Rahul Mahajan
Rahul MahajanRahul Mahajan/ Twitter

"Bigg Boss 8" contestant Dimpy Mahajan has been falling weak ever since her estranged husband Rahul entered the show as one of "Bigg Boss Halla Bol" challengers. But, things have changed for the better, or so it seems.

As reported by Bollywood Life, leaked pictures of Rahul Mahajan's live-in partner/girlfriend Aparna Joshi has been doing the rounds. What will be Dimpy's reaction when she learns of this affair?

While that remains to be seen, Sambhavna Seth in Saturday's episode revealed on the high-voltage reality show how Rahul has been dating Aparna for over a year now. While Ali was aware of the information, Karishma Tanna seemed surprised.

This shocking revelation came after the Sambhavna-Dimpy friendship turned sour over the week.

Although, the estranged couple initially maintained distance, but soon Rahul's light-hearted flirtations with KT began irking Dimpy. The two settled things during a mature conversation and while the family drama was on, Sambhavna, whom Rahul identified as his sister, was left confused.

She was often spotted sharing her feelings with evicted contestant Sana Khan and during one such heart-to-heart conversation Sambhavna revealed how Rahul had asked her to be his mouthpiece in the show adding that he had mentioned how she must bring down Dimpy.

Interestingly, after the shoe-hurling incident, when everyone thought that Dimpy and Sambhavna could kill each other if left alone in a confined space, the two warmed up to each other real quick. From offering food to helping get each other ready for the day, the short-time friends looked like they've known each other forever.

The drama continued until the day contestants were asked to save a fellow-inmate whom they thought deserved a chance to stay on the show. Hurt with Sambhavna's decision to save KT, Dimpy accused her for not being a friend and taking a back seat when she was most needed.

The bitterness continued during the electric maze task during which Dimpy tried her best to break Sambhavna's concentration. Losing the task, the latter blustered uttering a good dose of inappropriate words. Thus, ended another fragile bond.