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Reality star Briana Renee doesn't want to be with Matt Ericson, according to latest news reports. The "Little Women: LA" star revealed that she understood her husband's pain, but added that she didn't care anymore.

During the recently aired "Little Women: LA" reunion special, the fate of Briana and Matt's marriage was finally shown. Briana confronted her husband about the sexually suggestive texts he sent to several women on the internet.

Matt, whose real name is Matt Grundhoffer, tried to deny the existence of a Tinder account, but finally came around after his wife showed him the hard proof she possessed. In the second part of "Little Women: LA" Season 4 reunion special, Matt apologised for cheating on his wife.

"I feel like I made a horrible decision. And that decision cost me more than I know to f------ say. And I can't change that. I'm sorry," he added.

Briana's relationship with Matt has so far been turbulent. The mother of one has stood up for her husband even after his domestic abuse case was revealed online. However, Briana didn't talk about divorcing Matt. She stated that she needed space from her husband.

The TV personality is currently six months pregnant with her second child and is expected to deliver in a few months.

Earlier, the "Little Women: LA" cast member was rushed to the hospital after suffering from premature labour pains. People reported that the doctors slowed her labour and eliminated her contractions. According to the outlet, Briana returned home on Thursday, May 5 and is reportedly being monitored.