That is all from me ladies and gentlemen. Good night everyone and have a good weekend ahead! 

6:15: New Zealand have been the better side right from the start of this game. They read the conditions and the pitch well. 

This victory have brightened their chances of making it to the semis of the tournament. They are almost there though. If they beat Bangladesh or Pakistan, they will book a place in the semi-final. 

Australia on the other hand, have a lot of things to worry out. Their bowling have been all over the place. Their batting has looked average. They will be facing Bangladesh in their next game. 

Mitchell McClenaghan has been awarded the player of the match award. 

It is all over. New Zealand have won the match by 8 runs. 

BOWLED. Australia 132/9. 11 from 1 now. 

Just a single. 11 from 2. 

SIX! Peter Nevill does it. 12 from 3. This game is not over. 

Single. 18 from 4. 

OUT! Faulkner is gone. Australia 124/8. 19 from 5 now. 

Last six balls, 

Just a single off the last ball of the 19th over. Australia need 19 from the last over. Australia 124/7 in 19 overs. 

OUT! Agar is gone. It looks like Australia is going down in this match. Australia 123/7. 20 from 7. 

Single again. This is brilliant stuff from McClenaghan. 20 from 8.

Dot ball! 21 from 9

Single. this will not hurt the kiwis. 21 from 10

OUT! Mitch Marsh is gone. McClenaghan strikes. Australia 121/6. 

5:56: Sodhi has bowled brilliantly again today, just like he did against India. 18th over is usually a crucial over in the context of this run chase and he gave away just five runs. Australia 121/5 in 18 overs. 22 more needed. 

5:53: Out of nowhere, New Zealand have made things even more difficult for Australia here. Marsh needs to stay there right till the end. He hit a six off Santner and that eased a lot of pressure off the Australians. The required run rate went beyond 11 but another blow from Agar off the last ball of the Santner over brought it down to 9 runs an over. Big over it was. Australia 116/5 in 17 overs. 27 more needed. 

5:49: Sodhi just bowled a brilliant over. He picked up the all important wicket of Glenn Maxwell. This has made the situation interesting again. Ashton Agar is out in the middle now. Just one run from that Sodhi over. Australia 101/5 in 16 overs. 42 more needed. 

Sodhi picks up Maxwell! Sliced it high in the air and Williamson makes no mistake. Australia 100/5. 

5:45: Maxwell is trying all sorts of thing out there in the middle but he has been unable to find the middle of the bat. Marsh hit Santner for a six all of a sudden. The equation is becoming easier now for the Aussies. 100 comes up for Australia in the 15th over. Australia 100/4 in 15 overs. 43 more needed. 

5:42: Sodhi was brought back into the attack in the hope of breaking this partnership which is threatning New Zealand at the moment. Maxi and Mitch are doing it nicely here. They need to keep the scoreboard ticking no matter what or else the required run rate will keep on climbing with every dot ball. Australia 89/4 in 14 overs. 54 more needed from 36 balls. 

5:38: All of a sudden the required run rate has come down as it was on the move. Cortesy an expensive over from Adam Milne. Maxwell's french cuts cost New Zealand two boundaries. 14 runs came from that over. Australia 85/4 in 13 overs. 58 more needed.  

Already 11 runs from the first three balls. This is just the kind of the over Australia were looking for. 

Another inside edge and yet another boundary. It does not matter how they come. Precious runs. Maxwell living dangerously here. 

French cut and a boundary for Maxwell. Ominously close to that stumps. 

5:33: Andeson was brought back into the attack. Just three runs came from that over. Bowled a real economical over. Australia need to target one of the seamers or else this run chase is getting difficult as time is running by. Maxwell and Marsh need to build a partnership here. That is exactly what Australia need at this moment. Australia 71/4 in 12 overs. 72 more needed.

5:28: This is superb stuff from New Zealand. No wonder they are being referred to as the dark horse of the tournament. Their bowlers have been right on the money throughout this tournament. Santner has surely been star of that lineup. Australia 68/4 in 11 overs. 75 more needed. 

Warner is gone. Santner picks up his second. Pulls and it goes straight down the throat of Guptill. Australia 66/4. 

