The Islamic State militants in Libya have published a photo report that shows several African Christians being forced to convert to Islam in the city of Sirte, an Isis stronghold.

The photos released by the Isis Tripoli branch were released online by the radical Sunni group recently. The images show six African Christians denouncing their faith and excepting Islam as their religion.

Isis, which is a radical Sunni group, treats people from other religion as "kaffir". The religious minorities including Muslim Shias are persecuted by the terrorist group. Often religious minorities are forced to accept Islam for the fear of their lives.

The photos that are believed to have been taken in a mosque in Libya show the six Africans renouncing Christianity before a gathering of local believers. 

As per the Islamic traditions, in order to accept the Muslim faith, a new believer is required to say the Shahada: "La ilaha illallah, Mohammad rasulullah ", which means "I testify that there is no other god but Allah, and Muhammad is God's messenger (prophet)."

Isis in Libya has made Christians its main targets. In April, the Sunni group released a video in which 16 Ethiopian Christians, who refused to renounce their faith, being executed by the militant group.

In the video, Isis militants are shown destroying churches in Libya, and throwing away pictures of saints. Seven local Libyans were also shown converting to Islam.

Similarly in February, the Isis beheaded 21 Coptic Christians. It claimed that the Egyptian Christians were beheaded to avenge the 2010 killing of two women who had converted to Islam.