The moment that Rajinikanth's fans have been waiting for a while has finally arrived with "Lingaa" hitting the screens worldwide on Friday, 12 December. Here, we bring you the audience review live. 

"Lingaa" is directed by KS Ravikumar. The director and Rajinikanth's Jodi had created magic on-screen at earlier occasions. They were part of blockbuster films like "Muthu" and "Padayappa". 

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The story is set in the pre-independence era and the present day with the subject of the film revolving around a dam. A honest foreign-returned Indian wants to construct a dam for the drought-hit village. But his clash with a British officer becomes a major hurdle. How he accomplishes his goal forms the interesting part of the story. 

"Lingaa" has got mixed reviews from audience. People, who ever has seen the film, has given thumbs up to Rajinikanth's electrifying screen space, the much-hyped train scene, the flashback episode, and the storyline. Rajini's theft scene with Anushka remains one of the interesting scenes. 

"Lingaa" is packed with action, comedy and thrilling moments. KS Ravikumar has loaded the screenplay with punch dialogues.Anushka is eye-candy and surprises with her glamorous avatar. Sonakshi Sinha's role is cute.  

The major drawback of the film is the length of "Lingaa". KS Ravikumar's screenplay fails to keep you engaged all the time. People are also not happy with the action sequence in the climax and many feel that there is nothing new in the movie. There are also shades of Rajini's earlier films including "Muthu". 

Find below the audience reviews.

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Subramaniam Surya Tweeted
#LingaaFDFS epic train fight just got over @rameshlaus @Keralarajinifan @RBSIRAJINI
#LingaaFDFS at Novo Cinemas, IMAX, Dubai....about to start....aandhava ellareyum nallapadia veipa :)
#LingaaFDFS Interval block surprise is awesome ! @rameshlaus @Keralarajinifan @RBSIRAJINI
#LingaaPunch "I didn't fail, I just postponed my success" @rameshlaus @Keralarajinifan @RBSIRAJINI
#LingaaFDFS #LingaaPunch "Mannarukku thevai makkal thunnai, athu aandhavan punyathule ennukku nereya irukku" @rameshlaus @Keralarajinifan
#LingaaFDFS Climax is true to #Thalaivar's gravity defying persona. The rush to complete in 6 months has had some effect on CG works.#LingaaFDFS Movie over ! Raja Lingeswaran is vintage Rajini. He steals the show !! @ErosNowSouth @rameshlaus @Keralarajinifan @RBSIRAJINI
#LingaaFDFS That smile of #Thalaivar in Unmai Oru naal velum is priceless !! @rameshlaus @Keralarajinifan @RBSIRAJINI
#LingaaFDFS "Lingaa Pendrives" would be the next big selling item in Tech world!! @RBSIRAJINI @Keralarajinifan
#HappyBirthdaySuperstar @superstarrajini our love 4 u is never ending. Prayers 4 your healthy long life. Truly entertainer of the century!

Venkatesh (CRV) Posted
#Lingaa Thalaivar intro scene is rocking especially the actual location. U will understand when you see the movie
#Lingaa Anushka looks gorgeous
#Lingaa Thalaivar looks sooper! Super dialogues and energetic dance. Awesome! Loving the movie so far
#Lingaa @sonakshisinha Eshwara excellent performance. All the best!
Just came back after watching ‪#‎Lingaa‬ A total masala entertainer from KS Ravikumar. Amazing performance from Super Star. Santhanam and Sonakshi have also done well. Anushkha looks awesome! Karunaas - Is he there in the movie? Movie goes senti after the interval. Not many punch dialogues from our Thalaivar but his dance and movements are amazing! I didnt like the makeup at all. Overall a movie to watch if you are a ‪#‎Superstar‬ fan! Didn't like the climax at all due to unbelievable action stunts! Overal 3/5 for the movie! He is a legend and you should watch the movie for him!

