In the latest episode of HBO's "The Leftovers" titled "No Room at the Inn," things are likely to worsen for the residents of Miracle.

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According to the synopsis of the episode, things are going to get worse for the people of the town. 

Also, a new chaos is on its way to Miracle that revolves around the town's most troubled resident, Matt Jamison.

In the promo of the episode, Matt is taking his ill wife, Mary, to hospital to find out what has happened to her and get a cure for her.

Once back from the hospital, the authority refuses them from entering the town that leaves them stranded and surrounded by the evil doers who reside outside the protection of the town.

The promo also reveals that the two girls, who went missing in the previous episode, may be found.

Patti had told Ann in the previous episode that the girls departed and she had no idea where they went. Patti's return was an unexpected sight for viewers as she was killed in season 1 of the show.

Patti appears in season 2 as a ghost whom only Kevin can see and talk to.

In an interview with The New York Post, Ann Dowd, who plays the character of Patti, said, "I'm not sure she knows what she is doing there."

"Her suicide was not a mistake. She is present in Kevin's life. She provokes him. She messes with him. They work in tandem. When she's steady, he's askew. When he's not afraid, she loses her footing."

The fate of the residents of Miracle, especially Matt and Mary, will be found only in the next episode.