Lenovo has been focusing a lot on, smartphones and 2015 turned out to be an extraordinary year for the company. Especially in India, Lenovo's success in the budget-smartphone space was unprecedented. Following Lenovo K3 Note's surge in India, the Chinese company launched its successor earlier this week in order to bring more value to budget smartphones. Lenovo K4 Note is the company's latest smartphone to offer premium specs at an affordable price.

Lenovo launched the K4 Note in India alongside an AntVR virtual reality headset for Rs 12,499. The Lenovo K4 Note alone costs Rs 11,999 while the VR headset is sold separately for Rs 1,299. Lenovo has exclusively partnered with Amazon India to sell the devices through online flash sales. The first flash sale goes live on 19 January.

In terms of what the smartphone offers, the K4 Note easily makes it to the list of one of the most worthwhile smartphones in the market right now. Lenovo K4 Note offers a lot in terms of specs, and we are listing the top 5 features that make the handset completely worth it.

Fingerprint scanner

The biometric security feature in smartphones was mainly reserved to high-end smartphones, but it is slowly being adopted by budget devices over the past year. Lenovo has joined the likes of other Chinese brands like Coolpad by offering a fingerprint scanner in its latest K4 Note smartphone. Placed on the rear of the device just below the camera sensor, the K4 Note's fingerprint scanner authenticates the owner to unlock the device with a simple tap. It is definitely a great feature to have in a smartphone that fits well within our budget.


Smartphones are meant for not just communication; they play a central role in multimedia and entertainment. Lenovo K4 Note enhances that experience with TheaterMax, which converts regular multimedia content such as movies, TV shows and games into immersive VR content.

TheaterMax is powered by Lenovo's Virtual Reality tech and gives users a large-screen cinematic experience using the AntVR virtual reality headset that was launched alongside the K4 Note.

AntVR virtual reality headset

The AntVR virtual reality headset is a head-mount device, just like Google Cardboard. There is a compartment to place your phone — the K4 Note in this case — and it lets you play desirable content with a cinema-like feeling. Lenovo K4 Note supports the split-screen feature required to play VR content, making it supportable with Google Cardboard.

AntVR indulges you into an immersive 3D gameplay. It has aspherical lens with 100-degree viewing angle, and also works for users wearing glasses.

Dual front-facing speakers with Dolby Atmos

True cinematic experience comes with great sound, and Lenovo has got you covered. The K4 Note smartphone comes with dual front-facing speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound. Lenovo K3 Note had Dolby Atmos only with plugged-in earphones, but K4 Note is the first phone ever to have stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos. Each speaker has 1.5W output for louder and better sound quality.

The front-facing speakers in the K4 Note resemble HTC's BoomSound speakers or the Google Nexus 6. But it is interesting to see similar tech found in an affordable smartphone.

Notable mentions

Lenovo K4 Note makes a winning argument in terms of a good price-to-performance ratio. It has 3GB RAM for lag-free experience while gaming or multitasking, 64-bit MediaTek octa-core processor, NFC for near-distance file sharing, 3,300mAh battery, premium metal frame, 13MP camera, dual SIM, 4G LTE support and more.