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Virat Kohli got to a second century in AdelaideReuters

1.03 pm: That's it for Day 3. India finish on 369 for five in 97 overs, with Wriddhiman Saha (1, 16b) and Rohit Sharma (33, 61b, 4x4) batting.

Plenty of starts for the Indian batsmen, with Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane all getting past 50, but only Virat Kohli could convert that start into a hundred. Ironically, though, Kohli will be the most disappointed batsmen of them all, having thrown away his wicket with under four overs remaining in the day. India have batted well on Day 3, however, with plenty of positives and a deficit of just 148 runs.

Bat a couple of sessions on Day 4, and the game should be safe, at least.

That's it for today. Don't forget, Day 4 begins early as well, 10 am local time, 5 am IST.

12.54 pm: Plenty of short stuff to greet Wriddhiman Saha. Takes one on the glove, fends a few off, and just survives. India 367 for five in 95 overs. Trail by 150 with three overs to go on Day 3.

12.50 pm: Wicket Kohli! The short ball does the trick again for Mitchell Johnson. Kohli goes for the pull, but only finds Ryan Harris at deep fine leg. Big wicket this for Australia, with under four overs remaining in the day. India lose their fifth wicket for 367. Kohli gone for a brilliant 115 (184b, 12x4).

12.46 pm: The match meandering along as both teams look forward to the end of day's play. Five overs to go. India 365 for four.

12.27 pm: New ball doing nothing, just like the entire Test match. Rohit Sharma looks settled now again, playing a couple of outstanding shots. The only way a wicket is coming is via a mistake from the Indian batsmen. India 354 for four. Kohli 111 (168b), Rohit 23 (45b). Trail by 163 runs with nine overs remaining in the day.

12.09 pm: Kohli ramping it up against Johnson. Pulling, flicking and constantly looking for runs to nullify the threat posed by Australia's best bowler, whose gone for 88 runs in his 15 overs.

A pure flick through the onside off Mitchell Marsh gets Kohli from 97 to 101 and his century, and a big c'mon rings around the stadium, with Kohli following that up by a kiss on the helmet. Brilliant stuff this from the India skipper, who scores his seventh Test match century, third against Australia and second in Adelaide. India 334 for five after 85 overs. The deficit cut down to 183 runs. Kohli 104 (160b, 12x4), Rohit 11 (29b, 1x4).

11.56 am: First over with the new ball is seen off well by Rohit Sharma. Then the Mitchell Johnson test comes up, with Kohli welcoming the marauder with a wonderful cover drive for four. Kohli shows plenty of aggression in the rest of the over as well, with a gorgeous, and that is an understatement, back-foot cover drive just capping the over off wonderfully. India 317 for four in 82 overs. Kohli 89, Rohit 9.

11.45 am: Lyon bowls the final over before the new ball. Not too many problems there. India 306 for four in 80 overs. Kohli 78, Rohit 9. Trail by 211 runs. Ryan Harris storms in with the new ball.

11.41 am: No stupid shots from Rohit so far, which is a start. Just watchful India now with the new ball due in an over. The 300 does come up, though, 300 for four in 79 overs. Kohli 77 (138), Rohit 4 (15). Trail by 217.

11.26 am: Wicket, Rahane gone! Near unplayable delivery from Lyon, with the ball rearing up off the rough, taking Rahane's glove and looping up to Shane Watson in the slips. Tough wicket that for India, and a crucial one for Australia, with less than five overs remaining for the new ball. India 293 for four. Rahane 62 (76b, 10x4). Rohit Sharma in the middle.

11.25 am: Overs going quickly with the two spinners – Lyon and Smith – on and the runs flowing as well with Kohli and Rahane looking quite comfortable. India 293 for three in 75 overs. Kohli 74 (131b, 8x4), Rahane 62 (74b, 10x4). Partnership crosses the century mark as well, now at 101.

11.12 am: Steven Smith brought on for the first time. First ball is a long hop and Kohli gives it the treatment. Comfortable for the two batsmen in the next five balls. India 276 for three in 71 overs. Kohli 64 (117, 7x4), Rahane 55 (64b, 10x4). Trail by 241 runs.

