LG VR 360
LG VR 360LG media kit

LG has launched its own take on the virtual reality headset with the G5. The company calls the device the VR 360 and has attached a Rs. 21,990 price tag to it. Unlike the rest of the headsets in the Indian market, the VR 360 has an ace up its sleeve — it has a built-in display, but will that be enough for the headset to make it big in the market?

LG VR 360's biggest competitors are the Samsung Gear VR and OnePlus' Loop VR headset. While the Loop and the Gear VR require a smartphone to serve as the display, the VR 360 has a pair of screens built in. The headset does require a smartphone to do all the number-crunching.

The VR 360 also faces competition from the super cost-effective Google cardboard that can be put together with cardboard and tape (maybe some blood, sweat and tears if you're arts and crafts skills aren't up to par), and the headsets bundled with the Karbonn Quattro L52 and the Lenovo K4 Note.

People who wear glasses often complain of difficulty while using VR headsets. The LG VR 360, however, is reported to come with adjustable lenses that can be moved back and forth to allow users to ditch their glasses and still enjoy VR and 360 degree content with the headset. The Gear VR as well as the Loop VR headset are reported to offer the same functionality.

With the VR 360 not bound by a smartphone's display, the device features a rather slim profile measuring 164.1 x 185.6 x 45.9 mm. The Gear VR, in contrast, measures 201.9 x 116.4 x 92.6 mm and the Loop VR measures 188 x 120 x 100 mm. The Gear VR is also advertised as compatible with the Galaxy range of smartphones, while the Loop VR headset can accommodate "most 5-6" smartphones."

One front where LG VR 360 could suffer is the price — the Rs. 21,990 price tag puts the device on a par with some smartphones. The Gear VR sells for Rs. 8,200 and the Loop VR headset is reported to be sold with an "ultra-affordable price tag for a premium VR headset."