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Nandamuri Balakrishna's "Lion" starring Trisha and Radhika Apte in the female leads has released in theatres on 14 May and garnered positive reviews from viewers across the globe.

Photos: Balakrishna Watches Lion With Fans

"Lion" is an action entertainer with a right blend of mass elements like romance, comedy, music, punch dialogues and family sentiments. Debutant director Satyadev has written the script for the movie. Nandamuri Balakrishna has played double roles as Godse and Bose, while Trisha and Radhika Apte appeared as his love interests in the film.

'Lion' Beats 'Legend' Record

The audiences, who watched "Lion", say that the movie has an interesting story and Satyadev has done fantastic job as a director. The movie is a good entertainer and it will impress all classes of viewers. The suspense story in first half and racy screenplay in second half will keep engaged the movie buffs. It is different from Balayya's films as it does not have unnecessary elevations and heroism scenes, say the viewers.

Balakrishna's performance is the main highlight of "Lion". Trisha and Radhika's glamour, well-choreographed stunts and action sequences, Mani Sharma's amazing background score, Venkata Prasad's beautiful picturisation, comedy and punch dialogues are other attractions of the movie.

After watching it, many film goers posted their verdict on the movie on their Twitter pages. We bring you some unique Twitter comments. Read live update of "Lion" movie review by viewers:

Nitin Chakravarthy ‏@Nitinreddy1111 2m2 minutes ago

#Lion is a good mass entertainer that will do well at BoxOffice..Delete Legend from ur mind, u will enjoy it more.A sure shot hit (not a BB) Balayya's performance,Decent pace,ManiSharma's BGM,Terrific last 30 min took it to next level..A gud entertainer despite some glitches #Lion Debutant director SatyaDeva definitely has talent but he should be be more careful regarding the pace of the film..He is here to stay #Lion Downside,The cinematography is pretty bad..Same applies to Editing..Better camerawork & editing would have really helped.. #Lion Finally, if u can excuse some flaws here & there U will surely like it..Balayya has a potential winner on his hands.Publicity cheyandi #Lion

Mahesh @CinemaFreak009

Watched #Lion. Pre-Interval episode is highlight.2nd half will satisfy fans.A worth watch.

Pokiri Tyson ‏@UrstrulyTyson 3m3 minutes ago

interval twist at peaks.... powerfull dialouges by balayya.... 1st half motham irritation ga unna interval ki peaks ki velipoindi #lion

Lion Is Coming @varmanic

Good subject and abv avg execution, balayya beard get up,interval, few scenes in 2nd half are MASSive, definitely above average flick #Lion

Mahesh S Koneru @smkoneru

#Lion - Good interval bang..If the second half is good, movie will do well.. Live updates  Double Dhamaka song with @trishtrashers and @radhika_apte has come out really well.. Crowds are going ballistic #Lion #Lion - will work commercially in B & C centres.. Balayya did a great job..Dhammunna subject..Boyapati would have created wonders with it

Vivek chowdary @Viv1mallina

#NBKLion mani sir bgm top notch.. #NBKLion action sequences to good from ram laxman... #NBKLion interval bang.... Bang Bang... Kummindhi #NBKLion more than expected from satyadeva... Well done... Fully based on story and screenplay no unnecessary elevation and heroism scenes.. #NBKLion kudos to balayya for accepting a script like this... Sooper #NBKLion lion title song steps... Kevvv..hero looks awesome #NBKLion overall lion meets the range of lakshmi narasimha.... Don't expect simha /legend.. #NBKLion summer first hit in telugu... Mass feast..

Narendra Meka @naren_kpm

#NBKLion Kuwait show completed .. Suspense story in first half and racy screenplay in second half .. balayya 3rd char NBNB #SuperHit

Naveen @Naveen5665

Mani Sharma BGM Done With First Half Below Avg Stuff.. Nothing New.. Converse Between Balayya & PR Good... #Lion On Screen Songs Are Not Up To The Mark.. CBI Riding Scene & Dailogues An Outstanding Bike Stunt By Balayya

Raj C M @RcMullapudi

fight bgm matuku chala assett movie ki #nbklion #nbklion twist and interval fight tjo theatre top lepadu frst half good #NBKLion As usual NBK/BGM/Songs and Director baga teesadu ivi highlights

Ravi Kandala @ravikandala

#NBK #Lion moral science classes in school were far more interesting #NBK #Lion Manisharma's given up too... The background is filled with chants of Bose Bose #NBK #Lion where people bounce higher than body line bouncers

Avkrish ‏@avkrish9

just watched #lion 1st Half - Above Average fare- Interval block is V.good 2nd Half - many good scenes,racy & griping , Feast for Masses...

Sam's @PratyushaOrg @yamakinkarudu

Interval Bang : Balayya babu kummi padadobaaadu.. 1st half Ala Ala saaagindi.. #Lion 2nd half is Good so far.. Balakrishna energy n manisharma bgm araaachakam #Lion Direction baagunattayite , e concept ki #Lion pakka super hit ayyedi.. Direction just ok.. Balayya baga chesaadu. Radhika siggu padindi, Trisha padaledu.. BGM chaala bagundi.. Parvaaledu.. Okka saari choodachu

AnjaN @AnjaniAries

Train Shots Fights dialogues and BGM adiripoyayi. Followed by 1st Song Anaganaga. Bose Role Bagundi Something New For Balayya. #Lion Except for 1st Fight in Train Nothing to be Mentioned about Fights.BGM only Plus Balaya Bose ga Baga chesadu Heroines 2.5/5 #lion

Nagesh Polu ‏@nageshpolu

so so first half with good interval bang and avg second half #Lion #NBKLion

TollyTracking ‏@TollyTracking

#NBKLion 1st Half - Above Average fare-Interval block is V.good 2nd Half - Feast for Masses Overall - HIT

Nobetterid @nobetterid

#lion first half done. So far in the likes of mitrudu, veerabhadra, parama veera chakra.... If you follow my lead. #2.5hourswasted

Dongaata_Lover ‏@SasibabuT

#NBKLion 1st half done ... Good

Raghava @Rags_aCreator

Interval Block kummindi #Lion Bose is Back .... Ika Bosu baabe chuskovali

vinny @vineelvinny20

First half done #NBKLion apart from interval scene nothing to talk about

Jana @jana9999

Typical Balayya style first half Best part of first half phone lo prakash raj ki Balayya ki interaction boss is back Satyadev garu a prakash raj tho conversation baaga tesarandi Boss is entered mani anna bgm arupulu. 2nd half in good mode.. #jaibalayya Lion title song time Dance bagundi feast for hardcore fans..

Vinay @vinay_a9

#Lion 1st half __/___ #Lion 1st half Vijayendra Varma gurtu Ku techhadu