Legion's episode 7 was a refreshing take on the storytelling. Instead of opting for the usual dialogue or silence as the element of telling, Noah Hawley chose to bring forward 'all music no lyrics' episode, something that we previewed in the silent-movies era.

The episode broke so many cliffhangers – brought Oliver Bird back, captured Shadow King (not for long), broke the time halt and revealed the actual story of David Haller. But the 40-odd minute episode ended on a cliffhanger again.

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While Division 3 is back to kill everyone, except David, the last glimpse we get is of Shadow King breaking his way out of the mind coffin to return. It is obvious that the makers cannot capture the parasite so easily.

In the finale episode, we could expect a series of events taking place. Another Shadow King Vs David battle could happen, considering that David now is aware of the alternative being in his head. But it will be interesting to see how their battle will help David's friends get out of the Division 3 attack.

While we are aware that Oliver Bird has a very smart brain, we don't really know what his powers are. So could we see Oliver and Melanie join hands to save everyone?

According to the promo released by FX, David is stuck up in the air while he is battling two wars – one against Division 3 and the other against himself. But there is one twist that promo reveals. Melanie sits down to talk to Division 3, accepting that David is a world breaker. This leads to them and David understanding that he is as big as God himself – rings a bell?

Yes, David will get caught in the mind coffin again and Shadow King aka Lenny will take over his body during the interrogation.

The standard synopsis shared by the makers read:

David faces his biggest challenge yet

As the season finale approaches, it is safe to say that Legion is this year's one of the best and must watch shows. Would you recommend it to someone? We would!

As the finale episode approaches, we are already up for the second round of binge watching the FX X-Men spinoff series.

Legion is presented by Fargo's Noah Hawley and has Dan Stevens as a David Haller, Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, Jemaine Clement and Rachel Keller.

Where to watch: The episode airs on FX on March 29 and on Foxtel on March 30

Time: 10/9c [FX] and 7.30pm [Foxtel]

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