11.09 am: Rahane just eases to his half-century in just 61 deliveries. It's been marvellous batting by the right-hander, the innings filled with an array of strokes, particularly through the offside. India 267 for three in 70 overs. Kohli 58 (113), Rahane 52 (62).

10.57 am: Plenty of short deliveries being bowled by Peter Siddle, and Rahane takes them on, almost getting out on a couple of occasions as well, with the ball just falling short of the fielders. India 255 for three in 67 overs. Kohli 55 (101), Rahane 44 (56). Partnership now worth 63.

10.53 am: India just picking the bowlers off, putting the bad balls away. Moving along nicely on 248 for three in 66 overs. Kohli 53 (99b), Rahane 39 (51b).

10.33 am: No worries for India in the first over after Tea, with Kohli getting to his fifty. India 225 for three in 62 overs.

10.12 am: Tea is taken. Only one wicket falls for India in this session, that of Pujara. India will be pretty happy with that, especially since their skipper Virat Kohli is still at the crease. India 223 for three in 61 overs. Kohli 48 (85b, 6x4), Rahane 19 (36b, 4x4). Trail by 294 runs.

10.01 am: Johnson's back, and he immediately gets Rahane in trouble, beating the bat a couple of times. Johnson's return has also created a bit of a buzz at the Adelaide Oval. India survive the first Johnson assault, though, 211 for three after 59 overs. Less than ten minutes to go to Tea.

9.50 am: Understandably little more circumspect India after the wicket of Pujara. Playing Lyon with a lot more care, while Mitchell Marsh has been really economical, conceding just six runs in eight overs. That statement was nearly thrown out by Rahane, who goes for a big shot, but miscues it just beyond midwicket.

A lot depends on Kohli now, can he score another hundred in Adelaide? India will certainly hope so.

The 200 comes up for the batting side, India 202 for three in 56 overs. Rahane 6 (19b, 1x4), Kohli 40 (72b, 6x4).

9.32 am: The partnership between Pujara and Kohli was worth 81 in just 19.2 overs. Plenty of decent partnerships so far in this innings, but India need a really big one. Maybe Kohli and Rahane can provide it. India 192 for three in 51 overs.

9.25 am: Wicket, Pujara gone! Hint of reverse swing maybe coming in. That isn't what gets the wicket, though, as Pujara plays on off off-spinner Nathan Lyon. Unfortunate for the batsman, as the ball sneaks in between his pads while playing a forward defence and rolls through to the stumps.

Pujara gone after a nice, but should-have-gone-onto-make-a-century, 73 (135b, 9x4). India 192 for three after 50 overs. Ajinkya Rahane joins Kohli at the crease.

9.10 am: First hour negotiated comfortably, even with a bit of panache. India 180 for two after 46 overs.

9.03 am: Pujara going from strength to strength. Another couple of boundaries, and the batsman has jumped to 69 (119b, 9x4). Kohli batting well at the other end as well on 25 (33b, 4x4). India 177 for two in 44 overs.

8.47 am: Pujara plays another wonderful coverdrive, and India chugging along nicely. 161 for two in 39 overs.

8.37 am: Pujara gets to his 50 after a couple of delectable cover drives and a push for three, while Kohli is looking comfortable as well. He certainly seems to have moved on from that hit on his helmet. India 150 for two in 37 overs. Pujara 50, Kohli 17.

8.17 am IST: Not too many worries for the batsmen in the first over after Lunch, bowled by Johnson, who looks like he might still be a wee bit affected by that bouncer which hit Kohli on the helmet. India 126 for two in 33 overs.

7.34 am: Lunch it is. Good session for India, would have been better had Vijay, who stitched together 81 runs with Pujara, not fallen in the penultimate over. India 119 for two after 32 overs. Pujara 34 in 77, Kohli 3.

7.29 am IST: Virat Kohli is welcomed with a snorter of a short delivery, and Johnson is distraught after hitting the batsman on the helmet. This just shows how difficult it is for the Australian players, as Johnson looks almost beside himself after striking Kohli, who is fine it must be said, on the helmet. Really incredible stuff. Kohli gets off the mark with a nice push down the ground, Johnson keeping the short ball away for now. India 115 for two in 31 overs. Pujara 30, Kohli 3.

