The box office success of Deadpool last year stunned everyone, now Marvel has been blowing out fire on television as well.The X-Men series are on fire!

Among the many TV series started this year, Legion has already become a favourite among Marvel X-Men lovers. Based on the comics #25, the story revolves around the most powerful mutant, Professor X's son David Haller. Over its eight episode span, the show has made headlines for its unique filming technique and storytelling.

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The show was already renewed for the second season while the ongoing first season premieres. With the show ending on a cliffhanging episode last week, fans are curious to know where the David Haller story will head.

Revealing minimal details about the season 2, Legion maker Noah Hawley told reporters at a press conference that they might include Professor Charles Xavier in the upcoming season. "I think that's something we're definitely going to approach. It's a creative conversation, but it's also a sort of corporate conversation, you know, on some level, in terms of the movie studio and their relationship to the X-Men and the characters they want in the movies and want to protect potentially."

So has the Logan actor been approached formally for the role? "Were we to want to have Professor X on the show, or even Patrick Stewart on the show, James McAvoy or one of those actors, is a conversation both with the actor and with the studio. So, I don't know, I haven't really dived into that quandary yet, but certainly I need to start thinking about it," Hawley explained.

Talking about the plot of the upcoming season, he confessed that Legion will not look to the comics for stories in upcoming episodes. "I think as we do with Fargo, I think fans that are really familiar with the comic world, they really appreciate certain connections and a sense of being rewarded for knowing the stories so well," he said.

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"But at the same time, my goal was always to sort of use this character as a way to have a conversation and tell a story that was my story, that was interesting to me, and to try to get at the heart of what this character is and [what] this journey is for him, not literally sort of reenacting issues of the comic book, or storylines from the comic book," he added.

All episodes are available online. Here's where you can binge watch Legion season 1 online: 

- FX Now

- FX Now Canada

- Foxtel

Legion season 2 is set to premiere in 2018.