 am: A third over for Mitchell Johnson without a wicket as he comes around the wicket to Haris Sohail and gives him the short treatment. A wild swing gets him nothing, and then he stays more composed to take a single to midwicket. Pakistan 52/2 in 13 overs.

9.56 am: Sohail finally goes for a big shot against Hazlewood as he gets his front foot out of the way and pummels the ball past the left of mid-off for a four. First boundary after 20 balls for Pakistan, and then Sohail finishes the over off with a nice drive through the covers for another four. 49/2 in 12 overs.

9.51 am: Johnson troubling Misbah with the short balls, but he gets off the strike with a dab to the legside. Sohail then sees off the next three, Pakistan 38/2 in 11 overs.

9.47 am: A big appeal for an lbw from Hazlewood as the ball hits Misbah on the pads. Kumar Dharmasena shakes his head, and rightly too, as it would have easily gone over the stumps, with the ball striking Misbah just over the knee roll. Another tight over from Hazlewood, courtesy another brilliant stop, this time from David Warner, who prevents a boundary with a diving stop at backward point. Pakistan 37/2 in 10 overs.

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9.42 am: Johnson's first ball has Misbah throw his hands at a wide ball pitched up and it takes the inside edge and goes for a boundary. Poor and uncharacteristic shot from Misbah that and it wouldn't have looked good at all had that taken an outside edge or cannoned onto the stumps off the inside of the bat. Seven runs off the first Johnson over, Pakistan 35/2 in 9 overs.

9.39 am: Mitchell Johnson time!

9.37 am: Hazlewood,who has been compared to Glenn McGrath, is bowling really well here. Hitting his lines and lengths perfectly, which is shown by his figures of 4-0-6-1. Pakistan 28/2 in 8 overs.

9.33 am: All out attacking field from Clarke – three slips and a gully for Misbah. But the Pakistan skipper is the master at making the best out of a touch situation isn't he? Not too many worries, a maiden from Starc, who is going past 150 comfortably. Pakistan 26/2 in 7 overs. Time for Mitchell Johnson maybe soon.

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9.28 am: Big let off for Misbah. A ball that is sliding down leg stump hits Misbah on the thigh pad and cannons onto the leg stump. But the bail does not come off the groove and Misbah survives. Happened a few times already this at this World Cup. It was a ball that did not deserve a wicket, but Clarke, Haddin and Hazlewood are all wondering just how that bail stayed in place as they make an appeal in hope. But the umpire can't do anything with that. Pakistan 26/2 in 6 overs.

9.23 am: Wicket, Shehzad gone! Another wicket for Australia and it is a similar one. Hazlewood gets one to just tail away late and Shehzad's big flash outside off only results in an outside edge, with Michael Clarke pouching the catch in the slips. Pakistan 24/2 in 5.2 overs.

9.22 am: No mucking around from Haris Sohail as he square drives one past point for a boundary first ball. Pakistan 24/1 in 5 overs.

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9.19 am: All the pressure on Starc as he looks to get Australia that early wicket to send butterflies flying through the dressing room. Just a touch short he has been so far, though, and Sarfraz gets himself another two with a push through the covers after the first ball was called a wide. Starc hasn't hit the Starc lengths consistently enough, with another shortish ball allowing Sarfraz to help it through square leg for a boundary.

Wicket, Sarfraz gone! Plan it was from Starc, bowl a couple of short ones and then dangle that carrot outside off. Sarfraz goes for the carrot by throwing his hands at a wide delivery and Shane Watson completes a really good catch in the slips. Australia have got the early breakthrough they wanted, Pakistan 20/1 in 4.4 overs.

9.16 am: Good solid over from Hazlewood, juts one off it, but Australia haven't troubled the two batsmen at all so far. Pakistan 13/0 in 4 overs.

