The Lenovo K3 Note disrupted the budget smartphone market with its striking specs and incredibly low price, forcing other manufactures to follow the new trend. End consumers benefit with such competition, as devices such as the K3 Note and the Yu Yureka Plus try to win over customers.

For the fifth time, Lenovo will conduct a flash sale for its popular K3 Note smartphone exclusively via Flipkart tomorrow, on 5 August. 

As usual, prior registrations are mandatory in order to participate in tomorrow's sale. The Lenovo K3 Note will be sold in two separate slots, first at 12 pm for the black variant followed by the second sale at 3 pm for the white handset.

Prospective buyers need to register for their favorite colour, but they can register for both variants if colour is not a priority. Registrations for both colour variants of the K3 Note will be closed today (4 August) midnight, being the last day before the sale.

After hosting a single flash sale on 8 July, Lenovo adopted a smart strategy to host two separate sales for white and black colour variants in the following weeks. Since then, the K3 Note has sold in large numbers and in a matter of few seconds.

The first flash sale lasted for 5.2 seconds where 47,000 units of K3 Note smartphones were sold on Flipkart. As the trend continued, 50,000 units were sold out in 8.2 seconds during the second week. Overall, Lenovo has sold nearly 200,000 units in India.

The excessive demand for the Lenovo K3 Note left many buyers unsuccessful on the crowded sale day. To enable to improve your chances of grabbing the Lenovo K3 Note in tomorrow's flash sale, we have lined up a few tips for you. 

Lenovo K3 Note Purchase Tips:

  • Login to your Flipkart accounts minutes before the flash sales commence at 12 pm/ 3 pm.
  • Keep a close watch the countdown displayed on the sale page.
  • Refresh the webpage in regular intervals (every 10 seconds).
  • Once the countdown reaches 10 seconds, refresh the webpage every second or once every 2 seconds and stay updated with real time watch.
  • Once the countdown stops, buyers must instantly click on the Buy button, which will appear in the same place as the countdown.
  • After adding the handset to cart, checkout at the earliest so the cart is not emptied automatically.
  • Delaying check-outs may result in losing the handset as the cart gets emptied every hour.