Singer Rihanna and Formula1 racer Lewis Hamilton have been hanging out so much that rumours of them dating is rife.

The duo, who are single at the moment, met in New York City last Saturday. They dined at Silvano, and partied at 1 OAK nightclub, reported The Sun. The newspaper also claimed that they moved the party to Rihanna's penthouse.

Apart from Rihanna and Lewis, who have obviously found great company in each other, their friends seem to be hopeful and excited about their courtship.

The Sun quoted a source close to Rihanna, who said, "They've had a flirtation for years and have always fancied each other, but since May this year they've been talking a lot. Finally their schedules allowed them to spend a weekend in the same part of the world and they made the most of it."

Much in the same vein, a source said about Lewis Hamilton: "He is a bit infatuated with her and thinks she is not only sexy but incredibly funny, although he knows she has a reputation as a heartbreaker."

Although Rihanna and Lewis haven't commented on their relationship, they have been spotted quite often in public.

According to the UK-based newspaper, their romance blossomed when they spent time together at the Met Gala in New York this year. Their friendship bordered on flirtatious text messages and as a source close to Rihanna put it, "It was all about when they might be in the same town together and how they'd spend it."

Lewis Hamilton recently broke up with model and Kim Kardashian's step-sister Kendall Jenner.