5:25: All of a sudden this run chase has become tight. The spinners and the slower bowlers are doing the trick here for Williamson. Ish Sodhi, who was brilliant against India in the first game, was introduced into the attack and he too bowled a very good over in this situation. Australia 66/3 in 10 overs. 77 more needed. 

Glenn Maxwell is out in the middle now. 

5:20: Khawaja is run out here! Brilliant fielding from New Zealand. Australia 62/3 in 9 overs. 

The presence of Warner and Khawaja is important for Australia. These two at least should help Australia cross that 100-run mark and build a small partnership. That will push the pressure on to the opponents. This match can go down to the wire. Australia need to keep the scoreboard ticking. Khawaja just does not times the ball after the powerplay overs are done. 

5:17: The captain brought himself into the attack and bowled a decent over of spin. Australia clearly under pressure. Just 3 runs came from that Williamson over. Australia cannot let this pressure get to them. Australia 55/2 in 8 overs. 88 more needed. 

5:14: What a start from Santner! He is surely becoming the bowler to watch out for. The ball that beat Smith and eventually he was stumped turned him square. Warner is out in the middle alonside Khawaja. New Zealand are pulling things back here. The spinners are doing well. Australia 52/2 in 7 overs. 91 more needed. 

David Warner is out in the middle. 

GONE! Smith is stumped. Santner strikes. 

5:09: This is a decent start to their run chase for Australia. Now they need less than 100 runs. With Smith and Khawaja in the middle, they can do this easily. The powerplay overs are done. The fields can spread now. Australia 50/1 in 6 overs. 93 more needed. 

What a shot from the captain! Picturesque. Class. 

Watson is gone! McClenaghan strikes. Mistimes the ball and goes straight to the mid-off fielder. Australia 44/1. 

5:04: This was a good over from Anderson. He somehow did not allow either of the batsmen two get away. Just 5 runs came from that over. New Zealand need wickets here desperately. New Zealand 42/0 in 5 overs. 101 more needed.  

5:00: Its Rain in boundaries here in the Dharamshala. Khawaja is playing a blinder here. Australia are going at almost 10 runs an over. If they continue in this fashion, then this game will be over in no time. Australia 37/0 in 4 overs. 106 more needed. 
Watson gets into the act this time. Punches one through the cover boundary for a four. 
Four more for Khawaja. What a player he has been for Australia at the top of the order. 
4:52: Australia are off to a rolicking start here in Dharamshala. Khawaja has scored 19 off them suprisingly. Watson has been turned into a spectator.  New Zealand need wickets here and nothing else or this game is running away from them. New Zealand 20/0 in 2 overs

Khawaja is running riot here. He just hit his fourth boundary. 
4:47: Australia have got off to a decent start here. 143 is not a very difficult target to chase for Australia. They need a good start so that they can reach their target with ease. Khawaja is off and running. Proper cricketing shots from the Tasmanian left-handed batsman. Australia 11/0 in 1 over. 132 more needed.  
Four from the second ball, Khwaja pulls one hard to the boundary. 

Here is the first ball from Corey Anderson and Khawaja defends it. 

We are ready with the run chase, the two openers Usman Khawaja and Shane Watson is out in the middle. 

Australia need 143 runs to win. Do not go anywhere guys, the run chase will begin soon. 

4:30: The way Guptill and Williamson started off with their innings, it looked like New Zealand will score somewhere close to that 200 run mark. 

Australia bowing lineup pulled things back brilliantly in the middle overs. Watson, Maxwell, Marsh and Faulkner bowled brilliantly to restrict New Zealand to a modest total. 

Run out off the last ball. New Zealand finish with 142/8 in 20 overs. 

Two runs from the penultimate ball.

Last two balls of the innings, let us see how much New Zealand score off them. 

It looks like a run out this time. Wonderful throw from Maxi this time. right on the money. Santner is Gone. New Zealand 140/7. 

Single, this good stuff from Coulter-Nile. 

Two again. Bad throw from the deep or else it would have been a run out. 

Last over coming up, and Eliott runs two from the ball.

Single to finish that 19th over. What an over that was from Faulkner. Just 5 runs came from that New Zealand 134/5 in 19 overs. 

OUT! Luke Ronchi is gone. Faulkner strikes. 

Eliott ran for one. Close enough for a catch

Single again. So far just two runs in this 19th over. 

