In the latest episode of HBO's 'The Leftovers' titled "Lens," it seems that after a long struggle, Kevin finally decides to tell about his vision of Patti to Nora.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, Kevin, after attempting a failed suicide, decides to tell Nora about his visions of Patti and how it is haunting him for nights.

Nora knows something is wrong with Kevin as his health has been deteriorating lately. However, it seems she didn't know about Kevin's hallucinations at all.

In the teaser of the new episode, it seems something is causing horror to Erika as she is seen to be screaming and lashing out. Later, it is revealed that she is frustrated because her loved ones have been losing their minds since Evie's disappearance.

While Erika's husband is infuriated, Murphy tries his best to calm him and Erica down. However, when Virgil tries to interrupt, Murphy shouted at him and Virgil stomped out.

Erika suspects that the homeless stranger whom she had met earlier is the same person who hurled stones at her home. At the end of the sneak peek, Erica makes a very emotional speech saying, "We are the 9,261, and we are spared."

Meanwhile, Nora visits Murphy's home late in the night and assures Erica that there is nothing to be worried about.

From the look of the sneak peek, it seems Nora will soon join hands with Erika and they will start working together.

In the previous episode titled, "No Room at the Inn," Matt and Mary were denied entry to the town after returning from the hospital. In the meanwhile, Kevin feared that Patti's vision will kill him soon and hence he decided to suicide but in vain.