If you haven't ever been hooked on to the likes of World of Warcraft and Diablo, you have most certainly missed out one of the few pleasures in life that you get via an RTS title. Others, probably veterans in the game now, have effectively kept the addiction alive with Blizzard also pushing out regular fixes and updates.

One such veteran – World of Warcraft player Watola – has now successfully reached the maximum level of 100 with 100 different characters in the game. If that's not history being made right in front you, in terms of gaming, we don't know what is.

In a lengthy blog post put up on the Battle.net forum, Watola has explained that he started the "project" near the end of Mists of Pandaria, which is a World of Warcraft expansion Blizzard released in September 2012. He also stated that at the time of starting, he had already leveraged around 20 characters to the max level; hence "another 80 didn't seem that extreme."

WoW Watola
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Watola also states that the actual playtime required to achieve this isn't as massive as it may at first seem. He was able to reach level 2 with characters at a time, by recruiting a friend up to level 85. This process took around 5-8 hours, depending on group as well as classes he was running at the time.

In his long quest, the breakdown for zone times (including travel time) shows that it took only an hour and six minutes in Frostfire Ridge, 44 minutes in Shadowmoon Valley, 42 minutes in Gorgrond, 40 minutes in Talador, 39 minutes in Spires of Arak and 30 minutes in Nagrand.

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World of Warcraft Player Pulls Off the UnthinkableImgur

"My view on levelling this expansion is that it is almost perfect. I feel as if there should be more choice in the way you level out in the world, however they are on track with bonus objectives and all the treasures. When I was questing 85-90 I was finding myself doing almost the entire zone, at least the major parts of a zone, just to reach the next level bracket," Watola wrote.

Further, on the subject of levelling, the player stated that even though he doesn't particularly enjoy levelling, "and even less do I enjoy questing," he likes to take on "big projects" and love learning things. "I loved the journey and I am more than satisfied with the results," he concluded.