Swing and a miss from Eliott. dot ball

Single of the first ball.

4:14: Mitchell Marsh and Shane Watson has done a wonderful job for their captain and the side. They have not allowed New Zealand to get away after they dismissed Guptill and Williamson. This will be not be a good total for the Kiwis I believe. It will be interesting to see whether they cross that 150 run mark. New Zealand 129/5 in 18 overs. 

Four from Eliott! Beautiful placement that was, this outfield is mightily quick. 

4:11: Watson has done a wonderful job here with the ball. New Zealand are clearly struggling here. They have not been able to score freely after Guptill and Williamson got out. New Zealand 118/5 in 17 overs. 

OUT next ball! Taylor is gone. Watson gets his much deserved wicket. 

SIX! Taylor sends one into the orbit off Watto.

4:05: The way New Zealand started off with their innings, it looked like they will reach that 180-run-mark with ease. It is even better -- the fashion in which Australian bowlers pulled things back. It looks like New Zealand ain't gonna score a big total here in Dharamshala. New Zealand 107/4 in 16 overs. 

4:00: This is superb stuff from Australia. Nathan Coulter-Nile came back and bowled a brilliant over. Just 2 runs from that over. New Zealand are yet to cross that 100 runs mark. New Zealand 99/4 in 15 overs. 

Munro is gone! Huge wicket. What an over from Marsh - 1 run and a wicket of Clin Munro. New Zealand 97/4 in 14 overs. 

3:56: New Zealand will have to make a move on here. Munro has to play the role of that finisher. Taylor has to be careful here as he is unable to find those boundaries. Meanwhile Marsh, Watson and Maxwell are doing a terrific job for Smith and his side. Incredible over from Marsh.  

3:53: Munro has to stay there till the end and see that New Zealand reach a good fighting total at the end of their 20 overs. Ross Taylor has to give Munro much of the strike in this situation. That was a very good over for the Kiwis. 14 runs came from that Maxi over.  New Zealand 96/3 in 13 overs. 

Munro hits another boundary off Maxi

What cheeky shot from Munro! Four. NZ need more

3:50: Australia have pulled it back wonderfully here. They need to keep building on this pressure. New Zealand have struggled to find the ropes in the last few overs. Watson yet again bowled a tight over under the circumstances. Just 3 runs from that over. New Zealand 82/3 in 12 overs. 

Watson is back into the attack. 

3:45: Maxwell has been the pick of the bowlers here for Australia. He has now picked up the wickets of Anderson and Williamson in his last two overs. This is bonus for Steve Smith. New Zealand certainly on to the back foot now. Anderson got out in a simialar fashion as Williamson did. Just four runs from that Maxi over and a wicket of Anderson. New Zealand 79/3 in 11 overs. 

Maxwell takes another! Corey Anderson is Gone. Agar takes another catch under pressure. Disaster for the Kiwis. 

3:41: The average score at this ground is 172. Anything below that, Australia will do it easily. Things have drastically slowed down for New Zealand after the dismissals of Williamson and Guptill. Boundaries have dried up too. Halfway through the innings. New Zealand 75/2 in 10 overs. 

Almost the 3rd wicket but Coulter-Nile could not reach there. Anderson survives.

Mitchell Marsh is into the attack now.

Corey Anderson has come out in the middle now. Wiliamson tried to hoik one over the bowler's head but he too like Guptill mistimed the ball and went high in the air. New Zealand 69/2 in 9 overs.  

Williamson is gone! Maxwell strikes now. Caught at long on. The captain has been dismissed for 24 from 20 balls. 

It will be a challenge for Zampa, Maxwell and Agar to keep Munro quiet. He is an incredibel striker of the cricket ball. 

Colin Munro is out there in the middle now. How important was that wicket for Australia. Faulkner bowled a length ball but Guptill msitimed it and Maxwell took the catch on the run. Smith needs to maintain this pressure now. Boundaries have certainly dried up in the last two overs. Also this is probably Faulkner's last over for now. Last two overs have produced just 7 runs. Smith will save his overs for the death. New Zealand 65/1 in 8 overs. 

What a catch from Maxi! Guptill is gone! 39 from 27 balls. 

