If you had been waiting for the Lenovo K4 Note, the wait is finally over. Lenovo launched its affordable premium handset, the K4 Note, in India on Tuesday, giving out all the details about its price, availability and specifications. While we covered in depth what Lenovo K4 Note is made of, in this article we will share how you can get the smartphone on the first day of the sale.

Lenovo K4 Note will be available online exclusively on Amazon India. The company will continue the flash sale trend as it did with last year's K3 Note smartphone. The first flash sale for the K4 Note smartphone will go live on 19 January at 3 pm. Registrations remain mandatory, so be sure to register your interest on Amazon India to be able to participate in the sale.

Given the specs and the attractive price of K4 Note, it is evident that there will be a lot of buyers lined up for the smartphone. So, if you are fully convinced about purchasing the K4 Note, follow some tips to stay ahead of others during the flash sale.

How to buy Lenovo K4 Note during flash sale?

  • Lenovo K4 Note will be available exactly at 3 pm on 19 January on Amazon. So, it is important you are logged into your Amazon India account minutes before the sale.
  • Check if your account is updated with the shipping address.
  • Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. Avoid running unnecessary tabs such as YouTube, which may consume high data, during the sale.
  • There will be a countdown minutes before the sale, so watch it closely.
  • Refresh the webpage at regular intervals to ensure you are updated with the real-time stopwatch.
  • Once the countdown stops, click on the "Buy" button quickly.
  • After successfully ordering the device, proceed to check out with the preferred payment method.
  • If you delay checkout, there is a good chance the device will be removed from the cart if there is high demand.
  • If you miss the sale, join the waitlist on Amazon, that will give you the chance to purchase the K4 Note when someone fails to complete their order within a given period of time.

It's worth noting that the first flash sale for Lenovo K4 Note on 19 January will have the phone bundled with the AntVR virtual reality headset for Rs 12,499. There will be another flash sale just for the K4 Note on Amazon India the following day, on 20 January, at 2 pm. Both flash sales will entertain registered buyers only.