Haricharan Pudipeddi Writes
Never thought I'd say this but I loved #Lingaa. I mean what more can you expect from a Rajinikanth film. Maybe it could've been shorter

Mahesh S Koneru Tweets
#Lingaa is a huge disappointment..Not just for movie lovers but for Rajinikanth fans as well..Am a huge Rajinikanth fan, so it hurts :(

Man of Justice Posts
#Lingaa is no Padaiappa but isnt no Baba either. Its a good viewing for family and fans. Wiill get a long run in theaters hence

Arun Natarajan Posts
Average film topped off with an absolutely laughable climax !! #Lingaa was a disappointment !

Sangeetha Devi Posts
Halfway through & hooked. #Lingaa is entertaining, fast paced & has an interesting story to tell. Good fun.
Whatte loooong flashback. Where were the editing scissors? #Lingaa
Eeesh, what was that climax? Don't tell me Rajinikanth is invincible & anything is possible.Sreeeevani Posts

Sreeeevani Posts
Marana Mass intro of Rajni #Lingaa
#Santhanam :Thalaivarae viyasanalum eppadi young ah vae irukkinga!!!?? #thalaivar:kodavae porandhadhu ennaikkum Pogadhu!!! #Rajini
#lingaa thalaivar on top notch......civil engineer da thalaivar..... Raja lingeswaran mersal
Samma Timing Thalaivar-Santhanam "Kumuda Samma Yappy annachiiii" #Lingaa #Rajini da
One Of Fan In theater "Thalaivar Nee yen Oxygen,Raktha ,ooopiri" Samma mass Fan following" #Linga #Rajini
Santhanam : kireedom paarama irunthalum en THALA simple ah thangumda #Thala #YA #Lingaa
#Lingaa 4.5/5 Plus Rajini......Style,fights,Comedy and Santhanam,Heroins ,Direction Minus: Misplacement of Songs

Siddharth Srinivas Writes

In short, #Lingaa is just a one time watch with all its negatives taken into account. If you watch it again, the only reason - Thalaivar!
#Lingaa: The film could have been shorter. The narration could have been crisper. But nothing matters when Thalaivar is onscreen.
#Lingaa: Pedestrian entertainer, rocketed up by the Superstar. A Rajini show all the way, but no great shakes apart from that.
#Lingaa Interval: Lightly entertaining. Long drawn out screenplay which crawls at places. Thalaivar and Anushka, the propellers!

Venkat Wrote
#Lingaa over thalivar all the way!!no one will believe he is 60.wat charisma,style,attitude!!No one to match his screen presence
#Lingaa coming to mov.nice story,amazing visual effects,background impactful.starts of slowly gathers momentum nd again drops to pick up
#Lingaa brilliant making,dialogues not so powerful as padiyappa,santhanam rocks,train stunt Amazin..thalivar treat..
#Lingaa brilliant movie wit some hicupps nd logical loopholes here nd der.who sees all those when thalivar is der.believe me its a treat!!!
#Lingaa watch it for thalivar..rating-4/5

Razik4ever Writes
#Lingaa was just good not the best. Flashback portions in the second half much better. Rajini was young and energetic. Anushka just wow
Content is strong enough but screen play lost the pace in some scenes. Rajini takes the film overall. Liked Raja Lingeswaran #Lingaa
Too much artificialness and CG for Rajini. That climax super man stunts are unnecessary even if he is Rajini #Lingaa

Rajasekar Writes
#Lingaa - 2.5/5,weakest Rajini film after Baba .Thalaivar is charismatic but KS Ravikumar's writing is a big let down
Thanks to KSR 4 bringing back my favorite Aarilirunthu Arubathuvarai Rajini 4 two minutes otherwise #Lingaa is a half baked average venture

Jacob Tweeted
#Lingaa - The screenplay and the story of lingaa suits thalaivar's image and he has done awesomely in his own style.
#Lingaa Heroines are just part of the movie- story revolves around thalaivaar he carries it superbly especially his dialogues superbly done
#Lingaa ARR done is part well and good. I wonder how come KSR organised and handled so many people throughout the movie, he alone can do tat
#Lingaa One word - KSR is genius, you will find that while watching this movie, no one else can bring this magic in this time line...
#Lingaa - SUPER STAR title card is awesome and we were awestruck.. brilliantly done, fans gone crazy while watching the bday scene superb...
#Lingaa -last but not least - KSR brilliantly planned bday scene and gave a chance to sing bday song 4 thalaivaar, theatre paduchu overjoyed

One Kollywood Writes
#Lingaa 1st half. Its completely #Rajini show. Style studded and Rajini mannerisms and dialogues. Hardcore Rajini fans will love it.
#Lingaa 1st half. Train sequence is the highlight. AR Rahman BGM is in sync wit Thalaivars style and walk. Anushka is ok. Sonakshi seems gud
#Lingaa 1st half. Film is high on production values. Grand sets & authentic feel. Santhanam is gud. Karuna is ok. Its Rajini show al over!