3:25: Things are not looking good for Australia. If they cannot break this partnership then they are looking at a seriously big total here. A good over from Zampa here under the circumstances. New Zealand 61/0 in 7 overs. 

Adam Zampa now. 

3:22: The powerplay overs are done and the field can spread now. New Zealand have gone off to a rolicking start - courtesy Martin Guptill. 50 partnership also cam up between the two. Yet another 10-plus-runs-over for the Kiwis. 14 runs came from that over. Both Williamson and Guptill have launched a serious attack here. New Zealand 58/0 in 6 overs.  

3:18: 10 runs were scored from that Faulkner over. This is not going to help Australia's cause in restricting New Zealand to a modest total. Williamson has also joined the party. New Zealand 44/0 in 5 overs. 

Almost a catch but Williamson hits one past the mid-wicket fielder. 

Williamson scores another boundary off Faulkner in the 5th over. 

James Faulkner is into the attack now as Agar was tonked by Guptill in the previous over.

3:15: Watson has bowled really well here. When the other bpwlers have been taken for plenty of runs by Guptill, Watto has maintained his line and length. It is but obvious that the bowlers cannot afford to give the big guy any room whatsoever or else he is going to smoke the ball out of the park. Good over from Watson as just 3 runs came from it. New Zealand 35/0 in 4 overs. 

3:11: Massive gamble from Smith as ghe decided to bowl Ashton Agar in the powerplay overs. He is not that experienced and that's what pressure can do to a bowler. Gives away 18 runs in that over. Guptill is on fire here at the HPCA Stadium. New Zealand 32/0 in 3 overs. 

SIX again. Two full tosses and two back to back sixes. 

SIX! Guptill is into the act.

3:07: This was a good over from Watson. Good thinking from Steve Smith too. He has set a good field to restrict Guptill from scoring. Australia will have to bowl really well to stop New Zealand from scoring freely. New Zealand 14/0 in 2 overs.

Williamson hits his first boundary of the game. Glance at its very best. 

This is good bowling from Watto. He has got a slip in place with a strong off-side field. 

Watson will share the new ball with Coulter-Nile.

3:03: This has been a wonderful over for the Kiwis. They have got 9 runs from this over. Gutpill's intention is crystal clear. He is not going to show any respect to the Aussies bowlers. New Zealand 9/0 in 1 over.

O Dear lord! That was slapped past the Williamson for another four. 

Edged and four! Gutpill and New Zealand off the mark. 

Guptill swings and misses. That was short and wide from Coulter-Nile. 

Here is the first ball from Coulter-Nile and Guptill lets it go to the keeper. Good line and length.

Martin Guptill will face open the batting alongb with Williamson and Coulter-Nile has the new ball in his hands.

The players are walking out in the middle. The game is about to start. This is going to be one heck of an encounter. The national anthems are being sung now.


The first ball of the match will be bowled in another 16 minutes time. 

Here are the teams:


Australia have gone with a slightly unpredictable side. There is no Finch, Hastings and Hazlewood!  

New Zealand have one change to their squad - Nathan McCullum sits out and Mitchell McClenaghan comes in. Still no place for Southee and Boult. 

New Zealand have won the toss and they will bat first! 

Toss time!

Pitch report: The wicket is a tricky one. The ball is not going to spin much. Team winning the toss will look to bat first. New Zealand's team combination will also be interesting to watch. 

Australia are spoilt with choice about the opening batsmen combination. It will be interesting to see who Steve Smith opts with. 

This is how the stadium and the weather looks like at this moment:


The pitch report and the toss is coming your way in another 10 minutes time. Hold on to your seats guys as we are in for a double-header today! South Africa and England will lock horns in the second game of the day at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. 

The rain Gods have shown respute to the cricket fans and the players and it looks like we are going to witness a full game of T20 cricket. 

The entire ground remained under the covers for the last two days and the captains will find it difficult to read the pitch. It is expected that the ball will seam around as well as there will be spin off the deck. 

The cricketing giants are squaring off in the shortest format of the game after 6 years. It will be interesting to see who prevails at the end of the match in Dharamshala. 

This is Rajarshi Majumdar and I will be bringing you the live updates of the action of the match between Australia and New Zealand. 

Ladies and gentlemen! Hello and welcome to the live blog coverage of Australia and New Zealand match 5 of the ICC World T20 2016.