7.23 am: Wicket, Vijay gone! Typical Mitchell Johnson wicket this. Pushes Vijay back with one short ball after another in this spell, and then dangles the full ball-carrot, which Vijay pushes at. The outside edge is duly found and Brad Haddin completes a simple catch. India 111 for two with Vijay falling for 53 (88b, 3x4, 2x6).

7.14 am: Vijay gets to his 50, and a really good one too. The opener needs to carry on, though, and convert the half-century into a big score. India looking good with the bat 109 for one in 28. Vijay 52, Pujara 28.

7 am IST: Vijay has taken over the batting. Really impressive from the right-hander, who is just one short of a 50. India 101 for one in 25 overs. Pujara on 23.

6.39 am IST: Nice and steady for India in the past few overs, with Vijay adding a bit of gloss with a couple of boundaries off Lyon, one a huge six. India 82 for one after 20 overs. Vijay 36, Pujara 17.

6.17 am: India have done pretty well in the first 15 overs, barring that Dhawan wicket. The batsmen really should be scoring runs aplenty, though, with the wicket still flat as a pancake, not giving anything to the bowlers, even the speedy Johnson. India 62 for one in 15 overs.

6.11 am IST: Eventful over from Mitchell Johnson. Vijay is nearly caught out in the slips off an outside edge, but the ball just evades Mitchell Marsh and Steven Smith. Pujara then takes over with a couple of fours, one of them run. India 59 for one after 14 overs. Vijay 14, Pujara 16.

6.05 am IST: India just dropping anchor here after Dhawan's wicket. 46 for one after 13 overs.

5.50 am IST: No second wicket for Harris, India 43 for one after ten overs.

5.46 am IST: Peter Siddle gets his first over of the day. So, just the one over from Lyon. Negotiated without much ado. India 41 for one in nine overs.

5.36 am IST: Wicket, Dhawan gone, played on! India's good start is now gone with the wind. Dhawan goes for a drive off Ryan Harris, but only finds the inside edge onto his stumps. Another promising start thrown away by Dhawan (25, 24b, 5x4). Cheteshwar Pujara comes in, and just about survives the Harris assault. India 30 for one after eight overs.

5.33 am IST: Michael Clarke brings on spin after just six overs. Predictably, India go on the attack from ball one, and Vijay nearly loses his wicket. No harm done, though, with Dhawan notching another boundary. India in 30 for no loss in seven overs.

5.29 am IST: Vijay off the mark thanks to a misfield from Peter Siddle. No movement off the pitch or air for Australia so far. India 22 for no loss in six overs. Dhawan 19, Vijay 3.

5.20 am IST: Couple of tight overs from Ryan Harris, Vijay yet to get off the mark. India 15 for no loss after four overs.

5.15 am IST: Dhawan is nearly dismissed by Johnson, with an inside edge just missing the stumps and Haddin, who couldn't quite latch on. That ball is followed by by India's first boundary, a flick to backward square, before Dhawan shows a little more confidence with a push for a double through the offside. Then the shot of the day comes via Dhawan, with a gorgeous straight drive, before another boundary through midwicket sends India on their way. Good stuff this from Dhawan. India 15 for no loss after three overs.

5.05 am IST: First runs for India scored by Shikhar Dhawan, a quick single to the offside.

5 am IST: India are batting now with Australia declaring on 517 for seven. First over from Mitchell Johnson is not as venomous as we might have thought, even if every delivery was well over 140 kms, with Murali Vijay negotiating it well enough. India yet to get off the mark.

Welcome to IBTimes India's Live Blog of Day 3 of the first Test between Australia and India. Rain was the party-pooper on day two, with Australia, when play was possible, marauding all over India to take firm control of the Test.

At 517 for seven, Australia are in a ridiculously strong position, with that man Steven Smith still unconquered on 162. Michael Clarke also showed his immense spirit and class, smashing a hundred despite a back injury to help Australia to the big total.

It remains to be seen if Australia will declare in the morning before the start of play or torture the India bowlers some more, before calling the batsmen in.

Irrespective of that, one thing that is clear is that the India batsmen need to stand up a deliver, something they have rarely done away from home in recent years.

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