9.12 am: Starc beats Shehzad's bat with the first ball of the third over, and then attempts a yorker in the next, but misses his mark with the full toss guided to third man for a single. Sarfraz then gets off the mark with a flick to fine leg for a couple. Pakistan 12/0 in 3 overs.

9.08 am: Hazlewood, preferred to Cummins, opens at the other end. Right on line from ball one, and as I say that Hazlewood strays down the leg side and it clips Sarfraz's thigh pad to fly away for the first boundary of the match. Pakistan 6/0 in 2 overs.

9.03 am: Steven Smith pulls out his fielding chops with a terrific stop with his left hand to stop Sarfraz Ahmed from getting off the mark with a four through the covers. And then, Starc cuts the batsman in half with a ball that just comes in a touch. Pakistan 1/0 in 1 over.

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9.01 am: A ball short of a length from Starc to start with, and Shehzad dabs it down to third man for a single to get Pakistan up and running.

9 am: The Pakistan openers are out. Mitchell Starc to start.

8.57 am: The National Anthems have been sung, and it is nearly time for play to start.

8.45 am: All the pressure is on the two Ahmed's now – Shehzad and Sarfraz. If they see off the early overs and get Pakistan going, Australia will start worrying.

8.39 am: Steven Smith talking now. "These are the reasons we play cricket, and I am really looking forward to it. We have been playing some good cricket, with the only hiccup coming against New Zealand. I'm really enjoying playing at No.3 and I can't wait to get out there."

8.36 am: Same team for Pakistan, so still no Yasir Shah, a little surprising that, even if it is understandable considering the grass on the pitch.

Here are the teams: Australia: Aaron Finch, David Warner, Steven Smith, Michael Clarke (capt), Shane Watson, Glenn Maxwell, Brad Haddin (wk), James Faulkner, Mitchell Johnson, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood.

Pakistan: Ahmed Shehzad, Sarfraz Ahmed (wk), Haris Sohail, Misbah-ul-Haq (capt), Umar Akmal, Sohaib Maqsood, Shahid Afridi, Wahab Riaz, Sohail Khan, Rahat Ali, Ehsan Adil.

8.33 am: "This pitch looks a little different from the last time we played, and I don't think there will be reverse swing," says Misbah.

"I'm not too bothered about batting first or second, you got to bowl at some stage, why not start now." One change for Australia, Josh Hazlewood comes in for Pat Cummins.

8.31 am: "We've got the right momentum," says Misbah. "All the boys looking forward to today," adds Michael Clarke. Tails is the call from Misbah, and Pakistan have won the toss. Pakistan are going to bat first.

8.30 am: Time for the toss. Bat first say the experts, Sourav Ganguly and Michael Slater.

8.20 am: Hello and welcome to IBTimes India's live coverage of the third quarterfinal of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Stay here for the next nine hours or so to follow the match live.

Australia and Pakistan will both look to become the third team to qualify for the semifinals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, with South Africa and India already doing the business.

This quarterfinal match could head one of two ways – either Australia will come up trumps with both bat and ball and overwhelm Pakistan, or Pakistan will rise to the occasion, and we could end up with a match similar to the one in the group stages between New Zealand and the Aussies.

While Pakistan's bowling has been outstanding at this World Cup and the major reason behind their four-match unbeaten run which saw them finish third in Pool B, Australia's bowling, on paper at least, is just that little bit more better, and if Mitchell Starc and Mitchell Johnson hit their straps together, then this match could end in a hurry.

The Pakistan batting has looked a lot more stable of late, but with the seriously good bowling attack of Australia, they will be put to the test, especially with the pitch at the Adelaide Oval expected to give plenty of assistance to the fast bowlers.

A cracking game it is going to be, Australia start the clear favourites, but if Pakistan produce one of those unforgettable days, anything is possible.

11.44 am: Wahab  Riaz playing and missing a few here, unable to get the ball hitting his bat. No edge found, though, as Faulkner bowls another good over. Pakistan 168/6 in 38 overs.