Sure "What's My Name?" isn't Rihanna's best work, but it doesn't sound like loud farts either. Nevertheless, your face-less friend Siri seems to think it does.

A few Apple users tried to get Siri to play a loud part, and instead of that loud, wet noise we are all too familiar with, Apple's personal assistant launches into Rihanna's hit song featuring homeboy Drake, "What's My Name?". Siri has gotten so sassy that she would attempt to play the song, even if the Apple device does not have it saved in the library.

However, "Loud Farts" are not the only thing you shouldn't request from Siri. Buzzfeed got a few people to ask Siri some questions that turned her into a sass queen. Watch the video to find out the things you absolutely shouldn't -- or should, depending on your self esteem issues -- ask Siri.