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Rap artist Lil Wayne performs at the Second Annual BET Awards in Atlanta, Georgia, October 13, 2007.Reuters

Yet another hoax report surfaced online, which says that American rapper Lil Wayne has contracted HIV. The Grammy-Award winning rapper seems to be a favorite of hoaxers.

On Friday, #PrayForWeezy and #PrayForLilWayne started trending on Twitter after a report stating that the rapper has revealed that he has contracted HIV went viral. A website DailyLeakz published the report quoting a source. The website further stated that Wayne would make an official announcement in the coming week.

But according to Mstarz, the rapper clarified on Twitter that he does not have AIDS. "Ya Mammy got aids! stop playing with me!" But the tweet was later deleted by Wayne.

However, this is not the first time that the 31-year-old rapper has fallen victim to a hoax report. In December, reports of Wayne being found dead surfaced online, when a video titled "R.I.P. Lil Wayne, Rapper Found Dead" went viral on Facebook.

The fake death reports started doing the rounds when Wayne was hospitalised in 2013. Wayne suffers from epilepsy and is prone to seizures. In an interview with People magazine, the rapper has said that due to seizures he actually faced death scares.

"It got real bad because I got three [seizures] in a row and on the third one my heart rate went down to, like, 30 percent," he told People in 2013.

Although, the rapper is doing fine now, hoaxers continue to spread fake reports about his ill health. And this time they went a step further and diagnosed him with HIV.

After the report went viral, several fans took to Twitter to announce that the news is fake. But there are several others who still believed the report.

‏@PatrickMadden33: I heard lil wayne got HIV #Prayforweezy

@kmacdaddy47: Damn lil'Wayne got HIV #Prayforweezy

@ManoJuvane: The #Prayforweezy HIV rumors about @LilTunechi are bad. Get your facts right before you post

‏@EMANN_jr: Lil Wayne has HIV...Damn #Prayforweezy

@Torilicious_13: Lil Wayne contracted HIV??? My god, I'm devastated. This ruins any chance I had with him. #Prayforweezy

@PrettyDopeXo: But he the main one saying wear a Latex.. This can't be true. #Prayforweezy

@Hass_butta: #Prayforlilwayne sources says he came out and said "he's been diagnosed with 'HIV'". As sad as it is, I can respect that he's admitting it