life after death

Near-Death Experience (NDE) is a phenomenon that has been perplexing modern science for years. Even though medical experts call it a survival trick of the human brain, spiritualists strongly believe that NDE is authentic proof of life after death. A recent testimonial shared by a man named Douglas in the NDERF website has once again made NDE the hottest debating point among spiritualists and medical experts.

In the testimonial, Douglas revealed his experience after dying for some moments due to alcohol and pill usage that became a potent mix on his body. After the intake of alcohol and medication, the heart of Douglas stopped for some time, and it was during these moments that he experienced the most memorable visuals of his lifetime.

Douglas claimed that he met Jesus during the near-death experience. As per Douglas, Jesus told him that his time is not up, and was compelled to go back to the physical world again.

"I saw my entire life flash before me. Then I saw a tunnel with brightness, brighter than the sun pulling me towards it, the bright light was at the end of the tunnel and I could see my body on the floor. The one thing I immediately picked up on was an inner peace like no other. Then I reached the end of the tunnel. What I saw was amazing, it was Jesus. I asked him why. He replied if want to enter here you have to change. I said but I don't want to go, it's so peaceful here. Jesus said you have to go back it's not your time yet," wrote Douglas on the NDERF website.

As the testimonial of Douglas went viral online, spiritualists strongly proclaim that this is indisputable proof of an afterlife, and humans will begin their eternal journey after taking their last breath. However, researchers believe that these visual hallucinations are normal, and it could not be proof of life after death.

As per medical experts, the human brain will face a shortage of oxygen supply during life-threatening events, and during this time, the human brain will adopt a survival technique which is causing these visual hallucinations among NDE victims.