Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have further updated the Battlefield website to reveal all of Battlefield Hardline's maps and modes that fans can expect on release.

The Battlefield faithful will be glad to know that the newest first-person shooter addition to the series will arrive with as many as nine new maps based in varied locations across Los Angeles, bringing to light its ruthlessly dark corners and vicious criminals.

The new maps include Downtown, Bank Job, The Block, Dust Bowl, Hollywood Heights, Growhouse, Derailed, Riptide and Everglades.

Hollywood Heights Map
Hollywood Heights Mapbattlefield.com

Starting off with the Downtown, the map sets you up at the heart of downtown Los Angeles with "a jumping environment." Everything in the world (the streets, the buildings, the cars) is open to criminal activities. With the police already having shut down the city center, expect a heated confrontation to break out soon.

The Block, on the other hand, sets you up in what "looks like a liquor store and bail bonds office," but is actually a front. The Block remains a home to a notorious criminal ring, and the police will need to make sure suitable backup is at disposal before entering The Block.

There's also the Hollywood Heights map with all the gunfight happening in a mansion high in the Hollywood Hills. The mansion is used for anything that spells crime and the cons have even started a wildfire to distract the cops. Growhouse points at illegal underground marijuana grow operation with the cops raiding the special cargo.

The Block Map
The Block Mapbattlefield.com

The Bank Job map also seems interesting with the criminals "plotting a ruthless assault on a high-security bank vault." However, they accidentally triggered a silent alarm that notified the police of the heist. Things start getting nasty after that.

You can check out the other maps here.

Apart from that, EA has also revealed a brand new Crosshair game mode that will now join the previously announced game modes of Heist, Rescue, Hotwire Mode and Blood Money. As far as a bit of detail is concerned, Crosshair involves two teams of five spawning opposite each other on a map.

Teams must then attempt to annihilate the other team as quickly as possible inside a three-minute time period. Meanwhile, a player-controlled VIP will be needed to be extracted at one of two designated points. And the VIP will indeed have access to weapons, especially his heavy-duty pistol.

The Crosshair mode is said to the most hardcore and competitive multiplayer mode the game has to offer and there's no re-spawning either. Check out the Crosshair mode video walkthrough below.

Battlefield Hardline is currently set for a 17 March release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. However, the publisher's EA Access initiative will let Xbox One owners play the game a few days early.

Stay tuned for more updates.