Celluloidscope Posts
#Lingaa Review @superstarrajini must quit designer wears unless his character demands it Was appropriate in #Sivaji as NRI But Petty thief?
#Lingaa Review Beloved @superstarrajini looks young as ever! But the gaudy designer wears painfully reminds one of Telugu SuperStar Krishna
#Lingaa Review Only flawless department is cinematography. @RathnaveluDop was top-notch! Train fight - One of a kind & technically brilliant
#Lingaa Review Heard lotsa laughters for climax hot air balloon sequence. Couldn't believe KSRavikumar scripted that.
#Lingaa Review 2.5/5 Good in parts but Lacks punch for a @superstarrajini movie.
Lingaa Review 2.5/5 @superstarrajini looks hale & healthy. Commanding performance as the King Lingeshwaran. Charming as Lingaa

Vivek Posted
#Lingaa its only #thalaivar film nothing extraordinary very predictable story and screenplay Watch it only for the man @superstarrajini
#Lingaa background score lifts the movie but @arrahman not at his best
Nothing special in #Lingaa except for @superstarrajini #ARTWORKS and #Santham
#Lingaa seems to be a cinematic #autobiography of John #Pennycuick

Kollywood Cinema Posts
#Lingaa 1st Half : #Superstar #Rajinikanth Simply Brilliant. Style, Dance, Acting & Stunt. Ex ordinary sir. Dialogue superb. 1/4
#Lingaa 1st Half: #Superstar #Rajinikanth, @iamsanthanam #Anushka Magic in the first half. Oh nanba, Casalina Song in big screen was superb
#Lingaa 1st Half: #ARRahman BGM Terrific. Opening song Theri. #Randy DOP was superb. Camera work treat to watch. #Sabu Art Work is good.
#Lingaa 1st Half : #Superstar #Rajinikanth & #KsRavikumar magic works once again. Waiting for second half
#Lingaa Movie Review 3.5/5 @superstarrajini Show Watch it for #Superstar #Rajinikanth Magic #Anushka & #Sonakshi Cool
#Lingaa 3.5/5 Lingeshwaran will stay in your heart after a long time What a style, performance, dialogue delivery #Rajinikanth Show Watch it
#LingaaReview 3.5/5: One word Brilliant #Superstar #Rajinikanth Steel the show. What a performance, Stunts at 60 are awesome. #Lingeshwaran

Dinesh Tweeted
#Lingaa interval - Enjoying each and every bit. Nice screenplay so far. Not even one dull moment. Rajini's charisma lifts up.
#Lingaa interval - Nice comedy tracks and songs. Few dialogs and scenes are bit exaggerated but its acceptable for Rajini.

#Lingaa climax - Bollywood fans have now got a valid reason for Superstar Jokes.
#Lingaa climax - You can find Valentino Rossi, Rey Mysterio and Wayne Rooney in the avatar of Superstar.
#Lingaa climax - Kuruvi will be forgotten. Vijay is safe now. #Happy
#Lingaa climax - Was not sure to laugh or cry.. but trust me, it was a complete entertainment. All you need is patience.
#Lingaa- 3.25/5 Jokes apart, the movie made me to realize the struggle that shudv been undergone by our people to build a dam.

Lingaa Gokul
Watched #Lingaa FDFS in Kolkata...Its a really an experience to watch thalaivar movies on first day..even if its in Kolkata didnt miss d fun

Aley Dinesh Posts
There are so many dialogues that really are about @superstarrajini in real life, his character and beliefs!inspiring to the core #Lingaa