Dr Sam Parnia, a top medical expert who has been studying death and near-death experiences (NDE) for several years had recently claimed that death is a process, and is not a black and white moment.

After analyzing several NDE victims, Parnia believes that there is no afterlife, and a human being ends when the brain stops functioning. However, spiritualists, citing several near-death experience testimonials, strongly argue that humans will continue their journey in a different realm after death.

life after death

The mysterious near-death experience of Sandi

Now, a woman named Sandi has shared an exceptional near-death experience testimonial on the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF) website. In the testimonial, Sandi claimed to have reached the verge of death three times, after facing domestic violence during her childhood from her foster mother.

According to Sandi, her foster parents used to harass and strangle her during her childhood, and she clinically died multiple times, after her foster mother strangled her severely. In one of her NDE moments, Sandi witnessed some of the most beautiful visuals she has ever seen in her life. Sandi, during these moments, claimed to have seen heavenly figures, and also experienced immense love and ecstasy.

"The third race of beings could see us and raised their hands in greeting. This prompted others to do so, as well. It was a strange sight. We bowed and sent them blessings before moving on. As we went from place to place, I saw wonders everywhere. I was shown non-intelligent species.

I was shown splendours of every kind, like waterfalls and being taken into the heart of a burning flame. I skimmed the surface of a sun, playing in the shifting energy, and heard its jubilant joy at giving life to so many wonderful things. It was the most joyful, beautiful, wonderful, amazing experience anyone could have," wrote Sandi, on the NDERF website.

Unending questions regarding NDE and Afterlife

life after death

Sandi, on the testimonial also added that she is incapable of describing the near-death experience in words, as it was such a beautiful moment.

"Yes I mean, we just don't really have words beautiful enough. We don't have words to describe many of the concepts. How do I describe colours we don't even have the ability to see, much less describe? How do you put 'eternity isn't subject to the rules of time' into an understandable concept to people who have only ever known a world where time is considered an absolute? How do you express that 'love' isn't just an emotion, it's not just an action, it's a THING and a power with substance," added Sandi.

As the testimonial shared by Sandi went viral on online spaces, many people started arguing that the afterlife is real, and people will continue their journey even when the brain stop functioning. However, medical experts have a scientific explanation to describe these weird visuals often seen by people who have faced near-death experiences.

According to medical experts, the human brain will face a shortage of oxygen supply during life-threatening events, and during these times, the brain will adopt a survival trick, and it is resulting in these visual hallucinations.