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The Lion King, one of the most loved and talked about Disney movies, is finally here. Shahrukh Khan has given the voice for Mufasa in Hindi while Aryan is Simba's voice. Simba is not just Mufasa's son but also the lead character of the film. Let's take a look at what critics have to say about the new Lion King movie.

Mumbai Mirror went with three stars out of five: In 2019, when we reprise The Lion King in live-action, it's a cinematic feat and a visual delight but still, not quite the same. An often-ignored concern with adapting animated hits into live-action is the compelling focus on aesthetics that sometimes tends to shadow the narrative. While they manage to render deep, immerse, dislocating visuals, they also realise things that animation would leave to the imagination.

NDTV: The push for realism has its shortcomings. By limiting itself to how animals look, feel, and behave in the real world, the new Lion King has to eschew the stylistic exaggerations allowed of traditional animation. And in its commitment to realism, the new Lion King also spoils the majesty of its villain Scar, discarding his regal look in favour of a dishevelled, impoverished frame.

Times Now News went with three stars out of five: While the fine computer animation is to be credited it for, one can also ponder over if that's something that restricts the characters' emotions. Because for the pursuit of realism, it seems the makers have journeyed away from the idea of characters emoting themselves in a stylised way, which was one of the main strengths of the original.