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Securing Smart Cities, a new non-profit global initiative, has been launched for making the smart cities safe from cyber espionage.

Backed by leading IT security researchers, companies and organisations, including IOActive, Kaspersky Lab, Bastille, and Cloud Security Alliance, the organisation aims to solve the cyber-security challenges faced by smart cities.

The group will serve as a communications node for companies, governments, media outlets, not-for-profit initiatives and individuals across the world involved in the creation, improvement and promotion of smart and safe technologies for modern cities.

The concept of a smart city is topical and many organisations are working on intelligent solutions to make urban areas energy efficient, comfortable, eco-friendly and physically safe. Unfortunately, a few of them are considering cyber-security as the most important aspect for making a smart city safe.

"The cybersecurity of a modern, smart city is not something you can solve on your own. The concept involves so many different technologies communicating with each other in so many ways, that the only way to predict and eliminate all possible security issues is through collaboration between experts around the world. This is what Securing Smart Cities is for," said Cesar Cerrudo, CTO for IOActive and Board Member of Securing Smart Cities.

"Smart cities present a tremendous opportunity for growth, sustainability, and social improvement," said Chris Rouland, Founder and CEO of Bastille and Board Member of Securing Smart Cities. "However, the projects can't just be smart, they also need to be safe. Enabling embedded technologies and leveraging the Internet of Things in city infrastructure brings forth risk that must be considered and monitored to maintain safety for citizens."

"We want to work with city planners and builders to raise awareness about cyber threats and share information on how to mitigate those threats before they can impact the public," he added.

For more information, and to see the most recent updates on Secure Smart Cities activities, check the Securing Smart Cities website here.